The Girl, The Daddy And The Teacher


The tension in the car was electric and Charo was more than a little scared. She hadn’t seen her father quite this angry in years and she hated it when feelings between them were this bad, as they had been quite often over the past twelve months. After all, as he always used to say, she was his “favorite girl”. He had removed his suit jacket when they had set off and her eyes dwelledon his hairy forearms that normally gave her a sense of security. But right now they suggested more power and authority, even danger.

“Daddy …please! Tell me what’s wrong.” She hated the way her voice sounded so small and pleading, or so it seemed. Maybe it was just the way she perceived it when up against such obvious indignation, and while feeling that she was on the moral low ground.

All she knew was that she had been called to the principal’s office only to find her father there, summoned from his office downtown, so obviously it was a serious matter but, when Mrs Ferguson had started to initiate a conversation, Ramon Martinez had intervened: “No, if you don’t mind, I’d rather confront my daughter with this matter alone”. His expression had been thunderous and Charo knew that at times like that, it was best to just keep quiet and not ask any questions. Obviously, so did Mrs Ferguson.

And right now it still wasn’t a good time. She looked miserably out of the window and realized for the first time that they weren’t heading for home and in fact were driving out of town.

“Daddy, at least tell me where we are going.”

There was a long silence and then Ramon said, in a cold, almost menacing tone, “Somewhere where we can talk uninterrupted. I’m not having your mother performing her usual ‘sister of mercy’ act this time.”

God, thought Charo, this is MAJOR! What have I DONE!” For the next four or five minutes she tried to find a suitably serious misdemeanor at school which would qualify, but couldn’t. It was only when they slowed right down and Ramon drove the car off the road and down a sandy track through the trees that she reconnected with the present.

They emerged in a clearing and, in front of them, sat the glistening expanse of the lake. Charo knew that there were many spots like this around its edge; previous boyfriends had brought her to a number of them and only last week she had been here with Carl. Carl!!! Oh shit, she thought, was it something about her and Carl? But she dismissed that – surely there was no way that her dad would know about that.

Ramon switched off the engine and, as the air conditioning went off, opened the car windows. The warm sweet smelling air engulfed them, as did the gentle sound of the breeze in the trees. What neither of them had seen was that another car had followed them almost into the clearing and had quietly slid to a halt. No one had got out.

She remained silent, knowing it was the best way to react at the moment. Despite her reassurance that this couldn’t be too bad, her heart was pounding. She looked at her dad as he loosened his tie and undid the top button of his shirt and his face still bore the look of controlled anger. At 42, he was one of those fortunate Latinos who had kept his good looks late into life, in fact who looked sexier as the years gave his features more character.

When he spoke, his voice was controlled. “Tell me. What’s going on between you and this Mr. Dawson?”

Charo almost choked. “What…” she gasped.

“Mr Dawson … Carl Dawson.”

Carl Dawson was a 42-year-old member of staff who had started at the school just a week before. It had been obvious from the first day that he was an incorrigible flirt and all the girls in Charo’s year had been wild with anticipation as to who would be the first to be the special object of his charm. Charo, being very much the leader of her peer group, had determined that it would be her. Only two days before she had sat in class and had deliberately given him the opportunity to see up her short skirt as she sat overtly hanging on his every word, looking at him so innocently but enjoying the thrill of his reactions when he finally noticed and only letting him know it was deliberate, with a cheeky little smirk as she left the class. He had been forced to spend the last third of his lesson sitting behind his desk, the discomfort of his erection made worse every time he looked at the sexy brunette. She had deliberately worn a pair of her skimpiest, semi see-through panties that she knew revealed the deep dark shadow of her pussy slit. But, not one to allow an opportunity to pass him by, he had called her back and, swiveling in his seat just enough for her to see his tented pants, had told her that it might be necessary for her to have a few extra lessons to bring her up to her potential. Charo had sweetly smiled and said that would be just fine by her.

And the lessons he had taught her here by the lake last Friday night had been mind-blowing. She had never known sex like it.

“Daddy, I don’t know what you mean!”

“Well, escort ilanları Mrs Ferguson knows exactly.”

How could she? It was impossible, she reasoned. “Daddy, I really don’t know what you mean!”

“Charo, one of your classmates told her. You were deliberately flashing him in class.”

She knew that the look on her face must have told him all he wanted to know and she could do nothing about it. She was just so shocked that one of her friends could have done this to her.

“She even said that the poor man was so disturbed by your behavior he had to have words with you before you left his class. Mrs Ferguson tells me that he’s married with four kids. He must have felt awful about it! How dare you put him in that position

Charo spluttered. “Daddy, he didn’t have words with me. Well he did … but it was the opposite to what you think. He said he wanted …. that he ….” She couldn’t bring herself to verbalize what Carl had actually said.

“What did he say? Charo….?”

“Daddy, you don’t understand. It wasn’t like that. He gave me signals. Ask any of the girls – he’s a real flirt.”

For the first time, Ramon hesitated slightly. But then his face hardened again and his eyes flashed with anger.

“Nonsense! You forget that I’ve seen you turn on that flirtatious behavior more than a few times. Now … tell me what he said!”

Charo turned her head away and stared out of the side window. I’ll be fucked if I’m going to take all the blame for this, she thought to herself. After a pause, she looked back at her dad. Ramon saw in her eyes the defiantly angry look that she had inherited from him.

“OK …OK …. I didn’t want to actually say it but he said that he wanted to give me a few extra lessons. And, from his face, I knew what he meant by that!”

Ramon stared at her, open mouthed. He didn’t know what to say. It was the first time his daughter had ever said anything to him about anything so obviously sexual. Yes, he’d seen her teasing boys, even some of his own male friends, but he’d always put that down to the coquettishness that she had displayed since she was a small child. And lately he’d done battle with her many times over staying out late, but he saw that as normal teenage rebelliousness.

His silence prompted Charo to go in for the kill.

“And he was showing me his huge hard-on in his pants. So don’t even try suggesting that I was leading him on!”

Ramon spluttered and grabbed her elbow. His grip was iron hard as he forced her tense body back against the car seat.

“How DARE you speak to me like that!” he hissed. He loosened his grip a little but still held her. “Anyway, it doesn’t excuse the sluttish way you showed him your …. your…”

“Pussy? Pussy, Daddy? Go on, say it. Your daughter has a pussy. And it’s been fucked … and Carl Dawson wants to fuck it too!”

Ramon gasped, half with shock and half with disbelief that his little girl should speak to him this way. With immense power and with one swift movement, he dragged her over his lap. Without thinking, he raised her skirt and slapped her firm little ass with his open hand. Charo yelped, more with surprise than pain. Ramon slapped again. It was only as he raised his hand for the third that he realized what she was wearing. He stared at the semi-opaque white nylon panties which showed the cleft of her ass and, as she squirmed and flailed her legs, the plump outline of her pussy and its deep cleft. His slap this time was restrained, reflecting his suddenly changed state of mind. How could he damage anything so beautiful, so tender.

Charo was already sobbing, though, and Ramon felt wretched.

“Charo … sweetie … I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have slapped you so hard. I was just so angry!” He found himself stroking her firm ass cheeks, trying to soothe the pain he had only just caused. God, the flesh is so warm and soft through her panties, he thought. Her body still shook with sobs but she was moving her ass against his hand, trying to increase the soothing effect of his caress … and, to his horror, Ramon could feel that it was stimulating a growing erection in his pants.

He also realized how bizarre this was. Here he was, in one of those secluded spots where teenagers had come to screw around since way before even he was a kid, with his own teenage daughter forcibly held over his lap, her ass almost naked as he caressed it, his erection pulsating beneath her crotch. Oh my GOD! He withdrew his hand and tore his eyes away from the erotic sight of her gyrating ass. Looking away from her, out of the side window, he hissed, “Get off!”

Through the sting of her glowing ass cheeks, Charo felt the increasing pressure of her father’s erection. Her mind somersaulted, realizing that she was actually turning him on. Her dad! They had always been so close and her recent rebelliousness had caused her many heartaches when she had seen the hurt in his eyes, but her gaziantep escort ilanları natural fiery nature had not allowed her to give way. But now she felt this new expression of his feelings for her and it thrilled her. She had a way of regaining his affection but in a way that was exciting and even more intimate than their old ‘daddy and his princess’ roles.

She didn’t move, relishing the moment. She also sensed that this was more than the average erection she had experienced … it felt huge!

“I said get off, Charo,” Ramon said, continuing to stare out of the window, willing his cock to subside even though it continued to harden at an alarming rate. He knew that his face was expressing the excruciating desire he felt in his entire body and he didn’t want her to see.

Charo wriggled some more, her sobs now self-induced, exploring the feel of this novel side of her father that she had never once imagined. Not explicitly anyway, though she recognized now that her feelings for him had probably been linked to sexual ones.

Eventually she scrambled to move off his lap and Ramon immediately moved his hand to cover his erection as well as he could. For the moment Charo pretended not to notice.

Ramon eventually brought himself to look at her. She was sitting close, her dress left high on her thighs, her clothing disheveled. Her face was a picture – streaked with tears and her big dark eyes welled up with huge pools of fresh ones, her lips puffy, her beautiful straight dark hair falling over her forehead and across one eye.

“Oh, darling,” he croaked. “I’m so sorry!” His arm went round her shoulder and he pulled her to him, cuddling her, his lips pressed against her hair. She smelt so fresh, so virginal.

“So am I, Daddy,” she sobbed softly. “I shouldn’t have spoken to you like that.” She molded herself against him, the closest they had been in years, and she relished the once familiar power of his body against hers.

Ramon couldn’t believe it but his cock was growing even harder and now it was almost impossible to bend it down under his suit trousers, to press it against his thigh. With the tip of his forefinger, he turned her face up to his, to tell her that she should wipe her face and they would get home, when she brought her arm up and, her hand on the nape of his neck, pulled his face down and her lips pressed against his in a tender kiss. He was so taken by surprise, he just let her kiss him and then he felt the tip of her tongue playing along his teeth and then teasing the tip of his own. An alarm bell in his brain sounded at that moment but the sensuousness of her kiss paralyzed him and he allowed her tongue in further.

Their tongues dueling, Ramon moaned and hugged her to him tighter. He wanted rapprochement between them just as much as she did, more so probably, and he didn’t appreciate the actual nature of it until her felt her hand push his away and enclose itself over his raging boner.

He tore his lips from hers. “God! What are you DOING, Charo!” She said nothing but just leaned up to kiss him some more. He knew he could stop her! He wanted to stop her! But a stronger urge allowed him to allow her to continue. His hand went to her ass cheek as she leaned against him and pulled her against his thigh. It kneaded and massaged it as he kissed her back. A voice screamed at him, Stop this now! but the other one, soft and sultry, told him to feel her more, to slide his hand under her skirt and panties and feel that wonderful smooth flesh.

Ramon groaned loudly as his big hairy paw caressed her naked buttock and his fingers were soon toying with the swollen plump lips of her cunt that poked out between her upper thighs. They were wet, damn it … his baby girl was WET for him!

Oh God, he thought as he became the more dominant one, pushing her back against the seat and moving across her, mashing his mouth against hers. I didn’t plan this! God I didn’t plan this!”

With an agonized moan, he pushed himself off her and scrabbled to open the car door, almost tumbling out and collapsing against the side of the car, gasping for breath, his head tilted back, eyes closed in agony.

But Charo followed him, scrambling out. She stood in front of him, also breathing hard to catch her breath. She could see his thick erection tenting his pants.

“Daddy,” she gasped. “I’m eighteen, I’m not a virgin and I know what I’m doing. Please don’t turn me away.”

Ramon was turning his head away from her, his face showing the pain of restraint and of shame. Charo moved closer and her fingers caressed his cheek. “Daddy?”

He slowly turned to look at her. At first he averted direct eye contact but the draw was too great. He gazed into her beautiful dark eyes, remembering the sight of her wet pussy. Her expression was so loving and lustful, he couldn’t suppress a faint moan.

Charo locked her gaze onto his and, hearing that moan, she moved forward gaziantep escort bayan ilanları and placed her tender lips on his. As she kissed him, more and more sensuously, gradually inserting his tongue into his resistant but unreluctant mouth, her hands went to his neck and the back of his head and she ground her body against his. She felt his strength and power and thrilled to feel that she was gaining control as his body relented. His hands grasped her shoulders but pulled her to him as he now took over the initiative and moaned deeply as he kissed back ravenously. His hands moved to her face and held it as he kissed back. That one voice in his head was screaming, No! No! She’s your daughter for God’s sake! But the other was telling him, This is OK! She’s a young woman now and she wants you. Don’t you want to find out what will happen?

Charo ground her hips against his, feeling his thick cock pressing into her. She held his face too, pulling her lips away. “Daddy, I never realized how you felt about me. I wish I’d known.”

“I didn’t know either, baby,” he gasped, trying to catch his breath. “I promise I didn’t. You’ve got to believe me. I didn’t plan this.”

Charo smiled and nodded. She wasn’t sure but tended to believe him, remembering his anger of just a few minutes ago. She wanted to be sure it didn’t return, that he wouldn’t have second thoughts again. She moved a hand down between them and grasped his erection through his suit pants, still looking into his eyes. “Oh Daddy,” she whispered, her lips brushing his. “I don’t care.” She squeezed his cock and he writhed against the car. His fingers were at the buttons of her blouse and he was undoing them. He’ pushed one side of her blouse aside and revealed her naked breast. He leaned down and took the erect nipple between his lips, pulling on it, his tongue flicking it.

“God, you’re gorgeous, honey,” he breathed before taking it gently between his teeth and biting it lovingly.

Charo’s hand slid down under the waistband of his trousers and slid into his briefs, encountering the warm, throbbing bulk of his hard cock. As her fingers explored it and then slid round it, she trembled at its size. She held and squeezed it, hearing her father moan. Her heart was pounding, a little scared by what she was doing, but her head pounded with excitement. She rolled back the foreskin and stroked the swelling head with her thumb.

Ramon reared up from where he had been sucking and threw his head back moaning. “Oh GOD,” he almost laughed. “Jesus, baby!” His body convulsed and he shook his head in disbelief. Charo grinned naughtily at him and stroked his cock, feeling it thicken more. It was becoming rock hard now. She had to see it!

She sank to her knees on the soft grass and unzipped him, reaching inside to pull it out but he was too hard and resisted against the opening. Charo fumbled with the trouser clasp, frustrated, so Ramon reached down and undid it for her. His pants slipped down his legs. Charo tugged at the boxers, in one movement and tugged them to his knees, releasing his cock which juddered out, free and rampant in front of her face.

Her face was a picture as she stared at it. She looked up and her daddy was smiling at her. He always enjoyed seeing that expression on a woman’s face as she saw it for the first time. And ever since he and Maria had stopped having regular sex, that had become quite frequent, with some of the women in the office and a few of his clients.

“Oh, Daddy!” she gasped and giggled, knowing how astonished she must look . She hadn’t expected it to be quite so impressive. It was dark skinned and heavily veined, a thick log of a cock arching up in a slight curve from his dusky black pubic bush, his huge wrinkled sac beneath heavily sagging with the weight of his balls.

Charo bent it down and her lips planted a kiss on the head. She pressed it against her nose, inhaling the faint, heady aroma of sweat and urine that she loved.

“It’s beautiful, Daddy,” she breathed, looking up at him with yearning eyes. Her look melted his heart and he pulled her to her feet. Holding her face in his hands, he kissed her once again, but this time it was totally uninhibited, and it seemed to last forever as passion built upon passion and he moaned louder and louder as its waves swept over him. His cock was pressed between them and their squirming only made it more and more excited. His right hand slid between them, hoisting her skirt and sliding down the front of her panties. His fingers found her vulva, swollen and moist, and worked between them to find her inner cunt lips, rubbing them.

He lifted her onto the sloping hood of the car. His lips left hers and they were both panting as he pulled at her panties. Charo raised her ass and he pulled them off her, flinging them away on the grass. He pulled her open blouse off her, revealing her voluptuous breasts, so rip and full for a girl this young.

He parted her legs and gazed at her pussy, unable to believe that he was displaying his daughter’s juicy young cunt so wantonly. He swallowed hard as he took in its beauty, his fingers stroking and exploring it, eventually slipping into her. His glazed eyes looked into hers.

“Oh God, how many cocks, baby?” he croaked. “How many have you had in here?” His mind pictured rampant teen cocks fucking this beautiful cunt.

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