The Renewal of Joyce Carlton Ch. 04

To my readers: by starting here you have missed some significant events and a necessary understanding of the characters in the story. The author recommends you start this one from the beginning. This is the fourth of four parts.


I got up at my usual time and slipped on one of Ray’s business shirts that I’d adopted as a housecoat. The sleeves were rolled up and with only one button fastened, and nothing else on it was quite a sexy ensemble.

I had just started wrestling up some breakfast for the five of us when Stacy appeared. She had on the bottom part of a bikini and was topless. She was beautiful even as she rubbed her eyes, her streaked blonds locks in disarray. She came right up to me and put her head on my shoulder for a second then kissed me.

“Good morning,” she said.

“And a lovely good morning to you,” I replied with a warm smile.

“Busy night?” I questioned.

She replied, “Yes, but the sexual part of it was small — just our saying ‘hello’ and touching base in our own way. We talked a lot.”

“Kim told me you went to the west coast to grow — to assert your independence.”

“I did and if I say so myself I’ve been pretty successful,” she told me as she sat on one of the tall counter stools. She went on, “When I first met Ray and later Kim, I was pretty messed up. I’d been an alcoholic and used a lot of drugs. I was angry with people: people I worked for, my parents, my kid sister … everyone. But, most of all I just didn’t like myself; I had some strange insecurities and acted out most of the time.”

I nodded as I listened and worked at the counter. Stacy took a cup of the coffee I’d prepared for her and kept telling me her story. “Ray ran into me one day at a party. We talked, and I figured he was like every other guy and only wanted to get in my pants. Turns out he really wanted to get into my mind. It’s as though he could tell right away that I was screwed up.”

“I had a similar start with him,” I told her.

Stacy continued, “So he offered to help me get unscrewed up and to become happy with myself.” She paused and thought, “I’ll skip the details, but it was not an overnight fix. In the process we fell in love only I became pretty dependent on him. Kim came along about then too, and I had mixed feelings about our threesome. Some days I loved Kim and others I was pretty jealous but that emotion sort of went away as we kept living together and we all started to grow. Next thing I knew I was emotionally dependent on the two of them.”

“You’d sorted out the rest of your life?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said. “Ray eventually made me go and talk to all the people I’d been mad at — my parents, my sister, people at work, some old boyfriends, and even an old minister. I apologized to each one and tried to build a new and more constructive relationship with them. I’m struggling with a few even now. The two of them helped me define what a positive and constructive relationship looked like in each case on my list.”

She went on, “Ray and Kim were patient and kept trying to get me to stand on my own two feet — emotionally. I’d go out and be brave in the workplace or on my apologizing journeys, but then I’d race back and seek their shelter and solace. I was still pretty timid just not as screwed up or offensive.”

“Did you have voices? You know that told you that you were a bad person or such?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” she said and laughed. “I still have them. Ray’s taught me some tricks to turn them off or overpower them but they’re still there. I’m definitely in control now; however, and they don’t come back too often — at least not with the vengeance they had.”

“So why the west coast?” I asked.

“Ray suggested I try a change of scenery: go make my mark on the world where I know no one, and can prove to myself that I’m a worthy and independent adult. We talked about it for a year before I saw the wisdom in the idea. It was hard because we were all so entangled in each other’s lives, but I lined up a job with an advertising agency out there and fourteen months ago I drove away. I cried all the way across the country.” She paused.

“And?” I asked as I worked on the bacon and sausage for our clan.

Her mood changed. “And I was a big success, of course!” She laughed. “I’d been hired as sort of an assistant art director. I think they wanted to look at me and see whether I fit in. I did. The guy that was the art director wanted to work more on the client relationship and marketing side of the business. Anyway, after a few months one of the Big Bosses called me into her office, congratulated me and told me I was the new Vice President and Art Director. Good grief, I suddenly had thirty people working for me. They even gave me stock in the company.”

She continued, “I took to it like a duck to water. Meanwhile, emotionally I really established my independence. I missed Ray and Kim but somehow wasn’t dysfunctional about it — a concern that the two of them had. I date occasionally and have created a whole new circle ankara escort of friends. I might add they’re all fine people — no bad habits like my old crowd.”

I laughed. “Wow,” I said, “and you did all this in a year.”

“At first I was depressed. I was in a new City, and I didn’t know anyone except a few colleagues at my new job; I missed Ray and Kim something fierce. My car died. I lost my wallet. Kim e-mailed me that I was probably creating some ‘disaster syndrome’ for myself to prove I was unworthy to the world. She told me I had to turn things around fast — emotionally, and spiritually so I was giving off good vibes to the world — vibrations that would make the world want to support me.”

I nodded and put the eggs on to cook.

“So one weekend I went and sat beside the Pacific Ocean — morning, noon, and night. I spent the whole time psyching myself up as to how great I was; how I could withstand some setbacks; how I was an adult and outgoing enough to find some new friends, and on and on. And miraculously by Sunday night I really felt as if everything had changed. And the next day I knew it had.”

“How?” I asked.

“People started to ask me to join them for coffee or lunch. One guy knew another that ran a CarMax franchise, and the two of them helped me find a really great car that I could afford. My landlord came and offered me a nicer apartment — at the same rent — that overlooked the Bay because he liked me and wanted to do some work on the one I’d originally rented. I had some major successes at work. All that in the few days after that weekend of … well, I guess you could call it meditation and focusing.”

“You attract what you think,” I posited.

“Oh, put it differently,” She said. “You attract what you want as well as what you tell the Universe you don’t want. You get plenty of both so I made sure I was telling the Universe more and more of what I wanted, and it delivered. I’ve really learned to be very positive in my thinking and outlook.”

Bill appeared in his boxers. Stacy got off her tall stool and put her arms around him and kissed him as though she’d been his paramour for years. He was pleasantly surprised, and I watched his fingers lightly stroke her breasts. “Thank you,” he said with a smile. “That’s a very nice way to greet the day.”

I took my cue and repeated the greeting to him. Stacy smiled at me.

“Where’s Kim? Any sign of Ray?”

Bill said, “I think they’re both in the shower — same one. No telling how long that will take, and I smell coffee and bacon. Yummy.”

“OK,” I said, “Breakfast is served for the early birds.” I served our three plates saving enough for Ray and Kim. I’d just finished spooning things on the plates when Kim appeared looking bright eyed and bushy tailed. She had that freshly fucked look on her face, but no one commented on the occasion. She was also wearing a monokini. I guess I missed the orders of the day.

Kim kissed each of us and then prepared two plates from my fixings. “Ray will be down in a minute. He was almost done,” She explained.

The five of us sat around the patio table having a healthy Saturday morning breakfast and talking about plans for the day. It ended up guys for golf and gals for pool and shopping. This was not a surprise.

After the guys headed off to play at The Oaks Country Club, Kim, Stacy, and I swam and then lay in the sun on the patio. Stacy continued with her tales of starting an independent life in California.

Stacy was also fascinated with the work that I was engaged in and the mini-MBA program that Ray was working on with Kim and me. I explained that I’d done a lot of reading and study about strategic planning and was now focusing on corporate finance. She asked whether I’d done business cases and I explained that Ray was doing two cases a week with us on wide-ranging business issues.

Stacy told me several times that she wished she could hire me on the spot and fly me out to San Francisco. Then she was enthralled with Kim’s current decorating ideas including the use of colors and oblique geometrics, and the two of them had a hot discussion about how the ideas could also be applied to media and technology. Often, we were all talking at once with great enthusiasm. Not a word was lost.

Of course, we also talked about our unique life style — the foursome that resulted between Ray, Kim, Bill and me. Kim urged Stacy to join us all that evening; however, Stacy admitted that she was already looking forward to such an event. She even added a very passionate kiss to reinforce the message that it wasn’t only the guys that might be interested in her nubile body. I was pleased to join in and add my kisses to the invitation.

The three of us looked at each other. Kim vocalized the desire we each felt; “Are we going to have a feminine threesome or shall we wait for tonight with Ray and Bill?” I’m sure we were all tempted; however, we decided to hold off until the evening. That didn’t keep us from kissing, smoothing, and teasing ankara escort bayan one another as we passed one another in the house. When we went shopping I actually pulled Stacy into a changing booth just so I could passionately kiss her; Saks Fifth Avenue will never be what it was for me — she kissed back and fingered my soaking wet pussy. She wasn’t the least surprised that I wasn’t wearing my usual thong. When we came out Kim gave us a questioning glance; Stacy let her lick her fingers.

The day gave way to a lovely dinner. Kim, Stacy, and I each dressed in short white cocktail dresses with spike heels. When we finished our hair and makeup, we were really three of the hottest women in the state. The guys dressed in casual black so there was a dramatic contrast between the gals and guys. We had fun at dinner; dining at a new restaurant called The Library where the décor emphasized old leather bound books and the knickknacks you’d find in the stately library of a southern plantation.

An hour after dinner ended the five of us stood naked in the master bedroom with a dozen candles scattered around the room to provide a romantic air. Each of the women had a gardenia in her hair; a result of the advanced thinking of Bill and Ray.

Ray kissed Stacy and nudged her towards Bill. Bill looked like a cat that swallowed the canary he was so happy as she walked up to him and planted a sexy French kiss on him. I watched the tongue action briefly then became preoccupied with Ray and Kim. Ray suggested a rule that what ever happened that night had to happen on the large bed and we all agreed.

Ray started the night with a lovely ménage a trois with Kim and me. Initially, I was poised over Ray’s mouth as he sucked my hot pussy. Kim and I had rendered a lovely blowjob until she mounted him; it was then I moved over his mouth as I held onto the headboard of the bed. Kim and I both started to make strange moaning sounds; I would have laughed except I was so caught up in the exquisite feelings Ray’s tongue was eliciting from me. Kim must have been in a nice place too for she kept sighing and groaning as she bounced up and down on Ray’s cock.

Bill initially chose to savor the delights of Stacy’s quim and her mewlings confirmed the pair was mutually content. Stacy lay next to me holding her breasts and fondling her own nipples as Bill fingered and tongue-fucker her cunt. I could tell she was in heat for I could hear the squishy sounds from the action; she’d told me earlier she emitted a lot of ‘girl juice’ when the sexual action started.

Kim finally popped off a small orgasm, and miraculously Ray didn’t ejaculate. Instead, he slowed and rolled Kim gently towards Stacy. Stacy held her arms out and caught Kim as Ray’s rigid cock popped out of her cunt. The two women kissed. Bill moved up and inserted his cock into Stacy, resulting in a long and satisfied sigh from her. Even as she held Kim she started bucking into his thrusts and extending her hand to urge him into her body.

Ray pulled me into a missionary position beneath him and then teased my pussy with his rigid cock. I kept trying to impale him with my willing hole, but the best I got for the minute or two he teased was an inch or so of cock. Then with one fell swoop he inserted his entire length into my aching cunt. I loved it and moaned with deep satisfaction. The two of us started to move into each other’s bodies.

I was close and very wet. It was no surprise to either of us when I came after only a minute of his careful thrusts into me. He suckled my breasts for a moment as I came down from my high. I felt deliriously in love — not just with Ray but everyone in the room.

Ray then said to the group, “Women rotate counterclockwise.” While the direction was ambiguous, we understood when he meant. Ray pulled out of me, and I moved into Kim’s arms. Bill put his hard rod into Kim with the resultant sigh and moan. Stacy moved to Ray and with a word or two suggested that she mount him cowgirl style.

As Ray started to fuck Stacy (or vice versa), I could reach up and fondle Stacy’s tits. She had large areolae, and at that moment her nipples were standing out from her body about a half-inch. She was unbelievably aroused. Kim whispered in my ear, “Rub Stacy’s clit,” so I extended my arm to the junction of Ray and Stacy and found the moist nubbin. Stacy orgasmed less than a minute later, falling into Ray’s arms with a shriek.

Bill and Kim had been in a slow fuck as they watched Stacy and Ray. Now, however, I turned my attention to Kim, repeating the process of massaging her clitoris as Bill’s cock moved in and out of her lithe body. I moved down and sucked on Kim’s breasts. We’d done this before, many times, yet each time was different. As I did this to Kim, Bill’s fingers found my hole and he started to thrust his fingers into me.

The three of us continued like this for several minutes until Ray again suggested, “Ladies, please rotate counterclockwise again.” Stacy moved into my arms with a very wet escort ankara and passionate kiss. I raised my legs bent at the knees and opened myself to Bill; he was in me in a flash — his long rod producing a near climax as he sank into me. Ray was in Kim in an instant as well and in less than a minute I heard the two of them spasm into their climaxes. Ray had been unable to resist the third cunt of the night.

Bill sped up in his thrusts into me. I could tell he was near; his cock swelled to twice its thickness as he jammed his rod into me with deliberate intent. Stacy was fingering my clit, and she was sucking on my breasts.

I exploded into a peak orgasm. Waves of pleasure washed over me. Through my bliss, I became aware that Bill and Stacy were passionately kissing me. Often, the three of us kissed and tongued together. Wow! What loving. I prolonged the contact with Bill enjoying the sensation of his large cock filling my sated pussy.

The five of us lay there in our bliss. Then I felt Bill withdraw from me and Stacy’s fingers replace his cock. She said to me, “I’ve been wanting to fuck you all day.” With that she slid down my body and planted her mouth over my sopping wet cunt. I availed myself to her and stroked her head as she pleasured me and sucked Bill’s cum from me. Bill watched right beside us stroking his rod back to life.

Ray moved down Kim’s body and proceeded to eat his cum from her as well. Kim climaxed again in seconds, grabbing my hand and clutching it to her breasts as she hit her high. Then, to my surprise, Ray and Stacy changed places. Ray was on my cunt, and Stacy was on Kim. Bill had restored himself to sufficient hardness to be in business; he moved behind Stacy and thrust into her with a mighty stroke. She shrieked into Kim’s pussy as he sank into her.

I told Ray I wanted his cock in my mouth, and he moved up the bed to where I could have him. I inhaled his rod, tasting Kim’s juices still fresh on him. I was now a master of the deep throat and soon was taking his entire length. Bill was watching as he doggie fucked Stacy. I think it was too much for him for shortly he announced his impending climax, and then he came inside Stacy, bringing her to a climax.

Ray hardened as he watched the others and responded to my continued tongue-lashing. He moved down my body and thrust into me. We went fast and hard with one another by unspoken agreement. My legs locked behind his back and urged him into me with a rare ferocity. He responded. The two of us crested together and burst into two orgasms. Somewhere in the distance I heard Kim cum as well as we were floating down from our highs.

Now we really had five satisfied people, a room that smelled wonderful, and a set of bed linens that would be embarrassing to ask anyone else to wash. Bill extinguished all but one of the candles and came back to the bed. With some cooings and sighs, the five of us nestled into one another and went to sleep.


By the end of the week that Stacy could spend with us, I had a new friend and lover. We had so many things in common and thought about the world in the same way. I thought I’d found another soul mate. It was hard when she left and headed back to the west coast.

The day after Stacy departed Ray took me out to a private dinner — just the two of us. The purpose was to do a Relationship Assessment as he called it. I was curious and eager to see what this would be like. Ray had made sure that the invitation was non-threatening and just a loving gesture. He took me to my favorite restaurant in Sarasota — Zoria’s, where we were able to get a table on the sidewalk and watch all the surrounding sights that cruised by.

After we’d gotten our wine and selected from the menu Ray asked, “So, Joyce, are you happy with our relationship — you, me, Kim, Bill, and sometimes Stacy?”

“Oh, Yes!” I exclaimed. “You guys have turned my whole life around over the past six months. How could I not love you all? I am supremely happy with where this life journey has taken me. Are you guys still OK with me being with you all the time?”

“Solidly, yes,” Ray replied as he lovingly squeezed my hand across the table. “I’m just making sure we don’t need to make adjustments or that there are some areas of our relationship we haven’t really touched on yet. By the way, I speak for myself and I’m pretty sure Kim feels the same, but I need to have a dinner with her soon too.” He paused and sipped his wine then asked, “Do you feel any jealousy in or around our relationship?”

“No,” I stated flatly, “Absolutely not. I don’t feel it and I don’t think any of us do either. I think it’s amazing after what we’re taught by society about ‘couple only’ relationships and to block everyone else out. Now I find that is all a bunch of shit. Here, I am in a relationship with multiple guys and women and I love every second of it. I thank the stars every day that you brought me into this … and that we’re so compatible.” I squeezed his hand.

“What about your financial status?” Ray asked. “You’ve been giving me your entire paycheck and accepting what I give you back for your expenses and such. I know your condo is paying for itself with the rental that’s in there. Where do you want to be financially? I certainly don’t want to stand in your way.”

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