Three Alarm


Mind my pen name and my bio. If you’re looking for things that are likely to happen in the real world, then you’re in the wrong place. The things that bring together people in my stories are unlikely, at best, but isn’t that what fantasy is about? Hope you like it, and please do vote/comment. Another one for the ladies. What can I say? The feedback from that quarter has been inspiring, to say the least.


Karen nearly panicked when the young man climbed out of his car and leaned back in to retrieve his gear. If her guess was right, he probably wasn’t even old enough to drink yet. Oh no, no, no! Why didn’t I ask to talk to who they were sending first! She glanced back over her shoulder at the gymnasium that would soon be filled with children — including her own son.

What had promised to be a triumph that would unseat Betty, the PTA queen of organization, now teetered in the balance, all hinging upon the young man walking toward her. She stopped just short of bringing a lock of her red hair to her lips, a habit she’d broken years ago — or so she thought.

“Hello,” she said, and inwardly winced when some of her trepidation came through in her voice.

“You must be Ms. Hutton. Name’s Leo. I’m all ready to go,” he greeted her while offering his hand. She couldn’t help but notice that he had a moderate Italian accent.

“Karen,” she offered. “So how long have you been a firefighter?”

Leo laughed. “Yeah, I could see it in your eyes. I joined up volunteer when I turned eighteen. My pops has been on the force all my life, though. I may as well have been born with a helmet on and a hose in my hand. I know what I’m doing.”

What he said might have sounded arrogant, except the tone of his voice completely belied any such consideration. His calm, self-assured manner actually served to settle Karen’s nerves. “That’s good to hear. The kids are really looking forward to seeing you. Hopefully they’ll learn a little something about fire safety in the process.”

“Sure would make my life a little easier — a little more boring — but easier. You wouldn’t believe how many times we get called out ’cause of kids playing with matches, or screwing around — you know?”

“That’s what you’re here for,” Karen said with a wide smile as she led him into the gym. Now that she’d spoken to him for a minute or two, she thought that he fit the mold perfectly, despite his age. All he needed was a nice, thick mustache to fully look the part. “I need to get things started. It’ll be about a half hour. I’ll come get you in time to put all your things on.”

“I’ll be right here,” Leo said, and pulled up a chair in the equipment closet where she’d led him.

Everything went perfectly. Leo was animated, and certainly did know what he was talking about. He encouraged the children to interact, and they enthusiastically shouted out correct responses to his questions. As she filmed him, Karen even found that she was reconsidering some of her own plans in the event of a fire.

The blank, defeated look on Betty’s face was just icing on the cake.

Leo pulled off his helmet when he returned to the equipment room. “So, did I do all right?”

“Perfect. I can’t thank you enough for doing this.”

“Hey, no problem,” Leo said as he pulled off his coat. “You were taping it — right?”

Still holding her camera, Karen held it up and said, “Yes.”

“Think you could make me a copy of that? I got this nephew in Minnesota wants to be a fireman, and I think he’d get a kick out of it. We’re going out there tomorrow for his birthday.”

Karen smiled and said, “That’s the least I can do. I can go home and transfer it to the computer to make you a DVD. I just need a few minutes.”

Leo smiled and said, “Thanks. I’ll go ahead and put my stuff back in my car and wait out there.”

“See you in a few minutes, then.”

It occurred to Karen as she finished up a few things and talked to the principal that she didn’t really have any idea how she was going to give Leo the DVD once she finished it. The solution was simple enough.

“Why don’t you just follow me back to the house? That’s probably the easiest way to give you your copy, since you need it tomorrow.”

“I could have just mailed it to him, but that will work. Be nice to see him watch it.”

“I’ll be around in a minute, then,” Karen said before walking to her car. She beeped her horn and slowed down as she passed him, giving him time to pull out behind her and follow. A few minutes later, he parked in the driveway behind her.

“Nice place,” Leo remarked as he climbed out of his car.

Karen smiled and said, “Thank you. It’s small, but it’s home.” She then unlocked the door and gestured for him to follow as she headed directly to the computer.

Once she sat down and plugged in the camera, Karen explained, “It will take a couple of minutes to download from the camera, and then a few more to burn the DVD.”

Leo pulled off his jacket. “Glad you know what you’re altyazılı porno doing, ’cause I got no clue.” He laughed and added, “Everybody keeps telling me I need to learn how to work one of those things, but I like to work with my hands. It just doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Karen glanced back at him and wondered how she’d possibly failed to notice his muscles straining against his t-shirt. In light of that, his comment about working with his hands conjured up an entirely different image in her head. She could feel her cheeks warming, and quickly turned back to the computer. “They get easier to use all the time. I never hurts to learn.”

“Yeah, I know,” he admitted with a little chuckle.

Still a little nervous about having noticed just how attractive the young fireman was, Karen kept talking, “My son was talking about this for days. You certainly didn’t disappoint him.”

“Thought it was just the older kids?”

“It was,” Karen answered. “My son is in fifth grade.”

“Get outta here,” Leo incredulously responded.

Karen turned toward him and asked, with laughter in her voice, “What do you mean?”

“Well… Uh…”

Karen’s eyebrows twitched upward. “How old do you think I am?”

Leo held up his hands and waved them in a subtle warding gesture. “Oh no. My pop taught me better than that. Never guess a girl’s age,” he answered, and then chuckled.

“Now, come on. It sounds to me like I might like the answer,” Karen responded, and realized, My god — I’m flirting with him. Behave, Karen.

“Not old enough to have a kid in fifth grade, unless you started pretty early.”

Karen blushed from that suggestion, and could tell from Leo’s expression that he’d spoken without thinking as well. “I’m thirty-seven,” she answered her own question to break the tension and the silence. She then clicked on a folder and opened a picture. “That’s David.”

“Never would have guessed it. Wouldn’t believe it if I wasn’t seeing it with my own eyes.”

“Thank you,” Karen said, tingles running all through her.

“Can’t be the first time you’ve heard it.”

Is he flirting with me? He can’t be. I’m twice his age. God, he’s handsome. Karen had to fight to keep her eyes from popping out of her head when a beep from the computer caused her to look. As she turned her head, her eyes fell on the bulge in his jeans. And packing. Oh my.

“There we are. Now I just need to burn the DVD,” Karen said, all the while trying to ignore her nipples stiffening against her bra and the growing tingle between her legs. She put a blank DVD in the drive and started the software. “It will take a couple of minutes. Would you like something to drink?”

“Sure, sounds good.”

“Is Coke okay?”

When he nodded, she stood up and walked to the kitchen.

On the way across the living room, she glanced into a decorative mirror on the wall and realized, He’s looking at my ass. In that brief look, she saw him bob his head while wearing a quite approving expression.

Safely out of sight in the kitchen, Karen leaned against the refrigerator and shivered. After catching that look, her nipples were stiff, aching points, and the chilly tingle of wetness gathering between her legs was almost maddening.

Get a hold of yourself, Karen. He’s just looking. You’re fooling yourself. Probably just imagined it.

Coke in hand, Karen returned to the front room and handed it to him. “I could teach you a little bit about how to use the computer while we’re waiting.”

“Bet you could teach me a lot,” Leo responded, wearing a grin that had just a bit of mischief in it.

“Give it a try.” Karen pointed to an icon on the screen. “Move the mouse until the arrow is on top of this, and then double-click it.”

Leo chuckled and sat down in the chair. He grabbed the mouse and experimented with how to hold it for a minute or two, turning it over in his hand to look at the bottom.

“Put your thumb and pinky on either side, and then your pointer and index fingers on the buttons,” Karen explained. “There you go,” she said when he followed her instructions and moved the pointer toward the icon.

He didn’t quite have the rhythm for a double-click down, so Karen put her hand over his and tapped his finger to show him the speed. Two tries later, the picture opened. “There you go. That’s second nature once you’ve practiced it a bit.”

“You’ve got soft hands,” Leo remarked.

Karen’s cheeks burned when she realized that her hand was still atop his. It also didn’t seem to want to obey her when she ordered it to move.

“You’re blushing.”

“I… I’m sorry,” Karen said in a small voice, utterly ashamed for letting the daydreams in the back of her head get the better of her.

“Nothing to be sorry for,” Leo said, his eyes darting down her body before locking with her eyes again. He leaned back in the chair, the bulge between his slightly parted legs like a magnet to Helen’s eyes.

The tray of the DVD zenci porno drive slid out, indicating that it had finished. Thankful for the distraction, Karen said, “There we are,” and walked around the chair to remove it from the drive.

When Karen bent, there was no way she could rationalize away his eyes drinking her in.

“No, you don’t look nothing like no thirty-seven,” he said, his eyes still on her ass as he adjusted his manhood.

Karen’s blush somehow managed to shift to an even deeper shade of red when her eyes snapped to the distinct outline of his cock beneath the denim.

“Bet you could teach me something a lot more interesting than how to work this silly thing.”

“What do you… What do you mean,” Karen asked, her eyes trapped in his.

“I’m a fireman. I know that where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” Leo answered while stroking his hand from the back of her knee to her ass.

Karen couldn’t stop the stuttering gasp or the powerful shiver that shot through her from his touch. Breathing heavily, she turned toward him, and moaned when he reached up to use his other hand to cup both of her cheeks. Any inhibitions that might have clung to life within her evaporated in that instant. She gathered up his shirt in her fingers and tugged upward.

With a hungry grunt of anticipation, Leo lifted his arms to let her pull the shirt off. “My god, you’re gorgeous,” Karen said in a breathless rush, and then went to work on her blouse buttons.

Leo tugged the tail of her blouse from her skirt and popped open buttons with practiced efficiency. He caught up to her before she could manage to open a second button. “Oh yeah,” he said as he squeezed her right breast, drawing a gasp from her.

Karen popped open the clasp of her bra, but she only managed to push one strap off of her shoulder before Leo hooked his thumbs beneath the cloth and pushed it upwards to free her breasts. One of his hands slid around her back, and he leaned forward to suck her nipple between his lips.

“Oh god — yes,” Karen whimpered as he sucked her nipple and tugged her skirt down at the same time. She threw her head back and gasped when he pressed two fingers against the damp spot on her panties.

Leo released her nipple with a final slurp, only to switch to the other. At the same time, he tugged down her panties. While he continued to send chills shooting up and down her spine with his lips, his fingers glided over the short red curls on her nether lips, and then twirled through the longer hairs on her mound.

A warbling sigh bubbled from Karen’s lips as he teased her with his fingertips. Her own fingers glided over his muscular back and sides. “Feels so good,” she breathed.

Karen’s nipple popped free of Leo’s mouth when he gave it a final, hard suck. He immediately sat back and popped open the button of his jeans. He pulled down the zipper, and Karen bent at the same time so that she could grab the waistband of his boxers as soon as his zipper opened.

“Oh my,” Karen moaned as she revealed him. She felt a touch of concern upon seeing his cock in all its full, naked glory. She’d been with men who were as long, and perhaps as thick, but never both at the same time. She desperately wanted him inside her, and yet she wondered if she could endure it as well.

Leo pulled his jeans down to his ankles while Karen wrapped her hand around his cock. She stroked it as he kicked the denim free, and saw a drop of pre-cum well up from his mushroom tip. Almost before she could form the thought, Karen was sinking to her knees.

Her tongue snaked out to gather up the clear, tangy droplet, drawing a moan from her that Leo echoed. He throbbed in her hand, the head twitching against her tongue. Leo’s hand cupped her cheek, and he guided her chin upward.

Karen looked up into his deep, sexy brown eyes and flicked the tip of her tongue over the head of his cock.

“You’re beautiful,” Leo said in a husky whisper.

Karen smiled as her tongue continued to dance over him. She circled around his tip a few times, and then opened her mouth wide to take him in.

“Oh yeah, baby,” Leo groaned as she sucked the flared tip and a little over an inch of him into her mouth.

Karen’s next stroke went deeper, and she could already feel the ache in her jaw from how wide she had to open her mouth to engulf his thick cock. She let out a little yelp of surprise around him when he used his toes to tickle her nether lips. He had remarkable dexterity with the digits, and caused her hips to shiver uncontrollably with his touch.

He was simply too big for her to take him fast, at first. Karen concentrated on not scraping him with her teeth, and seeing how much of him she could possibly take. She grew more confident with each suck, and his grunts encouraged her to new efforts. Her head bobbed ever faster over his lap until she let him slip to the back of her tongue. She choked and had to pull back.

Leo aldatma porno cupped both of her heavy breasts once she caught her breath, and looked deep into her eyes. He lifted with subtle pressure, encouraging her to stand. As she rose up from her knees, he let his hands drop down and squeezed her buttocks, pulling her toward him.

Karen leaned over the chair, supporting her weight on the chair back as he tilted his head back and hungrily kissed her. The kiss alone would have been enough to send her into perfect bliss, but she’d also never had a man let her kiss him after sucking his cock, and his erection was twitching upward with every throb to barely tickle her nether lips.

In no time, the ache between Karen’s legs was too much to endure. She reached between their bodies, and guided his tip between her damp folds.

Leo growled as she wiggled her hips and sank down on him. She was so wet that he slipped in easily. Karen let her head loll back and trembled, fuller than anything she’d ever experienced before, or even imagined. Once the spasm passed, she removed her blouse and bra as quickly as possible, tossing the garments aside.

Karen rose up, feeling every inch of him as she slid up his now slippery cock. “Ah! So big,” she cried out when she dropped down on him once more.

“Damn, you feel good,” Leo said. His hands rested on her hips, sliding along with her motion.

“Oh god — so do you,” Karen moaned in response as she bounced a little faster. She reached up to squeeze her breasts and tease her nipples for a few strokes, but soon placed her hands back on his legs for more leverage.

Karen alternated between rising and falling over him, swiveling her hips, and grinding her pussy against him. She could feel the pressure of an impending explosion building within her.

“You are so sexy,” Leo said, his breath hissing from between clenched teeth.

“Your cock feels so good — so good,” Karen groaned as the pleasure spurred her on. She slid one hand down his body and brought it to her pussy to rub large circles with all four fingers, stimulating her lips and clit.

Karen erupted into a continuous stream of gasps, moans, and cries of bliss as she edged ever closer to climax. Part of her desperately wanted to come, but part of her never wanted it to end, either. His long, thick cock stretched her lips, caressed her walls, and reached so deep inside hr. Her fingers stopped circling in favor of a fast, side to side motion that rolled her swollen clit.

Though Leo could manage only the smallest movements in his position, every little twitch of his hips pushed Karen higher. “You gonna come?”

“S-so close,” Karen whimpered.

“Make it come for me.”

As if the hot knot of energy inside her had only awaited those words, Karen screamed in ecstasy, and exploded in orgasm. Her head snapped back so that she was screaming to the ceiling above. Her back arched, thrusting her breasts toward him. She trembled uncontrollably as her orgasm repeatedly spiked, and then fell forward with a final cry.

“I liked that. You know how to come,” Leo said as he caressed her breasts and tweaked her nipples, causing her to twitch.

“Oh — that was…” Karen had to pause and suck in a deep breath when his still rock hard cock twitched inside her. “Incredible.”

“There’s more where that came from.”

Karen moaned in response to that, and then said, “I can’t believe we’re doing this. I’m almost twice your age.”

“Ain’t bothering me. You’ve got an incredible body, and you know how to use it. I want a taste of that pussy.”

Karen shuddered, the thought of him going down on her after fucking her more exciting than anything she’d ever imagined. She stood up slowly, letting him slip free of her clinging sheathe, and then stepped back.

Leo levered up from the chair and pressed two fingers into her damp folds. “Sit down,” he said with an expression so hungry and suggestive that she felt lightheaded for a second.

The two changed places, and Leo dropped to his knees just as quickly as Karen could sit down. He pushed her knees apart as soon as her bottom hit the seat, and said, “Oh yeah. I like all that fiery red hair.” He wiggled his fingers over her nether lips and looked up into her eyes. “That’s one pretty little pussy you got. You want me to make it purr for you?”

“Oh god — yes,” Karen responded in a rush.

Leo smoothed back her curls, and then parted her pussy lips, revealing the moist, pink interior. With a final glance into her eyes, and a grin, he slipped between her legs.

Karen took deep, loud breaths as he gave her needy sex several quick, hard laps. “Tell me that you want it,” he said to her.

Karen hadn’t uttered such things since she was a teenager, but the words came naturally to her in light of his sexy demand. “Please lick my pussy. Make me come.”

“Yeah,” Leo moaned into her folds. She could feel the hot kiss of his breath, and even the vibrations of his moan. As soon as the sound faded away, he thrust his tongue into her depths.

A long, high-pitched sigh escaped Karen as he swirled his tongue against her walls, gathering up her juices.

“Yeah, you taste good,” Leo said when he pulled his tongue from her canal.

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