Three Sisters All at Once

Big Tits

I didn’t realise she was one of three sisters. Sharon had invited me home for supper—pot luck, she said—because I was temporarily on my own. I was eighteen at the time, and I’d never been invited out by a girl before.

So I was quite surprised when it turned out there were four of us for supper. Three of the most beautiful women I could ever hope to meet, and ugly me. I’d put on a decent shirt for the occasion, just to make a good impression, but I wasn’t sure whether the ladies had dressed up or dressed down. All three of them were dressed in sort of Dogpatch blouses, flimsy raggedy things with short sleeves and low, loose necklines, and the same sort of Dogpatchy skirts.

It wasn’t till the meal was under way that I began to realize just how Dogpatchy they were. As they leaned forward to pass the vegetables—and on more than one occasion reached down to pick up fallen tissues—I became aware that those raggedy blouses were all they were wearing. Above the waist, anyway. I was constantly treated to the sight of gaping cleavage and deep valleys and rolling hills, and two or three times the edge of a delectable pink pagoda came into view.

One of the sisters, Maisie I think, had to reach across in front of me to take my empty plate, and I found my face thrust against the softness of a creamy globe whose perfume roused me almost as much as the sight of the nipple that peeped above her neckline. And I’d never seen nipples before, not up close. So by the time the meal was over, I’d been trying for some time to conceal an embarrassing erection in my jeans—embarrassing because I was wearing jockey shorts under my jeans, not y-fronts, and there was nothing to hold an erect cock in place.

After supper, Louise decided we were going to dance. They would take turns teaching me to tango, she said. Well, holding those girls was agony. My hands could feel the warmth of their bodies through the thin material of their blouses, their breasts were pushed right against my chest, and I just knew they must be able to feel my erection every time they pressed close to me. And then Louise decided she was too hot, and asked me to undo the buttons down the front of her blouse. The others weren’t looking, so they didn’t see how my fingers fumbled. But Louise did, and she helped me, and when she pulled her blouse over her head she had nothing at all on underneath it and she was naked right down to the waist. I didn’t know which way to look, but Louise just grabbed me and held me close and we went on dancing. But this time my hands could feel the delicious nakedness of her back.

And then she turned round with her back to me and leaned back close against me, and I looked down at her naked breasts. And damn near died. They were so large, and round, and pointed, with nipples that stood out bigger than I knew women’s nipples could be.

“Hold me!” she said, and I put my hands on her hips.

“Hold me tight!” she said, and I put my arms daringly right round her waist and squeezed her.

Then she took my hands in hers and lifted them and clamped them to her breasts. “That’s what I meant,” she said. We went on dancing, but I couldn’t concentrate on the steps. Her breasts were so hot and firm in my hands, and the nipples were pressing into my palms. And I wanted more than anything to feel the nipples in my fingers.

“Well, look at Louise!” Sharon said. “Jim’s a fast worker. Move over, Louise, he’s my date.”

Louise wriggled out from my embrace, and Sharon confronted me. “Mine’s a zipper,” she said. “Much easier than hers.” She grabbed my hand, and put it on the zipper at her back. I was learning, fast. I’d never experienced anything like this before, but if this was the way they wanted to play I was willing. I unzipped Sharon, and even helped her shuck off her blouse. She took hold of my two hands and stood back, and pulled me with her to dance. But she was three feet in front of me, naked to the waist, her breasts smaller than Louise’s but protruding aggressively, the tips red and swollen looking, and jiggling with every movement. I gazed at them enthralled, hungering to hold them, to take those swollen nipples into my mouth and suck them. My cock was throbbing. I felt as if I was going to cum any minute.

Sharon let go my hands and came close to me, her arms round me. and those naked tits pressed into my chest. “My skirt’s very loose,” she whispered. “Put your hands underneath it.” It reached to just above her knees, so I reached down to the hem at the back and felt the base of her thighs, warm and smooth.

“Higher,” Sharon commanded. I moved my hands up her thighs, wondering how high she wanted me to go.

“Right up as high as you can get.” There was something incredibly intimate about feeling under her skirt. My friends called it feeling up, and I suddenly realized what it meant. I ran my hands up the backs of Sharon’s thighs, her skirt falling down over my arms, till I could feel the crease at the base of her ass cheeks.

“That’s nice,” Sharon whispered. “Go higher.” Ankara Escort My hands went higher of their own accord, the flimsy skirt pulled away from her buns, and I was holding them, squeezing them, exploring them, my fingers probing the crack between.

Maisie came dancing across to us. “The way things are moving nobody’s going to undress me,” she said, and peeled off her blouse. She moved behind me, put one arm round my waist and ran the other hand down the front of my thigh. “Look at this, girls,” she said, massaging the bulge in my crotch. “Look what you’re doing to Jim!”

Before I knew what was happening, she had my zipper down and her hand was feeling expertly inside my shorts. My cock was straining to be set free, and it would have shot out from my fly even without Maisie’s help. There were cries of delight, and in an instant Sharon was on her knees in front of me. “There’s enough for all of us,” she pronounced, “but we can’t all have it at once.” I was struggling to get out of Maisie’s grasp, and at the same time to zip myself up. It was one thing for the girls to display their breasts. Breasts were allowed on topless beaches, I knew. But it was a different matter flaunting genitalia.

“He doesn’t seem to want to cooperate,” Sharon said. “We’ll just have to play dungeons and dragons. This is the dungeon, Jim, and we’re the dragon ladies. You’d better give in quietly.”

Before I knew what had happened I was flat on my back on the floor. One of the girls was unfastening my belt, and then it was being used to bind my hands together and hold my arms back over my head. My pants were hauled right off, and then my shorts, and I thought that was the last of the indignities. But two of the girls grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs apart till my thighs were wide open. If it was my cockstand the girls were after, they must have been disappointed, because I was scared and there was very little erection left in me.

“It’s awful of us to treat you like this,” Sharon said, standing over me with her legs astride my waist. “But it’s for your own good. You weren’t going to enjoy this evening the way we planned it. Now you will.”

Looking up at her, with the light behind her and the outline of her long legs showing through her skirt, and her glorious breasts completely naked. I began to wonder why I shouldn’t enjoy the evening. Was I going to be tortured in the dungeon, or were they just going to take pictures of me or something? I had no idea, but surely neither possibility could be that bad? And looking around at the display of breasts it seemed as if it might be the best thing that had ever happened to me.

“The girls are cock-hungry,” Sharon said. “You’re rather disappointing at the moment, so we’ll have to see what we can do.” Deliberately, she unzipped her skirt at the waist, and let it slide slowly down to her feet. She kicked it to one side and stepped forward to stand over my face, feet wide apart. I had never seen a girl undressed. I had never seen a cunt. And here was a beautiful girl stark naked, standing over me with her cunt spread wide, right over my eyes so that I could see every detail of it. Sharon slowly leaned forward so that her breasts fell down toward my face, full and round, the nipples protruding between her fingers as she massaged them.

“How’s he doing, girls?” she asked.

“It’s coming up,” said Louise’s voice. “Perhaps we should give it some help.” I felt fingers on my cock, holding it, feeling it, caressing it. And masturbating it. I could feel how erect it was. I found myself trying to analyze whether it was the naked cunt above my eyes or the masturbating fingers round my cock that excited me more. The fingers stopped their masturbating, and Sharon stood up and moved away. Was this the end of my indoctrination? But then I was aware of a girl standing on each side of me, naked as Sharon had been. They knelt down on either side, and as I turned my head from side to side I could watch their fingers playing with their pussies, opening them wide, pulling the cunt lips apart to let me look up inside the open holes, rubbing what I later learned were their clitorises.

They had both been shaved, unlike Sharon, and even though Sharon had looked completely naked the other two were even more so, their pubic mounds smooth and pink and their cunts showing more detail even than Sharon’s had. As they played with themselves I could see their protruding clitorises just inches from my face, their vulvas pulled wide open and dribbling cunt juice onto their fingers.

“Kiss me,” said a voice from above, and Maisie spread her knees wide and lowered a deliciously naked cunt toward my mouth.

“No, kiss me,” said Louise, and the other cunt lowered itself on the other side of my face.

Whichever way I turned my head there was a glistening wet cunt inches from my mouth, the lips wide and the cunt hole an open invitation to my tongue I couldn’t make up my mind whether to turn my head from one to the other and enjoy the sensation of two drooling Çankaya Escort pussies inviting my mouth, or whether to thrust my face into one and lose sight of the other. My mind was made up for me. Two hands grabbed my head and twisted it to force it between two soft, perfumed thighs. Then my face was forced against a hard crotch and my mouth was pressed into the hot wetness of a cunt.

The same instinct that had made me want to suck on Sharon’s nipples made me take the fleshy cuntlips into my mouth and suck them as if I could get milk from them. I had never tasted anything so delicious, never felt anything so sensuous in my mouth. As if I had always known what to do, I sucked at those engorged cunt lips, nibbling them between my teeth, and then probed with my tongue into the depths of Sharon’s cunt. And then my head was pulled away, and turned, and forced deep into the other open cunt, and instinctively my tongue probed as far up inside that drooling vulva as I could go.

But Sharon’s voice broke in. “Move it, girls.” The two most exciting things I had ever had in my mouth moved away. And then Sharon was kneeling, but this time astride my body, her breasts outlined against the white ceiling, her smooth belly in front of my eyes and her navel winking at me. Slowly she shuffled on her knees, moving closer to my face till her hot thighs were pressed against my ears and I could smell her perfume mixed with the scent of her cunt. And then, my head clamped between Sharon’s legs, I could see nothing but a curly haired crotch and two cunt lips hanging down toward my eyes, swollen, fleshy, juicy cunt lips, and the cunt hole between them seeming to pulsate as it opened and closed. My cock was going mad, I was sure. I could feel it straining from my groin, throbbing and aching for some contact. The knees shuffled forward again, and I felt disappointed as that drooling cunt moved over my forehead and out of my view to give place to the tight crater of Sharon’s anus and the underside of two creamy white ass cheeks. But the cunt came quickly back into view as Sharon sat back, slowly lowering her ass down to sit on my face, her open cunt pressed onto my mouth.

Sharon’s thighs were spaced wider apart than those of the other two girls. Her crotch had room for a vulva stretchd so wide open that it enclosed my whole mouth, and I felt as if I was being taken right inside her body. Instinctively I probed with my tongue, exploring every part of her fuckhole and feeling the little sensitive projections that lined it. Sharon gave a little scream, to be answered with giggles from the other two girls. I was almost past being aware of anything except the fact that I was pinioned helpless, at the mercy of the beautiful girl who was sitting on my face engulfing it in naked genitalia and using my tongue to masturbate herself, my mouth forcibly filled with salivating cunt.

And then the other sensations began. Fingers stretched the underside of my cock till the head felt as if it must burst. A rough tongue ran round and round the knob, till I would have cried out with the ecstatic agony if my mouth had not been gagged by Sharon’s cunt. A gentle hand caressed the insides of my wide open thighs, working its way up to take my scrotum and enclose it. And then my knob was taken into a hot, wet mouth that sucked it rythmically in time with the massaging masturbation of the fingers stretching the shaft.

I could feel the orgasm building deep inside me. I knew I was about to cum. But I tried to postpone the explosion. I knew that once I had ejaculated the excitement would be drained from me, and I wanted it to go on for ever. But Sharon must have sensed that I was nearly there. Suddenly emptying my mouth of the most exciting things I had ever sucked, she scrambled to her feet, and once again gave the command. “Move it!” And I was left with no cunt to suck, no mouth sucking my rampant prick, no masturbating fingers.

But only for a moment. Sharon was on her knees again, this time astride my hips. And this time as she sat down, her cunt was lowered onto the throbbing pole that rose from my groin. I felt it like a hot, wet mouth enclosing my swollen knob, then my whole prick was sliding up inside her body, massaged by the pulsing muscles of her vagina. It was the first time my cock had ever been inside a cunt. It was the first time it had ever been held and masturbated by a female hand. It was the first time my mouth had ever sucked a cunt. It was the first time I had ever been taken prisoner and raped. And I sure hoped it was not to be the last!

The cheeks of Sharon’s ass were pressed hard down on my thighs. I was into her as far as she could take me, and I marveled that a vagina could be so long and so wide. And then the pressure on my thighs relaxed, and Sharon was slowly sitting up, letting my prick slip out from between her lips. I began to panic. Was the exquisite sensation of having my cock so totally enclosed about to end? But her butt was coming down again, and her tunnel was sucking me in as completely Etlik Escort as before, and once again Sharon sat on me with all her weight and with all my prick enclosed inside her And then she began to wriggle, to gyrate, to grip me with her cunt muscles, to heave up and down. She’s masturbating herself, I thought, using my cock as a wanking post. And if it’s doing to her anything like what it does to me, she’s going to be cumming pretty soon. And I wondered what it was like when a girl had an orgasm. I wanted to watch her cum. But that was not to be.

Once again my whole field of vision became the rose garden between two thighs. But this time the flower that filled my eyes was not framed in hairy foliage. In its raw nakedness it was even more exciting to look at, to examine, to explore. As it slowly lowered itself onto me, I was able to move my head and nuzzle the warm thighs, the smooth hollow between them at the very spot where they gave way to the pouting lips, feel with my own lips the naked flesh of every part of a twat that even to my inexperienced senses was near to cumming.

All the time my cock was stretched and released by the grasping muscles of a throbbing vagina, and my mouth drank in the love juice from a salivating cunt, I knew I was in heaven and gave myself up to the ultimate pleasure. My thighs began to twitch, my pelvis began to heave, and I could feel the cum surging up the shaft and into the depths of Sharon’s hungry entrails. Sharon screamed, and heaved herself up and down faster and faster as I heaved myself up to meet her in an effort to achieve even deeper penetration. The muscles of her cunt seized my cock, and with every withdrawal they milked the last drops long after my cum pump had finished squirting my semen up into her belly.

As the last of our frantic fucking finished, and Sharon sank, still moaning, back onto my thighs, the cunt in my mouth went into spasm. The hot thighs imprisoning my face began to open and close. The crotch pressed onto my face writhed and ground itself against my mouth and my nose. I would have gladly died to continue the delight. Whenever I’d jacked myself off in the past, my prick had gone limp and my enthusiasm had drained away, and that was the end of my lonely sex. For a while at least. But with my shrinking cock held tightly by the still pulsing muscles of Sharon’s vagina, I was aware that my enthusiasm was far from waning. And the delicious stretching sensation of an erection was not going away.

The drooling genitalia that had been masturbating themselves on my face released me, and I was able to breathe freely again. That was a relief, but I gazed longingly at the dangling lips and the wide round cunt hole as it moved away.

Suddenly my prick was left agonizingly naked as Sharon eased herself off me. And then it was being taken in hand again, and the head was being rubbed against something silky soft and slippery. A warm wet mouth enclosed me, and held me. But no tongue caressed me, and as my cock was taken deeper in I realized that it was no mouth but another cunt that had taken possession of me. This time the cunt was not descending easily to suck my cock deep inside its well lubricated tunnel. It was a smaller cunt, gripping me so tightly that I could feel my cock forced back into my groin as the sensitive skin was stretched back from the knob.

I had never been fucked before, yet already this was my second fuck. And already I was able to distinguish between a voracious, wide open vagina copiously lubricated, a cunt about to cum at any moment, and a tight little pussy with the friction to masturbate me back to the size it needed for its own ultimate pleasure.

The pressure stretching back my foreskin was filling my prick with the tension that only comes from feeling it taut and swollen and erect. I knew it must be ready to force its way deeper into that waiting canal. I heaved myself up to thrust myself inside her, and I heard a gasp as the head of my cock forced open the walls of her cunt. And then the body that had been masturbating on my face moved away, and I could see that it was Maisie sitting astride my thighs, Maisie’s cunt I had just forced myself up into, Maisie I had heard gasp. And I saw, too, the whole length of her naked torso, the firm globes of her tits as they jiggled with every movement, the dark aureola spreading wide over their tips, the tumescent buds of her nipples, red and raw, calling to me to suck them. With difficulty I raised my head and looked at her belly, her winking navel, and down to the pink nakedness of her pubic mound with the shaft of my cock piercing it.

Then Maisie began to play with me. She raised her body, and my cock was dragged out of her till the muscles at the entrance of her cunt held me tightly just below my cock head. Then slowly she sat lower, taking me in and stretching my erection and gripping me so tightly that it seemed as if I must be bursting her vagina open. Then up again, and down again a little lower as if she could take me no further. Then she squirmed her whole body, rotating her pelvis so that my cock was like an auger reaming her out. And so it went on, deeper each time, squirming so that the head of my cock explored every recess of her vagina as it progressed further up into her belly.

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