The Table That Turns Pt. 09

Big Tits

After making a stop at Matthews to walk the dog, I am on my way home to my couch. I arrive to find a mysterious car parked in the driveway. When I enter, I see that my wife is home and the bedroom door is closed. I knock on it and recover no answer, but I can hear the sounds of shuffling going on inside. I want to enter, but my fear is that Matthew might be in there and I wouldn’t want to upset him.

I make my way to the couch and get undressed for bed. As I lay down and close my eyes, I am interrupted by the sound of the bedroom door closing and footsteps coming down the stairs. My heart starts beating fast as my anticipation of seeing Matthew, perhaps even naked, coming my way.

I look over to see a stranger, dressed in a business suit, coming down the stairs. My wife is following and looks toward me as they make their way to the door. A short kiss and the man is out the door. My wife breathes a sigh of relief and heads back upstairs. I know that what I have just seen is something horrifying that most men would not be able to take. A part of me wants to scream and rage, but once again though, my affection towards Matthew is so strong that I truly only want him to be happy. I realize that, as much as I had once been jealous of or hated him, I am now completely in love with him. Every aspect of my being is falling subject to his will. Watching my wife fuck another man for money, only to give all of that money to Matthew, made me happy. I fell asleep thinking about him, and in my dreams I was treated to the sight of his beautiful body.

In the morning I am back at it, on my way to Matthews to take care of the dog. Once again, an empty house. I wonder what gorgeous woman Matthew had spent the night with. When I adana escort am done I am off to work.

I arrive to Ashley’s bitter greeting at the gate, once again mocking me and laughing as I drive in. As I arrive in my office, I get the call from the bank telling me that all of my credit cards are maxed out. I shudder at the thought of how quickly Matthew had gone through my credit limit.

“What would happen if he got a hold of my retirement savings?” I think as I sit at my desk. Workers arrive and I set them upon their tasks for the day. At 4:30 in the afternoon, I get the text.

“Meet me at the Shark Club!” and it’s from Matthew. “The Shark Club” is a happening strip club, very grungy but very cool.

I arrive at the club at 5:00 and see Matthew at a booth with a whole bunch of other guys. They all seem like friends, and they all look about Matthew’s age. When Matthew sees me he begins talking to them and they all start turning and looking at me. I approach with my head down, looking at the floor.

“There she is” Matthew says to his friends with a laugh. “My little bitch, all ready to go.” He turns his stare to me and I meet his eyes.

“Show my friends what a good little bitch you are” he says with a smile. I immediately drop to my knees and climb under the table towards him. I find myself anxiously unbuckling his pants, and I come face to face with his cock. I can hear the laughter of the group as I take a moment to ponder the beauty of the specimen in front of me. My mouth meets his cock and I proceed with all of my skill. The music from the show guiding my rhythm. I now know how to push every button for Matthew, so it doesn’t take long for him eskişehir escort to blow a massive load in my mouth. I drink down every drop and then lick it and pet it until Matthew shouts at me.

“Okay. Next.” Is all he says. I feel his foot push me over towards his friend on the right of him. I now find myself face to face with this other guy’s crotch. I hear Matthew above.

“Check this out. She is good!”

I unbuckle this other guys pants and am greeted by another really long, thick uncut cock. I close my eyes and begin to blow him. Softly at first, then as his moans progress I went faster and deeper. After getting used to Matthews massive organ. I felt confident I could handle any size. The music continues and I sense this guys pleasure as his cock gets harder and throbs. Only a couple of minutes go by before I feel it pulsate in my mouth and another load of cum fills me up. I drink it willingly and pull away.

As the laughter and rowdiness ensues up above, I feel myself being grabbed and dragged over to the next guy on the right. He unbuckles his pants and I find I am face to face with another large cock. This one is bigger than the last, not quite as big as Matthew’s, but nothing I can’t handle. I proceed to blow him, finding out that all the same things seem to work for all of them. I nibble gently on the spot on the bottom of the penis, where the shaft meets the head, and I can feel the feelings of ecstacy coarse through him. I lick slowly up the shaft, my tongue firm and flicking. I kiss the head gently before It enters my mouth. I dive down and swirl my tongue as I go. I find ways to bring my hands into play, gently touching his cock and his balls. sakarya escort I make sure to suck on his balls every once in a while, and that brings sounds of pure joy from him. It is not more than a minute before I feel him pulse and tense up, and my mouth is greeted to another big load.

As I am cleaning him up I feel another hand grab my hair. My face is forcefully placed on another lap further down the table. This one has his pants already open and a large black cock hangs down out of them.

This one is just as thick as Matthews, just a little shorter. My mouth opens in awe as I have never seen a black cock before. I take it in my mouth and find my techniques working again. I lick and suck and slurp, all to the beat of the music. Matthew and his friends are partying away having a great time. Soon enough, I feel the black cock tense up and shoot. This load fills up my mouth so fast, that the cum comes spilling out the sides of my mouth as I try to drink it down.

The pattern continues. From lap to lap, I service each cock with every thing I have. After nearly 2 hours I arrive back at Matthews crotch. Moments later I see them all get up and leave. I am left used the table, my jaw sore and my face covered in cum.

I climb out from under the table cloth and can see that they are gone. I can feel the eyes of the people around peering at me and the people those eyes belong to pointing and laughing as I walk out. My head is hung in shame and humiliation.

I reach my car and drive to Matthews house to walk the dog again. I see Ashley in the kitchen, but she doesn’t acknowledge me, so I tiptoe around her. Matthew is nowhere around. When I am done I head home, my mind racing from the nights events. The realization suddenly sinking in that not only did I enjoy sucking all those cocks tonight, and that I was getting very good at it. It was like discovering a hidden talent that you have, which only needed a few tries to discover. I arrive at home, finish my paperwork for the day and fall asleep again.

To be continued…

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