The Summer of Our Content Ch. 01


This is a story about my mother and I and several events that occurred over the course of a few weeks in the summer of 1993. My mother recently passed away, and I felt compelled to put my memories of her down on paper.

After my mother and father divorced in 1989, she moved back to Germany. She was born several years after the end of World War II in the Berlin suburb of Charlottenburg. She had been over there for four years, and I only saw her during the summer months of each year.

I stayed in the United States as I was enrolled in the architecture school at Harvard University. I was 23 years old and just a year from graduation. My father was a prominent Boston attorney who had decided to have his mid-life crisis and entered into a long-term affair with his younger paralegal assistant. I loved my father very much, but was also bitterly disappointed in him for what he had done to our family, particularly to my mother.

My mother, Petra, is 43, tall, dark-haired, classy and culturally sophisticated, in that kind of old European fashion. She was always ‘dressed to the nines,’ had her hair done well, face made up, and stayed in great shape through exercise and diet. She was an accomplished musician, loved to read books, but her real passion was travel.

My mother had taken me on some of the greatest trips and excursions throughout my childhood and young adult years. It seemed like every summer we were off to some part of the globe in pursuit of adventure. I remember that my father probably only accompanied us about 25% of the time. He was always too busy with work, which was probably just as well as my mother’s adventures can’t have been cheap.

By the end of my spring semester I was ready for the school year to finish, and I was ready for a trip to see my mother and her family. She had called earlier in the week and told me that a plane ticket was in the mail, and that she had a wonderful summer planned for us. I told her how excited was to see her, and that I had missed her desperately these past few months. I could tell that hearing that from me made her feel happy and needed.

The next couple of weeks flew by, and the next thing I knew I was packing my bags the night before I was to leave. I went out and had a few celebratory beers with friends in honor of the end of the semester and the grades we’d received.


The next morning as the sun rose, my 747 was lifting off from Logan International Airport and striking out over the Atlantic for my eight hour flight into Tempelhof Airport in Berlin. I spent much of the time reading fiction and the travel guide to the Greek islands that my mother had included in the package with my plane ticket.


Early the next morning I cleared German customs and stepped out into the main concourse of the terminal, and there she was, waving her arms madly. She ran up to me and threw her arms around me and hugged me fiercely, kissing my face non-stop. I dropped my bags and picked her up and held her closely, telling her how much I’d missed her, and loved her.

Finally, I set her down gently and we began to collect my luggage. She held my arm tightly, as though she was afraid I’d get back on a plane and leave.

Mother looked beautiful. She was dressed in a simple, but elegant, dark-blue skirt and long-sleeved white blouse. Her dark brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail and fastened with a cream-colored ribbon. As she was nearly six feet, she had a pair of simple black mules on her feet.

I held her at arms length, and said, “Mother, my god, you look absolutely radiant!”

She smiled, “Oh, you, it’s seeing you that’s done it. I have been so looking forward to seeing you ever since after Christmas when you left to go back to school.”

“Well, I am back, and we have the whole summer to catch up and get tired of each other,” I grinned.

She giggled, “Silly boy, I could never get tired of my baby boy. Maybe you’ll get tired of your mother, but I’ll never get tired of you.”

As we walked out of the terminal, my luggage in tow, I put my arm around her waist and said, “Mother, please believe me, I could never, ever get tired of you. You have always been the bright spot in my life. You were always there for me, and still are. I am so lucky to have you as my mother. Especially when I compare our relationship with some of the horror stories I hear from my friends.”

We arrived at her car, an older Mercedes, she opened the trunk and we loaded my gear. She tossed me the keys, “Do you remember how to get to my flat, Eric?” she laughed.

“I think so, mom. Just help me get out of the airport.” I replied.


The next couple of weeks were a whirlwind of activity. We went to museums, art galleries, day trips into East Berlin, picnics in the forested lakes region outside of Berlin.

The summer weather in Berlin was lovely, mid-70s during the day, but wonderfully cool at night. In July, the sun stays up until nearly 10:00 p.m., a function of the location of Berlin at such a northern gaziantep escort telefonları latitude.

We went out at night and ate in some of the grandest restaurants in the city, and brunched in the mid-morning in the quaint outdoor cafes in the Charlottenburg district.

Mother’s flat was on the second floor of an old multi-family residence constructed at the turn of the century, and had somehow survived the terrible bombing in the closing years of the war. It had remained in her family all of these years, and she had lovingly restored it to its original condition. She had refinished all of the hardwood floors, hung new wallpaper, and filled the rooms with beautiful furniture, bookcases, and plants. Her artistic flair was evident in the paintings on the wall and sculptures on shelves.

She had set me up in one of the spare bedrooms and had given it a masculine flair with the forest green paint and oak paneled wainscoting. A large queen-sized bed occupied the room. It was well lit with a beautiful large window that opened out over the courtyard of her building.

I shared a bathroom with her, with a door from each of our rooms opening into it. Looking back, I realize that it was this situation that changed my life, our lives irrevocably.


A couple of days before we were to leave on holiday to the Greek islands, we had gone out for dinner at one of the little outdoor cafes in the neighborhood. We had several after-dinner drinks, espresso, and then strolled around the neighborhood, arm in arm, as twilight passed into night.

We returned to Mother’s flat and spread out the maps and guide books, while Mother excitedly shared her plans for our three-week holiday. Most of the time would be spent on the island of Santorini. We pored over the books and planned several interesting day-trips and excursions.

Mother leaned over my shoulder as I sat in a chair at the dining room table, her large breasts pressing against my back, her long dark hair flicking against my neck as her head moved. I realized that I could smell her clean hair and the light scent of her perfume. I also realized that I was getting an erection!

I looked up at her and said, “Mother, it’s been a wonderful day, but I’m tired and I’m going to hit the rack.”

“Okay, Baby, I’m tired too, and we have a big day ahead of tomorrow getting ready for our trip. I’m so glad you’re here with me, honey, I love you so much!” and with that she leaned over me again and kissed me gently on the lips as she mussed my hair with her hand.

I undressed in my room and headed into the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. After I finished I turned out the lights and crawled into bed and lay there in the dark. I could see the light from mother’s bedroom under the closed door separating her room from the bathroom.

The bathroom light snapped on again several minutes later and my mother entered. What I saw took my breath away. She was dressed in a light creamy-colored nightie that was rather diaphanous in the soft light. I could also see her heavy, pendulous, unconfined breasts swaying as she washed her face in front of the mirror. She turned for a towel and I could see the dark, hazy outline of her pubic hair through the nightgown. She brushed her hair several times and then pulled it back into a loose ponytail and held it with an elastic scrunchie.

Mother padded over to my doorway in bare feet, her long legs and body silhouetted in the bathroom light behind her, “Goodnight, honey bear. I love you, Baby. Sleep tight.” She said softly.

I didn’t respond, letting her think I was asleep. She continued to look at me in the darkened room for a moment and then turned back and went into her room, turning off the light and closing me in darkness.

I couldn’t help myself; I flipped the covers back and quickly drew my boxer shorts down my legs and began to stroke my hard cock. All I could think about was the sexy, sensuous body of my mother. God, I felt completely crazy having these kinds of feelings for her, but I couldn’t help myself and masturbated furiously. I came in a matter of minutes and squirted several thick spurts of sperm and semen onto my belly and hairy chest. I groaned as I imagined cumming on my mother’s big boobs, or inside her wet pussy.

I fell almost instantly into a deep sleep with my sperm drying on my chest.


Early the next morning I was awakened by mother sitting on the edge of my bed gently telling me to wake up. She reached over and caressed my unshaven cheek and said, “Wake up, sleepyhead. We have a lot to do today.”

I lay in bed with the sheets and blankets covering my waist, but my upper body was exposed to her view. She laid her hand on my hairy chest. All of the sudden I realized that she was feeling the dried cum in my chest hair. I noticed her glancing down to see what was adhered to my hair. She looked at the floor and saw my boxer shorts balled up next to the nightstand.

Not escort gaziantep telefonları a word passed between us, but I knew that she knew what I had done last night. I began to blush. She leaned over and kissed me and said softly, “Eric, I can’t tell you what a handsome young man you’ve become. Now get up, before I roll you out onto the floor.”

After a hot shower and a shave, I felt ready for the day and met mother in the kitchen where we shared some breakfast and coffee.

She took me out and bought me several nice summer suits for our trip, indicating that I needed to look a little classier than blue jeans and golf shirts. We both bought swim suits and other beach togs. I helped mother choose a very simple, but beautiful, one piece turquoise-colored swimsuit. She had been adamant that she’d not be wearing a two-piece, after she’d tried on a couple in the changing room. I told her she was ‘nuts,’ that she was a gorgeous woman and would look good in a burlap sack.

She playfully punched my arm, “Eric, you just want to see your old mother hanging out all over the place on the beach. Well, it’s not gonna happen, my dear!”

“Mom, number one, you’re not old; and number two, you are very beautiful, and always will be.” I retorted laughingly.

I could tell that she was very pleased with my comments as she took my arm in hers as we made our way to the cashier station and paid for all of our purchases.


The next day found us winging south on a flight into Athens and then a small commuter hop out to the island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea. We were met at the airport by a van and staff from our resort hotel. The driver loaded our baggage and we set off for the hotel.

The hotel was located next to the beach, and as we climbed out of the van I could see the clear blue water in sharp contrast to the sandy beach. The hotel grounds were covered with trees and gardens of flowering bushes and plants. It was truly lovely. I looked at mother and could tell that she was excited too.

We checked in and were assigned one of the beach bungalow units. They told us that we were literally yards from the beach and would have all the privacy in the world. It was kind of cute; I could tell that the desk staff thought that we were a married couple. Interestingly, neither mother, nor I, dissuaded them of this notion. We took our keys and followed the bellman down the flagstone path to our unit.

After unpacking our clothes and settling in, I opened a bottle of wine that was in the complimentary fruit basket, poured us each a glass and carried it over to mother.

“Mom, here’s to you! For all that you have done for me. I want you to know that I plan on pampering you for the next two weeks. My way of giving back to you,” I toasted her.

We clinked glasses, and mother stepped closer to me and bussed me softly on the lips, “Sweetheart, just being here with you is gift enough. We are here to have a good time and spend some time together, just the two of us.”

As I looked around our room it suddenly dawned on me, “Mother, we need to contact the staff and have a rollaway bed brought in for me, or get some sheets and blankets for the sofa. There’s just the one bed, and that’s for you.”

“Nonsense, Eric, we’ll just have to share, it’s a king-sized bed anyhow,” she countered.

Mother suggested that we get into our swim suits and head out to the beach and spend the afternoon getting some sun. We changed and grabbed our books, bottled water, and two beach chairs from the bungalow porch and headed off down the beach.

We found a secluded section of beach several hundred yards from our bungalow and set up camp. I noticed that there were just a few other couples scattered up and down the beach, some under umbrellas, others simply lying on towels or blankets.

Mother took off her wrap and stood in front of me in her new suit, and handed me the suntan lotion, “Here, butter me up, otherwise I’ll fry.”

I squirted the lotion into my hand, rubbed them together and applied it to mother’s back, shoulders, neck, and arms. I scooped her hair out of the way and rubbed her upper neck. I dabbed more on my fingertip and carefully spread it on her forehead and face as she tilted her head back with her eyes closed.

I spread the large beach towels out and set our chairs up next to them. Mother sat down on one of the towels and put lotion on her legs, as I sat next to her in one of the chairs.

I looked around, getting the lay of the land, realizing just how beautiful and tranquil the setting was. Behind us was the backdrop of the hotel grounds and trees, the placid ocean in front of us, and the wide, bright sandy beach all about us. It was so quiet, just the sound of the waves breaking on the beach.

As I looked at our closest neighbors, a couple of hundred feet down from us, I noticed that they seemed to be completely nude. Looking more closely at other couples, gaziantep escort bayan telefonları I realized that everyone was either topless or naked. ‘Well,’ I thought to myself, ‘It is Europe, after all.’

I looked down at mother lying next to me on her towel. She had her sunglasses on, but I could tell her eyes were shut as she lay under the sun’s rays. Her long legs were lying flat and were slightly parted, her large breasts kind of pillowed out over her chest inside the blue suit. Thinking to myself, ‘She is all woman, wonderful, sexy, smart, and I am ever so lucky to have her as my mother.’

I began to develop a seriously hard dick sitting there looking at my mother’s sexy body, so I decided to go ‘cool off’ with a swim in the water. I got up and ambled down to the surf’s edge and waded out. When it was at my waist, I leaned forward and plunged in. The water was cool, but certainly not cold. It felt so refreshing that I ended up spending about twenty minutes swimming and floating about.

As I emerged from the waves, I noticed that the current had carried me down a few hundred feet. I walked back up the beach along the strand, the warm air drying the salt water on my body. I passed a few couples stretched out soaking up the sun. I noticed one nude couple as I drew closer, the woman was lying next to her man and lazily stroking his erect cock. She was lying on her side and slowly stroking his large penis and periodically fondling his balls. She smiled at me as I passed. The man was flat on his back and had his eyes closed as he enjoyed the caresses of his woman.

By the time I reached mother I was sporting another hardon. Mother looked up at me as I reached her.

“My God, Eric, whatever caused that?” she giggled and pointed at my crotch.

“Oh, mother, stop it. I can’t help it, there are naked people all over out here,” I sighed.

“Well, honey, get used to it. The Greek islands are well known for their nude beaches, and anything goes behavior,” she told me.

I thought for a moment and then replied, “I know, but it means that I’ll be spending a hell of a lot of time in the water cooling my ardor.”

She rolled over on her side and propped her head in her hand and looking up at me she laughed at my innuendo, and used some of her own, “Oh, baby, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

I laughed hard and reached down and gave her playful push. She fell back on her back giggling hysterically.

What she did surprised the hell out of me. She reached up and brought the straps of her suit down and rolled the top half of suit down to her belly and exposed her large, full breasts to me.

“There,” she said, “is that better? Now you don’t have to look so far to steal a peek!” she laughed.

“Mom, what are doing? You can’t do that in front of me, or all of these people!” I exclaimed.

“Oh, honey, just relax. Its no big deal, I’m just getting some sun.” she laughed.

I looked down at her and took in the sight of my mother’s pale-skinned boobs and dark brown, large nipples. I told her, “You better get some lotion on those,” pointing at her breasts, “before they get burned. It doesn’t look like they get out in the sun all that much, mom.”

Tipping up her sunglasses, she boldly looked up at me, “Yep, you’re right. You sure you don’t want to do it for me?”

“Yeah, right!” I replied sotto voce.

All of the sudden the tube of lotion bounced off of my bare chest and fell into my lap and mother looked up at me expectantly, with a sly, sardonic grin on her face.

She leaned back on her elbows, “Okay, big boy, you said that you’d take care of mother for two weeks. So, start taking care of me. Come on, I don’t bite.”

I knelt on the towel next to mother, unscrewed the lotion cap and squeezed some into my hand. I looked at her tentatively.

“Go ahead, darling. Its alright, you won’t hurt me,” she said softly.

I looked into her eyes, “I know, Mom, I know, but…”

I reached down and began spreading the lotion across her breasts. It felt so incredible to be touching my mother’s flesh like this. Somehow it felt so much different than when I had rubbed the lotion on her back or shoulders. I was touching my mother’s breasts, the large, full and soft breasts that fed me so many years ago as a baby.

I rubbed the lotion into her skin, feeling her nipples harden as I rubbed them. I rubbed under her breasts finding the creases where her breasts joined her chest. Her breasts jiggled under my touch. I could barely stand to let go of them as I finished applying the lotion.

Mother softly sighed as I completed my task and leaned back on my heels next to her. She dropped her sunglasses back down over her eyes and cocked her head at me, “Eric, make yourself comfortable. Take off your shorts and enjoy the sun with me.”

“Oh, mother, that’s probably not such a good idea right now.” I replied.

She laughed, “Oh, I see. Okay, I have an idea; go up to the cabana and get us a couple of cold ‘punchy-type’ drinks. You should be calmed down by the time you get back, Baby.”

I could tell that mom was getting a lot of pleasure out of my obvious discomfort at the whole situation.

I grabbed my wallet, tank-top and sandals and headed off for the booze.


I returned in twenty minutes and found that mother had rolled over on her back and had completely removed her bathing suit. My mother was completely nude on her towel.

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