The week with Ben. Day 1.


Ben had been my best friend for 7 years. Ben had no idea the attraction I had towards him though. What ended up being lucky for me, he soon found out. We were both 15 at the time. At the time I was 6’3 medium build, not fat, but not necessarily skinny either. Ben was smaller than I, yet much more athletic. He was 5’9 and had a stronger build to him. Ben was a pale white skin with dark brown hair and freckles, I was more tan than he was with lighter brown hair.

It was the summer of 2012, our parents had told us that they were going to go to Vegas for a week and that me and Ben would stay at his house for the week. Our parents went out of town together often, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary, but this was the first time it would be more than just a weekend. School had let out about a week before, so it was mid June.

It was the Monday night, our parents had left.

Our houses we’re in a gated community in the suburbs of Chicago. Our families were both quite wealthy. I went over to Ben’s large house around 4 o’clock that afternoon. We were in the media room playing on the Playstation 3. Ben had just finished doing his work out for the day and had taken his shirt off. I’d glance at him every few seconds and salivate in my mouth. I wanted to be wrapped around him. I wanted to be on him. Small beads of sweat were still on his body. I felt myself beginning to get an erection and tried to cover it up.

Around 7 o’clock we had ordered a pizza and were after up in his room just talking. He still had yet to put a shirt on and had also taken off his socks, this turned me on more for I have a very strong foot fetish. He was wearing short athletic shorts that hugged his lower body. The erection had become very strong and I could feel myself beginning to precum. Soon our conversation got onto the topic of sex. Ben, a true stud in some specs with the women, had already had sex 3 or 4 times, whereas I was still a virgin.

“Sometimes I just wish I could have a blowjob even. I just want to know what it feels like you know?” I said to Ben.

“Don’t worry Dylan, eventually you will.”

“Can’t come soon enough.” I say disappointingly. “What’s it like having sex?”

“It’s gaziantep escort sitesi great, I mean, I’m not going to lie, best feeling in the world releasing your cum into another person.” his words had me salivating and fantasizing of him. “you know though, I’ve always wanted to try anal with someone, but no one would let me.” I thought to myself at those words. He didn’t say some girl, he’d said someONE. Almost like he was trying to drop a hint. I dismissed this as me just being very horny.

I decided to just go along, “Yeah, anal would be fun.” I thought to try to swing the conversation towards gay sex about a rumor I had heard earlier that month. “Did you hear about Max and Alex? I heard they had sex in the bathroom on the last day of school!”

“Yeah, I heard that. Wasn’t too surprised really. Max always came across a little gay to me. Alex surprised me more. Would’ve never expected it from him!” I decided to continue going this way.

“What do you think about that?” I ask Ben.

“What do you mean?”

“You know, gay sex.”

“Oh, well, I guess if that’s what people like, I don’t really mind.”

Finally, I couldn’t stand anymore, I had to begin making some sort of advance. “Do you think you’d ever, you know ‘Experiment’.” I looked at him, and immediately my heart raced. I was so nervous.

“I don’t know… I mean, it’d have to be with someone I really trusted, what about you?”

“Same here, if I had to, it’d have to be with someone I trusted.” I wasn’t sure what to say next. Suddenly, I just blurted it out, “Do you trust me?” Ben looked at me, not saying anything. I couldn’t tell if he was in disgust, or in thought.

“Of course…. it’s just… Dylan…”

“It’s okay, I understand. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“It’s no problem.” I was in disappointment, but it had been the answer I was expecting.


It was about now 9 o’clock and I went to go take a shower. I stripped down and my penis was hard as a rock. My boxers were soaked with pre-cum, I’d been rubbing slowly all night when Ben wasn’t looking. I was stroking my 4 inch cock and gaziantep escort forum then there was a knock at the door.

“Hey, I just need to grab something, can I come in?

“Sure, just a sec” I open the door and got back into the shower. I was washing my hair, when suddenly, there was a tight grip around my erect penis.

“Here’s what I was looking for” I hear Ben say, he whispers in my ear “I really trust you.” I turned around to see Ben, fully naked. I move in and kiss him. I was very inexperienced. He’s giggling as I try to keep up with the pace of his tongue inside my mouth. He was always one step ahead of me. We slowly moved onto the floor of the large shower. One of his hands was supporting my head, while the other was caressing my buttocks. Suddenly, he jabs his middle finger into my anus and begins to dart in and out. I let out a few cries and some moaning which only seemed to make him move faster. Finally, we were completely on the floor of the shower. Ben was sitting up against the wall of the shower and I was lying on his naked body. He spoke,

“I read some shit about gay sex after we had that talk. I think, according to the terminology, I’m a top, you mind being my bottom?” I knew about the terminology, and responded,

“Sure.” he then motioned towards his penis, uncut, fully erect. I hadn’t noticed it completely yet, but now I took it all in. He had a 7.5 inch penis! Little 5’9 Ben had a massive penis hiding in those pants. It made me embarrassed at the size of mine.

“You can take it slow if you want” but I couldn’t wait. I dove right in. A little slow at first. I got the taste of his salty pre-cum as I took in a few inches. I didn’t dare want to try deepthroating that massive thing, but slowly I did get down about 3 inches. Ben then moved me around into a 69 position. I continued to blow his penis and he began to finger my anus again. He could hear my moaning, which at this point, was much louder. Then there was a sharp pain on my buttocks. He was spanking me! It felt so damn good! He spoke during the entire time,

“Yeah (SLAP), who’s my little bitch (SLAP), who’s my bad bad escort gaziantep boy! (SLAP) You’re liking that aren’t you?” Oh I was loving it! Finally, he sat me up and put me on all fours. I could feel it coming, slowly but surely he began sticking his penis inside of me. I felt the head go in and let out a little squeal, but then more and more kept going in. He’d gotten in about 3 inches and I had to slowly him down. He then began the thrusting! Oh the thrusting! He thrusted softly. Slowly building. The bare skin of his penis inside my anus felt incredible. I could feel more going in. The nearly 8 inch penis was driving me nuts! He continually spanked me the entire time.

“Oh fuck this is amazing!!” I’m screaming the entire time. The moaning was echoing throughout the bathroom. Ben too, was yelling,

“Yeah bitch! Take it bitch! Take that big cock in your tight little ass. Damn that things tight. (SLAP) You love that don’t you bitch! Ohhuhhhh!!”

Then I could feel it. My orgasm was right around the corner, “I’m coming!!!” I shout at the top of my lungs as the sperm shoots out of my penis onto the floor. Ben too was close,

“I’m right behind you buddy!” He pulls out of my leaving a gaping hole, he then slaps me one more time, extremely hard this time. I let out a true scream of pain and drop to the floor. Ben grabs me by the hair and forces my mouth onto his shaft. I gurgle, slurp, and choke on the 7 inches. He forced me to deep throat about 5 before I had to pull out, then suddenly, the cum blasts the back of my throat. I swallow some on impact, and he releases more in my mouth. The flow was endless. It just kept coming but I kept it in my mouth. He blasted some onto my face, which was red from a few slaps as well. After he was finished I opened my mouth to show him the cum.

“Nice” I then swallow it and showed him the clean mouth. “You like all me being inside you don’t ya Dylan?”

“Thanks Ben. That was amazing.”

“Yeah, it really was.”

We helped each other clean up with a few blowjobs here and there. And we then got out of the shower….


Around 12 o’clock we were still talking about what had happened. We were sleeping naked in his bed now. Everyone once in a while I’d slide down to give him some head and swallow some more of his tasty sperm. That night I fell asleep in his arms, and his penis in my ass. I felt like I was in love, and I could not wait for what tomorrow brought…….

Part 2 Cuming.

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