The Swap

“You mean you can actually make it happen?” Conner’s voice rose enthusiastically. “I mean, I’ve thought about it for years; we both have. But I never dreamed that we’d have the chance to make it a reality.”

Aiesha looked at him coolly, the wisps of smoke from the cigarette she held in front of her face giving her a somewhat ethereal appearance in the dimly lit kitchen. “Like I told you, it’s not as difficult as it might seem. People have been doing it for years, for centuries.”

Magda looked nervously at her husband. “But why hasn’t anyone heard of it then? It doesn’t seem like the sort of thing that you could keep secret for all that time, does it? I…I mean, if it’s like you said, somebody should have slipped up somewhere.” “Does it make sense to you?”

Conner gazed back at Magda, the silent communication skills developed during eight years of marriage zipping back and forth between them. He saw the worry in her dark eyes, the concern over opening themselves up so much to this woman that they had known for such a short time. But he also saw the excitement, the realm of possibilities that he himself felt.

They had first met through a love of the occult, the hidden mysteries of life that most would never even begin to imagine. Both in college at the time, they had sat together by chance at a seminar on metaphysics, and although neither believed in love at first sight, there had been an unmistakable attraction between them. Their love of the unknown had grown as had their love for one another, and they had studied and practiced together.

Aiesha was the first to break the silence. “Some secrets have been maintained as secrets throughout the ages. Knowledge is always a gift, something to be passed along at the proper time, and some knowledge is never appropriate for the masses. This knowledge, the ability to move one’s higher consciousness into the body of another, is appropriate for only a very select few. Furthermore…”

Magda cut in. “And we are among those select few? What separates us from a thousand other people?”

“Hon, haven’t we always said that we were different from mundane society? Haven’t we always suspected that some of the things we thought about were a bit deeper than what the average person is willing to delve into? Doesn’t it kind of make sense?” Conner was doing his best to convince his reluctant mate of the wisdom of the course they were considering.

“Exactly,” Aiesha said, stubbing her cigarette out. “I suspected from the start that you might be…the right sort of people. In the time that we’ve spent together, I must admit that I’ve been studying you, trying to determine whether my instincts were correct. I’m quite sure now that they were. They do tend to be. The way I see it, it’s only a matter of you making up your minds whether or not this is something you’d like to try. If it is, just let me know, and we can begin.”

“What do we have to do?” Magda asked.

“It is surprisingly simple. You’ll put yourselves into a deep meditative state, and I’ll take care of the rest. At least, I’ll do that the first time. Once you’ve been guided through it only a single time, you’ll be able to do it at will.”

Another glance at Magda, and Conner saw that her trepidation was slipping. He seized the moment. “Can we try this weekend?”

Aiesha smiled at him brightly, her green eyes sparkling in the candlelight. “Of course! I’ll pop over on Friday night, say about 10? Don’t eat dinner, and don’t drink anything alcoholic; I’ll need you to be quite light for what we’re going to be doing.”

In a flash of long fiery hair and a flaring of her long skirt, she was up and out the door before either of them had the chance to move.

Later that night, laying together in bed, Magda turned to Conner. “Are you sure that this is what you want?”

“Yes, it is. I’ve always thought about how incredible it would be if I could see the world through your eyes, experience things the way you do. I know you feel the same way. The opportunity to trade bodies for a short while, to feel things from the other side…what could possibly be more amazing?”

“I guess I’m just a little bit nervous about it. Yes, I’ll admit that I’ve always wanted to know, to really know, just what it’s like to be you. I feel so close to you, you know I do. And yet, I feel like there’s so much that we can’t really communicate to each other, so many things that can’t be put into words.”

“Especially sex,” Conner said, stretching out his hand to caress her breast. “I’ve always said that if I were you for a day, I just wouldn’t go out…I’d be sitting around naked playing with myself for hours.”

“I’d much rather have you play with me,” she said, reaching down between his legs to stroke him gently. They rolled to face one another, their mouths in a passionate kiss. Their tongues intertwining wildly, Conner squeezed her breast firmly, rhythmically, catching the nipple between his thumb and forefinger and pinching gently. At the same time, he felt her begin to squeeze him in a similar rhythm, felt himself growing ankara escort ever harder in her hand.

Breaking the kiss, he moved his head to the side, catching her earlobe between his teeth and nibbling gently, then dipping further and caressing her neck with his lips. Rolling her onto her back and straddling her, he left a trail of hot, wet kisses across her shoulders, then dipped further and licked at her stiffening nipple. He sucked it into his mouth, his hand kneading ever more roughly at the soft flesh.

Not wanting to play favorites, he moved to the other breast, licking and sucking wildly first one, then the other nipple, all the while keeping his hands in motion on both. Magda had begun to moan beneath him, and he moved one hand to caress across her belly to the soft fleece between her legs.

His mouth followed quickly in the path his hand had taken, and he slid down her body, kissing and nibbling all the while. He kissed her pubic hair softly, then slid his hands down to part her thighs. Pressing his lips first to one thigh, then the other, sometimes flicking his tongue out high on her thighs, he knew full well that he was driving her crazy with anticipation.

At last, he pressed his face fully into her pubic mound, licking wetly at her and separating her labia with his tongue. He teased her for a while longer, flicking his tongue up between her lips, sometimes thrusting it within her, but never quite reaching her clitoris. Her breathing growing ever heavier, he finally flicked out and caught that throbbing, sensitive bud, bringing ever louder moans from her.

The intensity of her moans increased when he slid the first two fingers of his right hand into her now very wet cunt, sliding them back and forth in a cadence much slower than the one he kept up with his rapidly licking tongue. Moaning gave way quickly to screaming as he crooked his fingers within her, driving them hard as he caught her clitoris between his lips and sucked at it. In the moment of orgasm, she grabbed at his head, pulling him ever tighter between her thighs and riding his face as hard as she could.

Conner continued, not stopping until she had come three times, each one bringing louder and more frenzied screams. Finally, he pulled away, his entire face soaked in the mixture of her juices and his own saliva, relishing the smell and the feel of her.

She was seemingly exhausted from the efforts of passion, laying back on the bed with her eyes closed and a soft smile on her lips. He stared at her for a while, relishing the sight of her, her long brown hair scattered across the pillow, framing her face in the light of the candle by the bedside. Conner loved to look at her laying naked like this, loved the sight of her body laid out before him. But this was not the time for idle voyeurism, for his own physical needs were driving him.

Gently bending her legs at the knees, he shifted himself into position between them. Holding his throbbing cock in his hand, he moved until it just touched her outer labia, the first contact with her moisture electrifying. He slid it slowly up and down between her lips, teasing both of them until he could take no more.

He drove into her in a rush, feeling the intensity of being gripped tightly in her hot, wet embrace. Stopping briefly when their pubic hair was mashed firmly together, he pulsed within her, and she answered him with her own tight, rhythmic squeezing.

He began to move slowly, relishing the feeling of having her wrapped tightly around him, now pulsing involuntarily. The soft romanticism of lovemaking soon gave way to the raw passion of fucking, and he lifted her legs higher, driving hard into her. With him biting hard at her breasts, she bucked wildly and screamed as another orgasm raced through her.

He slowed again. “Had enough yet?,” he asked her, grinning as he continued to pump deeply into her. “Not a chance,” came the breathless reply, and, grabbing his shoulders, convinced him to roll over with her.

Now sitting astride him, he felt her begin to rock back and forth, the sensation of having his cock bent and twisted within her driving him wild. He seized her hips and forced to rock ever faster, ever harder, and this time both of them screamed as he felt his own orgasm race through him, his cock pulsating wildly as he came deep inside of her.

Exhausted, she fell forward, lying atop him, still holding his now shrinking member within her. They lay for a while, not saying anything, just relishing the closeness and comfort of one another in the afterglow.

Magda spoke first. “This weekend, baby, I hope to do a lot of the same. And you’ll get to know just why you drive me so wild.”

“I can hardly wait.”

The remainder of the week passed uneventfully, although both of them had a constant sense of anticipation about it. Friday night arrived, and they sat waiting for Aiesha. Never one for punctuality, she arrived about an hour late, swirling through the door and seating herself quickly in her usual spot in the kitchen.

“You’ve had ankara escort bayan some time to think this thing over. Are you still sure that this is what you want to do?” She gazed first at Magda, then at Conner, her eyes studying both of them with even more than the usual interest. Both of them nodded.

“There are a few things I need to explain. First of all, there is some initial discomfort; after all, you’re about to leave the only body your mind has ever known, and occupy a new space. The stress associated with that is a bit like moving to a new home or starting a new job, only much more intense. What you cannot do is attempt to jump back immediately, even though your instincts may tell you to try. You must stay in the body you have jumped to for at least a full day; your consciousness simply could not survive the stress of two swaps in such a short period of time. After a full twenty-four hours, you can return if you wish.”

“I don’t think that will be a problem,” Conner said, winking at Magda. “There’s a lot of things we want to do, and it’s unlikely that we’ll be looking forward to returning to normal all that quickly.”

“All right,” Aiesha replied. “The second condition that I need to explain is that I’m going to need to stay with you for your first time. There are many reasons for this, but primarily it’s because you’re going to need a lot of guidance, you’re going to need someone who is not directly involved in the swap to ensure your physical and emotional well-being, and, of course, you’re going to need someone to bring you back. Once you’ve done it once and returned, you’ll be able to do it without me. Think of it in terms of a vision quest”

“Oh,” Magda said, the disappointment showing plainly on her face. She had hoped that she and Conner would be alone for the time they were “relocated,” able to explore each other freely. “Is it necessary that you stay with us every moment that we’re outside of our own bodies?”

“I’m afraid so, my dear. I can’t let you do this on your own. Now, I’m sure that exploring sex is one of the first things that you wanted to do, it’s the thing that most people want to try. I won’t stop you from that exploration, but I can’t leave you entirely alone, either. I know that’s difficult to understand, but please be assured that I have done this before, and it’s not as awkward as it may sound to you right now. If it is, you may choose to wait on exploring sex until next time, but I doubt you’ll be able to.”

Conner looked nervous. “Are you saying that we need to actually always be in the same room? What if someone needs to use the bathroom?”

“Again, I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is. If one goes, we all go. This is one rule that I will not allow anyone to break. If you want the experience, you must play by my rules, at least the first time. Now, do you still want to go through with it?”

Conner and Magda looked at one another, the nervousness and anticipation showing plainly in both of their faces. It was Magda who smiled first, a slight grin that Conner took into himself and returned. Both turned to Aiesha and nodded in unison.

“Excellent. Let’s begin.”

The three of them proceeded into the living room, and began to prepare for their “journey”. Four candles were lit and placed in the four corners of the room, while Aiesha lit a small block of charcoal and sprinkled incense across it, filling the room with a strange sweet smell, one unfamiliar to both Magda and Conner.

At Aiesha’s instruction, they both got undressed and lay side by side in the center of the room, the soft carpet below them, cushioning them. Magda turned to Conner and smiled, he winked back at her. Aiesha began to chant softly, the words indistinct but the cadence comforting, and they both began to breathe deeply, moving quickly into a more meditative state with the ease that comes from years of practice.

Conner awoke with a start, embarrassed at having fallen asleep during trance. He felt odd, disoriented, and concerned that his action would prevent the occurrence from taking place. He tried to sit up, and found himself feeling very dizzy, lying back down again quickly. The room was blurry, the smoke from the incense and burning candles obscuring his vision.

He glanced over at Magda, checking to see whether or not she was still in trance. She wasn’t there. Instead, lying next to him was a nude man. Still feeling out-of-sorts, it took him a minute to realize that he was looking at his own body. Was this an out-of-body experience, or had the transformation actually taken place? Reaching his hand down tentatively, he felt his chest, and realized that it was a chest he was very familiar with, though never from quite this angle. He was in Magda’s body.

He noticed the body next to him begin to stir, and reached out his arm tentatively towards it. The sensation was odd, an awkward feeling not unlike trying to use a limb that has fallen asleep. When he made contact, his heart pounding in his ears, he felt something rush through him, a pull to end the transition escort ankara and return to his own form.

“I wouldn’t do that just yet,” came Aiesha’s voice from somewhere in the smoky haze. “Give yourself some time to acclimate to your new habitat before contacting your old one. You need to get to know yourself all over again, explore yourself, otherwise your consciousness will do its very best to simply return. And that would be very dangerous right now.”

Magda was struggling to sit up in her new, masculine form, and her eyes opened wide at the realization of the transfer. Conner watched her as she slowly, awkwardly stroked her hand across her now broadened chest, through the thickening hair below her belly, across her penis. She shuddered for a moment as she did so, the sensation of growing aroused so quickly feeling strange to her. She looked up, suddenly embarrassed at touching herself in front of Aiesha.

“It’s entirely normal to begin the exploration with those parts which you have never before encountered,” Aiesha said, her face becoming clearer now in the thinning smoke. “Please try to realize that I’m not seeing anything that I have not seen before, and that I make no value judgements on what you may choose to do in your new forms, as long as you make no effort to harm yourselves.”

Conner was the first to rise to his feet, and after a few moments of steadying himself against the side of the couch, he began to walk very slowly, very carefully, trying to adjust to the completely alien feelings that were coursing through his system. He stopped in front of the old Victorian mirror, looking into the mirror and seeing the reflection of his dear Magda.

He stretched, admiring the curve of breasts, of softly rounded hips, of smooth soft skin. Gently, he began to move his hands across the body he occupied, touching his face, his hair, his neck, then moving lower. He cupped his breasts in his hands, squeezing them gently, then pinching lightly at the nipples, which sprang into hardness quickly. His old nipples had always been somewhat sensitive, but nothing like this, he thought.

Growing more aroused, and uncaring of his audience, he slid one hand lower, to tangle briefly in the thick patch of pubic hair between his legs. Slowly parting his legs, he slid a finger tentatively across the mons pubis, gently parting the hair and finding, to no great surprise, that he was already growing moist.

He looked into the mirror, and could see that Magda was growing bolder with her own body, stroking her hairy chest with one hand while the other encircled her penis, gently stroking and squeezing it to full arousal. Turning, he saw that her eyes were closed, caught up in the rapture of never before encountered sensuality.

He looked to Aiesha, who nodded at the silent question in his eyes, then he went to Magda and touched her lightly on the arm, a strong muscular arm that had been his only a short time ago. He had thought about this moment, about how difficult it might be to be aroused by touching a man, but he found that the knowledge of whom occupied that body was enough to keep him interested. Feeling ever stranger, he moved his hands slowly across her back, squeezing at the tight buttocks, then reaching around to the front.

His hand covered hers at it stroked at the erect cock, guiding her in discovering the most sensitive, the most pleasurable areas. He watched her face, a face he had only seen before in mirrors, and saw her mouth open slightly in the intensity of feeling.

And then a third hand joined theirs. Conner looked up, surprised to see that Aiesha had moved silently closer, and was also caressing and squeezing at Magda’s newfound sex. Obviously also flushed with excitement, she had been apparently unable to maintain her usual cool, and had found their sexual discovery too exciting to simply sit back and observe.

He watched as Aiesha dropped to her knees, her open mouth only a fraction of an inch from Magda’s erection. As she opened her lips and gently flicked out her tongue at the drop of liquid hanging at the crown, Magda opened her eyes, her surprise quickly overcome by her arousal.

Aiesha opened her mouth more fully now, allowing the hard cock to slip between her lips, bringing a moan from Magda as she enjoyed the sensation of hot moisture engulfing her for the first time. Not to be left out, Conner put his hands at her cheeks, turning her head and kissing her deeply, the unfamiliar texture of masculine skin and hair somehow exciting. Magda reached out and grabbed one of his breasts, squeezing it hard. Their hands now moved rapidly along each others’ bodies, caressing and groping wildly. Below, Aiesha continued her ministrations, her head moving slowly back and forth as she took as much of Magda within her mouth as she could.

Magda pulled away from Conner’s embrace, the excitement growing ever stronger. He knew that she was quickly reaching the point of no return, the feeling of control passing from her quickly as her legs began to shake with impending orgasm. He lowered his head and bit at her nipples, knowing what the sensation did to him when he had occupied that body, and he was not disappointed in the result. Magda screamed with delight, burying her fingers in Aiesha’s hair as she disgorged herself deep into the eager mouth before her.

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