Triple Play Part 2

Big Dicks

This is the continuing saga of Triple Play, a wonderful threesome/poly relationship between Adam, Missy and Chris. Please read Part One first! I’d written this for Amazon (it is still on there somewhere in the recesses I assume) but it wasn’t selling well. I welcome and encourage honest feedback. If you leave negative feedback please have the courtesy to tell me what you didn’t like and how I could have made it better! I really want to grow as a writer.

We now return to Triple Play…

Missy and I had decided to meet with Adam again, only this time we were prepared. Since I had connections at most of the big hotels in the area I’d gotten a Bridal Suite at one of the swanky downtown convention halls. It had a big heart-shaped bed, a huge Jacuzzi/tub and plenty of space to play in.

We were killing some time in the tub which was full of bubbles. It was a nice luxurious soak with champagne, candlelight, and girl-talk. It was wonderful! And then I felt Missy extend her leg, gliding it up between mine all the while talking about some stupid prank she’d been made to pull in college. The sole of her foot was inching up the inside of my left leg, pausing every now and then, massaging me, prodding, probing. Suddenly the water was very hot and the room was spinning. I really wasn’t planning on doing anything without Adam there since I knew he would love to watch, but what the heck, it wasn’t like I was a GUY or anything, unable to function again for hours. Surely one little orgasm wouldn’t cut down on my ability to have fun with him, now would it?

I sighed and sank lower in the tub, letting Missy’s toes slide all the way to the base of my thighs. I shuddered when her toes found my slit. She casually rubbed her big toe into my folds, making little circles while continuing her story. The cold splash of my champagne on my nipples made me shriek with surprise. Apparently I had gotten so deeply engrossed in my ‘massage’ I’d forgotten I was holding a drink. The ice-cold bubbly I spilled on my breasts yanked me out of my trance, but not before shooting lightning bolts of ecstasy to my nether regions.

“You uncontrollable old coot!” I said, scolding Missy for her clandestine submarine maneuvers.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, trying her best to look innocent. “Did my foot wander into controlled airspace?”

“Yes it’s controlled, and you are trying to enter a ‘No Fly Zone’ before the pilot gets here.”

“I just want to make sure the engines are warmed up and ready to go, that’s all.”

“Trust me, I haven’t thought about anything else all week,” I said. And it was true. I’d gone over tonight a thousand times in my mind and played it out a thousand different ways. My crotch ached from all the attention I’d given it! Dildos, fingers, vibrators – I’d used them all to relive the yearning to duplicate our last meeting. I was just sure that we couldn’t match the magic from last time and quite frankly I’d thought about not going through with today’s meeting. What if the magic was gone? What if this led somewhere I really didn’t want to go and it ruined the memory of that first meeting? I was in danger of contaminating an event that I would remember for the rest of my life.

Did I really want the footnote to be “…yeah, and then we fucked the whole thing up by trying to repeat it.” I wasn’t sure.

Missy and I finally got out of the hot tub and went downstairs to the hotel bar to wait for Adam. We got our drinks and had just settled in when he arrived. Damn, he looked good. He was just wearing blue jeans and a polo shirt, but Missy and I both noticed the distinct bulge in his pants. Let the games begin!

We had a few rounds and were laughing about something when a couple walked
in the front door. They were apparently from Texas, decked out in their best
flannel and denim. The guy was a cowboy right down to the spurs on his boots
and his wife, all 5’10” of her, was decked out in rhinestones and turquoise. They walked past us to the bar and ordered.

Since the only available table was next to ours they came over and sat down glancing intently around the room. He leaned over to Adam and said. “Now, it’s not fair that you brought two women and I only have one. I hope you plan to share!” He laughed at his own joke (no one else did) and slapped Adam on the shoulder.

Adam looked at him and said “Well partner I’d love to share, but these women aren’t ‘MINE’. They are quite able to decide that for themselves.”

“Oh, they some of those women’s libbers? Well more power to them. I’m Roy and Bobbie here does what I tell her to, don’t you dear?” Bobbie waited until Roy wasn’t looking then rolled her eyes at us.

“Yes sir, I do.”

“Now, why the hell does everyone in here still have their clothes on?” Roy asked no one in particular.

Missy’s ears perked up on that one. “Excuse me? What did you think was going to happen here?”

“We didn’t come all the way from Dallas for our health darlin. We’re here for the swinger’s convention. They gave me a damn key. Let me go find out if we’re in the wrong place.” With that he got up and wandered off toward the bar.

Bobbie scooted over closer to our table, her cowboy hat tipped down low over her face. “You’ll have to excuse Roy there, he’s not used to seeing such pretty women.”

“Are you kidding me?” I retorted. “You are absolutely gorgeous.”

“Why thank you sweetie, so are you. But you know men get bored with the same-o same-o. Don’t they?” She was looking directly into Adam’s eyes. He swallowed hard, knowing he was painted in a corner. Pay too much attention to little miss Rodeo here and he’d risk pissing us off. Too little and he might blow the opportunity for some time in the saddle. Bobbie was cute, tall, lanky, built and obviously interested. Her nipples were sticking straight out though the fabric of her blouse, as were Missy’s and mine. It wasn’t Adam’s nipples that had gotten hard.

“Well, a little variety never hurt anyone. Besides, otherwise we all wouldn’t be here, would we?” He said doing an admiral job of using both heads at the same time.

Roy came back to the table. “Damn flyer didn’t say nuthin about a secret door. Ya’ll see one that isn’t marked?” Bobbie spoke up. “I don’t see an unmarked one but that one says ‘PRIVATE’. Do you think that might be it?” She batted her eyes at him and smiled as vacantly as she could manage.

“Damn good job Bobbie! You want to invite our new friends to come with us?” Roy said, the double entendre hanging heavily in the air. I looked at Missy, and she was staring at Roy. I couldn’t believe it! She was attracted to this guy! He was cute, and confident, and tall but still, the accent and attitude were driving me nuts.

Missy spoke up. “Not sure about the others here, but I’m more than willing to see what is on the other side of that door. Hope you two will CUM with us,” she said looking at Adam, accenting the word to leave no doubt she got the meaning. I was intrigued and Adam was still a guy. We all got up and headed that way.

The doorway led down a short hall, which opened up into a cozy club. There was a small dance floor, which was surrounded by darkened booths. A bar sat off to one side. We sat down at a table and looked around. There was a couple in one booth that was totally oblivious to everyone else. They were making out like teenagers, with hands roaming all over each other. Several couples were on the dance floor, also with hands everywhere. One man was massaging his partner’s ass and they danced, working her short skirt higher
and higher. A guy behind her helped lift her skirt up so he could slide a hand down the crack of her ass. Then he spun her around and put both hands on her ample breasts, knelt down and ran a trail of kisses down the front of her blouse. He lifted the front of her skirt and ducked his head underneath. The woman gasped and grabbed his head, thrusting her crotch into his face.
Other patrons watched intently.

“Missy,” Roy drawled, “Would you like to have that done to you?”
“Sure!” she replied. “Call him over for me, will you?”

I saw a pattern developing that I’d seen the first time we’d met. “No, I mean me, damn it. Would you like ME to do that to you? I’d make you come faster than you’ve ever come before in your life.” “I doubt that,” Adam said with authority.

“What, you think you can make a woman come faster than I can?” he said, puffing out his chest.

“Only one way to find out then. Come on boy, put up or shut up! Don’t make statements you aren’t willing to back up.” The testosterone was getting out of control, and any minute it would be back to the middle school playground. “I am too!” “You are not!” “I am SO much better than you!” “You are not!” Then the fists would fly bringing the evening to an untimely death.

Well, Adam might end up getting sex, but I’m sure he wasn’t planning on being behind bars when it happened! Missy saw the direction too. With all the hormones flying around something had to be done.

She said “Okay Mr. Roy. Time for YOU to put up or shut up. I’ve been with Adam and know what he’s capable of. Now we just need a willing participant for Adam.” She looked at me, then Bobbie. I blushed and lowered my eyes. Bobbie jumped right in.

“Yee Haw, we got us a race here ladies and gentlemen!” She jumped up and dragged two bar stools out into the middle of the dance floor. I sighed a HUGE sigh of relief knowing I wasn’t about to have a stranger between my legs to settle a stupid contest. Still…

Bobbie took off her hat and waved it around over her head.

“GO!” she squealed, grabbing the back of Adam’s head and stuffing his face against her crotch.

“Yee Hawwwwww!” she drawled.

Roy dove at Missy’s box, vigorously licking up and down. Adam planted kisses all around the top of Bobbie’s jeans, and then helped her wiggle out of them. He gazed at her marvelous blonde bush, then tickled the top of her slit with the tip of his tongue. Bobbie sighed and settled lower on the stool.

Meanwhile Missy yelped and smacked the top of Roy’s head HARD. “Ow, that hurt!” he hollered. “Then don’t use your teeth!” she exclaimed. The room erupted in laughter.

He went back to business, this time a little more tentatively. Missy leaned over towards Bobbie.

“I’ll be damned! He really is good at this!”

I could tell she was truly surprised by the tone, and she DID seem to be getting pretty worked up. Every now and then she’d involuntarily flinch or gasp. Roy was having his effect on her. Adam seemed unconcerned and casually inserted a finger deep into Bobbie’s box.

“Oh my gawd, that feels wonderful!” she purred. Missy was bouncing around on the stool, little noises emanating from her throat as Roy continued to tongue lash her clit.

“You’d better hurry there Adam old boy or Roy here is gonna make me CCUUUUUUUMMM! UUUuhhg!” She grabbed his head and held his mouth tight against her while throwing her legs over his shoulders. She clamped her thighs down on his head and used her heels to dig into his back. He was totally off balance and I could see his eyes bug out when he realized he couldn’t breathe. He worked his tongue for all he was worth. Bobbie was also getting close, but was nowhere near ready to come. She and Adam had forgotten everyone else and were in their own private world. He was slowly running three gaziantep escort reklamları fingers in and out of her luscious cunt while teasing her clit with his lips and tongue. They were gazing into each others eyes and it made my panties wet just watching them enjoy each other.

Suddenly Missy shrieked and yelled again that she was coming, as if there was any
question. The crowd roared its approval and Roy stood up triumphantly, face and fingers covered in Missy’s lovely juices. While he was prancing around the dance floor Adam stood up, dropped his pants and plunged all 8 inches deep into Bobbie. She cried out and clutched his back, pulling them as close together as they could get.

“Hey now, what the hell are you doing?” Roy roared when he saw what was happening. “I already won, you fool!”

Missy got up and walked over behind Bobbie so she could lean back into her in her arms, supporting some of her weight like she had done for me in the shower.

Adam leveled his gaze at Roy. “Yeah, congratulations on that, but can’t you see I’m busy here? Why don’t you be a good winner and go get me a beer?”

Without waiting for a response he turned back to Bobbie and kissed her deeply, slowly thrusting into her. His butt muscles tightened and relaxed over and over, and I was beginning to regret my decision to not be his partner. I remembered how good it felt to be totally filled . Bobbie was moaning and squirming, running her fingernails up and down his back and the room was suddenly very quiet. I could see the wet spot slowly spreading on the stool from her secretions. Adam’s tool glistened in the hard lights of the dance floor as it parted her soft folds. Ever so slowly they picked up their pace until Adam was hammering into Bobbie. She threw her head back against Missy’s chest and her long blond hair swayed back and forth looking all the world like a multi-colored waterfall, catching the red, green and blue flood lights circling the dance floor.

She came hard and long, rocking her hips against Adam as he pounded her, her hair making great sheets of blond curtain as she whipped her head side to side. As she came down from her orgasm she slid off the stool into a pile on the floor, panting hard. I remembered fondly what that felt like, being so overcome by an orgasm that you literally couldn’t stand.

Missy gazed around the room and said aloud “Alright ladies! Who is going to be next?” Before I could stop myself I was tearing my clothes off and mounting the magic stool. I looked into Adam’s blue eyes that were on fire with lust.

“Hello, baby! Where have you been?”

“I’ve been regretting letting Bobbie have you all to herself. It’s time to share the love!” I wrapped my legs around his waist. He leaned closer until our foreheads were touching. His breath was still coming in quick gasps and I could feel their effect on my nipples. Every nerve was anticipating what was about to happen.

“I’ll have what she’s having,” I said, quoting a famous movie line. As his throbbing tool touched me my eyes rolled back in my head and I gave myself fully to him. He filled me to my soul and held it there, allowing me to feel him where no one else had ever been. Adam started rotating his hips hitting parts of me that sent shock waves through my nether regions. I closed my mind to the rest of the room and it was only the two of us, locked together body and soul.

He slowly made tender love to me, pulling out so far that only the very tip was still resting against my slick opening then easing back in until his pubic bone ground into mine. With every thrust I would involuntarily gasp and electricity rocketed through my clit.

Then Adam reached down under me and rubbed his thumb around the opening to my tightly puckered asshole. I groaned and slumped lower off the stool, gently impaling my sphincter on his thumb. Soon I had his thumb all the way inside. I pulled his hand away and replaced his thumb with mine, feeling his hardness plunging in and out of me. With only a thin membrane between us, I pressed the underside of his cock with my thumb. Adam’s eyes bugged out and he frantically thrust against the tip of my thumb.

He slowly regained some measure of control and without warning crossed his arms, grabbed my ankles and spun me over on to the stool on my stomach. I grabbed Missy’s waist and hung on. Adam withdrew all the way, spit on my ass and laid the tip of his cock on the entrance to my back door. He leaned forward until he was lying on my back and then pushed. My sphincter relaxed to accept him inch by inch. It was dead silent in the room, with our heavy breathing and my whimpering the only sounds besides the low hum from the air conditioner. I reached under me and worked three fingers into my cunt, reaching back towards the back wall of my vagina.

I could feel Adam slowly working his huge erection into my ass. I closed my eyes tightly and concentrated on forcing myself to relax. I’d done this with B.O.B. before and actually found it quite erotic. He worked several more inches into me, and I could massage the underside of him as I slowly opened to his advances. But Adam withdrew until just the head of him was still in my ass. I didn’t want him to leave, so I clamped down with my sphincter. I could feel him gently tugging backwards but my butt was too tight to release his massive head. He changed his mind and slowly slide all the way back in until his balls slapped against my aching pussy. He held it there for a moment, and then gently started rocking against me. Adam increased the pace of his thrusting and I knew I was on the edge of a HUGE orgasm. It didn’t hurt at all; in fact it was the sexiest I had ever felt. Here I was in the middle of a crowd being slowly fucked in the ass by this wonderful man. What wasn’t sexy about that? I felt like a porn star and was seriously considering changing carriers.

I reached down and grabbed my ankles, pulling my knees up towards the sides of the stool giving him the deepest access I could. That let him get even deeper and it touched off my orgasm. I screamed “YES! YES! OH GOD, NOW BABY, NOW!” and the world shook. I saw stars and the whole world collapsed into the sensations in my ass and clit, slowly fading away until it was dark and warm and quiet…

When I came back to my senses there was thunder and lightning. Everyone had stood up and they were giving us standing ovation. The DJ was spinning the lights and everyone was on their feet, hooting and hollering.

I was suddenly extremely self-conscious. We gathered our clothing and slinked off stage to one of the private rooms to recover. I remembered my acting days in college and the huge adrenaline rush I used to feel after a good performance was dwarfed by what we’d just done. “Are we going to wake up tomorrow and wonder whether this whole evening was real?” asked Adam in a whisper.
“I’ll tell you one thing Adam; Bobbie and I will know the second we wake up! I’m never gonna walk straight again!” Everyone laughed and hugged and then took turns getting cleaned up.

Roy came out with Bobbie in tow. “Ya’ll have a wonderful sense of hospitality here. If you ever want to come to Texas you just call us, okay?” he said while handing me his card. “Might just do that,” said Missy with a wink. “Bobbie, you got yourself a special one. Keep him as long as you can.”

“Oh, I think I will. And I plan keep him long as much as I can!” The laughter was genuine; as was the bond we’d created. Texas, while never having been a vacation destination of choice for me, was suddenly a LOT more desirable…


“I got it, Mother,” I yelled back as she hollered for someone to get the phone. I was half-way through with the take-out order when Adam walked in! I about dropped the handset.
The last few weeks had gone by in a blur of working at the restaurant, more conventions, more work, and little sleep. I hadn’t realized how long it had been and how much I wanted him again until I looked at him standing there in the flesh; then those old familiar feelings of animal passion awakened in the back of my brain. And other places.

“Have any good fortune cookies I can sample?”

“Yes, but they’re not on the menu, and I can’t serve them for another half hour. Care to sample the buffet in the mean time?” I winked at him devilishly. I didn’t care if he saw the lust in my eyes. Suddenly the last few weeks seemed like an eternity.

“Dinner for one tonight, or are you expecting company?”

“I am in half an hour.”

“Good, I’ll get you a plate.”

I was glad he’d come alone. Not that I didn’t like Missy. I really did. But sometimes a girl just needs to be thoroughly fucked without an audience. That was going to be tonight. I didn’t want to feel like I was on stage. Hell, I didn’t want to be on a stage. Tonight it was going to happen in my bed, on my sheets. “The home-court advantage is just going to help things along,” I told myself.

In the middle of cleaning up for the night a group of the local hoodlums came in. They were loud, smelly and so full of themselves I had to try not to snicker at them. Tony, their long-bearded leader, saw the look on my face.

“What’s the matter, my little China Doll? Afraid we’re going to scare off you only paying customer?”

“He doesn’t pay. And he doesn’t scare.” I was hoping that was true. Adam looked up from his heaping plate of Crab with Lobster Sauce, looking for a signal that I was okay. When he got it he went back to his plate, but I could tell he was paying close attention.

“So, you gonna let US eat without paying?”

“You aren’t going to eat here at all. Not tonight. Not ever.” Ever so slowly I rolled forward onto the balls of my feet and bent my knees slightly, making me look even smaller than normal. Tony walked over to the buffet, and his two stoolies looked around to see who else was in the kitchen. Not a sound from Mom or Mark, Mom’s nephew. Good, that means they were aware of what was happening.

“What are you going to do, you little Chink? You gonna stop me?” Wrong words, wrong night. He swaggered over to me and leaned WAY into my personal space. I could feel the hatred welling up inside me. These clowns had been harassing us for years, vandalizing our property, scaring our customers and generally doing everything they could to make sure everyone within their grasp was a miserable as they were. He smelled like garbage and urine. I grabbed his beard and yanked his head down, then jumped up with all my might while lifting my right knee as hard as I could. His nose exploded in a spray of blood and for a second I thought I’d broken his neck. His body rotated in the air and he landed squarely on his back and shoulders, knocking the wind out of him. He screamed and was in the middle of putting his nose back in the center of his face when he figured out his lungs didn’t work any more.

I landed on my feet, legs apart, knees slightly bent. Idiot

came rushing up the isle with his arms out wide, trying to make sure I couldn’t sidestep him. I didn’t have to. Just before he grabbed me I ducked and spun around with one leg outstretched.

lost a tibia and fell chest-first onto the edge of the table behind me. With several cracked ribs and only one leg I didn’t have to worry about him any more. He crawled under the table gaziantep escort resimleri and bled.


at least learned not to rush me. He approached with much more caution, glancing first at Tony and then at

, then back at me. I stood still as a statue, not even breathing hard. When he was close enough to hear my whisper, I said, “I suggest you help your friends leave before the police get here. Everything is on the surveillance camera. If any of you or your gang show up here again you’ll be lucky if I just decide to call the police.”

I glanced over his shoulder. Mom and Mark were making their way down the isle with the biggest carving knives we own. They aren’t used for carving up food.

saw my glance and sneaked a peek at the mirror behind me. His eyes got really wide. He yanked open his jacket and shoved his other hand into the waistband of his pants, searching for the pistol he kept there. Since both of his hands were busy, I took the opportunity to hammer his jaw from underneath with the heel of my hand. Since his mouth was slightly open, the impact shattered several of his teeth with a resounding crash. His eyes rolled back into his head and he fell backwards full-length into the isle.

I looked at Adam and shrugged. “Glass jaw? I wonder if Tony knows about this?”

Adam was white as a sheet. Suddenly he snapped out of his trance and jumped up to help tie up the wounded until the police arrived. I’d have been just as happy to get rid of them. But since only

was capable of leaving under his own power – at least once he woke up – that really wasn’t an option. I could already faintly hear a bunch of sirens headed this way. I looked at Mark.

“Three intruders. I ordered three ambulances, police, and fire. I was just making sure.” Then he smiled at me and went back to the kitchen.

“Chris, I really wish you wouldn’t DO that sort of thing by yourself! What if next time they come in with their guns drawn?”

“It’s okay Mom,” I reassured her. “When that happens I promise to be nicer to them.”

Mom shook her head and walked back to the kitchen, muttering something in Cantonese.

Adam stood up after checking the condition of Tony who was whimpering and trying not to let his nose shift in his hands.

Adam finally came over to me. “I’ve never felt so totally inadequate in my life! Where the HELL did you learn to do that?”

“The restaurant isn’t the only stereotype we fall into here. This sort of thing happens more often that you’d care to know so it is in our best interests to, um, be prepared. You can’t always get to a gun when you need help and there are times when the Police might ask some very embarrassing questions.”

Adam looked at me half in horror and half in growing respect. His male ego was trying to grasp what it would be like to get beaten to a bloody pulp by someone a foot shorter and less than half his weight. On the other hand, he could feel the adrenaline crackling in the air and it was definitely having its effect on him. He grabbed me around my waist and easily picked me up. I threw my hands around his neck and kissed him fiercely, letting all MY adrenaline flow from fear to passion. Our tongues danced. I slowly ran my fingernails across his scalp knowing the shivers it was sending south. He was instantly hard, pressing feverishly against my thigh. Right then the cops came bursting through the door with guns drawn.

The lead officer took a look around and said to Adam, “Jesus man, did you do this all by yourself?”

“I wish I could take credit for it, as it really was a work of art. But no, Chris here had the whole thing under control before I knew what was going on.” The cop eyed Adam like he was a moron.

“You honestly want me to believe this little girl (I HATE being called that) beat these two men to bloody pulps and they didn’t even leave a scratch on her?”

“Not exactly.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“You missed one. There’s another guy behind you under the table.”


“Yeah, that’s what I said.”

The cop grabbed

‘s leg and tried to drag him out from under the table. It was the broken one.

screamed in agony, shocking the cop so badly he bolted upright.

“What did you DO to him?” The cop eyed me suspiciously and I suddenly got the feeling that he thought I might somehow be responsible for this.

Adam jumped in. “He tripped. So did he. Him too. Just ask them. I’m sure they will explain what happened and that there will be no charges filed. Either way.”

Tony glared at Adam around his hands, which were still holding his nose in place, but he understood. If the cops started any kind of investigation they’d uncover all kinds of unpleasant things. If the restaurant filed charges the same thing would happen. Tony’s ‘business associates’ would not be pleased if they were uncovered. The only clean way out was for Tony and his gang to take the beating, admit it was their fault and MOVE ON. It was just too risky to come back.

Which was the whole point to begin with.

All in all, not what I had envisioned for my evening. “Crap,” I muttered.


I looked at my clock again. 11:15pm. I’d been trying to sleep since before 10:00. I sighed, put on my robe and went downstairs to play online. The skirmish at the restaurant was the last time my schedule had matched with Adam’s. I was getting less and less sleep since I just couldn’t relax. I figured doing bills should wear me out in short order. In less than an hour all the bills had been paid, all emails had been read and junk mail deleted. I was seconds from logging off when the computer made that special sound when someone on my ‘friends list’ logged on. It was Adam.

“So what are you doing up at this hour?”

“I couldn’t sleep.”

“Ah. I wish I were getting UP again. I’ve been bleeding on the racecar.”

“Oh,” I sighed. Can you sigh in an IM? Adam must have heard the disappointment in my keyboard.

“What, you weren’t looking for a booty call, were you?”

“ADAM! I most certainly was not. But how soon can you be over?” My mood brightened a bit.

“25 minutes if you don’t mind me sweaty, smelly and greasy, 40 if you do.”

“I’d love to help you get clean…” Now I was fully awake.

“That sounds SO much more entertaining than what I’d planned!” Be there ASAP.”

15 minutes later I heard this awful roar, followed by a knock on my door.

“I thought you said it would be 20 minutes or more?”

“Yeah well, I made up time by bringing the race car.”


“What, you didn’t hear my grand entrance?”

“I thought it was a garbage truck with a bad muffler,” I teased. I know how sensitive guys are about their toys so I thought I’d get his blood flowing.

His face got red. “A GARBAGE TRUCK?!” That is NOT funny! You lean out the window and apologize to her RIGHT NOW.”

I looked out the window and sure enough, there was a fully painted racecar sitting against the curb, complete with numbers, sponsor graphics and a full roll cage.

“Tell me, Mr. Race Car Driver, I’ve heard a theory about the size of a car’s wing and the owner’s…

” I twirled a few strands of my hair, let my question trail off like I was afraid to say it out loud.

Adam went deeply scarlet. “Alright you, get in the car. You think I’m just playing around, don’t you? Prepare to have your world expanded!” Adam picked me up with all the effort of lifting a gallon of milk, threw me over his shoulder and stomped off down the stairs to the street. He patted my bottom on each step, the blows landing right down the length of my sex. I shrieked with every blow and held onto his belt, watching his buns move as he walked.

The racecar was still crackling and cooling in the still night air. He plopped me down on the open windowsill of the passenger door and the car didn’t sag at ALL. It was like I wasn’t even there.
Adam saw my surprise. “Yeah its stiff. I thought you liked it like that,” he said with a wink.

“Uh, Adam, there’s no door handle.” I said still sitting on the sill.

“Of course not silly, this is a race car. Just slide in. I’ll help you with the belts.” I did and the seat was incredibly form fitting with deep bolsters for the hips and shoulders. I felt like I was becoming a part of the car. Adam grabbed at least half a dozen seatbelts and started clicking them into a central buckle. He shoved his hand between my thighs and I clamped them shut, but not before the feel of his hands sliding along the silk of my pajamas sent chills up my spine. “Hey hey hey!” I exclaimed. “Jeez, buy me a drink first or something!”

“Huh? Oh give it a rest, I’m looking for these,” he said pointing to the last two straps that were hanging off the front edge of the seat.

“Oh yeah right, and you expect me to believe that?”

“I was sure hoping you would. By the way, you’re sexy as hell in those.”

Our eyes met and for an instant I thought about running up stairs and seeing if he could catch me. But I was interested in this whole car fetish Adam had. Being a typical control freak I hated not knowing much about cars. I always felt I was at their mercy, doing what they wanted when they wanted. Pitch its guts on the freeway? Slide into a ditch for the hell of it? I just didn’t drive any more than I HAD to.

Remembering how good Adam could be with his hands, I figured what the heck, maybe I’d learn something. The sound of the engine starting was so loud I about jumped out of the car. Oh my God, was this thing loud! But it had an animalistic roar that was fascinating. Yes it was loud, but the noise reverberated through my whole body, making my skin quiver and shake along with a few other things.

Adam looked over at me. “You ready?”

Without waiting for an answer Adam floored it, popped the clutch and pulled out from the curb. In an instant he shifted to 2nd, hammering me back into my seat with another vicious rush of acceleration. I’d never felt anything like it before in my life! Adam shifted again to 3rd and I peeked at the speedo, which was now swinging through 100 MPH. We were still on a side street, not 3 blocks from the house. Suddenly I screamed, knowing what was in store for us. Our street ends at the river, with a tight 180-degree turn at the end. We go around it at 45 in our van. There was no way we were going to make the curve and Adam hadn’t even let off the gas yet, let alone tried to slow down. At the last instant he lifted off the gas just a hair, turned the wheel and the g-forces pinned me to the outside of my seat. I could feel the tires sliding and watched Adam. He was just sitting there like a statue, barely moving. His hands held the wheel with his fingertips, occasionally moving the wheel back or forth an inch or so. A little more than half way around he started feeding in more gas (like we weren’t going fast enough already!) and the engine bellowed into the night, taunting the other cars asleep against the curb. The back end slid around until I was looking out MY window at the street rushing up at us. Just as we got to the end of the curve the back end came back in line and we rocketed up past the house.

Now there was a whole group of corners coming up. Adam waited until I was screaming bloody murder, gaziantep escort sitesi shoved the brakes on and downshifted twice in quick succession. The next mile was a blur of sliding tires, screaming engine. Yet Adam didn’t seem concerned. In fact he was moving less than I do when I’m driving down to the corner drug store. His hands and feet were moving quickly, but the car was apparently in his complete control. None of his movements seemed due to surprise. I had no idea what he was doing, but the car flew down the street, most of the time pointing off into the trees, yet I began to get the idea that he could do this all night. He was totally focused on the road ahead, never looking at any of the controls he was using. Every time I was sure we were going to die something happened and we came through okay, only to repeat the process again and again. We were never facing the direction we were traveling and I always had to look out my side window or Adam’s to see where we were going.

Suddenly Adam ripped into an abandoned parking lot in a huge arc, sliding on the damp asphalt. He yanked the emergency brake and the world rushed by the windshield as we spun. And then there was silence. I pulled the tab on my harness and climbed out of the car. The ground was a lot closer than I thought it should be. Looking down, the wheels of the car were 6” from a sidewalk. He’d parallel parked the car perfectly from 100 MPH. I turned around a couple times taking in the crushing stillness with my mouth moving but nothing came out.

“Last time I saw that reaction was the first time you saw me naked!” Adam laughed.

“What the…” “How the…” “Where did you learn…”

The words just wouldn’t come. My heart was pounding in my ears, blood rushed through me along with a gallon of adrenaline. As my breathing slowed, I looked at Adam who was nonchalantly leaning against the hood and playing with his key ring. He looked up at me.

“Care to go fast on the way home?”


“Well yeah sweetie, I was just showboating. We really weren’t going that fast. Just sideways.” He grinned devilishly.

“Not fast?! Then I do not want to go fast. Or sideways. NOR DO I WISH TO DIE TONIGHT. CLEAR?” Then I looked at him and noticed the way he was looking at me. I could see the desire in his eyes. This driving thing had really turned him on. Was it me or the car? I was afraid to ask and ultimately didn’t care. “Remember, no one dies tonight. At least not like this. However, I will give you one more opportunity…”

Soon we were back at my place. I quietly peeked through the door of the bathroom. Adam was getting ready to take a shower. “May I come in?”

“Sure, have a seat right there. The show is scheduled to start any minute.”

“Great, I wouldn’t have wanted to miss any of it.”

He unbuttoned his shirt slowly, knowing my eyes were on him. I marveled at the sculpted muscles of his chest and stomach. There was just a hint of a happy trail, with wispy blond hair running from his belly button south. I let my eyes follow it to where it disappeared into his jeans. I reached out for the top button but Adam caught my hand.

“Oh no you don’t. You have to be good. Sit. Stay. Good girl.” He patted the top of my head like a puppy. He made me sit on my hands to keep from making the same mistake again. Adam unbuttoned his jeans’ top button and ran the zipper down. The top of his cotton underwear was clearly visible, along with an apparent bulge just below the opening of his fly. He pulled his shirt off, threw it in a heap on the floor and turned back to face me. My mouth was dry. Adam hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts and tugged them down until the top was just covering the base of his penis. Turning around he slowly slid the waistband off his ass. The shorts fell around his ankles and he stepped out of them. I could see the fine hairs on his buns glowing from his sweat and I marveled at the muscles of his legs sliding smoothly under his skin. I desperately wanted to feel the sensuous strength of those muscles jerk and twitch as I ran my fingernails across his skin. But that would have to wait. Adam got in the shower and washed his hair. With his arms over his head he twisted back and forth under the water, looking for all the world like a magazine model. I caught my breath as he twisted around enough to let me see his penis, not yet hard but still huge! It hung almost straight down, but I could sense it wasn’t going to be long before it jutted out proudly from his abdomen. I knew he was teasing me, and he knew I knew.

Finally Adam shut off the water and stepped out. As soon as he put the towel over his head I leaned forward and sucked him into my mouth. He about jumped out of his skin, but didn’t remove the towel. In seconds he was hard filling my mouth to overflowing with meat. I worked on getting as much into my mouth as I could. With the practice I’d done every morning with my dildo I could slowly work almost the whole thing in. Missy had been right, it was just a matter of practice. The angle was just right and I could feel my throat expand to accommodate him. I slobbered on his pole for several minutes and then added a hand, making a ring with my thumb and forefinger. Ever so gently I pumped my hand from my mouth to the base and back in time with my sucking. The pressure was so light I wasn’t even sure if he knew it was there, but it felt like I was taking his whole length into my mouth. Suddenly I could feel both of his hands in my hair, guiding my mouth onto him in the rhythm and angle that gave him the most pleasure. He thrusting became more insistent and deeper. As much as I would have loved to let him come down my throat, (if you REALLY want to own a man, swallow his seed with him all the way in your face. Or so Missy told me. She hadn’t been wrong yet.) I needed so much more from him tonight. I wasn’t about to let it end with a grunt and some snoring.

“Okay, okay, big boy. That’s enough of that for now. Are you done with your hair?”

“Hair? What hair? Who’s talking about hair?”

Adam looked around confused for a moment.

“Oh, yeah, right. Got it.”

I turned on the stereo and led him to the corner of my bed, pushed him down and made him sit on his hands.

Now it was my turn to undress for him. “Feels familiar, doesn’t it?” I said after making him do what he did to me.

“Hmm, it isn’t nearly as much fun this way.”

“Au contraire…”

We were just inches apart, but I backed away to give me room to maneuver. Now it was time for me to slowly unbutton MY shirt. I undid the first one and bent over, leaning towards Adam so that my cleavage was clearly visible. Another button came undone and I leaned in again, this time with the top of my bra clearly visible. Adam was sitting bolt up right, hands on his knees and leaning as close to me as he could get. I playfully let him get his nose into my cleavage before withdrawing out of reach. I shook my finger at him and smiled. The music grabbed my mind and I whirled around the room, gyrating my hips, tossing my hair and looking at him as sexily as I could. It must have been enough because he was hard as a rock, showing every beat of his heart with a little wiggle between his thighs.

Finally I had my top off and knelt in front of him. I grabbed my boobs and lowered them down over the tip of his hardness. He was on fire. I couldn’t believe the heat of his skin on mine. I rubbed up and down gently, then lowered my mouth to him to slick up his wonderful shaft with saliva. The feeling of his penis sliding between my breasts sent shivers to my waist. I could feel my lips plumping up and the juices gathering between my folds. Any minute it was going to start running down my thighs.

I stood up, then turned around and sat down on his knee, facing away from him. I could tell Adam was about to get up so he could get his hands free but I wasn’t done torturing the poor man yet. I let my full weight settle on his knee and then rocked my hips leaving a trail of juices across the top of his thigh. Oh God, did that feel good! I could feel every inch of his thigh slide past my clit. I wanted to hump his leg like my dog used to do. I now understood the look of urgency on Rover’s face! I wanted to come so badly I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to wait any longer.
I leaned back against Adam’s hard chest and tilted my head back until the back of my head was resting on his shoulder, letting my hair fall between us. He inhaled my perfume and moaned his need into my ear. By twisting my neck back and forth I could make my hair cascade against his erection, teasing and tickling him all the way to his balls. Adam was breathing heavily. So was I.

It was time. I picked up the leg that was between his and straddled him properly. By reaching between my legs I was able to grab his erection and pull it against me, rubbing the tip against my clit. I slowly lowered my hands to the floor in front of us, exposing my little ass to Adam’s view along with most of my folds. He pushed his penis against my pussy from behind, savoring the feeling of his head resting against the opening of my cunt. I rocked my hips up and down, sliding his full length against me. I rocked harder and faster, building that wonderful friction that set my mind on fire. I could take the anticipation no more and rocked my hips forward just a touch more.

On the next thrust he was inside, although the angle only allowed him to enter a couple inches. Pushing off with my arms I raised back up, impaling my body with his. The engorged head of his penis slid down the entire length of the front wall of my vagina, ending up resting against my g-spot. I had not prepared myself for the feeling of his huge tool re-arranging itself inside me and I came instantly, shuddering and spasming all over his beautiful penis. He grabbed my hips and thrust wildly jamming me down on his tool. I took my weight back onto my feet and this allowed him to withdraw more before pounding back into me again. I was bouncing up and down on his lap, he was grunting and groaning, the bed springs were crying out in protest and my neighbor started pounding on the wall.
“Damn it, I’m trying to SLEEP over here! Be quiet for Christ’s sake!”

I couldn’t have cared less. After what seemed like 10 minutes of continuous orgasm for me, Adam took one final plunge and held me tightly, completely buried in me. He cried out and emptied himself. Every jet left a white-hot trail on my insides, running down around his shaft, eventually dripping out and falling onto the carpet. I threw my arms around Adam’s neck and nuzzled him softly. He ran his hands over my heaving chest and teased my nipples.

“Care to join me for the next shower?”

“Yeah, I’m as sweaty as you were when you got here.”

I tried to get up but my legs wouldn’t hold my weight. Neither would Adam’s so we giggled and crawled into the shower, leaning against the tile and letting the water rain down on us. Soon we were back in bed with me curled up on my side backed up against Adam. He lazily grazed his fingertips across my skin from neck to knees. I moaned and arched my back, pushing against his hand.

“You like that, huh?”

“Yes I do. I’ll give you until 12:00 to stop that.”

“Its 2:30 silly. It was after midnight when I GOT here.”

Not THAT 12:00. The next one.”

“Silly girl.”


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