The New Year’s Party Ch. 02


Author’s Note: Long overdue, but here is the sequel to the previously posted story entitled “The New Year’s Party.” If you haven’t read that story, please take the time to look it up and familiarize yourself with the characters and back story. This chapter won’t make too much sense if you don’t read its predecessor.

Anyway, sorry for the delay. I hope you enjoy this chapter. It’s a bit different, but I’ve been wanting to write it for a while. It’s building up to a conclusive ending, so keep that in mind.

Enjoy! =)

* * *

The New Year’s Party: Revelations

Thirty cans of Busch Light, twelve unopened bottles of Corona, and at least four more unfinished handles of assorted vodkas and rums. Between ten people who were already quite buzzed, there was still plenty of alcohol to go around. The music in the basement was still emanating richly via the speaker system, and the lights had been dimmed to half their full power to add a more relaxed ambience to the party’s atmosphere. Standing at one end of her family’s ping pong table, Katrina finished racking ten red party cups in a triangular formation. She wanted in on the next beer pong game, and from the looks of it, so did a few other people.

Taking a few steps away from the table, she allowed one of her favorite Bob Marley songs to fill her ears, all the while making idle conversation with a clearly drunken Irene, who was managing to ramble surprisingly coherently about how Logan Boyd wouldn’t respond to any of her text messages. Listening with half an ear to her best friend’s drama, Katrina managed to zone out her best friend’s voice as images of her recent incestuous escapade reeled vividly through her head.

She could still smell his scent in her nostrils, and she could still feel his body temperature through her lips and hands. Perhaps most importantly, though, she was still able to taste him in the back of her throat. Both she and Felix had been tipsy when she decided to drop to her knees and give him a blowjob, but neither one of them had been so hammered to the point where they forgot they were siblings. As she recalled, Katrina even tried objecting to the whole ordeal before it escalated beyond the point of no return.

She supposed that made her feel a little better, but still, the word “incest” kept ringing in her ears. She and her brother committed an act of incest, and they’d done it shamelessly. As much as she tried to convince herself otherwise, the whole act turned her on immensely, and she was still feeling the effects even now. If Katrina hadn’t acted fast, though, she and brother would’ve been up shit creek without a paddle.

Despite the fact that she and Felix had almost gotten caught, she found that the close call gave her even more of a thrill than she expected it to. Was she really that perverted? Shaking her head and deciding to think about something else, she returned her attention to the party. As she continued to lick her lips and clear her throat every couple of seconds in an effort to rid her mouth of her brother’s taste, Katrina heard Irene’s bouncy voice come back into focus.

“…and he totally told me to keep in touch over winter break. If he were interested don’tcha think he’d make the effort to at least get back to me?”

Poor Irene. She was a pretty smart girl, and she was definitely a hottie, but she had a bad habit of misinterpreting flirting for real emotions. Looking into her friend’s eyes, Katrina couldn’t help but bare a toothy smile at her friend’s plight.

“Reney, don’t worry about Logan,” Katrina started. “Yeah, he’s kinda cool, but if he’s too lazy to even call or text you, he’s not worth the effort. Don’t be the sucker, ‘kay?”

Irene listened intently, and wrinkled her nose as her best friend finished giving her two cents. “Meh! I guess you’re right.”

“Yep, I know I am.”

“Mm, you’re my best friend, Kit-Kat. Love me!”

Irene outstretched her arms and pressed her slender frame against Katrina’s, who returned the favor. Katrina always loved it when Irene called her Kit-Kat, because it reminded her that they’d been friends since they were little kids. As her breasts pressed against those of her best friend, Katrina inhaled deeply, allowing the sweet scent of Irene’s hair to fill her nostrils.

Feeling a familiar tingle grace her senses, Katrina was reminded of how horny she was. She’d almost forgotten how wet she became as a result of her brother, and for some strange reason, huddling with Irene was bringing all those feelings to the surface. Her eyes opening, she looked around the room and was glad that no one was really watching her. Feeling very self-conscious, Katrina jumped when she heard Johnny’s booming voice.

“Ow ow ow! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Yeah, you hug each other like there’s no tomorrow, ladies! Don’t be shy!” Johnny was choking back his own laughter as he continued to egg on the two twenty-year old girls with whistles and wolf-howls.

Katrina turned a little red in the face as she broke away from Irene. gaziantep bayan escort Looking over at her brother’s best friend, she exchanged glances with him. As Johnny simmered down from his own laughter, his own gaze lingered on Katrina as his mouth settled into a warm grin. Katrina returned the grin, subconsciously sizing up the tall, blonde haired twenty-two year old. In response, Johnny cocked one of his eyebrow’s upward, shooting a quizzical look in Katrina’s direction.


Blinking a few times, Katrina cleared her throat when she realized she was staring. “Nothing.”

“Had a little too much to drink, eh Kat?” Johnny’s tone remained playful.

A wide grin forming on her delicate features, Katrina immediately took the challenge. “Me? Please! I’m in on the next damn pong game!”

“Oh ho ho. Need a teammate?”

“I’m game,” Kat returned, advancing toward Johnny and the ping pong table.

“Me too.”

Sliding her arms around Johnny’s waist, Katrina giggled as she looked up into his eyes. She was still feeling her brother, and the residual sensations from before were leaving her pretty frisky. Johnny, placing his own arm around Katrina’s shoulders, retained his slightly puzzled look. The two of them were friends, but Katrina had never really made advances toward him before. No doubt, she was making him more than a little confused.

“You okay?”

As a goofy smile formed on her face, Kat managed to find her words as her comfort around Johnny increased.

“Oh, I’m fiiine. Little buzzed… enjoying the party… enjoying the company. You know, just havin’ fun.”

“Good, me too. You ready to get sta—”

“—Who’s ready to drink some more?!”

Katrina jumped and let go of Johnny’s hips as her brother’s voice grew in intensity. As his thunderous footsteps echoed loudly as he plunged down the stairs, Katrina and Johnny exchanged another set of glances, this time silently affirming that they had to watch their behavior around Felix.

As she expected, Katrina found herself growing slightly more anxious as her brother came into view. Quickly making eye contact with him, she forced herself to look away, pretending to be engaged in fixing her team’s cups. She couldn’t bring herself to look at him. Not yet anyway. She was sure he was having some similar feelings, but the way he was acting now—standing at the opposite end of the ping pong table—it was as if nothing happened between them at all.

“And where the hell have you been?” Johnny asked, a smirk on his face.

“Ah, no worries, man,” Felix insisted. “Just makin’ room for the rest of the night,” he finished, patting his stomach.

Johnny listened half-heartedly as he resumed emptying a couple of beer cans into the ten red cups. “Hah. Whatever you say, dude.”

“So who wants to get their asses kicked in pong?” Felix bellowed, addressing no one in particular.

Almost immediately, Johnny spoke up.

“Right here, bro. Me and Kat against you and Irene.”

Irene, busy looking through her phone, looked up in confusion. “What? Who said my name—oh, I’m on Felix’s team? Goody!”

Katrina was helping Johnny pour as she slyly stole glances at her brother and Irene.

“You’re God damn right you’re on my team. You ready to own these fools?”

“Yes sir!” she huffed, mimicking an army salute in Felix’s direction.

“Grab a couple of cans, I think Kat just brought some down for us.”

As Felix said that, Katrina couldn’t help but momentarily stop what she was doing. As she looked up at her brother, she saw him stifle a grin, to which she couldn’t help but return her own. If the others only knew what the two hosts had really been up to when they disappeared upstairs.

As Irene bounced back toward the ping pong table, Katrina broke eye contact with her brother as Johnny emptied the last of the beer into the tenth cup. As Felix and Irene did the same, Katrina stood idly next to Johnny, enjoying the warmth of his proximity as she covertly eyed her brother from across the table.

As her six other friends milled about, the music continued to fill the air of the dimly lit basement. After another minute or so, the game was under way.

* * *

It was coming up on 3 am, and the party had slowed down considerably. In the basement’s entertainment room, Katrina, while standing in the doorway, scoped out four of her friends who had all but passed out. Kim and Mike, lying quite innocently in each other’s arms, had passed out from a combination of too much alcohol and general party exhaustion. Mike had always been sweet on Kim, and from the looks of it, she was starting to warm up to him. Smiling, Katrina turned and looked at the other couch. Jenna and Kenny were similarly huddled together, but it was clear from their position that they’d been all over each other up until recently.

As she turned to leave, Katrina nearly jumped out of her skin, stifling a scream as she came face to face with gaziantep escort bayan Chris and Becky.

“God, Chris. You scared the shit out of me,” she managed to whisper, her inebriation forcing her to slur some of her words.

“Sorry. They all sleeping in there?”

“Yeah. What are you two up to?”

“I’m gonna take her home. Her family’s doing something early in the morning tomorrow, so I figured I’m good enough to drive, might as well take her.”

“She came in Jenna’s car, right?”

“I think so. Either way, she needs a ride, and I don’t mind, so…”

“You sure you’re good? How much did you have?”

“Not too much. Just drank a few beers during pong a couple hours ago. I’m fine.”

Katrina studied Chris’s face for a couple of seconds before she realized he was telling the truth. From what she knew, Chris wasn’t a big drinker. He loved hanging out and having a good time as much as anyone, but he was generally the sober man of the bunch.

“Okay… how’s Becky, though?”

At the sound of her name, Becky’s head lifted up from Chris’s shoulder. Her eyes opening, she seemed to be waking up from a mini nap. “I’m fine, Kat. Juuust a little drunk and tired. Great party, love,” she finished with a weak smile.

“Aww,” Katrina whispered, turning to Chris. “Yeah, take her home. Be careful when you drive. Roads are a little icy.”

“You got it,” Chris affirmed, putting one arm around Becky’s waist and taking one of her hands in his. “Great party, Kat. I didn’t see Felix or the others in there, but say bye to them for me.”

“Here, I’ll walk you out,” Katrina offered.

Leading her friends out of the basement and up to the first floor, Katrina made sure to remain relatively quiet so as to not wake anyone who might’ve been sleeping. Unsure of where her brother, Johnny, and Irene were, she decided to look for them after she saw Chris and Becky out. Behind her, Katrina heard Chris make idle chit-chat with Becky in an attempt to keep her coherent enough to walk. When she reached the first floor, Katrina opened the main door to her house and led her two friends out. Her drunkenness provided a small amount of warmth against the cold weather, but nonetheless, she wanted to get back inside as quickly as possible.

After Chris helped Becky into the passenger seat of his car, he walked around the front and gave Katrina a quick hug before getting into his white Civic. Starting the ignition, he waved bye and pulled out of the driveway.

Standing on the walkway leading up to the main door of her house, Katrina waved goodbye to her two departing friends, watching as they drove off into the wintry night. Once Chris’ car had disappeared, she turned around and headed back in the direction of her house. Climbing up the three steps that led to the entrance, she kept her arms folded in front of her chest in a meager effort to keep her body warm. Her bare arms and neck rebelled against the frigid air that graced her features, and she couldn’t help but shake off a tingle as her sensitive nipples hardened against her bra. Rubbing her arms up and down with her hands, she felt her teeth jitter as she entered her warm house.

Once she stepped inside the darkened foyer, she turned and closed the front door, locking it. Drawing a few deep breaths, Katrina remained in her position and kept both hands fixed on the door knobs of the double doors. Her mind still reeling over the night’s events, she couldn’t help but feel nervous about how things were going to proceed from now on. The line she and Felix had crossed wasn’t just something the two of them could undo, and no matter how she looked at it, she knew they’d have to have a serious talk about it at some point. She wasn’t looking forward to the confrontation, but all things considered, she knew it was for the best.

As she stood there, though, she couldn’t help but feel something else. Aside from the guilt that she constantly felt, there was something more. After thinking about it for a moment, she begrudgingly admitted to herself that it was excitement. No matter how much she tried to rationalize the situation, she enjoyed what happened, and it made her extremely hot. She was never one to lie to herself, and now was no different. Part of her knew that what she and her brother did was very wrong, but another part of her was curious and eager for more. Letting her head bang lightly against the door, Katrina shook her head slightly and allowed a nervous grin to form on her face.

Just then, she felt a pair of hands slide onto her waist, followed by an unmistakable male presence pushing into her ass.

Not caring enough to resist, Katrina grinded her firm ass back into the crotch of her mystery guest, moaning in response to his hands gliding along her lower abdomen. Placing her hands along his, she felt a shiver run down her back as his breaths graced the smooth skin of her neck.

“Mm…feels nice,” she murmured, knowing that it could only have escort gaziantep bayan been one of two people behind her.

Closing her eyes, Katrina reached behind her head with one hand and idly caressed the scalp of her partner. With her other hand guiding the hands of her unknown friend, she felt him place several kisses on the back of her neck. Feeling electrified by the contact, she let out a lone gasp, wondering if her brother had mustered the audacity to be bold twice in one night. As she ran her fingers through his hair, though, she realized that, due to its texture and length, it could only have been one guy.

“You wanna go upstairs?”

Johnny’s voice was reduced to a low whisper, and as he breathed into her ear, Katrina for the most part felt relieved. Mentally relieved that it wasn’t her brother, and physically relieved that, soon enough, she was going to get some release. Despite the late hour, she was surprisingly full of energy, and judging by the bulge that was prodding into her ass, she could tell that Johnny was also raring to go.

“Mm…” she moaned, in between Johnny’s kisses. His lips were so warm.

With that, she turned around to face him. Sliding her hands onto his chest, she looked up at him and bit her lip. Her eyes communicating volumes, Katrina let him know how badly she wanted it. Closing her eyes, she leaned in further and placed her lips on his. As they stood in the shadowy foyer, the silence of the house played host to the sounds of their moaning, breathing, and lips smacking against one another.

Grinding her pussy against Johnny’s dick through the fabrics of both of their clothing, Katrina inhaled deeply through her nose as her tongue continued to dance with his. Finally breaking the kiss, her hands dropped to his wrists as she looked at him intently.

“My room. Come on.”

Holding him by the wrist, Katrina walked past Johnny and led him to the stairs. As she practically dragged him up the steps, thoughts of her encounter with Felix continued to swim in and out of her head. Attempting to shake them off, she squeezed Johnny’s wrist tighter as she neared the second floor of her house. Following two corridors and making a right at the end of each, she finally arrived at her room. When she approached the door, she let go of Johnny’s arm, her brow furrowing when she realized something was wrong.

She remembered leaving her door wide open, but for some reason, it was now slightly shut. Not completely closed, but the change was noticeable.

Leaning in more closely to the door, she was able to hear sounds coming from the other side. After listening for a few seconds, it didn’t take much for her imagination to pinpoint what the sounds actually were. Turning back to Johnny, she shot him a devious glance, positively intrigued by the development. As she turned back to the door and reached for the doorknob, Katrina was certain that, judging by who was sleeping in the basement, the only other two people that could’ve been in her room were none other than Irene and Felix.

As she attempted to push the door open, she was suddenly stopped when Johnny grabbed her arm and whispered something at her.

“What are you doing? You do know who’s in there, right?”

Turning back to face him, Katrina saw that his expression was one of overall disbelief and worry, probably due to her boldness.

“Relax, boy,” she whispered with a smile. “I just want to see how my girl’s doing.” It was a bit of a lie. Katrina wanted to see Felix in action more than anything.

Grimacing slightly in response, Johnny slightly shook his head before speaking. “You should give them some privacy, Kat.”

“Privacy? They’re in my fucking room,” she breathed angrily before calming down. “Besides…I’m just gonna take a peek,” she finished, leaning forward and planting another kiss on his lips.

“Be careful, pervert.”

Playfully shoving him, Katrina turned back to the door and crouched slightly. Johnny, not wanting to risk being found out, opted to keep his distance. As the unmistakable moans of her best friend filled the air, Katrina pushed her bedroom door inward, wondering exactly why her brother elected to bring Irene into her room instead of his. Making sure the light in the hallway was off so that no extra light would pour into her room, she pushed the door ajar wide enough so that she could peer in.

What she saw made her jaw drop in amazement.

Her night table’s lamp was switched on, but otherwise, the rest of the room was dark. Irene was laying down on the edge of Katrina’s bed with her jeans and panties completely discarded. Her blouse was pushed up over her generous breasts, as was her bra. Writhing on the bed, her hands were kneading her own breasts as her legs hung on either side of Felix’s head.

“Uunh…God, yes!” Irene cried in between strained breaths.

Completely mesmerized, Katrina watched as her brother mauled Irene’s pussy with his mouth and tongue. One of his arms was hooked under Irene’s right leg, while his other hand assisted his mouth in his oral ministrations. Drawing in a deep breath, Katrina watched as her brother expertly navigated her blonde friend’s snatch, making her squeal and moan in delight. Judging by the look on her best friend’s face, Katrina could tell that she was still pretty drunk, evidenced further by the unintelligible grunts and moans that escaped her lips.

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