The Plan Ch. 01: The Seduction


For the fifth day in a row I wake up before my 6am alarm and sigh dejectedly. It’s been a week since my girlfriend, of 3 years, broke up with me and the pain hasn’t lessened. I roll out of bed and peak through the curtains to be greeted by the dark, grey city of London. I run my hand through my hair as I remember the night before. In a haze of whisky and wine, having just pleasured myself to my usual fantasy of fucking my aunt stupid, I booked a month-long holiday to Malaysia- the country of my birth and location of the majority of my family. Losing my girlfriend had taken its toll, but in the back of my mind I was beginning to formulate a plan to finally live my fantasy.

My name’s Brad. I’m 24, was born in Malaysia and grew up in Australia. I played sport every other day and went to the gym in between. I considered myself quite good looking, and my girlfriend never disagreed! I wasn’t as bulky as some of my friends, instead I preferred being toned and lean. I have jet black hair, and last measured myself at around 180cm. I have always been attracted to Asian women, such as my (now ex-) girlfriend. We moved to London to further our careers, which meant leaving our families behind. It was tough for the both of us and in the end she broke up with me to move back home. But that’s all in the past.

As I walk through the arrivals gate at the airport, I wearily scan the mass of eager faces welcoming us passengers. I spot my family driver and make my way over.

“Flight ok?” he asked.

“Can’t complain.” I replied. That was the end of the conversation, and as we made our way from the airport to the family home on the outskirts of the city of Kuala Lumpur, I cleared my mind and focussed on the first stage of my plan.

“Welcome!” my grandma shrieked excitedly, as I walked through the big oak doors and into the sitting room of the family home. I had never lived here, but it was where my family had all its gatherings and celebrations for generations. My grandma lived here with the family maid, my uncle (who is my dad’s brother) and aunty. My grandpa had passed away over 10 years ago. I hugged my grandma and greeted the maid, both of whom commented on how tall and handsome I was. You know, typical Asian family stuff. My uncle emerged from his bedroom down the hall and raised his hand in greeting.

“Your aunty is at the gym; she should be home soon.” he muttered. I looked at the clock, and was surprised to see that it was 8am- she must be committed.

“Why don’t you go up to the spare room and get settled?” the maid suggested. I smiled and thanked the family for their welcome and waved goodbye to the driver.

The family home was a big, two-story house, and as you walked past the sitting room the house opened up to the dining room. My uncle and aunty’s room was on the left and the kitchen was on the right. On either side of the kitchen was the laundry room and a big bathroom. The second floor was made up of my grandma’s room, a second sitting room, the maid’s room and two spare rooms connected by a bathroom. I made myself at home in the spare room furthest down the hall.

After a shower, I went back downstairs and my uncle handed me a cup of strong coffee. Just as I said my thanks, my aunty walked through the doors. She is around 45 years old and had always been a good looking woman, albeit with a flat gaziantep bayan escort ilanları ass and small breasts, and dressed much younger than her age. This is what had triggered my fascination with her about 11 years ago when I was thirteen years old. We were celebrating Chinese New Year and she strolled out of her room in a tight red dress with a split up to her mid-thigh. My eyes must’ve been the size of saucers, thankfully no one noticed and I quickly composed myself. Anyway, enough reminiscing.

I hadn’t seen her for 18 months, and my aunty had obviously spent that time in the gym, and in the sun, as she was toned, tanned and had the ass of a porn star. She was taller than most Asian women- around 170cm- and wore her hair in a ponytail with a strand falling either side of her face, which had always been attractive.

She was in her gym gear- a grey sports bra barely covered by a tight singlet and yoga pants which appeared to be covering a thong. I felt my lust stirring as she grinned and came over for a hug.

“Aunty! So nice to see you again. You look fantastic!” I said as we broke apart.

“Brad, it’s been far too long! So sorry to hear about your breakup.” She said, as she affectionately put her hand on my face.

I bowed my head and said “Yeah, it’s been a rough few weeks.”

“Well I’m always here if you need anything!” my aunty said, immediately perking up. “I’m going to have a shower, I’m absolutely knackered!” she said, walking towards her bedroom, I watched her go, admiring her ass, which was mesmerising. She glanced back as she entered her room, catching my gaze for a moment, then closed the door. I knew I had to make my fantasy a reality and fuck her. The revelation that was her ass was a pleasant surprise, and made me all the more determined.

After weeks of planning, it was time to take action. My aunt’s room was right by the stairs, and at about 11pm that first night, when everyone had gone to bed and the house was quiet and dark, I descended and made sure to cough as I reached the bottom. I paused, then continued to the kitchen in the pretence that I was getting some water.

I lingered in the kitchen for a minute, then made my way back up the stairs and started climbing. Hearing some movement from the bedroom, I slowed down. But nothing transpired and I continued back to my room. The anticipation was killing me and it looked like I had failed on my first night, but would keep at it. I got into bed and grabbed my rock-hard cock and furiously pleasured myself, the image of my aunty bouncing up and down on my cock with her perfect ass making me cum in a few minutes. I frowned and realised I had to up my game for the real thing.

It wasn’t until the third night that it happened. I was filling up my water bottle, when I heard the kitchen door slide open, then shut softly. I turned to see my aunty dressed in a short, lace nighty. I gazed from her long, sexy legs up her body and finally to her eyes.

“Strange routine you have going, Brad. Can’t you sleep?” She said quietly, maintaining eye contact.

“Jetlag’s a bitch, but I’m doing ok. Not being able to go to the gym hasn’t helped.” I replied, running a hand over my shoulder and down my arm.

“A fit guy like you, I can imagine.” She gaziantep escort bayan ilanları took a slow, deliberate step forward. I smiled, trying to ignore the fact my mouth had just gone dry, and decided to take control.

I took two steps forward until I was right in front of her and said “You’ve clearly been working out too- you were gorgeous the last time I saw you and you look even better now.” She smiled humbly, looking down and breaking eye contact while moving away slightly, so that she was up against the counter.

“Uncle is a lucky guy.” I said, growing in confidence, and moved forward so that my aunty was sandwiched between me and the counter. I brushed a strand of hair out of her face as she looked back into my eyes.

“What are you doing Brad?” she whispered, “I’m your aunt.”

I placed one hand on her hip and the other on the side of her face and whispered back “I’ve thought about you every night since I was thirteen years old. You are a very sexy woman and I must have you.”

She looked captivated, albeit a bit frightened, and tried to gently pull away while saying “We can’t… Please…” but I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers.

She didn’t move for a moment, but finally the floodgates opened and she started kissing me back urgently. Our tongues duelled in a passionate kiss and our hands roamed over each other’s bodies. I slipped the straps of her nighty off her shoulders and I pulled away as it gently fell by her feet. I pulled my singlet over my head while she pulled my shorts down, and we resumed our embrace. She moaned through our kiss as my hands cupped her breasts and squeezed her hard nipples and I responded likewise, as she ran her hand over my chest and abs and gripped my cock with the other.

A noise from outside shattered the atmosphere and she broke away from the kiss and hissed “Not here. Come with me!” She grabbed my hand, hurrying towards the door to the laundry room. I quickly scooped up our clothes and followed her inside, shutting the door quietly behind me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her lips back to mine. I pulled her right leg up so that it was snaking around my waist and slipped my other hand between her legs.

She was wet and hot, and immediately tightened her grip on my body and moaned softly. I rubbed her and slipped a finger inside. She kept her lips pressed to mine and started breathing rapidly and heavily as I brought her close to orgasm. After a mere thirty seconds her body locked around mine and she shuddered, climaxing for twenty seconds while I frantically rubbed her. My aunt went limp and sank to the floor. She looked up at me, clearly wanting more.

I dropped to the floor, thankful that this was the only room in the house with carpet, and positioned my body on top of hers.

“Fuck me, oh god please fuck me!” My aunty whispered lustfully, a desperate look in her eyes. She clearly had not been satisfied in a while. I grabbed my cock and rubbed it around her opening, teasing her. She grunted and wrapped her legs around me, forcing me inside. She was tighter than I expected, and I had to thrust forcefully to fit in the last 2 inches of my cock. Her back arched up and my aunty was lost to her own world, groaning, and sinking her nails into escort gaziantep ilanları my back.

“Oh god, this feels incredible, please don’t stop!” She whispered into my ear. I responded by wrapping my lips around her left nipple and picking up the pace, sinking my cock all the way inside her, then withdrawing almost all the way out.

We fucked each other for several minutes, when I noticed her breathing was becoming quicker. I brought my face to hers and we locked lips, just in time, as she came again and let out several loud groans through our lips.

Her body relaxed and my aunt regretfully whispered “Brad, you can’t finish inside me.” I thrusted a few more times then stood up, and my aunt raised herself onto her knees and took my cock in her mouth. She bobbed up and down on the head, and her hand rapidly worked my shaft. I lasted ten seconds before finally climaxing. My aunty swallowed every bit of cum, then stood up. We were both panting hard, but nothing was said. She grabbed her nighty from the floor and hurriedly put it on before opening the laundry room door and listening for anyone. After a few moments she sighed, relieved, and left the kitchen. I watched her, then got dressed myself.

I swiftly made my way back to my room, where I collapsed into bed and grinned.

The day after was awkward, yet glorious. I swaggered downstairs feeling like a king. I greeted my grandma and the maid cheerily and enquired as the whereabouts of my aunt and uncle.

My grandma said they had gone out for a day together, seeing as it was a Sunday. The next step was to convince my aunt that the previous night’s indiscretions had not been a mistake, and start a routine of sex. I mulled it over while eating my breakfast, and trying not to get too aroused.

Later that afternoon my aunt and uncle returned home with bags of shopping. My uncle was in a good mood, having had positive attention lavished on him by his wife for the first time in recent memory. My aunt, on the other hand, seemed to stiffen up when she saw me and muttered something about putting the shopping away, disappearing into the kitchen.

When it was time for dinner, we all sat down at the table. I sat opposite my aunt and although she did her best to avoid eye contact, we kept meeting each other’s gaze. I slowly and carefully ran my foot up her leg and my aunt froze upon contact, but quickly regained her composure.

When we had all eaten our fill, my grandma and the maid ushered us into the sitting room while they cleaned the table and prepared dessert. My uncle withdrew to his bedroom.

My aunt became very tense when it was just the two of us. I decided I needed to make my move, hoping the delicate situation- someone could walk in on us at any moment- would heighten the pleasure.

I strode towards her, wrapped my arms around her and gently pushed her against the wall.

She struggled and hissed “no Brad! Not here, not now. Please!”

I paid no attention and pressed my lips to hers. She softened immediately, and I felt her tongue press through my lips and into my mouth. Her hands wrapped around my back, while mine descended to her ass, squeezing and spreading her cheeks.

She moaned softly, and I broke away so I could kiss her neck instead. After two minutes of the silent embrace my aunty was really getting into it.

I whispered “how about we take this to my bedroom?”

She thought about it, biting her lip sexily, before grinning and saying “I’ll go up first, you follow in a minute”, before hurrying up the stairs.

I grinned to myself and thought “this had gone much better than I had expected!” My aunty must’ve been more desperate for a repeat performance than I anticipated, and I wasn’t complaining.

To be continued…

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