Tori and ecstasy_(1)


I met some friends at a party that was at a friends of a friends, or something like that. All i know was that i knew three people there. It was at an old house on the north side of town, a large three or four bedroom house in a ghetto neighborhood. There was so many cars parked outside i had to park on the next street over and walk. As i came up to the house i could hear the loud music from a few houses down. The house looked as if no one was home though, inside all the windows was just darkness. As i got close to the house i noticed that there were blankets in all the windows blocking the light. I called my friend Brandon when i was close, he was waiting for me outside. He rushed me inside, said they didn’t want people outside. Guessed they didn’t want it to be a give away on which house was making all the noise. It was almost midnight so everybody was already pretty drunk. As i entered i was almost knocked down by the strong smell of weed, people were body to body in the living room dancing and just being drunk. The music was at least three times louder inside than it was in the front yard. It was a good party. I followed my friend Brandon upstairs to a bedroom where a couple other of my friends were along with a girl that i didn’t know. Kevin and James were the other two i knew and i met a girl named Tori. She was a tall and skinny emo girl with a rockin body. She caught me checking her out, i couldn’t resist but to imprint her tight figure into my head. She didn’t care though, i think it turned her on. She was wearing a black tank top with a pink bra underneath, a long red skirt with a slit up her left thigh, and a pair of converse. She had long strait dark brown hair, green eyes, pale skin and a nose and lip ring. She was a tease. She asked me if i wanted any kush, rolls or xanax. It had been months since i had done ecstasy and i had just got paid so i figured what the hell. I bought myself three rolls and an eighth of sour diesel. I took two rolls right away, they were blue dolphins. Over the next thirty minutes we stayed in that room and smoked. I threw in two grams and a few others pitched in as well. We passed around three blunts, a two foot steam roller, and i took a hit from a home made gravity bong made from a pitcher and a two liter bottle. I was so high i did not care about the party anymore. As i sat there blown as fuck i started to feel a tingle from the rolls. I caught myself feeling the armrest of my chair, admiring the texture of the fabric. Colors were more exciting, tori was getting hotter. Me and brandon found our way back downstairs to the party, he took a couple rolls as well. The ratio of girls to guys was pretty even, a good chance to get laid. I made my way into the kitchen where people were playing beer pong. I saw an asian girl in the corner pouring herself a shot of crown so i made my way to her. I asked her how she was doing, told her that crown was my drink of choice. She smiled real big and told me she was having a great time. She said “it’s my favorite, but it costs too much to give away sorry”. “How about a trade then?, some of mine for some of yours” i said to her. She asked me what i had and i pulled out my small bag of sour diesel, what was left of it anyway. “Deal!” She said, i needed something to smoke it out of though. I had rolling papers in my car so i said to her “meet me by the bathroom in ten minutes”. She smiled and nodded, she had the prettiest smile. So i went to my car and made my way back to the house, and she wasn’t by the bathroom. I searched around and found her upstairs, i guess there was another bathroom. We went into the bathroom, shut the door and she hopped up onto the counter. She was smokin hot, with the ecstasy going strong i just wanted to attack her. She said she could roll joints so i let her do it, meanwhile i made sure to get my moneys worth of that crown. I took a few chugs and was officially fucked up. I never felt that good. When she lit the joint i stepped in front of her and waited for my turn. After she handed it to me i handed her my other roll. She quickly set the roll on her tongue and chased it down with crown. After the joint went back and forth a few times she spread her legs as a sign for me to get closer. She was wearing a yellow aeropostale shirt and black running shorts, had amazing toned legs. Things were so hazy and tingly at that point, everything was fuzzy. Everything i felt was electric. I touched her leg and she bit her lip, things were getting good. At that point someone started knocking on the door, she grabbed her bottle and purse as we left the bathroom. I grabbed her by the wrist and took her to one of the empty rooms close by and locked the door. It was the same room that i was in earlier. There was no bed, just a couch, love seat and some chairs. We sat on the couch and chatted about bs stuff. We talked about college and jobs, she Sex hikayeleri started to feel the ecstasy. Her pupils were growing, she was sweating and feeling on everything. I continued to feel her body as i was in the bathroom, running her finger tips up and down her legs as she felt up on her tits. It was magical, her body squirming in excitement as my electric fingers tingled her body. After several minutes of that position i turned sideways to lay out on the couch and she crawled up and laid on me. I loved the feeling of her body on mine, she started feeling on my chest and neck with her hands. She positioned herself to straddle my leg and slowly started to grind on my leg, her pussy must have been running a fever it was so hot. I could feel the moisture through my pants. I spent some time feeling on her tits ,running my hands up her neck and through her hair. She worked her way up, sat on my dick and leaned down . I started kissing on her neck while running my left hand through her hair. We started making out, i started to get hard as she started grinding aggressively. She made a series of humming sounds, almost like she was humming a song. After a few minutes she made some loud moans then slowed down. I think she got off through her clothes. I leaned up ,pushed her down on her back and took my shirt off. I pulled her shirt off and slid both hands under her white lace bra and grabbed her boobs. She leaned closer to me and grabbed my dick through my shorts and started stroking. I slid my right hand down to her leg and slid up her shorts. She was quietly moaning and purring as I rubbed on her wet panties very slowly, her body was twitching. I pulled her panties aside and felt around, she was soaked and warm. I used my thumb and rubbed her clit as i continued to rub her boobs with my left hand. I then tried to slide my index finger inside her tight pussy but her panties were getting in the way. I was pushing her panties into her pussy a little bit as i finger fucked her. I used my left hand to pull her shorts and red panties to the side as i worked two fingers into her pussy. Her phone started ringing in her purse, she leaned over and grabbed it while i was fingering her. “Fuck!” She said as she realized who called her. I didn’t care, i fingered her really hard as she started to squirm away from me and tried to push my hands away. She started closing and clamping me with her legs as she moaned out loudly and arched her back. I hooked my fingers up a bit and continued finger fucking her, trying to convince her to ignore the phone. Her phone started ringing again. She jumped up and fixed herself while answering her phone, i could hear a guys voice. She was freaking out , apologizing to the guy on the phone, kissed me on the forehead and took off while putting her shirt back on. “Mother fucker!”, i was about to fuck her. I was so disappointed at that moment and i wasn’t feeling the ecstasy very well any more. I got up and made my way back downstairs looking for tori, i needed more rolls. When i got downstairs it looked like two thirds of everyone was gone. People were still playing beer pong and the music was still playing. I found my friend James and asked him where Tori was, he didn’t know. I looked everywhere, I eventually found my way to the back door and walked outside, the back porch was a sun room with a roof and windows. She was laying out on a love seat patio chair facing the night sky, she looked lifeless. I walked over to her and she looked up at me with an exotic look on her face, i wondered what all she was on. She spoke out “hey, Its you” with a drowsy slurred speech. I lifted her legs up, sat down and set her legs down on my lap. “Pretty fucked up huh?” I said to her as i enjoyed sitting next to her watching the peaceful sky. “Do you have any rolls left?, i came down” i asked as i started massaging her calves. She pointed to her purse that was on the ottoman that my feet were resting on. I reached out, grabbed the purse and handed it to her. She had a hard time finding them, pulling out all kinds of stuff. I noticed she had a small pipe and lighter that she set in her lap as she dug for her pills. I pulled out what was left of my sour diesel and proceeded to smoke. She finally pulled out a small bag of rolls and handed me three and took three herself. I cashed out the bowl and loaded one for her, trying to distract her from the fact that she didn’t ask for any money. After we each smoked another bowl we sat there on that love seat and watched the sky. The ecstasy made the stars mesmerizing, almost hypnotizing. She stood up and laid back down with her shoulders and head in my lap looking up at me. The way she was laying with her knees hiked up made her skirt slide towards her hips and i could almost see what she was wearing under. With her left hand she pulled her tank top up, exposing her stomach Sikiş hikayeleri and started running her fingers over her abs. Her right hand was resting on her thigh, feeling on her bare skin. She was feeling good and i was getting there. I couldn’t resist but to touch her, with my left hand i ran my fingers through her hair and started massaging her scalp. With my right hand i started feeling on her stomach and her sides. She was in heaven, but so was i. I noticed a pink string from her thong sticking over her skirt, i almost couldn’t stop myself from reaching strait for her pussy. Her hip bones stuck out a little bit the way she was laying, it made a gap between her skin and skirt. It was a tease to make me wanna slide my hand down her skirt and panties. With my left hand running through her hair and rubbing her neck i worked my right hand down her thigh a little bit and started massaging her from her knees to her hips, occasionally rubbing on her stomach. As i started running my right hand up her tank top towards her breasts her legs spread and her skirt came up more exposing her pink thong with white polka dots. I navigated my fingers around her chest going around her breasts as she ran her fingers up and down her body. Her whole body got goosebumps as soon as i slid my hand under her bra and grabbed one of her boobs. She kept her eyes closed as my hand wondered around her body. I slid my hand down her skirt and panties and noticed she was freshly shaved. My hand made its way out and back to her thigh. I have a weakness for panties so i ran my fingers over her panties and admired the feeling of her cotton covered pussy. She enjoyed every bit of the tease, about the time i started rubbing on her panties my firm erection started pushing on the back of her head. She opened her eyes, looked me in the eyes and said “you like?”. I replied “i think i’m dreaming”. She stood up and said “follow me”. When i stood up i realized it was going to be odd if anyone notices my boner. I followed her upstairs to the master bedroom, her name was on the door. “This is your house?” I asked, she turned and said “yeah, i have room mates”. She plugged a cord into the wall and the whole room lit up with black lights. I flipped the light switch off then she took me by the arm and pulled me towards her bed, “sit!” She said. I sat on the edge of her bed, i got lost in her black light decorations all over her room. Posters on the wall were neon colored, the ceiling had been painted to look like an angry sun. It took up the whole ceiling, had bloodshot eyes and consisted of many neon colors. It was the perfect place to be when rolling. Tori made her way around to the other side of the bed and climbed in on all fours like a cat. I then laid back with my feet hanging off the bed and slithered my way up until my feet were all the way on the bed and kicked my shoes off. She crawled at me like a predator, her skin glowing a dark shade of purple, eyes bright blue, and neon green teeth. As she got close to me i reached out, ran my fingers through her hair, grabbed the back of her head and pulled her face closer to me. I laid there on my back looking her in the eyes as she hovered over me on all fours, we were laying in the shape of an L. Several intimate minutes went by as i ran my fingers through her hair. After staring into her soul for so long trying to figure her out i grabbed onto her hair, pulled her closer and gave her a kiss. We started making out, i held onto the back of her head with one hand as my other hand felt up her breasts through her shirt and bra. She slid her right hand around my chest and abs as i grasped her boobs. She leaned up away from me and started pulling at my shirt so i leaned up and let her take it off. She pulled her tank top off, threw it across the room, leaned back over me and started kissing my chest and nipples. I ran my fingers up and down her back as she inched down my torso kissing her way towards my belly button. I managed to unhook her neon pink bra with one hand as she started to unbutton and unzip my pants. My dick was hard as a rock going down my pant leg. When she managed to grab it and pull it out, it sprung out like a jack in the box. She held herself up with her left hand as she slowly stroked my dick with her right. I am uncircumcised so she explored the extra skin on my dick with extra curiosity. She enjoyed stroking it and watching the skin hide and expose the head repetitively. She finally pulled the skin back and put her lips on the head of my dick. As she began and slowly sucked i started to rock my hips causing her to go deeper. She slowly started sucking it up and down with a rhythm. She seemed to only be able to take about three quarters of it in her mouth. She was amazing though, didn’t want to think of how many dicks she probably sucked. She would take breaks and stroke it with her hand Erotik hikaye really fast then try to match the rhythm of her hand with her mouth. It was hard not too nut at points, my balls felt like raisins. As she sucked my dick i wiggled my body towards hers. When my head was about to her leg she lifted her leg over my face and assumed the 69 position. I was loving every second of it. Her skirt ended up all in my face but having the slit up one side made it easy to pull it out of my way. I held her skirt out of my way with my left hand as i ran my right hand up and down her thighs. My fingers wandered to her hips, all around her panty lines and rubbing on her camel toe. I grabbed her by the hips and forced her pussy closer to my face. As soon as she could feel my breath on the skin close to her pussy she stopped sucking and started stroking really fast. As soon as i put my lips on her pussy through her panties she whispered a moan “yes” then went back to sucking. I think as soon as i started kissing on her polka dotted thong i came a little bit in her mouth. She was so turned on she started rocking her hips to the rhythm she was sucking my dick. I could taste her sweet sweaty pussy through the cotton fabric. After a few minutes of the panty tease i pulled her panties to the side and took a good look at her shaved pink pussy. I started off licking her roughly front to back. She squirmed more and sucked better as i picked up the pace. I started sucking on her clit as she continued to rock and grind my face. I started shaking my head back and forth while i was eating her pussy and almost lost my load as i felt the vibrations of her moans on my dick. After she had enough she rolled off of me and pulled her skirt off, but left her shoes on. She pulled her thong off, reached over and put it in my pocket as i was taking my shorts off. “Thats to keep” she said as she crawled towards her headboard spreading her legs. I maneuvered my way up to her on my knees, she was ready for it . She was rubbing all on her stomach and chest in anticipation of my dick. I slowly stuck my dick into her pussy, impressed by how tight she was for how much of a slut she probably was. I figured she deserved it all right away, as soon as my dick was wet enough i shoved the entire thing in her. She let out a screaming moan, i slowly pulled it almost out then rammed her again. “Fuck!” She bursted as i rammed her a few more times. “Ok, i’m done messing around” i whispered in her ear right before i started aggressively fucking the shit out of her. She started screaming moans and clawing my back as i was trying not to fill her with jizz. As she was getting off she tried to push me back and slow me down so i went harder. She held a loud and long “uh-uh-uh…..fuck!-oh-god!” Tone as she climaxed. She couldn’t take that position very long because her back was getting rammed into the backboard. I grabbed her by the wrists, laid back and pulled her on top of me. My dick couldn’t quite go all the way in, all of it but about an inch or so could. It didn’t seem comfortable, but she loved it pushing on whatever was stopping it from going all the way in. She was grinding back and forth, not really going in and out. She rocked it for a few minutes until it started to hurt my dick from all the pressure. I pulled her towards me so she could hold herself up with her arms, grabbed her by the waist and lifted her hips up about six inches from me and proceeded to fuck her while holding her up by the hips. In that position i fucked her to a very fast pace. As I started to slow down by exhaustion she started begging me “don’t slow down, don’t slow down, almost there”. I dropped her hips down to where she had my entire dick in, pulled her body close, rolled over and i was on top again. I grabbed her left leg, pulled it up and around to where she was on her side and her legs were closed. She was really tight in that position, the ecstasy made me want to fuck her raw. I started fucking her to a deep and slow pace until she clinched up and started to get off again. Thats when i picked up the pace and raced to her finish, as came she got really wet and tight. When i stopped she pulled herself off of my dick and pushed me down on my back and started sucking my dick again. I haven’t had many girls suck my dick after having sex. After a few minutes of her fiercely sucking on my dick she crawled up to me and assumed the 69 position again and continued sucking and stroking my dick. The smell and taste of her sexed up pussy was amazing, she really enjoyed it when i put pressure on her clit with my tongue. When i moved my tongue around, sucked her pussy, and hit the right spots she would speed up and suck harder. When i started cumming she didn’t even slow down, she didn’t even stop until a minute or so after i came in her mouth to be sure i completely finished. I couldn’t even imagine how much cum she swallowed but it had to be alot. When she was done sucking me off she rolled off of me and we just laid there, in opposite directions, in exhaustion. Just staring into the giant glowing sun on her ceiling.

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