The Looking Glass Ch. 03


I would like to thank Chasp for editing this story for me.

All characters are 18 years or older.


The Sun broke and Lisa lay on her bed confused while her pussy and ass still tingled from the pounding her son had given her the previous night. Her body had betrayed her as her unknowing desires for her son emerged.

Quickly, Lisa rose and went into her master bath and jumped into the shower feeling maybe it might wash away the unthinkable sins she’d committed with her only child. But alas, her pussy still yearned for her young stud and the wicked visions of fucking him became overwhelming. Before Lisa knew what she was doing, her naked wet body stood in front of his door while her head slowly peered inside. Her pussy tingled with excitement as her eyes focused on her young man sleeping carelessly as she stealthy advanced inside before the last of her willpower made her realize how wrong it was, and backed away before Ryan could see her.

However, Ryan was aware of his mother’s presence and her slow invasion into his room. Through slit eyes, he drank in her naked flesh as she looked unsure as to what she was doing.

Ryan’s dick quickly hardened in anticipation to his mother’s arrival, and he almost leapt up, but when he saw her turn around and walk out of his room, he decided to lie motionless as if he was still asleep.

I almost have her now, he thought as his bedroom door quietly closed.

Lisa rushed back to her room and covered the looking glass with a towel as she hastily dressed for the day. Thankfully, it was almost the end of the week and in her uncertain frame of mind, she tried to focus on fighting off her demons as her fingers quickly dialed Liz’s number.

Liz was in bed when the phone rang and was greeted to Lisa’s whimpering pleas for help as she told how she caved to her sexual desires in front of the mirror with her son.

Liz listened as Lisa went on explaining in great detail how her wicked night of incest unfolded, and it began to unconsciously excite her. Her pussy became extremely moist as Lisa vividly told how her son was also able to see the incestuous reflections.

Liz’s fingers strolled down her naked body and began to tickle her clit when Lisa explained the images they saw were of them engaging in sex on her bedroom floor.

It wasn’t long before three fingers were snuggled deep inside her hot pussy as Lisa detailed how her son had seduced her and had taken her from behind, causing the most intense orgasm she had ever felt.

Liz, bit her lip while holding her breath as her own climax hit from imagining Lisa and her son wildly fucking. There was a long pause before Liz caught her breath and spoke.

“I’m sure we’ll be able to get your control back and explain to your son how wrong it was. It’s imperative we act on this quickly before any more damage is done, and meet again as soon as possible.”

“Oh God, Liz! Yes! Please! Whatever it will take. I almost went to him this morning. I wanted to feel him inside me again. To feel him take me over and over. To feel that ultimate climax rock my body.”

“Please, Lisa, control yourself. I have another case to see today, but I’ll see you and your son as soon as I can.”

“Thank you. Thank you,” Lisa said as she hung up the phone.

Now I only have to control myself until I meet Liz, she thought.

What the mothers weren’t aware of was that after Ryan had taken his mother, he’d called Kevin and told him how he once again encouraged his mother into incest. Ryan also thought of a way Kevin would be able to get up his own mother’s skirt.

Lisa went about her daily chores as her son ambled down the stairs. She wasn’t sure what to expect from Ryan and was puzzled when he acted as if nothing had happened the night before, greeting her with “Good morning, mom,” giving her cheek a simple kiss.

Lisa found the nerve to confront him and quickly spoke as Ryan was beginning to turn and walk away from her.

“Ryan… I think we need to discuss last night. I think we both got carried away with our own passions and… Well you know.”

“What are you saying, mom? It was wrong for us to express how we truly felt about each other? I can’t accept that. I felt how much you wanted me.”

“Yes… Yes, I know how we both felt last night. Even so, it’s not right. It’s not acceptable. It’s… It’s perverted.”

Ryan walked back to his mother and took hold of her firm ass, pulling it tight against his body.

“So you think this is wrong. You think we shouldn’t be doing this,” Ryan said as he ground his meat into his mother slit.

Lisa struggled and tried to break free as her young man’s cock grew stiff against her flesh.

“Yeah… Oh… Yes. It’s sooo wrong.” Lisa’s voice labored as her crevice grew moist.

Lisa scuffled and wiggled around as her muff danced against his growing appendage and felt him press his lips tightly to hers, which drew light whimpers from her, until she finally opened her mouth and accepted his probing escort sitesi tongue.

Her fighting became less resistant, and as they kissed her hips pushed forward, making more of her son’s stiff pole slide against her sex and intensifying her building excitement.

Once again, she felt her sinful desire to feel his warm cock buried deep inside her wet pussy, and slowly her shaking hand traveled down to his prize.

She was just about to set his monster free when Ryan pushed her away leaving her stunned as he remarked “See, mom? You want me. You just have to come to terms with it yourself. I’m going to go to the gym for a bit. I told Kevin to meet me there today,” and walked away, leaving her standing there excited and breathing heavy.

Lisa caught her breath and quickly informed Ryan about Liz coming back for another session before he bolted out the door.

Ryan concealed his smirk, knowing it would only be a matter of time before he would have her unconditionally and, with some luck, have her therapist and son involved in some incest of their own.

Ryan had lied about meeting Kevin at the gym. His real intention was to drive to his house and set the stage for their upcoming adventures.

I hope Kevin is doing his part, he thought as he drove down the road.


Liz was in her kitchen when her son asked to speak with her, so they both sat down for a chat.

“Mom, Ryan called me and told me some disturbing news involving him and his mother. He said he had sex with her, and I’m having conflicted feelings about that.”

“I’m puzzled that he told you about their situation. However, if it helps, it’s not uncommon for that to happen. It’s been well documented, and I’m sure I’ll be able to help them resolve this dilemma.”

“But Mom… He mentioned it was the mirror.”

“Yes. I’m aware of the looking glass, and I’m sorry, Kevin, but I can’t talk anymore about this. I have to keep it confidential since Lisa’s a client.”

“So if it’s so common for moms to have sexual desires for their sons, have you ever thought about… You know… Me?” Kevin asked this as he watched his mother squirm in her chair.

Liz wasn’t sure how to answer her son’s question at first but knew if she kept it professional he’d be able to handle her answer.

“Yes it has crossed my mind on occasion, and like I said, it’s not uncommon for it to happen. I think most mothers have a very close bond with her sons, but sometimes we have trouble separating our sexual desires with the deep love we feel for our man children.”

“Oh…” Kevin replied as his head lowered.

“So is that what you needed to know?”

“I guess so. It’s just… I also have those sexual feelings.”

“About me?”

“Yes,” Ryan answered.

“Oh…,” Liz said. His words shocked her at first, but she regained her composure and continued. “Well… There’s nothing wrong with that Kevin. Similar to mothers, sons also experience a close bond. It begins back to when they nursed on her bosom.”

“I don’t think that’s it, mom. I don’t vision breastfeeding on you. I picture us.” Liz quickly cut her son off and said “I know what you meant.”

“So how did you picture me, mom?”

This was getting very uncomfortable for Liz as she felt her talk wasn’t heading in a good direction.

“Kevin, I know you’re curious now about this. However, now isn’t the best time for us to be having this discussion. Maybe it would be a good idea if you sat in with me on one of my sessions with Ryan and Lisa. But I’ll have to ask if it’s alright, first.”

“Okay, mom.” Kevin agreed to this as he excused himself and went into the living room leaving Liz alone with her thoughts.

As she washed the dishes, her mind wandered back to their conversation and how Kevin had pictured them together. She was now aware that her son had hidden desires for her, and felt her pussy twinge as she imagined their bodies embracing romantically.

Get a hold of yourself Liz, she thought, and chalked her sexual response to not being next to a man’s warmth in such a long time.

However, instead of leaving her mind, the romantic encounter only intensified until she was making love to her son in her psyche and her pussy oozed its sweet juices as her fantasy unfolded. She was just about to sneak her fingers under her skirt to relieve the incestuous desire when the door bell rang, pulling her out of her sex dream. She heard Kevin talking to someone and went to investigate.

Liz was surprised when she saw it was Ryan and inquiringly asked why he was there.

“I’m sorry, but I needed to see you. Something happened last night. Something I can’t explain.”

Liz showed Ryan into another room to talk in private.

“I’m aware of what happened between you and your mother last night. She already called me this morning and explained what you did. I’ve scheduled another session for this evening in the hopes of helping both of you.”

“I don’t think you gaziantep escort sitesi can help. That’s why I’m here. It’s mom’s looking glass. Somehow it can show you things. Things that don’t exist. I can’t believe how that is possible.”

“I can assure you it’s not that, and we will discuss this further in our meeting later. However, while you’re here, I would like to ask if you would mind if Kevin joins in our session. He told me how you called him, and he’s been asking me a lot of uncomfortable questions that I think can be answered if he can see what you and your mother are going through.”

“I don’t have a problem with it. But I can’t speak for mom. And I don’t think you are yet grasping what I’m telling you about the mirror.”

“We’ll see at our session. Now please excuse me. I have another client I must get ready to meet before I visit your house,” Liz said as she walked Ryan to the door.

“I’ll call your mother and see if she is willing to have Kevin there before I come by. If she has no objection, I’ll bring my son along. Good bye, for now,” Liz said as she closed the door and got herself ready.

Liz had her meeting with her other client and found it odd that it was another bazaar case of incest. This one revolved around supernatural abilities and didn’t end well, as the son became defiant and they left her office in a huff when he didn’t like her rational reason for their sex.

However, his earlier tale of spiritual manipulation had sparked Liz’s own lust, and as he told how the specter undressed his mom and stroked his cock in front of her, they both felt the deep need to feel each other’s body.

Liz’s pussy was once again on fire, but knew she would have to wait until after she called Lisa so that she could relieve the built-up sexual tensions she was experiencing at the moment.

When she did talk to Lisa later that day, she mentioned how her son was having similar issues and thought inviting him into the session would help him with his own mixed-up desires.

Lisa felt uncomfortable with the idea but agreed to it.


Ryan was in his room eagerly waiting for their guests to arrive when he heard them knock at the front door and sprang from his bed to greet them.

Liz and Kevin stepped inside as Lisa thanked them for coming. They all sat down in the living room, and Lisa began to shyly talk about what had transpired the previous night and watched as Liz and Kevin began to squirm in their seats.

Ryan sat quietly as his eyes traced over the women’s bodies. His mother had changed for the session and had on a nice red slip over dress that plunged low in the front and was held on by two thin straps over her shoulders. Liz, on the other hand, had worn a professional white buttoned-down blouse and a black skirt that zipped from the side. His eyes focused on how his mother’s talk was affecting their guests and boldly decided to help her in describing their incestuous act by adding how she screamed in pleasure as his cock rammed fast in and out of her womb.

Liz tightened her crossed legs as her sexual urges flourished and couldn’t help but notice how the incest talk had also affected her own son as she glanced at the obvious bulge in his pants.

I’ve got them now, Ryan thought as he again stressed how it was the looking glass that gave him the wicked idea of taking his mother’s ass for the first time.

Liz struggled with her hornyness and described to Ryan and Lisa how it could have been their own desires reflecting back at them.

“Well that’s easy to test,” Ryan said and stood up. “We only have to go upstairs and see if the images reappear or not.

“No… Ryan that’s not a good idea,” Lisa said. Even so, Liz had to agree with Ryan and with some resistance from Lisa, they went upstairs to her bedroom.

Lisa felt her stomach churn as Ryan walked up to the mirror and removed the towel that covered it and insisted the room stay dark as he motioned Liz and Kevin to sit on the bed while he moved his mother in front of the looking glass.

He once again stood behind his mother’s body and put his arms on her shoulders.

“We were just like this then it happened,” Ryan told Liz and Kevin. Slowly he began to rub his hands softly across his mom’s shoulder blades.

Minutes went by, and nothing happened. Ryan couldn’t understand it himself. But then he noticed his mother’s eyes were shut and decided to pretend to see a vision.

“Oh… there they go. I can see them now,” Ryan said as he watched his mother squish her eyelids tighter.

“Who are you seeing?” Liz asked, as she strained to see the looking glass.

“You don’t see them?” Ryan questioned and lightly moved his mother to the side.

“Here, stand next to us. Maybe you need to be in front of it,” Ryan said as Liz slowly stood next to them.

Again, Ryan went on pretending about a young mother and son and told how they were hugging and kissing. He could see Liz intently looking at the gaziantep escort bayan sitesi mirror and made another bold suggestion.

“Maybe Kevin should be behind you, like my mom is to me,” and before Liz could say anything she felt her son’s hands gliding lightly across her shoulder blades.

“That’s it. It should work now,” Ryan said as he increased his rubbing on his mom’s blades while he pressed his groin against her backside.

Lisa felt his manhood, and fought the urge to look at the mirror. Her brain wanted to see the incest couple as her body heightened with sexual pleasure.

Liz, too, was becoming extremely horny as she watched the reflection of her son rubbing on her shoulders, and then she felt something brush against her ass. She wasn’t sure at first, but then it happened again. And then again. Finally she realized it was her son’s stiff member bumping against her bottom, causing her pussy to twitch.

Ryan could hear his mother’s breath became heavy and kissed the nap of her neck, causing a low moan to escape from her lips. His thumbs hooked under the straps that held her dress in place and eased them off her shoulders.

Lisa couldn’t stand the building excitement and begged him to stop.

“You want this, mom. I know you do. So does Liz,” Ryan whispered and slowly drew her dress up and off her slinky body.

Liz was awed as Ryan leisurely seduced his mother. Her professional side was screaming to put an end to this, but her pent-up sexual side wanted more. Her son’s cock was now glued tightly to her ass. Her heart raced and her blood boiled as her sexual needs took over.

“Please, Ryan… Please. Oh… God,” Lisa moaned softly as her son’s hands found her breasts and massaged them until her nipples poked hard into her bra. He unclasped it, and watched it fall to their feet exposing his mother’s naked bosom to the mirror.

“Open your eyes mom. Open them!” Ryan ordered, as he pulled and twisted her nipples.

Lisa quickly opened her eyes and stared into the glass and gasped loudly as the image of the boys toying with their mothers reflected back. Her pussy went wet as she watched Kevin undo his mother’s zipper and remove her skirt. Her top was still buttoned, but Kevin wasted no time in undoing a few, and slipped his right hand inside.

“Liz… Liz… what are we do. ing… Oh, ahhhh,” Lisa said as her son found her clit once more, and waves of pleasure soaked her body.

Liz was in a world of her own as Kevin manipulated her globes, and without thinking, reached back and squeezed his hard dick with her hand.

“Oh… Yeah, mom. I’ve been hoping for this,” Kevin groaned as he eased his left hand down to her panties and wiggled his fingers under them searching for her womanly surprise.

Liz gasped as her son’s finger touched her pussy lips for the first time. She was on fire and there was no turning back. Her desire to feel the pleasure of a man was too great.

As Lisa gazed upon the mirror, it began to change. Her fear was unfolding as the strange incest images once again appeared.

“Oh… They’re back!” she cried out, drawing everyone’s attention to the mirror.

Liz couldn’t believe her eyes as the strangers appeared to her also, engaged in sexual acts of incest. Her pussy dripped as the oblivious strange mother and son ravaged their bodies in wicked raw passion. Liz felt a finger sink inside her hot hole. Her own hand had eased Kevin’s zipper down and released his stiff pole for her to stroke.

Kevin worked on his mother’s remaining buttons with his right hand, and finally the blouse was free. Gingerly, he reached with both hands and removed the garment from her body. As his mother gazed into the glass, he hastily tugged her panties and his pants to the floor.

His bare stiff cock now rubbed against her ass cheeks as his hands pushed under her brassiere and rubbed her bubbly breasts.

“Oh… Kevin,” Liz moaned as she felt her pussy juices flow down her leg, her mind going mad with lust.

Ryan didn’t waste any time himself as his mom, who had forgotten about his presence as she was watching the couple in the mirror with rapt attention. Ryan had removed all of his mom’s clothes along with his own, and was now centering his stiff pole at her tight little asshole once again.

As before, he told her to brace herself and Lisa took hold of the mirror as Ryan pushed hard sending his massive meat deep inside her bunghole. Lisa screamed as she forgot her asshole could accommodate his girth

“Fuck me, mom! Push back! Fuck your son!” Ryan commanded as he rammed his dick deeper.

Liz stopped stroking her boy’s dick and grasped it firmly as she leaned over and guided it to her wet wanting slit. She felt his mushroom tip touch her opening, and she pushed back sending another wave of pleasure through her body as his cockhead penetrated her for the first time.

Her breath was stolen away momentarily, as more and more of her young son’s wonderful cock filled her flaming cunt and she screamed, “Oh Christ! Yes, Kevin. Oh Fuck. Yes!” as she climaxed hard. Her pussy quivered and her body shook. She could feel her son holding her weak body as she climaxed again.

“Oh my God!!!” Liz screamed once more as her breath raced and felt her son slowly fucking her sopping slit. His hard dick reached deeper inside her drenched snatch and intensified her following orgasm.

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