The Willing Blonde

Mike and I were sitting around the apartment waiting for the Monday Night Football game to start. We were discussing what we wanted for dinner whether to order out, dig around in the refrigerator or just go with snacks, when the phone rang. Mike was smoking some grass and was more interested in food than I was. I was in a clean and sober recovery program and was not nearly into the munchies as he was. So I answered the phone.

Ann a girl I had met in a meeting a few times asked, “What are you doing?”

“Getting ready to watch the game.”

“Would like some company?”

Without even thinking, I replied, “Only if you bring a pizza and are willing to give us both a blow job during the game.” I said this more in a joking manner than with any seriousness. Her reply floored me.

“What do you want on your pizza?” she answered with no hesitation.

“We would love having the whole works.” I replied.

I’ll be there in a little while.” She said hanging up.

I turned around, looking at Mike, who had a quizzical look on his face. He said, “What was that about?”

Shaking my head, I responded, “Did you hear what I ask her?”

“Yeah.” He said.

“I thought I was joking. But she took me for real. So, unless, she chickens out, or I’m dreaming or you don’t want at blow job, we are going to get some pizza while we get blow jobs to go with our football tonight.”

“Are you kidding me? This is not really happening. What does she look like? Do you think she really might show up? He rattled off questions faster than I could answer them. Not that I had any answers other than what she looked like.

I raised my hands up to slow him down and replied, “She is a blonde, about thirty, attractive face and a killer body. And I guess we will find out whether she shows up with a supreme pizza and blow jobs or not.”

“Bull, she would not do that. Would she?”

“Who the hell knows? I guess all we can do is hope. I really was just kidding. I never even thought about it, dreamed about it or even considered her for that type girl.”

We both realized this was not going to happen, so we might as well just forget about it and settle in to watch the ball game. We got chips and salsa out of the kitchen and kicked back to enjoy the game. The Cowboys and the Skins always put on a good show so the night would be enjoyable, as we had planned, anyway.Both defenses were playing well with a couple of three and outs. About the end of the first quarter the doorbell chimes. I look at him; he looks at me our eyes round in disbelief, he says, “No way.”

“Maybe we have actually lucked out for once in our lives.” I say in hopeful wonder. I get up walk to the door with both hands exhibiting crossed fingers for luck. Mike sits up and looks at the door, he had never met Ann before so he was quite anxious. I opened the door and lo and behold their stood Ann with wonderfully great smelling supreme pizza held up in a waitperson type pose.

Again not knowing what made me ask or expect anything else, I said before even saying hello, “OK I see the pizza, does it come with blow jobs?”

Ann coyly smiles licks her lips and says, “Of course, kind Sir.”

Again taking on an unplanned role, I said, “Well, enter çayyolu escort slutty wench.”

Ann, wearing a men’s white button-down collared shirt tucked into a nice but not extra short skirt, sauntered into the living room smiling. Filling the room with the smell of pizza and an air of sexual tension that you could have been cut with a knife.

“Slutty Wench, this is my friend Mike.”

She smiles and replies, “Oh, hi Mike.”

Mike’s eyes do not even blink as he stares at Ann with the pizza in her hand, looking like the best pizza delivery person he had ever seen in his life. “Hello, Ann, thank you for coming over and bringing us pizza.”

She smiles and asks where we wanted the pizza. I tell her on the coffee table would be fine. Mike and I not knowing exactly how to proceed at this point, watched as Ann walked over and cleared space on the coffee table. Doing so by walking in between the table and us she then bends over at the waist and placing the pizza on the table while giving us a wonderful view of her great ass.

She stands up and looks around and asks, “What next, Kind Sirs?”

Mike and I are loving the way she is playing the submissive role. So, I say, ” Why don’t you get some plates and napkins from the kitchen and let’s eat some pizza.”

Without a word, she turns walks away into the kitchen, where we soon hear her rumbling around gathering plates and looking for napkins.

Mike looks at me with a quizzical look on his face. To which I respond in a whisper, “Lets eat some pizza and see where it goes. Ok?”

He mumbles, “Ok.” As Ann comes back into the living room with her arms full of plates and napkins we reach out to help her get settled in on the couch between us.

Minor chit chat while devouring pizza with out even tasting it lead us to that point in any situation like this. Who makes the first step or says the first thing to get the sexual action started. Thinking nothing ventured nothing gained I ask Ann if she would like for me to unbutton her shirt so Mike and I might enjoy looking at her breasts while we finish our pizza. Smiling she leaned back against the back of the couch and says, “If you would like go ahead.”

Again Mike’s panting breath could be heard over the TV. I reach over and slowly begin to unbutton Ann’s shirt. She pushes her chest out acting very proud of herself. I pull the shirttails out of her skirt and let the shirt fall open, exposing white half bra holding up her breasts beautifully with her nipples poking straight out, hard as rocks above the bra cups.

“My, my would you look at those.” Mike said staring at a great set of breasts with exquisite quarter-sized nipples. Ann slowly turns and allows us to view her breasts from all angles. She then raises her hands up and begins to caress her breasts gently rubbing her palms back and forth over her rock hard nipples. Mike and I are totally enraptured by the beauty of her breasts but also by the willing attitude she was showing by playing with herself. Ann is really getting off to the whole scene of exhibitionism, closes her eyes and begins to moan as her thumb and forefingers began to roll and pinch her nipples.

Almost as if choreographed Mike and cebeci escort I reach over and place a hand on each of Ann’s knees. As if she had been told, Ann slowly relaxes and begins to spread her legs, allowing us easier access under her skirt. She reaches over and grabs the back of my head and pulls me into a long hard tongue twirling, sucking kiss. I reach up and replace her fingers with mine on her nipple, which cause her to begin to moan again. When the kiss is broken, I see Mike has worked his hand up her thigh just above the top of her thigh high hose. She does not hesitate, reaches, and grabs the back of Mike’s head, pulling him into the sexually erotic kiss she had just given me.

I take this opportunity to lean back and observe the scene. Mike and Ann are trying to devour each other in a kiss; she is splayed out with her beautiful nipples still pointing straight out hard as diamonds.

I lean back into the action and slowly push Ann’s skirt further up her legs expecting to her pubic hair any second. But the joy of watching as Ann scooted her lower body out on the edge of the couch pushing the skirt the rest of the way up past her the top of her legs, exposing the most beautiful shave cunt I had ever seen. Ann knowing I’m staring hard at her cunt completes the picture by spreading her legs out further framing her beautiful cunt with the tops of her stockings and the skirt pushed up to her waist. I could see the moisture already starting to form on her cunt lips.

Finally she and Mike break from their kiss and Ann leans forward and stands up. Mike and I lean back not knowing where she is doing. Ann step around to the front of the coffee table turns toward the TV, which she flicks off with a flourish. She turns back facing us and ask if we could have some music.

Needless to say two die hard Cowboy fans and totally forgotten about the “Boys and Skins”, jumped up together and raced to the entertainment center to provide mood music to replace the game noise. As we sat back down Ann slowly began to unbutton the sleeves of her shirt and allow it to drop off her arms to the floor. Again we were excitedly amazed at how great her breasts were.

Ann reached around behind herself and unsnapped the back of her skirt. With both hands she unzipped the skirt and it too fell to the floor, exposing Ann’s hairless, panty less cunt and ass. It was better than any Playboy or other girly magazine centerfold I had ever seen. Without missing a beat Ann reach around and unsnapped the back of her bra. Shrugging her shoulder the bra joined the shirt and skirt on the floor.

Here was this gorgeous blonde with the most beautiful tits, ass, body and attitude showing her to us with complete abandon. Slowly she turns, raising her ands up over her head allowing us the full view of her loveliness. We thought we had died and gone to heaven.

“Do you gentlemen like what you see?” she cooed.

“You are absolutely wonderful.” I said turning to Mike who was staring with his mouth hanging wide open.

“Absolutely!” he repeated.

“If I remember correctly, I think part of the deal was for me to provide some blow jobs?” she laughingly asks.

As I stood up to start removing my çubuk escort clothes I said, “Since this is Mike’s home I guess you should start with him.”

“That sound like a great place to start the night.” She said as she walks over to me and again kisses me with sexual vigor that was almost enough for me to get off on by itself. As we kiss Ann reaches down and begins to fondle my cock, moaning into my mouth as she does it. We break our kiss and she moves over to Mike who is now totally naked sitting on the edge of the couch.

As she walks up to him he willingly spreads his legs as she steps between them, his cock sticking straight up in antisipation. Ann smiles down toward Mike as she lowers herself to her knees in front of him. Placing her hands on his upper thighs she leans over and while rubbing her nipples back and forth across the head of his cock, gently takes each of his nipples in turn between her teeth. Gently tweaking them, which causes Mike to swoon as he places his hands on her back in warm caressing fashion.

After totally arousing Mike with nipple nibbles, Ann slowly slides her mouth down his body, licking erotically on the way until she feels the pre-cum under her chin as it hits the head of his cock. Putting on a show, which I greatly appreciate, Ann rubs her lips all over his cock, which leaves streaks of moist pre-cum all over her cheeks. After a bit of this she raises up, sticks out her tongue licking the head of Mike’s cock round and round. Mike’s moans and groans of pleasure can be heard over the mood music. Ann licks down the side of his cock and asks, “Is this kinda what you kind gentlemen had in mind?”

Mike makes a sound to answer that is unintelligible but certainly sounding like an affirmative. I smilingly say, “If it was any better I’m not sure we could stand it.”

With she smiles and she slowly begins to suck Mike’s now throbbing cock into her hot, moist and willing mouth. Engulfing the head of his cock and then slowly but surely sucking more and more of his cock into her mouth with bob of her head. Mike is quivering with pleasure. Ann continues to gradually with each movement of her head to suck more and more of Mike’s cock into her mouth. Mike is moaning with pleasure and finally makes enough sense to let us know he won’t last long at this pace.

Ann does not slow down or seem bother that he is about to cum into her mouth. She continues to suck more and more of his cock into her mouth and down her throat. Rhythmically sliding her mouth up and down on his cock. Down to the base of his cock with her nose buried in his pubic hairs on the down stroke she seems to be relishing the task at hand.

Mike abruptly grasps the back of Ann’s head and pulls her mouth hard down on his cock. Engorging himself into her mouth and throat as he begins to spew load after load of his cum into her. Ann does not try to pull away. If anything she seems to be pulling him harder into her mouth by clamping her hands on his ass and pulling him forward. Mike can’t last long with this and finally collapses back against the couch totally spent. Ann continues to suck and suck until his cock is totally flaccid and so sensitive he can’t stand anymore. Ann rose up, smiling with spots of Mike’s cum at the corners of her mouth. She, in a very lady like fashion, with her little finger swipes the cum away, then greedily licks it off the tip of her little finger. Mike raises a finger to say something but ends up say no than, “Wonderful!”

Ann looks over at me with a wicked smile and says,” Next?”

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