The Succubae Seduction 2: The Twins, Chapter 23


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Chapter 23

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Lyden Snow spared a quick glance over to where Sonia spoke to Shelly. He didn’t know what was wrong with either of his children, though one of Sheldon’s girlfriends— Shlee? Mandy?— attempted to tell him what they’d endured. Shelly was acting like a sex-crazed maniac while looking like she couldn’t care less about everything else going on.

And Sheldon…. His oldest son lay comatose in his arms. His breathing was even, though his face contorted into pain every few seconds.

“—and that’s when the Pillar of Darkness cursed Eldon,” the four-armed woman said, pulling Lydon’s attention fully to her.

“He cursed my son?!” he exploded. He’d grown angry a moment ago when she’d said something about King Aecus kidnapping Shelly, but blew it off when he was told that Aecus was dead. Good riddance! That was one less enemy for Lydon to worry about. He suspected that there was more to that story, but hadn’t been told everything yet.

Hearing that the always unpredictable Pillar of Darkness had actually cursed his son was too much. Everything was happening at a speed he couldn’t keep up with. Shelly was acting way out of character, and his son, who still glowed golden in his sight, and who was supposed to be impervious to any permanent damage or harm, was comatose. And to add to everything swirling around him, Gloria was trying to kill the Pillar of Fire. Too much happening for him to track it all. He suffered from a feeling he’d not experienced in quite some time. He was overwhelmed.

“Not cursed,” Shlee interjected. He noticed her canine teeth were still a little elongated showing her agitation and her werewolf heritage. Werewolves were his enemy too, right? No, they were now his allies. And one was dating his son. “The Pillar of Darkness blessed your son. Which I think is worse, but he said it was needed in order to bring your fairy back.”

My fairy? Lydon wondered, then cursed himself. Areth! The whole reason his kids went to deal with the font of evil. Why was he finding it so hard to think? And why was he looking up into Sheila’s worried gaze? Wasn’t he just holding their son? She was saying something to him, and he had to focus hard to hear her. It felt like she was talking to him down a tunnel. No, his vision was just darkening at the edges. He knew that was a bad sign, but knew that there were more pressing needs.

“You’re bleeding, Master!” She seemed to be yelling, but he managed to just understand her. “You’ve lost a lot of blood.”

Well, that would explain that annoying itch in his side. If she was that worried, he had to be hurt worse than he felt. His slave knew how resilient he was. If nothing else, her fear galvanized his thoughts.

I need to enter my mind space, he thought. He could heal up there, especially if he pulled his children in to help. They had strong souls. But something was off. Wasn’t there something else going on? What was he forgetting?

* * * *

As soon as he opened his eyes, Lyden remembered everything. Except how he got hurt. He remembered Gloria coming in and attacking Gaia. Alloria fired arrows in rapid succession, but they bounced harmlessly off the previous goddess of love. Had one accidently hit him? Alloria was a perfect shot with her bow, and while he knew she detested him, he couldn’t imagine her actually trying to hurt him. They were allies in protecting Gaia.

He looked around, and noted the form his mens mundi took. He stood in a large tented pavilion, lush cushions lining the red walls and covering the floor. He recognized it as one of his favorite orgy spots with his wives, and shook his head. Not the kind of place he wanted to bring his children into. He needed to heal, but he didn’t need sex for that while in here.

With a little effort of mental will, his surroundings misted and reformed into Gaia’s receiving chambers. There was no battle taking place now, and he stood alone. Where were his kids? Sheldon and Shelly should have been pulled in as he fell asleep. Or rather, fell unconscious.

Closing his eyes, he tried again to pull them into his mind-scape. They were both out cold, so it should be no issue, unless they had protections up. Or… No, that thought wasn’t worth having.

“Shelly is a little occupied at the moment,” an old but familiar voice said. “And as your son has received the blessing of a being that cannot bless, he is currently out of reach as well.”

Lydon’s eyes snapped open. He felt his jaw slacken as he looked at a scrawny old man, long grey-white hair hung from his head and down his shoulder in scraggly waves. He wore an old-fashioned tuxedo that might have been in style when Lyden took the man’s life.

“D-dad?” His voice cracked as he tried to speak. He’d talked to his father before while in Shelly’s mens mundi, but didn’t realize his old man could come visit his. He stood still as he looked over Shemhazau Encantado. “What… How are you here?”

The wizened man thought that over for a moment before speaking. “I liked the Sultan’s tent you had before much more than this earthen room.” He paced over to where Gaia’s throne stood upon its raised dais. “Gaia really needs to broaden her palette. Too many browns and greens. Oh, close your mouth, son. You were pulling pretty hard, and your daughter didn’t want me around while that mechanical woman talked to her, so I figured I’d pay you a visit. Besides, Gaia is working her over while she slumbers.”

Lyden’s mouth was not hanging open! He knew this wasn’t really his father. His father’s soul still resided in the cursed blade, Murasame. This was merely a shadow of the real one. But a shadow was more than he’d had for two decades. Either way, he needed to get that sword back from Marchosias.

“Do you know what’s going on with my kids?” Lyden asked, knowing that the old man was a permanent fixture in his daughter’s head and would be aware of what had happened to her.

Shemhazau’s grey eyes pierced Lyden, sizing him up. He knew it was going to be bad if the man who had almost no morals hesitated to speak of what he knew. “You’re going to want to sit down for this.”

* * * *

“I think I’m going to be sick,” Sheila said as she got up from the couch and walked away from her master. She’d joined them as soon as she could fall asleep to help him heal, and walked in on her master’s father explaining what was going on.

Her kids! Her poor, poor kids! Incest! Rape! Torture! Mind controlling ants… And her daughter was pregnant by the monster that’d raped her. Master’s last greatest enemy was dead, but his legacy now grew inside Shelly’s womb. To make matters worse, Shelly had to carry the child to term, or risk the world slowly dying.

No one deserved to have that happen to them. She knew her kids were strong. They took after their parents, but this…. This was worse than anything her master and his wives went through when trying to save their worlds from the Outsiders. She knew that Master was raped by TanaVesta multiple times, and she even took bites out of his flesh as she did it, but this seemed so much crueler. What sick, demented deity that was supposed to be watching over them would allow such an atrocity? The Pillar of Light—according to Gaia—ignored the world, and to the best of her knowledge, there were no higher deities.

Would she have had the strength to carry a monster in her womb? Over twenty years ago, she’d feared what effects might occur, having the Outsider inhabit her body for the little time it had during that last battle while she was pregnant with the twins. Gaia had assured her that nothing was done to them. The Outsider hadn’t been there at the conception.

Like it might have for Angela’s child… She had a little more sympathy for the succubus turned Pillar of Fire’s decision to hide the child from Master, but not much.

She looked at Master, looked at his young-again face, and saw the torment swirling in his grey eyes. As his willing slave, she should prostrate herself before him, and let him take out his pain and anguish on her in any way he desired. But as the mother of the two in torment, she needed to be comforted as well.

His light eyes turned up to meet hers. Without a word, he stood and pulled her into his powerful arms. Her heart broke again. How did this man always know when to be her master and when to be her friend? They weren’t married, but their relationship transcended that definition. She was his willing slave, lover, friend, confidant, and she would do anything for him. He… Well, he was her everything. And right then, he was the rock she needed to not be swept away in a torrent of emotions.

She didn’t know how long they stood there, absorbing strength from one another, but it was Master who spoke first.

“How does laying a paradox on my son help to bring Areth back?”

Sheila pulled away and wiped at her eyes. She knew she must look horrid at the moment, but one of the many benefits of being in Master’s mens mundi was that she could appear any way she chose to. With a quick thought, she felt an ice-blue, floor length dress engulf her. It matched her mood. She hadn’t known Lisa long before her death at the hands of the Paladonic Knights, but the daughter she left with Master would have some answering to do for her part in leading Sheldon into this mess. Lysa may be the Pillar of Air, but her behavior was inexcusable. Helping to save her daughter from Aecus wouldn’t be enough.

Of course, that also meant that Master and her owed Sonia a debt of gratitude for killing that monster, King Aecus.

“I don’t know,” Shemhazau said. “I once ruled the succubai, not the fairies. You’ll have to ask Oberon on that. The fay folk keep to themselves, mostly, as I’m sure you’re aware.”

Brock’s, or Bridgette’s, boyfriend was a sore subject for Master. Sheila knew that he didn’t approve of the relationship. The Fairy King was rude, crass, and the most disrespectful person Sheila had ever met. But she also saw the way the couple looked at one another. Whether it was due solely to Gloria’s spell, or something more, the two loved one another. And Oberon doted on Lydon’s other child, having no issues with their dual nature.

“I can’t just sit here, doing nothing,” Master said as he let go of her and started to pace.

“You need to heal, Master,” she told him, dropping to her knees in supplication and remembering the wound in his side. Gloria, or Aphrodite, or whatever her name was also had some answering to do. Not only for wounding Lyden, or for attacking Gaia, but she’d broken Sheldon’s heart at her betrayal. “Gaia has that woman secured. After you’re healed up, we can get the answers we need.”

“How bad am I?” he asked, looking at his side, though there was no wound here in his mind.

“There was a lot of blood, but Gaia assured us that you would survive,” she told him. “Even Alloria appeared worried about you, if you can believe it, Master.”

“Alloria?” he asked with no small amount of surprise. “She hates me, and all men.”

“Alloria, you say?” Shemhazau piped into the conversation. “The last living elf? She’s not as frigid as she pretends. Besides, you’re a good-looking man, and a strong one too. Her being a woman, there’s no way she’d not care about you.”

Sheila ground her teeth at his words. They were the most sexist thing she’d heard in a long time, and she loved a man who had multiple wives and loves. Not that Lyden took after his father’s personality, but whenever they were in public and people knew who her master was, she heard the whispers and the mumblings. Many people didn’t approve of his lifestyle. That was fine with her. They could disapprove all they wanted. As long as they didn’t try to force their views on them.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence, Dad,” Master spoke, “but I get the feeling that every time I’m around, it’s all she can do not to kill me.”

“Love? Hate? They’re both the same emotion, but different ends of the spectrum,” Shemhazau shrugged. “Often times, one will lead to the other.”

Sheila thought of Mandy. Emmett’s and Alloria’s daughter was evidence that the woman could tolerate men. And hadn’t Sheila once despised and scorned Lyden until that fateful day that he took her, and owned her soul? She didn’t think for a moment that Alloria loved her master, but perhaps she respected him somewhere deep down.

“What happened to Gloria?” Master wanted to know.

“Gaia managed to Sex hikayeleri subdue her,” Sheila answered. “I don’t know what she was thinking, trying to take on one of the Pillars. Master, she was scary with how strong she was. Gaia, I mean. Promise me you’ll never have to fight her?”

“Why doesn’t Gaia just heal me?” Lyden asked next, then answered his own question. “Because she’s using most of her power to keep balance in the two worlds, and likely needs some to keep Gloria in check. Damn it! I can’t reach Sheldon or Shelly to pull them in to help heal me. I don’t dare pull in anyone else.”

Sheila knew he had to be frustrated if he was swearing. Damn was the most minor of words he ever used, but it took a lot to get Lyden Snow to swear.

“Well, I am here at my mistress’s request,” a melodic voice broke in. They all turned to see Alloria striding towards them. The woman was stunningly beautiful, but in that very cold way some women have. Her long chestnut brown hair framed her face perfectly as she walked. “You should feel honored that I would sully myself by coming here, man.” Not even her sneer could mar her beauty.

“Alloria!” Shemhazau crowed with glee. “What a wondrous site you are. It’s been—” He was cut off as Alloria waved a hand at him. Leather handcuffs held his arms behind his back, and he dropped into a kneeling position, some sort of harness holding him in that pose. A muzzle wrapped around and covered his mouth, making it impossible for him to speak. Sheila wondered where she could get a getup like that and surprise Master with it sometime when they could enjoy themselves.

“If I wanted to hear pigs squeal, I’ll go visit a farm,” Alloria said, then turned her back on the bound old man. From his reputation, it didn’t surprise Sheila that Shemhazau appeared to be enjoying the treatment.

“I thank you, and appreciate your help,” Lyden said, full of diplomacy and with a slight bow. “The sooner I’m healed, the sooner we can restore Arethusa and you won’t have to deal with me. I know how much disdain you hold for me.”

Alloria regarded him for a long moment before speaking. “You should be grateful, but if I’m being honest, you’re not the worst representative of your kind, despite your life choices.” The elf turned to look at Sheila, still on her knees before her master, as she finished speaking.

Sheila opened her mouth to let this uppity, man-hating bitch know exactly where she could shove her opinion, but was interrupted by another arrival.

“Mom, dad, I’m so sorry for the way I behaved,” Shelly said as she materialized within Master’s mens mundi.

“Shelly!” Lyden exclaimed and ran to their daughter. Sheila was only a step behind because she had to regain her feet. Both parents embraced their daughter for several long moments. Sheila felt tears streaming from her eyes for the second time since coming here, but didn’t care. Her daughter appeared to be back to normal.

“So, this is where the pervert went to,” Sonia’s voice rang next. “My apologies, Ambassador Snow. I sensed you trying to bring your daughter here, but I blocked them. We… um… had some things to discuss first.”

Sheila glanced at the android, wondering. Was she actually blushing? She must have some seriously sophisticated programming.

Sheila didn’t miss the way her daughter reached out for the synthetic being when they finally released her. There wasn’t a look of love on Shelly’s face, but one of comfort. Unlike Sheldon, who had received two girlfriends after having his heart broken, Shelly had only received a companion. For her daughter’s sake, Sheila hoped it was enough.

“And my mistress needed her mind within her own body as she worked upon your daughter’s pregnancy,” Alloria added.

“Dad, Mom…” Shelly grew pensive as she stepped back and grimaced. Her hand rested on her stomach in a way that could mean only one thing. “There are some things you should know, and… and they aren’t going to be pleasant.”

Sheila took her daughter’s hand, and gave it a squeeze. Tears rolled down Shelly’s face as she tried to build the courage to tell them what they already knew.

“We know,” Master said. Two such simple words, and yet the effect they had on Shelly was incredible. “We know, and we love you no matter what. It wasn’t you fault, and we don’t blame you.”

* * * *

Lyden awoke with fury still in his heart. He’d meant what he told Shelly. He didn’t blame her for what had happened to her, though he could see in her eyes that she still blamed herself. No, he blamed Jessica, or more precisely, the nameless being that inhabited her. He also blamed Aecus, and was thankful to Sonia for her actions in taking the monster out. His heart broke, knowing that Shelly had to carry the baby to term in order to ensure the world lived. What terrible burdens his children carried, Shelly worst of all.

“Gaia!” he called out. “We need to talk.”

“Yes, we do,” the Pillar of Earth said as she formed out of the ground. “The preparations for Arethusa’s revival are nearly complete. I’m glad to see you’re returned to whole again.”

Hearing his fairy lover’s name almost distracted him from his anger. Almost.

“You knew where Aecus was all these years,” he accused her.

“Of course I did,” she replied as though his statement was obvious.

“You know he’s been trying to kill me for decades,” Lyden spat. “You claimed to care about me, yet you let him live, and he raped my daughter!”

“I also let you live,” she informed him in even tones. “He came to me many times, demanding to know where you were so that he could kill you in retribution for TanaVesta’s death. I never told him. There were also a few times one of his minions found you, and they never made it back to report to him. I had to let him live, Lyden. His ants are crucial for the survival of all creatures in both worlds. With him dead, it’s all I can do to hold the ecology together long enough for your daughter to bear that child.” Her gaze grew angry as she approached him. No, anger wasn’t the right word. She was furious. “And don’t presume that my feelings for you outweigh my responsibilities as the Pillar of Earth. Angela may choose to put you first, but my responsibility is to all living things. Not just you.”

“Angela puts me first?” Lyden tried not to laugh as he grew incredulous. “She lied to me about a child she bore. And that’s not even the first time she’s lied to me. She made me young again, despite me telling her I didn’t want it. Angela serves herself first.”

“You have so many women in your life, and yet you still don’t understand us, do you?” Gaia asked, some, but not all, of her rage slipping away. “I didn’t say she made the best decisions. Only that she puts you above everyone, and everything, else. Yes, she lied about Jessica…. To protect you. And I’m certain you’ve already made up with her on that. And yes, she made you young again, not for her benefit, but because she honestly thought that you would change your mind once the act was done. I’ve noticed that you haven’t asked me to adjust your age back, despite that being well within my abilities.”

She paused and placed her pointer finger against her mouth as Lyden stood silently, contemplating her words.

“Did you know, Lyden, that every time you’re with the Pillar of Fire I have to work twice as hard in order to stop volcanos from erupting, heatwaves from scorching portions of both worlds, and even had to restore the rain forests a couple times. She puts you first in ways that you never see.”

Lyden stood there, stunned. He’d never known any of that. He knew that there were times when he was with Gaia in the past that she lost a bit of her control, but he had no idea that the same had happened with Angela. He should have, though. He knew that Gaia had better control over her powers, than the relatively young Angela.

“Of course, I haven’t asked you to readjust my age,” he snapped at her. “There have been more important things than my age to concern us, or to use your power on.”

“Is that the only reason?” she asked, one dark eyebrow rising as if to mock his assertion. “It would only take me a moment, right now, to return you to that old body. The power drain would be minimal, compared to everything else I’m already doing, or have done for your family. Basically, it’ll be like blinking for me. I can even make sure it’s painless. All you have to do is ask. Your body would age, returning to its previous state, with all that entails.”

Lyden opened her mouth to argue with her, then closed it. He didn’t appreciate what Angela had done to him against his will, but now that he’d grown accustomed to it again, did he really want to be old again? He remembered all his aches and pains that came with old age. Sensations he’d grown used to over the years. Those were gone now, and he had more energy, more vitality, to share with his wives.

But what had he lost? His first thought was that he’d lost some of his dignity, but he knew that wasn’t true. He still had the same mind, just in a younger body. And thanks to illusion, he could still appear as old and dignified as he was before. Why had he really been so upset about it? Why was he so against this? He enjoyed his life, despite the dangers. He was happy with his wives, and happy with how his life had turned out, despite its tragedies.

It occurred to him that what bothered him, was that it had been done against his will. Now that it had happened, and that he’d had time to accustom himself to his new youth, he found that he truly didn’t want to give it up.

He also realized that Gaia was starring at him, still waiting for his answer. He could see in her dark eyes that she already knew it, and was just waiting for him to give her that satisfaction.

“You said that we’re ready to wake up Areth?” he said instead, changing the subject. The way her full lips turned up said she wasn’t fooled. He hadn’t expected to succeed. He also didn’t expect what she did next.

The ground beneath her bare feet shifted, moving her forward until she embraced him. Her dark brown arms pulled him tight into her bosom as she stared into his gray eyes. “I said they were almost complete,” she grinned at him, and then leaned in and kissed him. There was no heat or passion in the kiss, but Lyden found his arms wrapping back around her. His anger bled from him, despite how fiery it burned only moments before.

His hands slid up her smooth back, and he was just starting to wonder if they had enough time for a quickie, when she pulled away, a devilish grin on her face.

“Damn,” Oberon’s voice cut through the fog filling his mind, “I’ll bet he’s rock hard after that kiss. Get it? ‘Rock hard’ because she’s—”

“We get it,” Bridget groaned.

Lyden blinked as he looked around, confused. They were in a new room. Gaia must have transported them while they kissed. Now that she’d pulled away, he could tell that she’d used her magic on him to increase his libido. He tried to glare at her, but she faced away from him.

He noted that everyone was in a circle, with Sheldon lying on his back in the middle, the golden statue of Arethusa on his ragged breathing chest. Every now and then, his face grimaced as though he were in pain, but other than that, he was motionless.

He stepped up to move next to Sheila, and only then noticed how tight his pants still were. He couldn’t adjust himself while everyone was around, and mentally cursed Gaia for her trick. His increased vitality also came with an increase in his sex drive that he’d long forgotten. Chances were, he’d have to suffer through this without relief.

He glanced around at everyone else here. Sheila stood on his left, and even Brooke had arrived, standing on his right. He still didn’t know how he felt about the revelation about what was forced upon her by Jessica’s nameless being. By the tear stains on her cheeks, and the concerned way she looked at him, he could see that the revelation of what she’d done with their son tore her up.

“I love you,” he whispered to her, and then felt his heart break as she pulled him into a hug and cried into his shoulder. Jessica’s ghost was going to pay for what she’d done. She was going to pay and suffer for the heartache she’d put his family through.

“Dad,” Bridget spoke up. “I’m so—”

He cut her off with a look over his petit wife’s head. “It wasn’t your fault,” he told her. “I know the power the Outsider’s hold, and how they can twist you to do things you’d otherwise never do. I don’t Sikiş hikayeleri blame you, or your other half for what happened.”

Brooke looked back at their daughter as Lyden spoke. Bridget flickered into Brock’s strong form within their mechanical legs. His wife flinched and tensed in his arms. It might be a while before she could face the male aspect of their son, and he saw the pain that crossed Brock’s face as he shifted back.

Oh yes, there would be retribution for the pain caused to his family!

Oberon sat on Bridget’s shoulder, and he tried to comfort her, also sensing her inner turmoil. Despite his initial misgivings about the male fairy, he could see that Oberon truly cared about his child. If only the fairy king weren’t such an obnoxious little twit.

Gaia took up the space next to Brooke’s and his child. Alloria stood next to her, holding one of Mandy’s hands. Shlee stood on her other side, holding another hand. Mandy’s other set of arms were folded across her chest as she and Shlee looked upon their lover with concern.

Mei and Gokan were next in the circle, their dragon mother, Blue, resting on her front paws behind them. He rarely saw his children with Blue, as they chose to be more aloof, but he was glad to see them here… Even if both were as naked as the day they hatched.

The new redheaded woman—Lyden thought her name was Megan—stood next to his half-dragon children. He hadn’t had time to get a read on her, or how she felt about Sheldon. He’d only received the briefest statement on why she was with his son. From what he’d heard, he needed to have a talk with Lysa; Pillar of Air or not, her behavior was questionable. And there was no way he approved of her sleeping with the Pillar of Darkness.

Jennifer came next in the circle. It came as a small surprise to him that she was fully clothed, even if that clothing accentuated her robust figure. Her mien was serious as she looked down at his son. Lyden was a little surprised to see her here, as he knew she rarely left Angela’s domain, or her duties as the Pillar of Fire’s personal security manager.

It took him a moment to recognize the woman between Jennifer and Sonia. Her eyes were heavily shadowed, and she appeared to be a lot frailer than he recalled. She was also encased up to her hips in a solid piece of crystal. He felt his anger start to rise once more as he pointed and asked, “What is she doing here?”

“I—” Gloria started to say, but Sheila cut her off even as she tightened her grip on his hand. He didn’t miss Shlee and Mandy turning dangerous glares her way as he waited for an explanation.

“Gloria wasn’t under her own control, Master,” Jennifer informed him. “Gaia, Brooke, Alloria, and your dragon children helped her regain control while you recovered. She loves him, and wants to help.” That was probably the least lewd statement he’d ever heard Jennifer say. “Of course, with that cock of his, I can’t blame her for falling for him.” That was the Jennifer he knew.

He was about to ask how they broke whatever spell Jessica’s ghost put on her, but remembered that love had been the one thing that allowed his women to resist the Outsider when it commanded them to kill him. Perhaps it was something like that? Except that it’d looked like she was trying to kill Gaia, not Sheldon… He would have to ask after they were done awakening Areth.

Lyden looked to Shelly, and while she looked worn and haggard, she also looked determined as she held Sheila’s other hand. He also noted that her pregnancy was already showing a little bit. He recalled hearing something about Gaia helping her with that, and wondered what else was done to his daughter. Was Shemhazau peering out from behind her eyes, watching them, or was he sealed away unless summoned?

He grew impatient as they waited, wondering what needed to be done to restore his fairy lover, and his son to their natural states. He recalled what he was told about the ritual performed to awaken him after his death, and dearly hoped it wouldn’t be anything of the sort. He had no desire to participate in an orgy with his children and their significant others.

“If we’re all ready,” Oberon spoke up, standing upon Bridget’s shoulder. “Please hold the hand of the person next to you, and concentrate on Sheldon and Arethusa. Bring up any memories you have of both, especially of Arethusa. Remember the good and the bad.”

Lyden looked to the small statue and thought back to when he’d first seen Arethusa, trapped in Marchosias’s storage closet. She was glued to a glowing orb that the demon setup as a trap for such fairies. He’d managed to free her, and in so doing, angered the too-attractive-for-his-own-good demon. Areth had called him a pervert and other sorts of names, but in the end, she ended up being almost as bad as Jennifer.

Oberon fluttered from Bridget’s shoulder, and hovered over the two prone figures. As Lyden watched, the male fairy moved his hands and arms in a rhythmic gesture, as though trying to coax something from those below him. Lyden looked back down at his son, and saw darkness seep from Sheldon’s pores. The young man began to shake, but somehow didn’t budge the small statue on his chest.

Lyden knew that must have been Lucifer’s blessing seeping from his son, and grew concerned when he saw it start to swirl around Areth’s golden figure.

“Those holding the elements, bring them forth,” Oberon intoned, his voice thick with effort. Eldon noticed sweat beading on the tiny man’s brow. It didn’t look like he was doing much, other than waving his hands, but his mien told a different story.

Alloria stepped into the circle, reached into her pocket and pulled out a pile of dirt. With a twist of her wrist, she dropped it on Sheldon and Areth.

A wind picked up, and Lyden realized that Lysa must have been there, though invisible, as the dirt on the two swirled into a small cyclone, centered over Areth’s small form. The wind and dirt didn’t affect the Devil’s dark blessing.

Lyden wanted to talk to her, to berate her for her actions, but knew that now was not the right time.

Blue’s head entered the circle, her long neck stretching until her head was directly over the center. Oberon moved from being in the line of fire. Lyden felt Sheila’s grip tighten as the dragon breathed out a small flame, barely avoiding the concentrating Oberon, into the cyclone. As she pulled her head back, the flame remained lit in the center of the miniscule maelstrom.

Brooke released his hand and stepped forward then. She closed her eyes and concentrated for a moment, her hand outstretched. A moment later and a trickle of water dripped from her palm, mixing with, but not extinguishing, the fire.

Lyden looked around, wondering how the light would play into it. He already guessed that the darkness came from Lucifer’s blessing as it continued to seep from his son to surround Areth. He wondered that it didn’t join the cyclone, though.

Shlee and Mandy stepped into the circle as Brooke pulled back next to Lyden. The two women glared at Gloria as she joined them, her crystal shackles moving her frward, but no one spoke. Then he realized that everyone else was looking to him.

He hadn’t been told what to expect, and didn’t know what was needed of him.

“Of all of us, you love Areth the most,” Sheila hissed at him.

Lyden blinked in confusion. Yes, he loved Areth dearly, and he knew that the three women already in the circle loved his son, but they were supposed to be giving elemental gifts.

He remained standing for only a moment longer, before Brooke nudged him and he stepped forward. Then it dawned on him. Love was a form of light, and he was here to give his. At least, he hoped that was what he was supposed to be doing.

He wondered why Sheila wasn’t next to him, to give her love to their son. He didn’t doubt her love for Sheldon in the least. Then he remembered that for every other element, only one person had stepped forward. Alloria had delivered Earth, when Gaia could have done the same.

But then again, there were three women before him, to give their love to his son. He wished Becky were still with them. She understood magic better than he did. Why hadn’t he thought of his late wife lately? Something….

He shook his head, focusing on the task at hand. He squatted down to look at the statue on his son’s chest. Light from the elemental tornado reflected from her golden features. He felt the warmth of his own memories surface in his chest, and had to fight back a knot that threatened to form in his throat. Despite how vexing she could be at times, Lyden loved and adored her. She was the most playful of his women, and with the way things were going, he needed that light-heartedness in his life again. Every one of his women brought something into his life that he needed. No one was more or above any other. He needed them all.

“Return to me, Areth,” he whispered. “I need you. I love you.”

He felt a tear slip from his eyes and pull away, into the cyclone.

Regaining his feet, he stepped back to his spot and gripped Brooke’s and Sheila’s hands once more.

Lyden watched, waiting. That was all of the elements. They continued to swirl above the two figures as Oberon continued to move his arms, mixing them.

Nothing else happened.

Had they failed? Did they make a mistake? Was there not enough of something? All these questions flit through his mind as anguish threatened to choke his heart. He was so close to getting Areth back. His hope was something he’d ignored until now, but as he watched and waited, despair filled in the cracks.

“But I’m the least innocent one here,” he heard Sonia argue. He looked up and saw that Shelly and the android were having a heated argument.

“It’s now or never,” Oberon commanded, his voice stretched thin with effort.

Lyden watched as Shelly dragged her girlfriend forward. They didn’t face the prone couple, but each other. Shelly hugged Sonia tight. Oberon gestured one hand out, and a bolt of pink lightning flashed from the couple into the maelstrom.

“Oh!” Shelly and Sonia gasped at the same time, before returning to their spots. Lyden was still confused. Sonia used to be a spy, and a seductress android. How could she be considered innocent? And while he might be her father, he knew his daughter wasn’t all that innocent either.

Unless… Shelly’s experience having all of her guilt removed from her by the angel could be considered a type of innocence. And While Sonia was in no way innocent to the ways of the world, she was new to her own portion of soul, and to what love truly was. He didn’t know if that was his answer, but a groan from Oberon brought his attention back to the center.

Gaia finally entered the circle, but instead of walking to the center, she placed herself in front of Lyden. He met her brown eyes, and suddenly became aware that despite everything else going on, he was still hard. In fact, as Gaia continued to regard him, he could feel his lusts rising. Part of his mind knew that this wasn’t the time, nor the place for fooling around, but it was getting overwhelmed by a powerful urge to release himself.

He tightened his grip on his women’s hands, refusing to give into that temptation right then. He was here to restore Areth and his son. He was not here to get his rocks off!

“You’ve developed quite the willpower,” Gaia smiled at him. His knees almost buckled as her hand shot forward and cupped his groin. He felt a powerful release, not of ejaculate, but of some other energy as Gaia’s eyes fluttered. “So much life energy,” she purred, then turned away from him. “So much vitality.”

Lyden tried to catch his breath as he watched Gaia hold a bright ball of light about seven inches across out to the cyclone. It pulled away from her hand and as it connected with the swirling elements, they flashed bright enough to leave motes in his vision.

Lyden noted how gaunt and tired Gaia looked as she returned to her spot int the circle. He knew she would need a recharge before he left. A recharge that she had ensured he would be up to doing.

The darkness pooling out of Sheldon stopped soaking into Areth, and was pulled up into the cyclone, pulling away from both. The vortex no longer showed its separate elements, but consisted of a vibrant golden color, slightly brighter than Areth’s normal hue. As the Pillar of Darkness’s paradox was swept into it, it darkened to match her coloration. Despite his colorblindness, Lyden noted the Erotik hikaye moment the two colors came into alignment.

The swirling stopped, and in its place was a long, thin golden spike, poised over Areth’s and Sheldon’s hearts.

With one last cry of effort, Oberon shot down, slamming his small body, feet first into the smooth top of the barb. Before he could even fathom what was happening, the tip pierced through Areth, though Sheldon, and he could hear it impact the floor beneath. Oberon’s feet were flat on Areth’s chest.

In shock, Lyden stared, certain that he’d witnessed the murder of his son and wife.

* * * *

Eldon crowed in triumph. No one could defeat him. With a flourish, he twirled the bastard sword in one hand. Despite its size, it felt light as a feather to him.

“Is that all you’ve got?” He screamed to the cheering crowd. “Give me a challenge.”

He couldn’t remember how long he fought, or how many fights he’d won. He couldn’t even remember how he came to this arena. All he knew was the constant combat, and unending victory. He’d take wounds from time to time, but his body always healed back up, and he never lost.

Three ogres appeared before him. One, the largest of the group, swung a tree trunk sized club at him. He dodged it with ease, and counter-attacked with his blade. The counterattack hit home, and the ogre bellowed in pain and rage as he clutched the stump of his arm.

The other two ogres chose that moment to strike, and while he managed to dodge the one swinging a chain at him, the one with the spiked mace connected with his chest. He felt the spikes pierce through him as his ribs cracked and his lungs collapsed. The blow was strong enough to launch him into the air, and he came off the end of the mace, his blood splattering the sand of the arena floor before he hit it.

Shaking his head, Sheldon stood up. He ignored his wounds, knowing that they would heal on their own. He couldn’t breathe, but then again, he felt no need for air.

He saw someone appear momentarily before him. He thought he might recognize her, but as she dumped something in the dirt, she disappeared. A wind blew in and swirled dirt into the ogres’ eyes as they prepared to renew their attack.

Eldon leaped forward, ready to take advantage of his blinded opponents, but a blue dragon appeared from nowhere and set them ablaze.

Dumbstruck, Sheldon looked around confused. The crowd started to boo him. What was happening. He could fight his own fights. Why were these others interfering?

The three charred corpses melted into the ground. Eldon ignored the jeers, and waited for his next challenge. He would sweep in and destroy them before anyone, or anything, could interfere.

As he waited, he felt something wet strike his cheek. Touching the spot, he pulled his hand away to see it was nothing more than rain. As he stared at his hand, the rain started to come down harder and faster. The crowd continued to mock him, ignoring the downpour. The clouds overhead blocked out any sunlight, and for the first time, Eldon grew nervous. He knew he couldn’t be killed, but he didn’t like not being able to see. This was different than anything else he’d faced so far. Something about this change made him nervous, even though he wasn’t being attacked, and knew he couldn’t permanently be hurt.

“We’re here for you,” a female voice said behind him. He turned to see Shlee, Mandy, and…

“Gloria?!” he shouted as he saw the three glowing women. Before he could move to them, they vanished like the other apparitions. He realized the rain had stopped, and while darkness still surrounded him, it wasn’t as dark as it was a moment before.

Silence fell with such abruptness that he feared he’d lost his hearing. The booing of the crowd, and the patter of rain cutting off with such finality, it was deafening.

“Hello?” he shouted, and then sighed with relief as he heard his own voice. Whatever was going on, he was certain he would make it through. He swung his sword a few times, just in case his attackers were hiding in the darkness.

White light flared before him, blinding him once more. He covered his eyes with his left hand while he swung wildly with the blade in his right. What was happening? Who was causing all of this chaos?

“What kind of perverted things have you been doing in here?” a familiar voice asked. A voice he’d never thought he’d hear again.

He spun around to greet Areth, but before he could speak, she thrust a spear through his heart.

This wasn’t the first time he received wounds in this arena, but never before had it hurt so much. Pain radiated out from the pole sticking out of his chest. In horror, he watched as his blood seeped from this wound, and ran down the length until it contacted Areth’s tiny hand. Somehow, the spear was full sized, but fit perfectly in her small grip.

Unlike the previous appearances, Areth didn’t vanish after a moment. In fact, as he watched, she seemed to grow solid, more distinct. And as she did, he felt himself becoming less so. He saw that his blood wasn’t staining her hands, but instead, being absorbed into her as she took in his essence.

His sword fell from numb fingers. He brought his other hand up before his face. He wasn’t transparent, but he knew that if she continued to drain him, he would vanish and become nothing.

He looked at where the spear entered his chest, and his fear grew. Black lines radiated out as his life’s blood ran down the pole. He dropped to his knees; his legs no longer able to support him.

“Areth,” he gasped, struggling to draw in breath, “you’re killing me.”

“What?” she asked, looking down on him. Her face was full of innocence and curiosity. “No. Your dad loved to stick his spear in me all the time, and it never killed me. Besides that first time, it never even hurt.”

He stared at her in shock, unsure if she were joking, or oblivious to what was happening. His hands came up to grip the spear’s hilt. With a groan of pain, he managed to pull it free from his body.

But that’s when the true agony overwhelmed him.

* * * *

“Sheldon!” A voice called out to him from the darkness.

“Mom?” he tried to form the word to answer back, but couldn’t be sure he succeeded.

“Eldon, my love,” another female voice spoke to him. “Come back to me. To us.”

“He was having some really perverted dreams,” Areth’s voice announced. “Full of ogres, and other monsters. He was sticking his sword in anything that moved.”

“No,” he croaked, forcing the word past a dry throat and through parched lips. Why did Areth always have to take things too far? He tried to say more, but only managed to cough.

“He needs liquids,” another female voice announced. “Allow me.”

He felt something press against his lips. A warm, but sweet liquid flowed into his mouth. He swallowed by instinct, more than reflex or intent, and felt energy course through his body.

“See! Perverted!” Areth crowed with laughter.

“Are you sure he needed that, in particular?” another female voice asked. This one was annoyed, but the mere sound of it forced his eyes open as his heart lurched.

He wasn’t prepared for what he saw. Gaia, Mother Earth, The Pillar of Earth, and arguably one of the most powerful and influential Pillars, had her dark brown breast out, feeding him her breastmilk, with his head cradled in her arms. Around them stood much of his family, Shlee, Mandy, Megan, Alloria, and other familiar faces. But the one that drew his gaze the most as he spluttered and tried to remove himself from Gaia’s iron grip was Gloria’s sweet face.

“Gloria, what…” he struggled to break free, but Gaia shoved her tit back into his mouth. Some of the warm liquid slipped from his lips, and he could feel it dripping down his cheek.

“You lost a lot of strength, and this will be the best way to restore it,” she glared down at him. “Don’t get any funny ideas, though. This is only to restore your strength.”

He had the choice to either drown, or swallow, as his mouth filled with her life-giving fluid.

He saw Mandy and Shlee both wince and glare at the ancient goddess, and realized his mistake in calling out to the woman who’d spurned him, before acknowledging them. Unfortunately, he couldn’t offer them an apology, or anything with his mouth full. He tried to convey it to them with his eyes, to tell them he loved them, but they wouldn’t look his way.

He saw his young father, holding Areth’s reanimated body. She’d grown herself to full size, and was holding onto him, smiling and commenting on how good he looked.

At least she’s back, he thought, happy for his father, while also wishing him all the trouble she would cause for him. But why is Gloria here?

“That’s enough,” he managed to say after a few more moments of being force fed like a baby. “I think I’ll survive, now.” This time he succeeded in pulling away from the Earthen woman, and unsteadily got to his feet. He made sure to move to Mandy and Shlee first, and pulled them into a hug. “I love you both. I’m sorry for…” He didn’t know what he should be sorry for, besides calling to Gloria first, and didn’t know how to put that into words. “Sorry for everything,” he finished, feeling that was inadequate, but unsure of what else to say.

After a moment, he felt their arms wrap around him, pulling him in tight. Tight enough that he had to gasp as his ribs cracked. “We’ll talk about it later,” Shlee growled in his right ear. He felt her teeth graze his neck, letting him know that he wasn’t forgiven. When he felt her tongue next, he knew that they would be okay.

“We’ll talk about it later,” Mandy informed him next. “You missed a lot, but I’m glad you’re all right.”

“If you ladies wouldn’t mind, I’d like to hug my son,” his mom cut in, and they released him. They remained close as Sheila enfolded him in her arms and cried softly into his shoulder. “We thought we lost you for a moment,” she sobbed. Despite how embarrassed he felt having his mother hold him like that, he pulled her tighter into the hug to reassure her. His mom was a strong woman, so to see her like this told him how much she loved him.

With his girlfriends’ eyes on him, he made a strong point to not look at Gloria. Of course, he’d forgotten that she could read his mind, as he continued to wonder why she was there.

“I was ordered to kill Gaia,” Gloria’s voice answered his unasked questions. “When she made it clear that killing her would doom you, I was able to resist. I broke free from Jessica’s control. I—”

“You’ll forgive me if I don’t release you on your word alone,” Gaia spoke up, interrupting the other woman.

Eldon looked and saw what he hadn’t noticed before. Gloria’s arms and legs were encased in solid crystal, that he suspected was diamond. Her torso was free, as was her head, but she wasn’t going anywhere.

“I have a feeling I’ve missed something,” he said as he stepped away from his mother.

“You missed a lot more than you know,” Shelly told him. “But at least you’re no longer glowing.”

He looked at his twin sister, and then looked again. She was definitely looking pregnant. How long was he out?

“Oh, and then I want you to do me in the ass while your slave licks my pussy, and I suck on Brooke’s tiny titties,” Areth’s voice broke in, a weird counterpoint to the serious mood of everyone else. “But don’t get any perverted ideas. It’s just been a while.”


From the Author


The next chapter is coming along…….. slowly. I make NO promises, other than that I am working on it.

I know some of you are upset with what has happened to Shelly… There is no worse situation I can think of to put onto someone. She doesn’t deserve it. All I will say is to be patient. She has a story arc coming that she’ll come out stronger on the other side. Unfortunately, pain is often required for growth. And she is set to suffer.

I know this chapter was light in the erotic arena, and the next one will be the same. Yes, there are a couple places I could have put something, but doing so would have been a bit forced. I want to make these stories, um, well, maybe not believable, but also not something that makes the reader pull out of the story. In other words, the story comes first,and the fun stuff (plentiful as it is in my writing) is second priority.

For now, please leave a comment below, telling me how I’m doing. Even if it’s to critique my choices, or writing style, or tell me any ideas you have for the final book in this series. I read comments, and reply where warranted, but I do read and appreciate them all.

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