The Test School Ch. 03

The Test School Chapter 3 — Ms Smith Helps the Headmaster

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She glanced at her watch; it was just past seven thirty in the evening.

“I’ve got time for a quickie if you’re up for it,” she offered casually, turning up the charming British accent in her voice as she spoke to make sure she got his attention.

It was amazing how sexy she could make those words sound, her companion reflected, stopping in his tracks.

The Headmaster and Ms Smith were walking down the corridor on their way to her office after a late staff meeting. Her arms were wrapped around one of his, as if she were being escorted, though the truth was the exact opposite.

The meeting had been unnecessary, but everyone attending it had known that well in advance. They’d only been running as an operational school for a day and a half, but that was beside the point. After almost two years of tireless work, their new school was finally open and the meeting, if that was really the best name for it, was more about catching up and celebrating.

The Headmaster had considered making his excuses, the last two days had taken a lot out of him, not that the previous two years had been any easier, but he was the boss and the boss must celebrate with his team. Despite his determination, he even brought a notepad in the unlikely event he did actually need to take any notes, he’d quickly found himself drifting. He’d fought the urge to sleep as best he could, though what was on his mind didn’t exactly help him stay focused.

It hadn’t taken his team long to notice, they’d all spent enough time working with him to notice when he wasn’t at his best. No one blamed him, they’d all worked hard and none harder or longer than him. While they left him alone, Ms Smith had quickly stepped in to keep the party-like meeting going.

Ms Smith was slightly older than the Headmaster, gorgeous, with blonde hair, bronzed skin, a curvy body with large breasts, and a hint of a British accent she could play up whenever it suited her. She was also ruthlessly intelligent, a fact which caught most people meeting her for the first time completely off guard.

More than once on the long road to opening the Albert-03 Test School someone had taken one look at the large breasted blonde and dismissed her, letting their guard down only to find out their distracted babble had been carefully steered by a mind far sharper than theirs.

She was the school’s second in command and, as far as anyone knew, the Headmaster’s best friend on campus, so as the ‘meeting’ progressed absolutely everyone had whispered to her that he wasn’t himself tonight.

She didn’t mind, it was nice to be recognised by the team as someone they could speak to and besides, she did genuinely care about the man. They’d first met at university when she’d gotten lost and wandered into the wrong library. As fate would have it the young engineering and science student happened to have read the same book she’d been assigned for her English course. His views on the book weren’t particularly nuanced, but he remembered it well and as he’d walked her over to her own library, they’d had a lively conversation where it quickly became apparent he could argue a point with the best of them.

They’d stayed in touch, becoming good friends, though they never got as far as dating in the few months they knew each other, something they’d both regretted later. She was in a relationship with another female student at the time, one that would not only nearly ruin her life, but come dangerously close to ending it.

As her relationship with her girlfriend, and her relationship with the alcohol that came with it, had become more destructive, she’d ended up pushing him away. They’d lost touch completely after she was forced to take a three-year absence from the university to get her life back on track.

Almost two years ago, out of rehab, dedicatedly single, and working hard to make up for lost time, she’d been surprised to find her old friend from university sitting in her office. He’d offered her a job at a new school he was building, a frankly amazing job for someone with her rocky background. He didn’t ask about her past and when she’d hinted at some of the details, he seemed to already know enough.

She’d hesitated to take the job, unsure if she deserved it, unsure if she could handle the responsibility and most importantly, unsure if she was willing to risk letting him down. When she’d tried to decline over the phone, he’d simply waited without speaking as she made every excuse she could think of, then he’d simply replied that he still wanted her, baggage and all, on his team.

So she’d joined him, finding out that she was his first and only Hd Porno pick for the first few months as he got the project on the drawing board. His proposed school was unusual, to say the least, even more so that the government had approved it, but within a week she’d come around to his way of thinking. They worked well together, she was determined to justify the faith he put in her, working harder than she ever had before.

As the team expanded, the Headmaster had been quick to ask her to take on the role of deputy in the project, though he treated her far more like his partner. They’d also become friends again, spending their free time discussing old books and reminiscing about the brighter moments of their time at university, though neither pushed for their relationship to go beyond that.

It was more than just her position as his deputy, and more than general affection for the only friend she still had from before her life collapsed that made her take an interest in the Headmaster’s wellbeing. She was under strict orders to take care of him; from superiors, colleagues, friends — almost everyone who knew him.

She’d told him about her instructions once, though she’d declined to name anyone specific, and she certainly hadn’t mentioned just how far some of them had insisted she go to take care of him. He’d chuckled at that, it was a weird thing for adults to do for each other, but she had taken care of him whenever he needed a friend or something more, and he’d returned that kindness.

That was not to say that she was only acting under orders, or a sense of responsibility, when she made her sudden offer in the corridor. This wasn’t going to be a one-sided transaction; she was every bit as keen for a bit of release as she could tell he was. When they’d left the meeting, she’d been quick to grab him by the arm and allow herself to be ‘escorted’ to her office.

Now the Headmaster looked back at his companion, the truth was if she hadn’t offered a quickie, he would have suggested it when they got back to her office. He’d entered the last day and a half tired after almost two years of work, he’d finished them feeling rather overstimulated (See Chapters 01 and 02).

He nodded, enjoying the small hint of excitement she allowed to escape through her look of professional aloofness. It was fair to say he was already feeling a lot less tired as he pulled his arm in close, drawing her body tighter against him.

They’d provided each other with a ‘mutual release’ many times before; to them, it was just another way of taking care of each other. Designing a sexual reinforcement program tended to be a bit overstimulating, and that was before they’d started trialling some of the techniques on each other.

Ms Smith had lasted two weeks in the chastity belt, before she had to beg for the key back. He’d only managed nine days with the school’s male equivalent, he claimed that it was because he had to work with a lot more beautiful women than she did men. That comment, and the slightly charming eyebrow wiggle that hinted he was including her in that category had earned him a playful punch in the shoulder, a blow that still hurt on cold winter days.

They entered her office in silence, the assistant’s desk guarding the entrance had already been vacated for the evening. The Headmaster would have been fine to use his office, but Ms Smith always insisted and a vague sense of chivalry compelled him to let her have her way. Her office was broad, spacious, and meticulously clean, something she was always ruthless in maintaining. Her office appeared larger than his, a belief she was happy to encourage. One benefit of building the school from the ground up was that they’d gotten to design their own offices.

She’d gone for pure office floorspace, with an ensuite attached. The Headmaster had given up floorspace for functionality, exchanging the large single room for one with closets, storeroom, a more palatial ensuite, and a separate room that could easily be converted into a separate office if he ever needed another assistant. As the grand opening of the school had gotten closer he’d given up commuting the tiny distance to his on-campus housing some nights, living out of his office instead.

The curtains in the office were open, the light from the male half of the campus entering through the floor to ceiling windows that made up two complete walls and giving her office a ghostly mix of light and shadows.

Breaking away from the Headmaster, leaving his side feeling suddenly cold, she used the room’s control panel to turn on the lights and close the curtains. Both tasks took only a single command from the touch screen to complete, and she took the time to take her shoes off while she waited. That completed she returned to him, hands against his chest as she looked up the tiny bit of height difference between them to stare into his eyes.

This close, her eyes were a glorious light brown, shiny enough they almost reflected his own pale blue eyes. Though they stood silent and still, their Türkçe Altyazılı Porno heart rates rising rapidly, both aware of what came next.

She broke the stillness first, tilting her head slightly and planting a kiss firmly, even aggressively, on his lips. Her breasts fell into his chest, hot even through their clothes, jiggling and compressing between them as they moved tightly together. Her thighs brushed against his erection, his pants and her skirt doing nothing to diminish how lovely she felt.

The kiss was an unusual move that left him slightly stunned, they weren’t the kissing kind. This wasn’t two lovers embracing after a long absence, it was about two colleagues enjoying the energy and release, something that kissing seemed out of place in.

He started to bring his hands up, intending to move the few stray wisps of hair from her face that tickled his nose, but she blocked him, relieving him of the notepad he’d brought to the meeting before pushing herself, and peeling her lips, off him.

It was amazing how quickly you can miss a person after a passionate kiss, her departure leaving him with not just a lingering excitement, but also an incredible sense of absence. He walked, or more accurately stumbled over to her sofa, falling into it. They each had the same sofa in their offices, a long, comfortable, black leather design that was, very intentionally, stain proof.

He watched her move around her desk, sexy-times or not, the woman maintained the cleanest office in the building, so of course storing the notepad took priority. Business completed; he could almost see her make the mental switch from work to pleasure. Her hips took on an extra wiggle as even her walking took on a sensual charm. She began undoing the buttons on her blouse, her delicate fingers making it look elegant and teasing at the same time.

Her chest appeared to grow the further she got, her breasts gaining some freedom from the tight-fitting blouse. Her bronzed skin gradually becoming paler as her cleavage grew. A hint of rich, deep blue began peeking through the growing gap in her blouse, the first hint of the silky, lacy bra that lay underneath.

“So, which girl got to you the most?” she asked after escaping from the blouse. Her bra was now alone on her chest, cupping her breasts and presenting them as a divine offering. Any normal person would have tossed the blouse to the side, but in her office things were done neatly, so it was carefully folded and placed on the floor.

“Hmm?” the Headmaster muttered, mind very much elsewhere.

“I said, which girl got to you?” she repeated, bending over and unzipping the knee length, form-fitting skirt. A smile crept onto her face as she did it, getting him distracted was a great way to feel sexy.

With his blood very much not rushing to his head and with the incredible figure undressing before him, it took the Headmaster a moment to process what she’d said. He thought back to each girl, Raven Thompson and Teah Faulkner.

Raven had neglected to wear her chastity belt on the first day, earning herself a public spanking followed by some fingering after she’d made amends. Even now, he could still remember the feeling of her tight, warm, moist pussy clenching violently around his fingers as she climaxed.

Teah had been different, for one thing, he’d barely laid a hand on her, but that hadn’t mattered. Tied up by her wrists, he’d gotten to look into her lustful, pleading eyes as he toyed with her, rubbing the vibrator along her pussy and letting off just before she could cum. When he’d finally let her go, she’d almost smothered him in her bosom, squealing as her body convulsed in pleasure. That was the one, that was the one that had him a bit hot and bothered.

“The second one,” he finally answered.

Ms Smith smirked, removing the skirt and revealing her long, smooth legs. The lacy blue bra matched by an equally elegant pair of lacy blue panties. Her lack of stockings, suspenders and garter belt hinting that she already had this moment in mind when she’d gotten dressed this morning.

“You’ve never made me squeal like that.”

They both knew that was a big fat lie. During their previous liaisons the Headmaster had studied her reactions as carefully as he’d studied at university. Every single reaction she had was observed and catalogued as he tried to work out what made her tick. Though she’d never admit it, he’d gotten good at knowing exactly how to heighten her pleasure, getting her to beg and even squeal like a schoolgirl during their various practice sessions.

She moved in close, a look of surprise flashing across her face when she saw he’d only removed his belt. He must really be tired, she thought, am I pushing him too far?

Down to just her bra and panties, the decision was already made, her libido had taken control and wasn’t going to let him off easy. She knelt in front of him, taking up position between his legs. If she had to take the initiative again, so be it.

The Headmaster Brazzers watched her sink between his legs and felt the dopamine hit him like a truck. Kneeling between his legs, her breasts brushed against his thighs. She extended a slender arm to his waist, unzipping his pants. He moved a hand to his waist to help but she pushed it aside, the task was hers now. All the Headmaster could do was look — look at her smooth hand as it worked its way inside his pants, look at her beautiful face with her brown eyes hungry with lust, and look at her breasts bouncing within the confines of her bra as she twisted and moved in her struggle with his pants.

It took her a moment of intense focus, but she completed her task, the trousers lay open and her hand quickly snaked through the breach and into his boxers.

As agreeable as her intentions were the long nailed, foreign hand probing inside his boxers was a discomforting feeling. The sense of unease spiked when her arm suddenly tensed. As she retrieved his erect cock from the confines of his pants, her face lit up in almost certainly exaggerated excitement.

Ms Smith brought herself further into his lap, allowing his cock to gently bounce off her lips. Her visible hand gripped the shaft of his penis, keeping it defiantly upright like her flag of triumph over his body. Her other hand was out of sight, below her ample bosom and the Headmaster could only presume, given the way her breasts were lightly rocking, it was somewhere stimulating for her.

She looked him in the eye, allowing him to see the hunger, the lust and even, somewhere deep, the affection, before she threw her head forward, tongue guiding his cock into her mouth. The Headmaster let out a long sigh as the head of his penis was enveloped in heat, softness, and moisture.

Ms Smith wasn’t the kind of girl to ‘go all in’ as she put it, but that did nothing to dampen the pleasure either felt as she began raising and lowering her head, filling her mouth with his cock before releasing it. She kept her eyes on his cock as she bobbed, ignoring the slurping sounds from her mouth while her hand took advantage of the glistening saliva to start rubbing. She moved slowly, allowing her tongue to twist and twirl, lick and lap at his cock as it moved inside her mouth.

She felt a twinge of pleasure race from her crotch to her brain as her free hand rubbed against her clit, already she could feel herself starting to become moist with anticipation. Whatever excitement she felt, she put back into her work on him, increasing her speed and teasing the head of his cock with her tongue. A salty taste had crept in, a small amount of pre-cum leaking inside her mouth and that only intensified her desire to work him. Her eyes began to roll back in her head, she was in too much pleasure to prevent it.

The Headmaster watched her move, his own body almost immobilized with pleasure as she worked. His penis felt uncomfortably hard inside her mouth, as she teased and stimulated it mercilessly.

She kept up the vigorous pace, both on his cock and on herself, for what felt like the most enjoyable eternity imaginable, before she finally relinquished her hold on him, allowing his cock to escape her mouth with a small pop sound. As she separated, a single white thread lingered between them, keeping them connected even as she pulled back while her body heaving after all her exertions.

She saw the thread on her lips, following it up to the head of his cock and grinned. With the utmost care she wiped her finger along the head of his cock, setting it twitching back and forth as she transferred the strand from his body to her finger. Leaning her head back and opening her mouth, she carefully lowered the strand down, her finger disappearing inside her mouth. She closed her lips, leaving her finger inside for a second before she pulled it out, sucking at it all the way.

The Headmaster forgot to breathe for a second, stunned at what she’d just done. She was just over two years older than him, but she could always find a way to make him feel old.

She swallowed, an unnecessarily large swallow, while she maintained unflinching eye contact with him. Her hair was messy from her rapid head thrusting and she brushed it back behind her ears, disregarding the dampness on both her hands.

Ms Smith stood up, lifting him up as she did so and pulling him against her as soon as he was clear of the couch. Her breasts compressed into him, raising the temperature between them to boiling in an instant. She pushed his pants to his ankles, leaving him naked from the waist down. Now the Headmaster took the initiative, reaching down to her crotch. Her panties were thin and tight, and he could easily trace the lips of her pussy with his fingers, feeling the moisture she’d already built up.

She let out a moan, which she immediately tried to stifle, but he’d already heard. He pushed his fingers more firmly against her panties, almost feeling her lips tremble in response, even as she started moving onto her toes. But she was determined not to lose the initiative completely, so while her breath was becoming heavier and her body trembled, she undid the clasp of her bra. Their mutual closeness prevented much from happening for a second, but as their breathing synchronised, a small gap allowed the bra to fall, freeing her breasts.

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