The Joanne Saga: Kayla


“I’m gonna cum on your cock again Chris!” Deborah let out in between her moans. I slowed down fucking her for a minute or two and slowly pumped in and out of her. I had my girlfriend’s mother in my favorite position, doggy style. This is the position I tend to end with because it pushes me over the edge to watch an ass clap back on me. With Deborah, that was an understatement. She had so much ass, bigger than most MILF pornstars, and took poundings without a complaint. She was a middle aged slut and that is the only way to put it.

I quickly flipped the switch from slowly fucking her to mercilessly pounding her. She looked back at her ass and listened to her cheeks clapping every time I went in and out. “I love taking your big cock Chris, don’t stop,” Deborah moaned.

I had no intention to. I licked my thumb and slowly inserted it into her ass as I continued to fuck her. Deborah could barely mutter anything out of her mouth and the only thing you could hear from her bedroom was her incredibly large ass and my body hitting together. I could feel myself getting closer to orgasm, but I did not waver. Our sex sessions were long, as I could hold myself from orgasm for awhile and she could take dick for hours.

I was still holding strong until she looked me in the eye and said, “Fuck me how you fuck my slut of a daughter.” That was it for me. I pulled out and emptied my balls onto her ass, some of it dripping into her asscrack. She laughed and said, “I knew that’d get you.” I gave her a kiss on the head and checked my phone. I received a text from my girlfriend about 20 minutes before I had came saying “I’ll be home in thirty minutes if you want to come over!”

I panicked. I told Deborah to clean my cum off her ass while I take a quick shower and get ready to go. I answered my girlfriend saying “I’ll let you know, kind of tired for being able to sleep in today”. I got ready and headed to my car. Not even 1 minute after being in my car did Joanne pull up next to me. She had a big smile on her face as she thought I surprised her by showing up to meet her from work, when in reality I was fucking her mother.

We both got out of our cars and hugged, and we headed into her house again. Joanne whispers, “I think my mom is home so we have to be quiet when we fuck.” I had to pretend like I didn’t know and get myself ready to fuck again. Joanne and I made our way upstairs and passed by Deborah’s bedroom, only to see her naked and asleep on top of her bed, her ass facing upwards. Usually when we pass by their room we don’t even look but this time Joanne paused and stared at her mother. After a couple seconds of staring her and I walked into her room and closed the door. Once we sat down, Joanne said, “I never truly realized how large my mom’s rear end was, but damn I don’t even know how she fits into normal pants.”

I couldn’t help but smile and say, “Yeah she has a fat fucking ass for sure.” Both laughing now, we began to kiss. Joanne took no time sticking her hand in my pants and grabbing my cock. We laid down on the bed and got naked.

Joanne put her petite ass in my face, and we started 69ing. I couldn’t help but moan as she took nearly all eight inches of me in her throat. I ate her pussy and her ass for longer than I usually do, but I had to stop because Joanne’s sucking nearly had me orgasming.

I lifted her from my cock and Betturkey laid her on the bed. She opened her legs and I practically slid into her pussy like it was nothing. Missionary is the perfect opening position, and she couldn’t have wanted dick any more than she did at that moment. I could see her eyes beginning to roll (as they usually do when she cums), so I pulled out to allow her to orgasm. Milliseconds after I pulled out, she began squirting ferociously. I had never seen her cum that hard or squirt for that matter. Joanne had enough of missionary after she came and laid me down so she could ride my cock.

I grabbed her medium sized breasts while she rode me. Despite not having an ass the size of her mother, Joanne’s twerking on my cock was very sexy. After only a couple minutes, Joanne’s eyes once again disappeared and she came hard all over my dick.

I was fighting off an orgasm the entire time we were having sex so I asked her to get into doggy so I could finish. I slid my hard cock into her pussy and began pounding her very hard, similar to what I did to her mother earlier that day. And also, very similar to her mother, Joanne could take quite a hard fuck. She made no noises as I pounded but just took it like the whore I knew she was. I came hard, and pulled out to blow my load all over her face. I shot my load all over her face and glasses, draining every last drop I had.

“I was expecting more cum! That was a very average load haha.” Joanne muttered. I smiled, as she had no idea that my first, and much larger, load was sprayed all over her mother’s giant ass. I had to get home as I had prior commitments with my family, so I Ieft Joanne with a face full of cum and walked downstairs.

I saw Deborah as I walked out and said goodbye. She said, “I could hear my daughter getting pounded up there, sounded like you were really giving it to her.” I just nodded and laughed as I walked to my car for good this time.

I got in my car and got a direct message on my Facebook from a friend from high school. Her name was Kayla Stinson and she knew both me and my girlfriend. She was very average looking so I never made an attempt for her, but she was always very sweet to me. She messaged me about getting coffee the next weekend, so I quickly responded yes and drove home.

The next weekend came and I went to meet my former classmate. We were just getting coffee at a local coffee shop, nothing major. I got there quite early, ordered a coffee, and sat at a table by myself to wait. After a few minutes I saw a car pull up to the coffee shop. It was a beater, similar to the ones that most high school kids drive. Kayla obviously hadn’t gotten a new car since high school, but that was ok since it got the job done.

She got out and her face looked unchanged from years ago. From afar she looked relatively the same as she did a couple years prior, but I would be mistaken as she got closer. Kayla was a 5’7″ to 5’8″ girl with a good figure, no glaring features, but just overall was in decent shape and had a cute face. She had black hair and wasn’t really into the whole dating scene in high school, but I’ve seen on social media that she’s had some male friends.

I smiled as I watched my old friend enter the coffee shop. As Kayla got closer I saw her crack a smile as well. But just when I thought she hadn’t changed, Betturkey Giriş Kayla showed me she had in a huge way. As this lovely black haired woman got closer to me, I realized she had grown in a big way. She walked strong and with a purpose. That being said, what had grown on her moved greatly with every step she took. Kayla was wearing a white t-shirt and yoga pants, a very relaxed outfit.

Kayla, from what I remember, had an average pair of tits and a smaller than average ass. What she looked like now completely crushed my memory of her. She still had her same black hair (pretty luscious and long) and still had probably 36B boobs, but the lower half of her body looked as if she stole it from a pornstar. She had thick legs now, everything from her feet to her waist was thick. Her thighs were perfect, big and soft looking. All of that thickness on her thighs led up to the largest ass I’ve ever seen. Deborah had a monstrous ass, but when I saw Kayla’s ass, I couldn’t deny that it was bigger.

This ass was something you could only dream of, and I hadn’t seen it without clothes yet. It was very clear that her butt was testing the strength of her yoga pants, as most pants aren’t made for such a large ass. It was perfectly complemented by her big, thick thighs. Her thighs led right into it, and even further amplified how fat this ass was. It was dense looking, fat, and overall just giant.

I tried my absolute hardest to stop staring at it, but it looked like she was carrying a pillow behind her with how much ass she had. She lightly yelled “Hi Chris!!” when she got close enough to me. We shared a brief hug and sat down at our table. I missed the high school bullshit we used to care about so it was refreshing being able to talk to someone other than my close guy friends or Joanne.

I didn’t want to, but as a horny young man I needed to address it. “Kayla, not to be weird, but when did your ass get so big?!” I said trying to not make it seem like I was nearly about to cum under the table.

“I knew you’d comment on it! I just started eating more and instead of going to my stomach, I guess it all went to making my ass fat as fuck.”

That confidence and blatant truth of how she knew her ass was fat and bigger than ever turned me on. I had no idea if she thought I was attractive or had any interest for that matter, but might as well tell a girl her ass looks big if she’s comfortable with that. We continued with our small talk, but I could tell it was time to leave.

“I really should get going, it was so nice to see you again Kayla!” She couldn’t help but smile. I gave her a brief hug goodbye and a playful smack on the ass, just so I could get a full grasp at how big this thing was. It made a much louder noise than I expected, and I was surprised at how much she enjoyed that.

“That felt good Chris. There’s a lot to smack isn’t there.” I couldn’t even believe that a tiny smack on her asscheek sparked her interest. Not soon after, she was leading me to her car. I had no idea how I went from just simple small talk to me watching her big buttcheeks smush together as she walked me to her car. The once quiet and reserved Kayla I knew was no more. She now is a bubble butt slut, who I was about to rail as hard as I could.

We made it to her apartment in no more than ten minutes, and she was quick to Betturkey Güncel Giriş get us into her bedroom. Kayla made no effort to even ask about my girlfriend, but even if she had, my cock would still be glued to her fat ass.

I couldn’t stop grabbing her ass. I would squeeze it tight and her ass would seep through my fingers. Even the biggest hands in the world wouldn’t be able to palm this ass. I was just in sheer awe at how this ass made Deborah’s ass look small. Kayla’s ass was in a league of its own, and I was about to see how well she could take cock.

We were practically skipping right to fucking. She took no time in ripping my clothes off, and I ripped everything off in sight so I could see her ass. It was even larger than I could’ve imagined. Kayla stood up from the bed and began to jiggle her asscheeks for me. She could twerk and move her fat ass better than most pornstars could.

“You like it?” She asked me simply. I could barely get a word out. I felt like I was drowning in ass, but I still was able to nod yes. Kayla turned back around, dropped to her knees, and stuck my cock in her mouth. She sucked very hard which felt very good, but it was her not breaking eye contact that made me even more turned on. Her head bobbed up and down but she never stopped watching me squirm from her tight blowjob.

I could help but to start thrusting in and out of her mouth. She removed her hands from my cock, and allowed me to freely fuck her face. I got all of my member down her throat at one point. Kayla had a deep throat and I loved it, but I stopped thrusting and she took no time in hopping on to ride me. I just held her ass tight, and let the slut do her thing on my cock.

Kayla obviously knew her way around dicks, or had a dildo at home, because she was riding like no one I’ve fucked before. Every time she bounced up and down I could hear her asscheeks clapping together. I just laid there and moaned while she used my big cock to orgasm. Her eyes rolled and she let out a loud grunt.

We shifted to the spooning position and I realized, again, this was the biggest ass I have ever fucked. I began furiously thrusting, using her medium sized tits as my handle. Kayla just took this pounding as she should’ve, and listened as her butt clapped with every thrust.

After what seemed like an eternity fucking, I was nearly about to cum. I flipped Kayla into doggy style and once again inserted myself balls deep. This was the position I was waiting for since the beginning of us fucking. I used her absurdly large asscheeks as my handles and began fucking her. This time she was very loud, moaning and talking like a slut to me nearly every stroke. Her eyes were rolling from the moment my cock entered her.

I could feel myself inching towards orgasm with every stroke. I was spanking her and pulling her hair very aggressively now. She was taking my dicking so well, and that turned me on even more.

“Wow you’re fucking the shit out of me. I’ve never been fucked like a dirty slut before.” She barely got out in between the claps from her ass.

That was it for me. I pulled out and hurried to her face. Luckily she wanted my load there too and put her head right under my cock. I couldn’t believe it, but my eyes rolled. I shot it with little to no aim, spraying cum from her hair to her chin. Kayla smiled and I got her a towel to clean up. After our long session, we laid next to each other in her bed, talking about how much we loved fucking each other.

We both knew that this would not be the last time we were gonna fuck, and I was happy to add another girl to the list of people I can fuck.

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