Travels to the Great Valley Ch. 04


Morning came and the sun was peeking into the room. Joellen got out of bed and went to the bathroom, returning with a warm wash cloth. She flung back the bed covers and proceeded to lovingly wash my cock and balls. She worked slowly and deliberately, and soon had completed her task. The cloth was flung to the night stand and she leaned over me to swallow my cock. As she did, she maneuvered her legs to sit on my face, something I was observing from close quarters just the morning before. Her lips were again thick and dangling in my face and I tried to repeat my performance as she gave me another of her wonderful mouth-fucks.

We had found a mutual rhythm when her phone rang. It rang about five times and then stopped and we both successfully ignored it. One minute later, it started ringing again. “Shit,” Joellen murmured under her breath as she held my cock in her hand. “Can you see who the ID is from?”

I looked at the phone in its cradle and saw “TJ Scott.”

“God damn her, that Trudy. What is she calling for?” One moment later, she said in a too-sweet voice, “Can you reach the phone? I’m kind of busy down here.” And then she swallowed my dick all the way to the root, taking my breath away.

I reached carefully for the phone and was able to get it. I pushed the button and answered in as straight a voice as I could muster, “Hello Trudy.”

After a slight hesitation, Trudy answered. “Hello Bryce. How was your dinner?”

“Dinner was good but the dessert was magnificent.” Joellen giggled around my cock.

“I’m assuming Joellen isn’t available right now?”

“No,” I replied. “She has my cock buried all the way down her throat. I’m staring into her pussy lips right now, as a matter of fact. I wish you could see it”

She sighed a little sigh, and then said, “Yes, that’s my favorite number as well. Hey, sorry to interrupt you bunnies, but Steven wanted to know if you wanted to join him for a round of golf?”

There it was. My other great weakness, other than as much sex as I can get, is this funny little game. A good walk ruined. The most enjoyable frustration you can ever pay for. “Well, I’m a little busy right now.”

“Oh, don’t worry. If you two can find a moment to pause, his t-time isn’t until 10:22. Think you can finish up by then?”

“Well, I know I can but I can’t speak for Joellen. She seems to have a pretty incredible pace.” As I said that she sucked me harder and deeper to punctuate the point.

“Yeah, we love that about her. Go right ahead and have your fun. I’ll let Steven know you’re on. The club has extra sets of clubs and should be able to set you up. Oh, what size shoe do you wear?”

“I’m a 13 ½.”

Both Trudy and Joellen said at the same time, “That figures.”

I hung up the phone and went back to work on the cunt before me. Sucking the lips and clit into my mouth I toyed and tickled and traced patterns across her tender flesh. She only sucked harder and deeper and kept on her pace while she moaned and groaned around my cock.

This is going to be a great day, I thought silently to myself.


This golf course was a beauty. Small private golf courses like this are well-hidden gems. xnxx You can play all the Pebbles and Bandons and Pinehursts in the world, but sometimes a small, unknown course with a superintendent keen his keeping greens in perfect condition has it on all of them. This was one of those courses. Small, private and not overly played, even on a Saturday, this was a very fun place to play.

Steven and I were originally expected to join another twosome but they didn’t make it. There was nobody in front of us and nobody pushing from behind. “Hit ’til you’re happy,” Steven suggested. After several holes, I realized this was more than idle chatter.

Steven was a very good golfer — better than me in most regards. He could drive a ton, and his short-game was respectable. But that was my strength and while I was nearly always a stroke behind when we were on the green, I was up-and-down nearly every time. He fell victim to the three-putt several times.

When we had finished the front nine, we took a quick break at the club house. I heard Steven asking if there was anyone working the beverage cart today. Someone said that there was someone coming out likely, but so few people meant it was hard to justify. “No, but the dues justify it just fine.” I knew we were going to get beverage service then. But pity the poor person who would be driving around serving no one, I thought.

The back nine was even more challenging, with several risk-reward holes out there to tempt me to make the bad decision. I played it conservative while Steven wailed away trying to cut the corner of a dog-leg and crush a drive on the par fives to get a birdie under his belt.

By the twelfth hole, he was clearly frustrated, but maintained a great attitude and a great banter. By this time, our conversation had covered all the usual stuff and ventured into the more personal. Did I like to travel? Why wasn’t I married? What was the best part of my job? It didn’t take long for him to crack my code and understand the benefits of a hard-working consultant.

“I can imagine there are some great bennies for this work,” Steven said. “Hell, I can only imagine what your evening with Joann was like.” I said nothing but only smiled. Then I heard him whisper quietly, “And those marvelous lips.” I knew — and he knew from my expression — that we both had come to appreciate the lovely drapes that surrounded Joellen’s cunt. That moment broke a lot of ice, giving us both permission to talk about simple details that were otherwise out-of-bounds. It wasn’t like we compared notes, but we both definitely understood that we had strong common interests in this regard. Trudy wasn’t part of our conversation at any time, and I was determined to keep it that way.

When the beverage cart came around, Steven was hankering for a beer. It might be just after noon here, but a cold beer sounded good to me too. As the cart pulled closer, Steven said he was happy with the choice of “cart girls.” The women driving up to our cart was something much more than a girl. Her breasts were enormous and probably fake, but they seemed to fit the rest of her just fine. As she jumped out of the cart, I noticed her tight ass completed the total bakire porno physical beauty of this woman.

“Hello Mr. Scott.” She clearly remembered Steven as well.

“Hello, Debi. Staying busy?”

“Not even. There’s only two or three of you out here right now.” After a moment, she followed: “But I’m happy to be able to make your game more enjoyable.”

“Debi, this is a friend of mine, new to the area. His name is Bryce.”

Debi walked right up to me and shook my hand, making a clear point to shake her tits at the same time. “Nice to meet you. I hope your enjoying The Reserve today.”

“It seems to be getting better all the time,” I said. I took my beer and peanuts and went back to the cart. Steven continued an animated conversation with Debi, returning to the cart after about five minutes.

“That went well,” he said quietly. I had no idea what he meant but also realized it wasn’t intended to garner a question. I simply walked to the next tee and crushed a drive down the middle, my best of the day. I turned and saw Debi watching from about 25 yards away, and saw her pull away headed to the next group of thirsty players.

After Steven hit a similar drive (rolling about 25 yards past my ball) we both sat down and rolled quietly toward our next shot.

“I’m not sure what your interest might be, but Debi is one of the best cart gals at this course. She offers a pretty incredible “full service” approach to her job that makes her quite popular around here. We both remained quiet for a minute. Then Steven said, “And I asked her to help meet us for our next round of drinks in the woods around 14.”

“Steven, I’m not sure what other goodies she has in her cart, but I can tell you that I’m likely interested in whatever else might keep this fabulous day going so great.” It was a simple affirmation of intent, and gave Steven all he needed to feel great about the next little bit.

When we got to the green at 13, Steven had played his best golf and said almost nothing since the twelfth fairway. We sat down in the cart and rolled away from the green and immediately entered a small forest of aspens and poplars that led to the next tee. After a couple of quick corners, we took a sharp right off the path and into a clearing where extra sod was grown and other maintenance activities were centered. At the opening to the meadow a cart was visible across the way. Debi appeared to be sunning herself topless.

We drove over to Debi and she looked up and said, “Hi. Just getting a little sun. One of the few advantages of a slow day.”

I have a couple of other advantages I can think of,” Steven said. As we pulled to a stop, both Debi and Steven stepped from their carts and toward each other and embraced in a deep, nearly-frantic kiss. Steven moved his hands to Debi’s ass and she in turn reach up and grabbed his head, pulling it tighter to her lips.

I watched for a moment. Then, after a brief voyeur moment, stepped out of the cart myself and took two steps closer to the couple. “Don’t be shy,” Debi said. “I’ve got enough here for both of you.”

Steven and I both descended onto her tits, and I was very pleasantly surprised bedava porno to discover either the miracle work of a master plastic surgeon or the two most magnificent tits in the world. The were very large, stood upright and proud, but were neither stiff nor hard. They swung when she moved and had the softness that a tit should have. I sucked her left tit and Steven consumed her right one. Debi purred between us.

She then stepped away and said, “Look it’s very slow out there but I still only have a little time before this will become obvious. Let’s just get right to this, shall we?”

She pushed Steven to the cart, forcing him to sit facing her. “The usual, Mr. Scott?”

“That would be perfect. Do you mind offering some service to Mr. Dotson as well?”

“I had kind of counted on hit,” she said, and stepped out of her tight shorts and pink thong. Now, without anything but sandals on her feet, she bent over and started fishing Steven’s cock out of his pants. In doing so, she revealed a totally bald and dripping cunt to be fucked. I pulled my cock out of my pants and stepped behind her. Recognizing both her urgency and readiness, I pushed my cock into her cunt in a single stroke, bottoming out and stretching her wide. She moaned loudly and pushed back at me. She pulled her mouth off of Steven’s cock and announced, “My God, you’re bigger than Mr. Jackson. Now fuck me hard!”

I had no idea who Mr. Jackson was, but apparently I was the new Club Champion, as far as Debi was concerned. I was able to get a rhythm going so that we could fuck and she could suck Steven effectively. This little bit of coordination isn’t easy unless you have a very talented cocksucker, and fortunately Debi had this talent in the bag.

It isn’t very often that you can have such a perfect sexual encounter in the middle of great round of golf. I’d fucked on a golf course before, but it was nothing compared to this experience. I was delighted by Debi’s strong and talented cunt. I fucked it as hard as I could, but also teased her on occasion with shallow strokes and short pauses that had her squirming with desire for more.

Steven filled her mouth before I emptied into her cunt, but it was only a short time that I had Debi to myself. During that short few minutes of paradise, I held her hips tight and slammed hard into her cunt. A couple of times I was tempted to toy with her ass, but I was more than content to keep this simple and wet. When I finally unloaded, it got even wetter. It was unlikely a bit load, given the workout I’d receive in the last two days, but it was enough to make both us howl in contentment.

Shortly after we had both regained our composure, we zipped up and Debi reclothed herself. Minutes later we waved good-bye as she sped back to the clubhouse to fill the next order coming her way.

“This club has some pretty outstanding perks,” I said smiling.

“Yeah, too bad we don’t have time for a swim,” Steven replied. “You’d love to meet the head life guard.”

The rest of the round went slowly and wonderfully. I kept up my steady pace, losing a little more distance but keeping my chips and putts perfectly in line. I finished with a great-for-me score of 79, and Steven finished with an 83. Neither of us really cared at that point.

I was amazed at how this day had gone. Now was time for the big event, the reason I was coming to town. Given the events of the day, I had almost forgotten.

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