The Tow Man


The truck approaches the stalled car. One more tow and he can go home to bed. It has been a slow night what with the rain and all. A constant steady rain, soaking, but warm. This lonely highway is awful dark and he switches on the powerful spotlights. The beams cut through the mist illuminating the mustang in his mirror, and her owner. What was her name? he thinks. Ah here’s the call sheet, Angel. She sure the hell is . He notices as she crawls outta the car that she is quite a treat. Her silk blouse quickly conforms to her very nice breasts; her jeans hug a terrific ass. Her blond hair stringy from the rain clings to her cheek like spaghetti not quite done, But her face is beautiful. She runs up to the truck her breast doing wonderful things in her haste. And stands looking in the window. He rolls it down and she say’s thank you for coming, everyone else was closed. You almost missed me darlin, five more minutes and I’d have been gone. he says. Opening the door, he say’s get on up in the truck outta the rain I will hook ya up. He slides out and helps her in noticing how tight the jeans are as she climbs up. He goes back and starts to hook up the mustang. A real beaut, 68 coup. He crawls under hooking the safety chains. Angel watches intently through the back glass. She shivers slightly, not sure if it’s from the a/c on the wet skin or the sight of this strong man working. His chest is well chiseled she notices, as his T-shirt also gets soaked. His jeans reveal a nice butt in a rugged sort of way and his blue eyes cut right through her.

She climbs out and goes back to him as he begins to raise her car. Excuse me, mister? Huh? He huffs. Would it be o.k. to pay you over the next two weeks? she asks. The silence is riveting as the hydraulic whine of the hook stops. Only the low rumble of the truck and the rain bursting on the hood can be heard as his eyes stare bayan escort gaziantep hard into hers. I can’t due charity work ma’am? he say’s as the cable starts to let out and the mustang settles back on the ground. She rushes forward and drops to her knees, she reaches for his fly and say’s I would be most grateful . He stands there looking down at this lovely young lady pulling his cock out of his pants. The rain streaming down her face, she leans forward taking him deep into her mouth. He tilts his head back, letting the rain wash over him, feeling her soft supple lips slide the full length of his hardness. She pulls them off and slides his cock, along her cheek, dragging her tongue the length and back. Her eyes look up and meet his coming down as she once again sucks him in and down her throat. His fingers tangle in her hair and he begins to move his hips fucking that pretty little mouth, Her eyes widen as his momentum gets faster than she anticipated. She starts to back away but feels the fingers tighten in her hair, wincing slightly at her hair being pulled and the blunt head of his cock filling her tiny throat. Her eyes widen as he takes a little more than offered, but she can deal with it. And then he stops. The expected blast doesn’t come. He looks down and say’s Blow jobs are cheap you little slut, not worth a tow, Now pussy on the other hand, is all together different. Her mind races even as she feels the stirring in her already wet pussy. Can he read her thoughts, can he sense her excitement? He is a stranger though, rugged, handsome, dangerous maybe?

ok , she squeaks. My god she thinks, what am I doing? Get those jeans off and get on the car bitch. He growls. Her pussy spasms as she hears the derogatory words. She stands up and peels down the soaked blue jeans. She knows they will never go back cim cif gaziantep escort on wet. How will she get home? she wonders, as he say’s Come on ya slut, hurry it up. She quickly pulls them off and sits on the trunk raising her legs above her. He likes the no panty thing. I ain’t your missionary boyfriend cunt put your legs down. As she lowers them he grabs her calves and spreads them wide, Her pussy spreads before his eyes and he lowers his face to it and swipes the length with his tongue. He immediately starts an assault on her clit sending sparks flying through her nerves. uuuungh , she gasps, as she tangles her own fingers in his hair pressing him closer. He starts to work a large callused finger into her. His tongue plays masterfully around her bud stopping to tap it once or twice as he circles it. He starts to fuck her with that rough finger working it deeply in and out. He pulls it all the way out and kneeling runs his tongue down through her pussy, and further still. She tries to push him higher to her throbbing clit, but he continues down. His tongue slides across her asshole collecting the juice leaking from her pussy. He pauses, rolls his tongue and pushes it into her asshole. The coppery tang bursts on his tongue as he begins to fuck in and out of her ass. She tenses as the feeling races up her spine. No one has ever done that she starts to relax and pushes her ass at him. His nose pushes into her pussy as he tongue fucks her. She cums. Her legs slip off the car onto his shoulders as she locks his head in her thighs.

He stands up, reaches forward and rips her shirt open. Her tits sway and steady as the rain begins to beat on them. The drops hitting her nipples feel exquisite, like little electric shocks. He grabs her arms and pulls her off the car; he spins her around, pushes cinsel bilgiler her forward and shoves his entire 8-inch cock deep into her pussy. She is pressed forward against the car, the cool metal mashing her tits. He starts to fuck her steady and hard. Not the frantic fucking of a boy, but, the cool steady pounding of a confident man. uuunnnnghhhhhh , she cries out as he spreads her insides wide. Her breath catches in her throat, she knows who’s in control. He gives her three more strokes and SMACK! He slaps her ass. AAAAAh! She cries as, SMACK!, he does it again. Over and over he slaps her ass cheek turning them red and hot. She reaches back to slow the assault and he grabs her arms. He holds them together at the wrists as he continues to fuck her. She is restrained but the slaps have stopped, her poor ass burns but not like her pussy as another small orgasm washes over her. He pulls out and places the head against her asshole. No! she moans as he works his fat cock slowly into her dainty orifice. Stop please, no one has done that to me! she pleads. His cock throbs as he hears those words. Onward he pushes. Finally inside and all the way down, he slowly starts to fuck her. Her ass is on fire, but the rain helps to cool her. The tiny bursts of the drops overload the sensations she feels. She starts to fuck back. She pulls on her arm and he tightens his grip. Fuck my ass , she defiantly states but let me have my arm , he lets go and she immediately plunges a finger in her pussy.

She stands up and tilts her head back onto his shoulder. Fuck my tender ass towman she growls. He reaches around and pinches her tits with his rough fingers. Her finger strums on her clit. He leans slightly back as he tries to stuff every inch in her ass. The rain comes harder hitting the tips of her breasts in their journey. It is too much, she cums a third time. Her knees buckle and he rams deep holding her up. Lightning flashes and the thunder echo’s his cry as he blasts his load into her virgin ass. His cock swells as each spurt shoots into her, but she doesn’t care. Her orgasm is still going and she is in love. With this animal lover who knows what she desires. Her desire to be taken.

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