The Tape Ch. 2


Note-If scat bothers you don’t read. However, if you want to know what happened the morning after, please read.

* * * * *

I woke up with my limp cock still inside my Sister. My hands were around her waist.

“Morning,” she grinned and kissed me.

“Hi,” I whispered. “I suppose we ought to take a shower.” I got off my sister and helped her up. Without putting anything on, I walked across the hall to the bathroom.

My sister was right behind me, and shut the door behind her. “I need to take a shit.”

That was my cue. I got on my back and my sister squatted over my face.

“Lick my asshole, bro.”

Positioning my mouth around her hole, I stuck out my tongue.

“Oh, yeah, lick my nasty hole.” She hissed as I twirled my tongue in a full circle on her shithole. “Ready, UMPH!”

A loud fart emerged in my mouth. It was rancid, but the depravity of this act turned me on like nothing else. Wanting to see the log as it fell from my sister, I lowered my head to the floor.

“UMPH,” she grunted, as a tip of her shit emerged. I could tell that it was going to be a thick and firm one. “UMPH,” my sister grunted with more enthusiasm. “UMPHHH!!” Another 3. “ARG!!” Finally her shit dropped on the my cheek. It was slightly dark. My lovely sibling turned around to admire her offering. gaziantep escort kadın She was as turned on by her logs as I was. She didn’t ask me to lick her ass.

Must have been a clean shit, I thought. I got up and her turd fell to the floor.

“That will be motivation for you, I need a shower.” She turned the water on and got in. Grabbing my hand she pulled me in. As soon as I was in, my sister passionately kissed me.

I put my hands around her ass and loved the feeling of her soft wet as on my finger. Lowering my head, I licked her entire silky body. I wanted her pussy.

Sensing my need, my sister hissed, “Lick my pussy.”

I tongued down her stomach and got to her shaved snatch.

Emily grabbed my head and pushed my tongue inside her wet cunt.

YEAH, LICK MY PUSSSYY!! YEESS,!” She screamed as she slapped her pussy in my face. Her hips were humping me like mad.

“EAATT MMEEE! SUCCK MY PUSSY! Her hands were violently forcing myself on her wet sex. “YEAH! EAT ME! I’M CUMMMING,! She groaned as her orgasm poured down my throat.

“FUCK ME,!” she insisted. “I NEED your cock.”

I guided my hard-on to her wet pussy lips. Because of the moisture from the water, I easily slipped passed her lips.

“YES! escort gaziantep kadın FUUCKK MY PUSSSY,” Emily hissed as I pulled her back to the wall. “MAKE ME CUM!” She grabbed my ass and pushed me harder into her. HARDER!!! GOD, I’MM CUUMMING! COME INSIDE ME!” My massive orgasm slid down my sister as her sweet orgasm washed around my cock. As I pulled my limp dick out of her, my sister picked the soap up. “Wash me,” she pleaded.

I grabbed the soap out of my sister’s hand and washed her back. As I was heading towards her lovely ass, I kissed the nape of her neck. Bending down, I fingered her curved ass. Her cheeks were moist due to the water. I LOVED the bounce of her cheeks as I massaged them with the soap. I rubbed the soap on her asshole, and as I did, I slapped her bouncy flesh. WHACK!

“Yeah, spank me.”

WHACK! When finished with her toes and feet, she wheeled herself around. Straightening up, I soaped her long sexy legs. As I was washing her pussy, I pushed a finger inside her.

“OH, finger-fuck me. Her hips grinded to meet each thrust of my finger.

Then, with a devilish grin, I forced a 2nd finger inside Emily.

“OHHH, YESSS,” she screamed as she humped harder. FINGER MY NASTY INCEST CUNT!!!”

Just as I pulled gaziantep kadın escort my finger to my knuckle, I pulled them out and continued bathing my sis. Her stomach as soft and flat as I circled it.

“WASH MY TITS,!” she barked. Her hands guided mine up her body and twirled around her boob. “Yeah, wash my chest.” When the last part of her body was clean, she turned around, and I shampooed her hair. “Now you.”

I turned my back to her and she began soaping my hairy legs. She took her time with my ass. When I thought she was ready to move up my back, I felt her rim my asshole. “Yes, LICK MY ASS, sis.” It felt odd having my ass invaded, but EXTREMELY pleasurable. Finally, she disengaged her tongue, and continued upward.

When she finished my back, she ordered, “Turn around.”

She again worked her way up. From my feet, she went to my knees, and she immediately went to my cock and balls. She took precise time cleaning this area, not wanting to proceed. After what seemed like only a few seconds, but was actually a minute,(I have a watch that can get wet,) she went up my chest. Grabbing one nipple, she soaped the other. Finally, she switched. Then, just as it started, Emily was done with my body.

She grabbed the shampoo and massaged my light brown hair.

After the soap was down the drain, we washed up and climbed out of the tub. Just as my sister was pulling up her panties, the door opened. It was Jessica.

“Shit. I’m sorry. I heard a noise, and figured your in trouble.” Her gaze lowered to my erection. “Well,” she smiled, “I see your in good hands.

My sister and I looked at each other and grinned. Great minds think alike.

To Be Continued…

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