The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 56


Xiao Li and her husband Gang had been in Regal Bay for nearly two months as autumn began to cool the nights. She had settled into a steady routine of house-keeping and child care, and thoughts of her son and daughter-in-law engaged in the sinful pleasures had slipped away. Like clockwork, or maybe more like a calendar, Gang would come to her every tenth evening and with little said, peel off her panties, push up her nightgown, and then enter her. They would make love for fifteen minutes, with his cock running the length of her vaginal chute in a slow, steady rhythm, until he would finally shudder, plant his aged seed inside her, and then with a huff of breath, Gang would roll off of her, pat her naked belly with his hand, and then slip off to sleep. Xiao Li would lay beside her husband until he was soundly asleep, and then she would slip from their bed and head for the bathroom. After, she would return to bed and think nothing more of it. As with the rest of her life, it was a routine.

Xiao Li’s routine changed one afternoon, towards the middle of September, when she had an appointment with the immigration bureau. Her son had recently bought her a small, used car, a Hyundai, and with her temporary license in her purse, she drove into town to spend a long, tiresome day in the hands of the bureaucracy. Vania had taken the afternoon off work to stay with the children in her absence, since Gang would not deviate from his lengthy mid-day walks.

Much to Xiao Li’s relief, she spent less than two hours in the government center, during which time she made it through most of the book she had checked out of the local public library. Xiao Li had grown to enjoy mystery novels as she had aged, and now that she was in America, she found that there were so many more choices available, so many characters to discover by so many more authors. Recently, after discovering the Murder, She Wrote television show on one of the daytime cable networks, Xiao Li had taken up the series of novels written for the show, and that the library had on the shelves. This one, Knock ‘Em Dead, was already one of her favorites, and she couldn’t wait to get home to finish the story.

It was just after two-thirty when Xiao Li entered her son’s home through the front door. The house was quiet, and at first she thought that Vania had taken the children for a walk, though the weather was beginning to turn. The news that morning had called for late afternoon showers, and by the looks of the darkening sky, they would be early, Xiao Li thought. She poured herself a glass of iced sweet tea, which she was growing fonder of every day, and took the glass and her book to the back porch. The air had grown a bit chilly, and before settling down to complete her novel, she headed upstairs to retrieve a sweater.

As Xiao Li approached the partially open door to the bedroom she shared with her husband, she was troubled by the sounds coming from within. Still a few steps from the doorway, she recognized passion in those sounds. Could it be that Gang was with another woman, Vania perhaps? Surely, it could not be. And yet, it was their bedroom the sounds were coming from. Gang may have returned early from his walk and taken Vania to their bed. Xiao Li’s heart thudded in her chest at the image of finding her husband engaged with his daughter-in-law. She wanted to know, had to know, but was so very afraid of taking the next step. The door was ajar, and she would be able to see the bed without opening it further.

“Oooohh, Vania!” The moan that came from the room was not the voice of her husband, she suddenly realized. It was her son’s voice. It was not her husband in their bedroom with Vania, but her son. Quickly, Xiao Li stepped to the door and peeked inside. What she saw made her heart thump, but in relief. On the bed lay her son Jian, naked from the waist down, with his black t-shirt pushed up to expose his tiny, dark nipples and hairless chest.

“Jian!” Xiao Li sighed thankfully. She started to back away, but hesitated as her gaze fell to her son’s lengthy, dark-fleshed cock. Vania had her lips wrapped tightly around his knob, and his balls in hand, as she slowly worked Jian’s excitement.

Vania was still fully dressed, in the cream-colored skirt and top she had been wearing that morning when Xiao Li had left. Her long, black hair hung down, but Jian reached out and pulled it back so that he could watch his wife suck his cock. It also gave Xiao Li an unobstructed view as well. She watched as Vania slowly went down on her son, taking all of Jian’s cock into her mouth. Xiao Li felt her own jaws open, and her tongue slip out. She suddenly saw herself in Vania’s place, with Jian’s cock in her mouth, an act she’d never performed in her life.

For three or four minutes Xiao Li watched her son receive an expert blow job from his wife. All the while he moaned softly to accompany her slurps. They would make eye contact from time to time, sharing smiles. Xiao Li felt a deep longing for a similar situation with her husband, where they would actually enjoy love-making escort hikayeleri again. She stepped back into the hallway and edged to the wall. She could feel a tingling between her thighs, inside her vagina. She reached down and pressed her fingers against her mound, through the thick fabric of her skirt and the underwear beneath. She needed to be touched.

“Oooohh, yes! Suck that big dick, baby!” Jian’s voice came from the bedroom. Xiao Li turned to look at the three-inch gap once again. Slurping and moaning continued, and she reached for the zipped of her skirt, on her right hip, and pulled it down. The skirt dropped to the floor and she stepped out of it as she returned to the doorway. She looked in once again to see Vania sit up and start to remove her blouse. Beneath it she wore a white half-top that served as a bra. Her smallish breasts swung beneath the material as she began to work her own skirt off. Xiao Li admired her youthful daughter-in-law and took in Vania’s beauty as she stripped down to her panties before leaning across Jian to plant her mouth to his. She watched the two young lovers kiss, Vania atop Jian, with a passion Xiao Li had long forgotten.

Vania reached for Jian’s cock and wrapped her long fingers around the shaft. She began to jerk him with rapid, short strokes that made Xian Li’s son shudder beneath his wife. A moment later, she pulled her mouth from his and slipped down his body. Vania paused to rub her tiny, pointed nipples against Jian’s twitching cock teasingly, and then she leaned down to lick across his own nipples. Jian obviously enjoyed that, as his body shivered and a low, deep moan escaped his lips.

As Xiao Li spied, she had been rubbing her own mound through her panties. Her clit bud was hard beneath her finger, and the crotch of her underwear damp. She could even smell her scent grow stronger as the minutes passed. She desperately needed to be touched, and as she watched Vania return Jian’s cock to her mouth, Xiao Li pushed her panties down to mid-thigh and her fingers into her heated slit.

“Oooohhh, Jian!” she again sighed as her breath trembled from her lips. Her middle finger curled up into her chute and her palm pressed hard against her clit. She began to shake her hand rapidly, vibrating her sensitive pussy. Her juices began to leak quickly onto her fingers. “Oooohhh!”

Unknown to Xiao Li, Jian had heard her moan and had noticed movement outside the bedroom door. He wanted to jump up and find out who it was spying on them, but as the thought entered his mind, Vania sat up and began to push her panties down her long legs.

“I need your cock now, Jian!” Vania huffed, unaware that her mother-in-law was thinking that very same thing just a few feet away in the hallway. Vania tossed her panties playfully onto Jian’s face as she straddled his upper thighs. “Do I smell good?” she teased as her husband snatched the underwear from his face.

Jian gave the panties a deep sniff before tossing them towards the partially open door. “You smell awesome!” he replied with a laugh. Vania crawled further up until she held her pussy poised above Jian’s cock. She let it lay against his belly and lowered herself until her labia kissed his shaft.

“You like, Husband?” she asked playfully as she began to stroke the underside of his shaft with her pussy. “Is my pussy hot?”

“Yes and yes!” Jian moaned. He had taken Vania’s small breasts in hand and was working them roughly as his wife humped fore and back along his length. Her scent filled the air just as her cream began to coat his cock.

From the hallway, Xiao Li watched. Her fingers were working hard in her pussy. She wanted to cum and knew that she would soon. As she watched Vania enjoying herself, she saw Jian’s head roll to the side, and look directly at her. He smiled. Did he know she was standing there, watching, she wondered. And yet, she couldn’t back away. She had to watch. And she thought that Jian wanted her to watch.

“Aaahhh!” Vania was sighing as she began to move ever quicker along her husband’s length. She’d yet to take him inside, and yet she was about to cum. She humped harder and faster, rubbing her clit hard along his length in an effort to achieve that first orgasm of the day and send her nerve endings into a frenzy before taking her husband once again inside her pussy.

“Aaaahhh, yes! Yes! I’m going to cum for you, my husband!” Vania panted as she rocked harder.

“I’m going to cum for you, my son!” Xiao Li wanted to scream as her fingers danced against her sensitive sex-flesh. Jian knew she was there. She knew it; she could feel it in her soul. Did he know that she was also enjoying it? Did he know that she was pleasuring herself as she watched? Did he know that she wanted to be in Vania’s place, straddling his waist and rubbing her pussy along his cock? As the questions rolled through her mind, so did the juices roll from her pussy.

“Oooohhh, Jian!” she gasped as her orgasm washed through her in that moment. gaziantep escort hikayeleri She saw, in her son’s face, recognition then. He knew that she had cum, watching him and his wife. She knew in that moment that Jian would come to her, soon. She knew that Jian would take her as well. And she knew that she would let him. Her moans had coincided with Vania’s own, as both women climaxed for Jian.

“Put you cock inside me, Husband!” Vania sighed a moment later. Xiao Li watched, still trembling through her post-orgasm while her fingers continued to work her slimy slot. Vania raised her hips and Jian reached to guide his cock into his wife’s wet, willing slot. Xiao Li wanted to be in Vania’s place, and envy washed through her as she watched the pleasures ripple along Vania’s features, as she settled upon Jian’s manhood.

“Ooohh, Jian! You are so big and hard today!” Vania moaned. “Did I do something to deserve this? Or is it just that we are making love in your parent’s bed?”

“I’m just so fucking horny, today, Vania!” Jian answered. “It’s been over a week. I hate it when you’re on the rag!”

Vania rolled her hips against Jian and slowly began to fuck him with forward and back thrusts that had her clit bud rubbing hard against his pubic bone. His hands cupped her tits and a moment later he had her nipples between thumb and finger. “Maybe next month you’ll find another pussy to relieve your pressure, while I’m on the rag,” Vania teased. She leaned down and kissed Jian before adding, “Maybe your mother’s pussy?”

Xiao Li gasped. She stepped back into the hallway further, the suggestion from her daughter-in-law’s mouth hitting her like a hammer. “Yeow!” Vania gasped when Jian pinched hard at both of her nipples a moment later. Vania sat upright, still impaled on Jian’s cock. “What was that for?”

Jian looked up at his wife, and then thrust hard up into her. “That’s not a nice suggestion,” he insisted. “That’s a pretty fucked up thing.”

Vania slowly began to rock her hips as she replied, “Why? I know you’ve been spying on her. I’d bet you still have cravings for her, especially now that she’s living under our roof. And I’ve read some of your stories, remember? I know you have desires for older women, and especially your own mother. I bet, if given the chance, she’d let you have her. We both know your father isn’t satisfying her any more. You said it yourself.”

Jian rolled his head towards the doorway, fearful of what his mother might have heard. Xiao Li had heard it all. She eased her fingers from her dripping pussy and pulled her panties back up. As quietly as she could, she gathered up her discarded skirt and headed for the front room. She was shaken, no doubt. Unexpectedly, everything within the household had taken a new direction in just a few moments. She left the young couple to finish their afternoon session in privacy.

Xiao Li, her mind racing with anxious thoughts, dressed quickly and retrieved her handbag. She exited through the front door quietly and climbed into the small car. It was beginning to rain and the need to be with her husband then washed over her. Starting the engine, she knew that she could find Gang walking in Van Winkle Park. Along the way, the images of her son, nude upon her bed, continued to flash through her mind. At times, it was her and not Vania straddling him, and these images made Xiao Li tremble.


That evening, Xiao Li was quiet, and it was noticed by everyone, including young Tye.

“Is there something wrong, Nainai?” she asked as she helped Xiao Li clear the dinner table. It had become something of a ritual for Tye to help her grandmother after the evening meal, and Xiao Li enjoyed the two-year-old’s company.

“No, Xiao mao, all is well,” Xiao Li replied, using the nickname she had given Tye, “Little Kitten”. “I had a tiresome day at the government center, is all, and I wish to relax in a hot bath before retiring for the night.”

“I will draw your bath, Nainai,” Tye cheerfully replied, using the Chinese word for “grandmother” she had been taught.

Xiao Li smiled down at her grand-daughter and with a loving brush of her long, jet-black hair, she said, “I would be very grateful, but after we have completed our chores.”

An hour later, Xiao Li stood before the large bathroom mirror, assessing her image. Behind her, the tub was already full and a layer of bubbles covered the hot water. Tye had poured in a large quantity of her own bubble bath for her grandmother as a surprise. Xiao Li adored the young girl, and told her that she appreciated it, though Xiao Li wasn’t one for taking bubble baths.

Looking at herself, Xiao Li took in the sight of the 58 year-old Asian grandmother looking back at her. Her round, pale face, with the deep-set brown eyes. The grey-streaked brown hair that she’d recently had trimmed and done up in a sort of bobby style. The wide, full lips that had only kissed her husband in passion over the last four decades. There escort gaziantep hikayeleri were wrinkles around her eyes and mouth, of course. A mole on her left cheek, just below her eye. In her ear lobes were small, emerald studs that had been given to her by her mother as a birthday present, so many years ago. The only things of her mother’s that she possessed still.

Xiao Li didn’t consider herself to be a beautiful woman by any means, nor did she see herself as hideous. Just average, for a middle-aged Asian grandmother, she decided. And yet, for some reason, her son had an attraction to her. She could not understand it in the least. How could Jian, with such a beautiful young wife, even think such dirty thoughts about his own mother? And how could his wife know of such thoughts, and even tease him about such things, while engaged in love-making? The culture of the West, and America, was baffling to Xiao Li, and she attributed her son’s behavior to such influence. That very same influence, she admitted, was making her think the very same way about Jian.

Xiao Li still wore her clothes from the day as she stood before the mirror. The egg-shell button-up sweater was a little tight on her now, but it made her ample breasts look larger, and firmer, than they actually were. She reached up and began to pop the buttons, watching herself in the mirror as she did. The idea of having her son do this simple task for her entered her mind, and she pause. She looked into her own dark eyes, eye looking back at her, into her own mind. Suddenly, she saw her son, Jian, standing behind her.

“Jian!” she gasped as he stepped up close, very close, to her from behind. She felt his body against hers, and then his breath on her neck.

“Allow me to assist you, Mother,” he whispered into her ear. His hands came up around her body to slip beneath hers, and pop the final button loose.

“Jian! You must not be in here,” Xiao Li sighed. “Your wife and father are near.”

Her son’s hands eased the sweater open, revealing her off-white bra, and the plunging valley of her cleavage. She rolled her head back, to lean into his shoulder, as he said, “They are busy. We have time.” With that, Jian’s hands came up and brushed the sweater from her shoulders. It fell to the floor as his hands stroked down her arms. His touch on her naked flesh was warm, and yet Xiao Li shivered.

Xiao Li felt her son’s lips lightly touch her neck, even as his hands went to her waist. She sighed again as her skirt was loosened, and then it, too, fell to the floor. “Oh, Jian!” she huffed.

Suddenly, and with force, Jian grabbed hold of her breasts, each hand pressing hard into her flesh. His mouth clamped onto her neck, and she felt his body push forward, forcing her against the counter. “Jian! What are you doing?” she cried out, though in a low voice. She was still aware that there were others in the house, and she didn’t want to cause a scene.

As his fingers dug ever deeper into her breasts, Jian replied, “I want you, Mother! I need to feel your body, your sex wrapped around my own!” With that, Jian released her left breast and took hold of her left hand. He pulled his mother’s hand into contact with the front of his trousers. Xiao Li felt the long, still outline of her son’s cock through the material. He was hot, and throbbing. He was in heat for her, his own mother.

“You see! I am ready for you! You have done that to me, Mother!” Jian suddenly released her hand, and Xiao Li didn’t remove it. She squeezed her son’s cock through the material, and wanted to feel it’s naked flesh in her hand. As she squeezed his tube, she felt her son reach around and thrust his hand down the front of her panties.

“Oooohhh, Jian!” she huffed again as she felt her son’s fingers stroke through her pubic forest to find the heated slit of her sex. Her thighs trembled, parting ever so slightly as his long middle finger curled and pressed against her clit. Her body shivered through the electric jolt that followed.

“Yes, Mother! You are as hot for me as I am for you, are you not?” Jian announced triumphantly. He slipped lower, into her slit, to find her pent-up juices. He stroked her labia, releasing them to flow across his fingers. “You are so wet, Mother!” After several strokes, Jian curled his finger and pressed into his mother.

“Oooohhh, Jian! Noooo!” Xiao Li moaned as her son began to finger thrust into her. She recognized that she was already very near a climax, and it would be not long before she lost control. “Please, Jian!” she sighed louder than before.

“What are you doing, Nainai?” came Tye voice, ripping Xiao Li from the fantasy.

Startled, Xiao Li ripped her left hand from the front of her panties while releasing her right breast. “Oh! You startled me, Tye.” Xiao Li moved to cover her exposed breasts while explaining, “I was checking myself, before getting into the bath. It is a thing we older women must do, from time to time.”

“Checking yourself for what?” she asked in response as she stepped further into the bathroom.

“Tye, Grandmother was checking herself for lumps, just as mommy does,” Vania explained as she appeared in the doorway. “Now, come. You must get ready for bed, Tye.” Vania gave Xiao Li a slight grin as she took Tye hand, and said, “I’m sorry she intruded, Xiao Li. She knows better than to enter the bathroom when it is occupied, without knocking first.”

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