To Bask in Breastford Ch. 18


“Are you ready to see the greatest show in the world?”
[…dlrow eht ni wohs tsetaerg eht ees ot ydaer uoy erA…]
“Are you ready to see the greatest show in the world?”
[…dlrow eht ni wohs tsetaerg eht ees ot ydaer uoy erA…]
“Are you ready to see the greatest show in the world?”

She had awoken abruptly, courtesy of a loud thud and the clacking of her window pane. Upon getting up to assess the commotion she had found a single solitary item on her window sill, which eventually found its way into her disk drive.

Her emotions caught her by surprise. She immediately wiped the moisture from her face and began a thorough analysis of this mid-night package. As the video reeled on she found herself angry, distraught, confused, and sad…all at the same time. It was as though her worst fears had been realized, and it was all she could do to keep from losing her sanity.

She quickly found herself even more saddened, and then angry, and queasy…but mostly she found herself frustrated. She was frustrated for having ever met the man.

She watched the video…unblinking. Rage began to build up, and she soon grew sick to her stomach. The way those two blonde sluts and their big, heaving breasts bouncing…

But that ill feeling quickly subsided as her mind wrapped itself around the situation.

She stood straight and fixed herself up. Then (as though on auto pilot), she quickly got a hold of herself and ejected the disk. She carried it with her back to her bed and tucked it in under the mattress and out of sight.

Brittany and Brooke were going to pay, and with that thought in mind she walked to her bedroom door, opened it, and yelled.

* * * * * * * * * * *

“I just hope…you understand…the severity of this issue…”

Coach Blue was speaking in fragments; it was hard not to with two beautiful women such as Barbara Biguns and Beth Bust sitting right across from him. The busty two-some had granted his request to have a two-on-one, but after seeing the titanic-sized tits these two MILFs were hauling he found that all he could think about were those 2 mega-sized racks on his one, aching…

“Both our daughters have enrolled in a program, suggested by Madeline herself. Girls will be allowed to tag along with members of the committee in order to gain a thorough understanding of what the future might hold.”

Beth seemed to be doing most of the talking. It was she who had spoken to Coach Blue on the phone, but he had had a subtle suspicion that Barbara would be showing up as well.

He could not help but notice how attractive these two women were. Their sexy demeanor was every bit as explosive as their daughters’. Their breasts swelled proudly atop their massive chests; they showed no signs of age or sag. They even looked to be as perky as their daughters’ boobs.

Barbara and Beth both looked to be about a DD. That would have put them around the same size as their busty daughters. Coach Blue could not believe it. Brooke and Brittany were around the same size as their moms! And since the girls were still young, there was a good chance they would go even larger…surpassing their moms in bust size. The thought of the busty duo busting their mothers’ bras wide open was enough to give him a throbbing erection. He eyed Barbara’s and Beth’s big busts as the two carried on their conversation.

“And they aren’t the only ones.” Barbara said. “Any girl that wants to get involved may do so.”

Coach Blue had to shake his head free of all thoughts in order to continue their convo.

“Doesn’t that give certain girls, with certain families, easier access?” he asked.

Barbara shook her head.

“Look,” she said. “We are getting away from the point.”

“Which is?” Coach Blue inquired.

“That our girls simply don’t have the time to bounce their basketballs in your gym.”

Coach Blue felt a slight twitch in his pants. He had to hide a smile before going into a response.

“I’ll tell you the same thing I told them. If they don’t receive the training that I have to give them, then I’m afraid they will have to be cut from my first team.”

“How dare you…” Beth started. “Do you think you can just-“

Barbara silenced her immediately by putting her hand out.

“What my colleague means…” she said. “is that my daught –ahem, our daughters- were awarded this honor. To take that away from them would absolutely ruin my –I mean, our-…their reputations. These girls struggle hard to maintain the status they’ve achieved, and without that status, we’re nothing.”

Coach Blue leaned forward and put his elbows on the desk.

“Okay.” He said. “I’m going to level with you. Stepping out on to that floor my first day, I didn’t see a whole lot of talent to work with. But as a coach, you gain an eye for potential. While Brittany and Brooke aren’t the most talented players out there, they show a huge amount of potential. But potential doesn’t mean anything unless you hone your skills. Without these extra hours…I’m afraid your girls just Escort Sincan won’t cut it.”

Coach Blue now sat back triumphantly. Most of what he had said was true. The only thing he had really lied about was the motive, but seeing as how he never really gave one…

“Brooke helps me run a store in her spare time.” Barbara said. “It teaches discipline.”

“My class teaches discipline as well.” Coach Blue rebutted. “It’s what makes the good athlete a great one.”

Barbara now toned down her words as she and Beth had a quick and quiet conversation.

Coach Blue sat back and let the two women whisper to each other. Their professional attire made them seem a little like schoolgirls who just happened to be playing dress up in his office. The roles they were playing were those of the busty librarian or the lascivious school teacher. Both roles took full advantage of the big, heaving breasts beneath their button up blouses.

His cock was quickly hardening in light of the two big-boobed MILFS arguing in his office. He could definitely see where Brooke and Brittany each got their looks. Both of their moms had the same model-like legs their daughters showcased (which, at the moment, were crossed) as well as the full, well-developed breasts he had become addicted to.

The way their boobs were pounding on the insides of their blouses did little to calm his erection. He knew they had to be around the same size as their two busty daughters: DD. It was hard to tell whose were larger.

Such was the case for most of the women in Breastford, he noticed – with the obvious exception of Nina and Natalie Knockers. Nina, by far, had the biggest boobs he had ever seen…in Breastford or otherwise. And they were far bigger than her mother’s…

All these thoughts of busty mothers with even bustier daughters were driving his cock wild as he watched Beth and Barbara bicker. He wondered what it must feel like to have those two busty babes sharing time with his cock the way their daughters had done. Their mouths slobbering and salivating on either side of his cock…while their big-boobed daughters pushed their huge tits together on either side of his face…

“Okay.” Barbara said.

“Huh? What?” Coach Blue said, sitting up attentively all of a sudden. He’d become distracted by his own imagination.

Beth and Barbara exchanged glances.

“I said…” Barbara continued. “That we’ve decided to allow you to continue your after-school practice sessions with our daughters.”

Coach Blue clapped his hands together. This was really going to piss off the duo. As a nice gesture, perhaps the next time they practiced he would make sure not to cum on their faces and instead focus his efforts on their big tits. Brittany and Brooke were going to need sperm guards for their huge racks.

Quickly, he pulled himself back to reality. He then stood up, and both women could see the obvious bulge jutting from his jeans.

Barbara’s eyes grew wide. She was too busy staring to look at the expression on her friend’s face…but she guessed it to be the same as her own. One of wonderment and awe…

Beth could not believe her eyes. It was such a rare occurrence to see a dick as hard as his was…especially when she was present. Today, however, it was not just her that had showed up…but also Barb…

“Yes…well….it can be…very hard…very, very hard…” Barbara trailed off.

Beth turned to her friend just in time to see her tongue slide along the bottom portion of her upper lip. She had a look of bliss on her face.

“Ahem.” Beth said.

Barbara turned to her friend. Beth gave her a gesture with her eyes, and Barbara quickly got the point. Being careful not to make eye contact, both women now stood up as well.

“I’m sorry?” Coach Blue said.

“Oh!” Barbara said. “I was saying that it’s very…difficult…to make a decision like this for your child. But I’m sure you understand.”

“I don’t really…” Coach Blue said, as the three of them slowly made their way to the door. “I don’t have kids.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.” Beth said.

“Uuuhh…thanks?” Coach Blue responded. He then reached for the door and opened it for the two busty women.

He watched the two of them leave, their big boobs jiggling with each step they took. He had visions of their buttons popping off and their blouses being ripped open…

After they said their goodbyes, he quickly shut the door and leaned his back against it. He reached down to his aching erection and began rubbing it through his jeans.

“Holy…fucking…TITS!” he said.

* * * * * * * * * * *

“That was a bust.” Barbara said. “How do those girls do it?? Did you see how hard he was?”

Beth was smoothing out the bottom of her blouse.

“Well, they don’t do it.” She said. “Obviously, he’d be gone if he tried to.”

“Yes but I’m sure curiosity accounts for something.” Barbara said. “I myself am pretty curious…”

“Oh, stop.” Beth chuckled.

The two women laughed as Eryaman Escort they made their way out of the school.

“Did you gather enough information for Madeline?” Barbara asked.

“I did.” Beth answered. “And honestly, I don’t see what the big deal is.”

“Well obviously there must be something.” Her friend said. “I mean, she’s pulling out the big guns after all.”

“I thought Miss Biguns was the ‘big guns.'” Beth laughed.

“Shut it.” Barbara said. “At any rate, I’m perfectly comfortable leaving Brooke there to practice her basketball.”

“Ah, so the truth finally comes out.” Beth winked.

“Oh hush.” Barbara replied. “I’d be more worried if he were better looking, but I think his barbaric personality offsets…anything else…he might have.”

“I couldn’t agree more.” Beth said. “The man’s a Neanderthal.”

“Do you think that’s why Madeline sent us?” Barbara asked.

“Could be.” Beth answered. “But I know one thing for certain.”

“What’s that?”

“If I was a teenage girl, I wouldn’t want to spend any more time with him than I had to. And I’m sure Brittany feels the same way.”

“I hear ya, Barb.”

* * * * * * * * * * *

“Ohhhhh….FUCK! Ohhhhh….GOD!” Brittany yelled as Coach Blue found her nipple through her shirt and bra.

He had squeezed the big orb gently and softly, before giving it a particularly hard squeeze and moving his thumb and fore finger down towards her nipple.

He now leaned down and kissed Brittany on her bare neck. Brittany’s chest heaved and she breathed heavy from the kiss, causing her big tits to push upwards into the underside of Coach Blue’s face. The eager coach quickly looked down and caught a glimpse of the busty blonde’s deep cleavage just before burying his face in the tops of her heaving bosoms.

Brittany could feel her coach’s tongue sliding into her cleavage and licking the sides of her big breasts from the insides. The smell of Brittany’s bra filled Coach Blue’s nostrils and made him even more aroused as he ravaged her big boobs as best he could.

He then pulled out from Brittany’s bust and turned his head in the opposite direction. He was met with the word “Breastford” printed neatly across Brooke Biguns’ shirt…and chest. The cloth of her shirt enveloped his face as her own boobs pushed and shoved against him. He turned his head from side to side…making sure that every inch of his head was rubbed by her gorgeous and busty orbs.

He moved his hand from Brittany’s ass and rested it on her lower back. He then pulled her towards him, and soon her fully clothed rack was making a beeline for Brooke’s…with his head in the crossfire. He moaned as he felt a second pair of boobs pressed against his head. He twisted and turned in every direction…no matter which way he turned he felt the soft flesh of beautiful, youthful boobs bouncing and jiggling around his head.

His face could no longer be seen. All that the girls saw when they looked down at their double-cleavage was his hair spread across the tops of their breasts.

Coach Blue was lost. He could feel the ironed-on letters of their shirts rubbing against his face hard…but he didn’t care. He knew that behind those letters were the biggest, bounciest basketballs he had ever played with, and feeling the flesh of their giant melons through their shirt and bra was as much of a turn on for him as feeling the flesh itself.

“sis…oo…ter…have…in…” Coach Blue said.

Brittany and Brooke looked at each other in confusion. Coach Blue was trying to say something, but his words came out muffled through their giant racks.

“What?” Brooke asked.

The girls now felt the rugged features of Coach Blue’s face sliding up through their cleavages simultaneously. They each felt his head penetrating their massive racks as his face slowly emerged between them. As it did so, their melons draped across his shoulders and shaped themselves around his head; their busty titflesh bulging around his face. When he was done, his head looked like a whack-a-mole doll jutting out from between their massive mountains. Brooke, personally, thought it was appropriate…considering she wanted to whack him over the head. But instead, she inquired about his earlier statement.

“What was that, Coach?” Brooke asked.

Coach Blue paused as he took in his busty surroundings. He turned his head from side to side and stared down at the titanic sized tits bunched around his neck and chin. He lowered his face so that their massive jugs were filling his eyes and nostrils with their softness. He then quickly pushed his head up through their cleavages once more and watched carefully as they bounced and jiggled into place around him. He was literally surrounded by big, beautiful boobs.

“I said…” he continued, as he stared down at their huge mammaries. “This is Hooter Heaven…”

Brittany and Brooke looked at each other as Coach Blue continued to have fun between their tits. They rolled their eyes indicating to each other that they were Keçiören Escort both annoyed.

“I can’t believe you talked my mom into this.” Brooke said.

“Yeah,” Brittany said. “Mine either.”

“Believe it!” Coach Blue said as he pushed his head through their cleavage and broke free from their massive tits. He grabbed each girl by her skinny waist and pulled them both close to him, so that their bodies were pressed against his. He then guided his hand to their butts and began kneading their buns in his hands.

“You busty babes are all mine…” he said, as he stared down at their big, round boobs pressing into him. “And I’m gonna do something with all those tits that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Since that day we were interrupted.”

The two girls looked at each other. They knew exactly what he was talking about.

Coach Blue’s heart was pounding hard as the two chesty teens began slowly sliding their tits down the side of his body. His mouth was watering and his cock was hard in anticipation for what was about to happen. Their big racks now came into contact with his legs…and he felt their huge tits sliding across his inner thighs as they made a beeline for his crotch. Any second now, their busty racks were going to collide once more, but this time –instead of his head being in the crossfire- it was going to be his dick.

He felt the girls’ hands begin to fumble with his pants, but; just like last time, there was a knock at the door followed by a voice from the other end.

“Coach Blue?”

“Yes!” Brooke chirped as she jumped up.

Coach Blue watched her big boobs bounce as she jumped to her feet. It was mesmerizing to watch them jiggle into place atop her chest.

“Saved!” Brittany said as she, too, jumped up.

Now the coach had two pairs of DD’s bouncing in his sights, but a second ago they had been at his thighs…and he now felt like crying.

“Aw, maybe next time, Coach…” Brittany said, as she gave his crotch a quick pat.

The joking and laughter ceased, however, as the door to the coach’s office swung open. Gretchen Swanson was standing on the other side of the doorway, with a serious look on her face.

“Get out.” She said to Brittany and Brooke.

“Gladly.” Brooke said as she and Brittany made their way to the door.

As they reached Gretchen, Brooke stopped to make conversation.

“And what makes you think you can boss us-“

“I said…” Gretchen stated. “Get OUT.”

“Oh…r-right….” Brooke said hurriedly as she and Brittany quickly made their way out the door.

Gretchen kept her eyes fixated on her coach as the two busty blondes made their way out of his office. When the door was shut behind them, she took a few abrasive steps forward…until she was pressed up against Coach Blue.

The coach could feel her humble breasts pressed against his body…but they paled in comparison to the busty duo. After getting mouthfuls of their giant jugs, Gretchen’s felt more like mosquito bites.

Gretchen stood on her toes and pushed her face into his. The two locked lips, with Gretchen being more forceful than usual. Her tongue slid its way into his mouth as though it had a purpose, a mission even.

Coach Blue reached around to Gretchen’s ass and prodded it with his fingers. They sank into her buns and she moaned into his mouth. She ground up against him…his cock was still hard from his recent trip to Hooter Heaven. In the midst of their passionate kissing, Coach Blue heard the clicking sound of his doorknob turning, but Gretchen was not letting up. She brought him back to her by reaching down between them and massaging the bulge in his jeans. Coach Blue moaned in approval for the next ten seconds or so while the intruder entered his office.

After a while, Gretchen let their kissing subside…although she kept massaging his prick through his jeans. Coach Blue looked up to see who had entered his office, and as soon as he saw her vibrant, red hair he knew exactly who it was. Both she and Gretchen were wearing their workout clothes…the same style of clothes Brittany and Brooke had been wearing.

“This is my friend Meredith,” Gretchen said as she continued to massage his prick. “the ‘BJ Queen.'”

Mary licked her lips seductively, and then walked to Coach Blue’s side…the side that Gretchen wasn’t on. She huddled in with the two of them, and soon Coach Blue felt her pressing her tits into him. He put a hand on each of their waists as Gretchen spoke up again.

“You don’t mind if she joins us, do you?”

* * * * * * * * * * *

Coach Blue’s lower body had a mind of its own. His knees were bending slightly, and his pelvis was thrusting involuntarily as Gretchen sucked on his dick. She could do some amazing things with that mouth of hers…and adding Mary to the fun just meant they were all the more amazing.

Gretchen moaned around him as her tongue swirled around his shaft. She then covered the shaft with her lips, and Coach Blue felt the head being swallowed into her throat. He moaned as Gretchen bobbed her head up and down his shaft…jerking him off with her mouth. The suction she was asserting was enough to make him want to blow his load, but he couldn’t do so prematurely, and especially not with the red-headed Meredith in the room.

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