The Town Swingers

I had just moved into this town. I bought a house in the neighborhood using my retirement money. I was trying to get used to my new environment and a new life. The life I had known all these years was a hectic one. Driving to work as early as 6 am then arriving home at 7 pm. My three children have grown up and all of them had a successful career each. My wife would spend her time with them. A few months with each of them leaving me practically alone.

My wife called to say she would be with me for Christmas. That would be 6 months from now. In the meantime, I tried to search for a good eatery in town. I had dreaded those fast food outlets. It took me a week to locate a decent restaurant. This particular restaurant happened to be the cheapest. So I frequently came here for my meals. Soon I became familiar here.

Everyday a group of four decently dressed gentlemen would take their lunch here. All of them looked well over 60 years old. They would discuss discreetly some businesses as it appeared to me. They could be certain CEOs or Board Directors. Anyway I wasn’t at all interested in their business. As a pensioner, I was paid for not working. That was how I saw myself from such an interesting point of view.

One afternoon, I came here for lunch. Those four gentlemen were here earlier. They had finished their lunch. By the way they sat, I knew they had done their discussions. I observed that during their discreet discussion, all of them would be seated with elbows on the table. They would sit back once their discussion was over.

I came in and was looking for an empty table. As I walked passed them, they gave me a nod. I returned their gestures with a smile. Their eyes followed me. I made my order and waited. After being served by a waitress, I began eating. A waiter came over to my table and in a low voice he informed me that my bill had been paid by those gentlemen. I looked up and nodded to them. They smiled back.

The next day, I came for my lunch again. I was about to sit when a waiter came over to inform me that those gentlemen invited to their table. Not wanting to offend them, I went to their table. The same waiter took our order. We shook hands and introduced ourselves. They were also pensioners like myself, not CEOs nor Board Directors as I had guessed earlier on. The food came. We ate and chatted like old buddies. We had so much in common. In no time, it seemed that we all had known each other for ages. Appointment was made. We would have lunch together again the next day.

That night my wife called asking me how I was doing. I cheerfully told her about my new found friends. She was happy for me and would like to meet them someday. She told me that our grandchildren were ankara escort as naughty as ever. She was having so much fun baby sitting. I told her that I was looking forward to have lunch again with those gentlemen.

After two weeks of lunch together with these gentlemen, they invited me to join them every Friday night. They would all gather once a week bringing along their wife. I told them my wife wasn’t with me right now but would be here for Christmas. They insisted I joined them tonight and I could bring my wife later. It was just having dinner together for a change. I agreed.

At 7pm, I drove to the town and waited for them. Soon they came in four cars. There were nine of us together. These gentlemen came with their wives. Their wives were all gray haired plump grandmothers. These grandmothers were high spirited. They were very friendly and jovial. We car pooled and proceeded to our host which I have not met before.

We arrived at a house 7 km away from town. An old gentleman was at the door to greet us. He was tall and bearded. I was introduced to him by the others. We shook hands and he ushered me into his house. There were only three occupants in the house, our bearded host, his wife and an old mmai. His wife was a tall lady in her 70s. Their maid was a plump spinster in her 60s. I quickly got fused into this circle of friends because of their friendliness and the hospitality of our host.

Dinner was served and the menu were contributions of all except me. Tonight I was their guest. Probably next Friday I would have to chipped in. During dinner, conversations were focused on me. I was new here so there were so much to talk about. They were really polite people and they took interest in what ever I told them. They even wanted me to describe my wife. From what I told them, they all agreed that my wife should be a very good and interesting person. So all looked forward to meet her.

After dinner, we all move to the spacious sitting room. Wine were served. The gentlemen sat facing the ladies. The Laddies seemed to be a happy lot. They chuckled, they giggled and they laughed. The men seemed to be very obliging. They were agreeable on everything. Then our host went over to his hi-fi set to play soft music.

Then everyone except me stood up and started waltzing. The plump housemaid came over to invite me to waltz with her. When I stood up to join them waltzing, everyone clapped. We waltzed all the way to the next tune. Then we all changed partners. The host’s wife took the place of the housemaid. We were of the same height. As we danced on, each moment she held me closer. Her sagging boobs were flat against my chest. I eyed around and saw everyone danced intimately. ankara escort bayan The host was dancing with one of those elegant grannies. They were kissing very intimately. Before I could react, her lips came for mine. Her tongue probed my lips and I let her ventured inside curling my tongue.

Soon our body were pressed flat against each other. I could feel the mount of her pussy pressing hard against my cock. She humped me a little. I felt guilty dancing this way with her husband around in the same room. But everyone else did the same. The music ended and everyone went for a sip of wine. I followed exactly what they did. The next tune began. Yet again we swapped partners. This time I was waltzing with a plump rosy cheeked granny. She was much shorter. Her head barely reached my chin. With an arm around her shoulder we just moved in steps and rhythm. She had one arm around my waist. She squeezed me a little tightly and her other hand starts moving first around my tummy then it moved down to my cock. She rubbed my cock as it slowly came to life. I was in a state of confusion whether I should oblige or refuse those advances.

All this moments of caressing made me focussed entirely on my dance partner. I lifted my eyes to see what went on with the others. I was more than shock to see our host seated on the sofa while one unidentified granny gave him a head job. Another couple did something standing up. I couldn’t see what they were doing as they had their backs to me. One gentleman stood leaning against the wall while our host’s wife jerked his cock. They all had their clothes on and just like me, only our cock stood out. My rossy cheeked partner was jerking me with her pink fleshy hands. She would touch my precum every now and then.

As I stood rigid having my cock jerked, someone was leaning on me. I turned my head and saw one gentleman with his partner doing something which I couldn’t see. Another couple got bolder, they stripped nude and the granny was made to sit on the sofa while her partner gave her an oral sex. Soon all of them were nude leaving me and my partner still fully dressed.

My partner unbuckled my belt and helped me remove my trousers. I helped her undress too. I watched her big saggy boobs dropped when I undid her bra. Being fair skinned, her tits were pink and slightly wrinkled. I looked down but could only see her belly. Her pussy was hidden under her big belly. She knelt down and began to suck my cock. She went as far down and licked my balls. Soon I felt her tongue probing further. I stood legs apart to allow enough space for her head so that her tongue could reach my asshole. Her tongue probed my asshole giving me the pleasure which I had never experience escort ankara before.

I knelt down joining her on the floor. I made her rest on all four limbs and doggy fucked her. Her hands reached for my balls from under. We were soon joined by another couple. The man knelt in front of the rossy cheeked granny whom I was pumping from behind. He made her sucked his cock. His partner then stood over the granny I was fucking. She pushed her pussy to my face asking for an oral job. I tried probing my tongue into her slit but couldn’t get deep enough. She had thick cum in her pussy and I had to lick it all the same.

I gave up on this granny. Fucking her wasn’t fun at all. Her stretched and old pussy were soft and loose. I stood up to the granny I licked. We kissed while I fondled her soft tits. Her tits sagged flat against her chest. It looked like folded skin hanging loosely. I guided my cock to her pussy. She lifted one thigh making it easier for me. Penetration was easy. She had one hand holding up her leg standing up like a heron in shallow water, while the other hand was wrapped around my waist. One granny came and licked my balls and her pussy. This was interesting. There was a lot cum in this granny. Fucking standing up was tiring for old goats like us. As I continued fucking her, she began to moan. I could not be sure if she was faking. When she tightened her arm around my waist, that could probably be a signal of her Cumming. I took my cock out and inserted my fingers into her pussy. Yes, she cummed. I could feel her pussy pulsated.

As I was tired, I went to the sofa. Our host’s wife came to me. She sat next to me and started kissing me. With her hands she worked on my old cock. I fingered her slit. She had so much cum inside her. She stood up and sat on my lap. She had a tighter pussy and now my old cock found pleasure here. She bounced on my cock while rubbing her own clit. My cock got more rigid now and at any moment cum may gushed. The sensation built up slowly and yes it came. I could feel my cock throbbed. She kept on bouncing. My cock was still hard though it began to get numbed. She cummed while bouncing some more. Finally she sat slumped on top of me. One granny came and took my cock out and did a final job. She sucked and licked all the cum. Everybody had their great time fucking. I went over to get my clothes that were left on the floor. There were a few drops of cum stains on my black trousers. Someone must have fucked on top of my clothes.

Everyone had the last round of wine before leaving. I was reminded to come again next Friday. Upon reaching town, we parted and drove our own car back home.

I took a shower and spent the next few hours reflecting. What have I done? No doubt it was interesting to see someone’s wife nude. Here we not only saw them nude, we touched them and fucked and cummed inside their pussy. Next Friday I planned to fuck the asshole of that rossy ckeeked granny. When I doggy fucked her I saw her tight asshole.

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