The Fall of Brooklyn – ch06 – Shipping


As the woman pushed open the door and walked though Brooklyn almost had to run to get through as it swung closed behind her. It was a large well appointed kitchen with all manner of implements and equipment hanging from racks or sitting on the counters that ran around it’s edge. In the middle was a large island with two sinks and lots of space to work. The woman put the tray down on the island and turned to Brooklyn and grabbed her by the hair.

“I don’t want any trouble from you little cunt”, she snarled.

“You are a thing and you will do what I say.”

Pulling her sharply by the hair she almost dragged her over to the far end of the kitchen to a large metal table and to the floor. Then attached the lead to a hook on it’s edge.

“If I see you touch the lead or move I will beat you and enjoy it.”

Giving her a light slap across the face she went back to cleaning the kitchen. Brooklyn looked around at her surroundings. She was attached to the large table at the end of the kitchen, it looked industrial and was on big heavy casters. It was long, long enough to lay down and stretch out on and had a pipe running down from the middle to a spout below the hook she was attached to. There was a shelf underneath that held or sorts of other steel objects. Large bowls, some buckets, and what looked like metal blocks. There was a bar running around the edge almost like a bumper.

As she was distracted, taking in the object she was next to, the woman came back over to her and dropped a bowl on the floor next to her.

“Eat it.”

Looking down she saw it was a metal bowl with porridge in it.

Looking up at her new tormentor she said, “But there’s no spoon”.

The woman’s hand darted out and slapped her across the cheek.

“You’re a little bitch and little bitches don’t get spoons. Now stick your face in the bowl and eat like the dog you are before I shove your face into it.”

Crying Brooklyn bunt over the bowl on all fours and holding it with her hands lowered her face into the bowl.

“I want to see it clean. I don’t want you dying of hunger in shipping.”

Turning around she went back to her kitchen duties and left the girl kneeling there naked on the cold floor, face buried in the bowl. It was bland. No sugar or jam, just plain porridge. But she didn’t care it was food and she licked the bowl clean.

When she had finished she sat back and waited to find out what was next. The woman seeing she was done walked over to the sink and soaked a kitchen rag. As she walked up to Brooklyn the terrified girl tried to move back bu the table stopped her escape. The woman grabbed Sex hikayeleri her by the hair and forcing her head back roughly cleaned her face with the rag.

“You’re a dirty little bitch. Just like all the other little cunts.”

Throwing the rag into the empty bowl she picked it up and put it in the sink before turning back to Brooklyn. Grabbing the lead off the hook she pulled at the girl.

“Follow me.”

And she walked off without even looking back. Brooklyn was almost pulled off her feet before she could stand but managed to turn it into a run and caught up with her. She didn’t like the woman much, she wanted to be back with her owner. At least he wasn’t nasty to her.

She was led through another door and down a hall past some other doors, until they reached the last one. Pushing it open it was a small room with racks of leather straps, and all sorts of devices she didn’t really recognise. There was a large wooden box on the floor with padding inside. It almost looked like a coffin.

Pointing to the box the woman snapped, “Stand in it”.

Shaking with fear she stepped into the box. What was she going to do to her? Was she going to be buried alive? Didn’t he want her? Was she bad at sex?

Picking a few items from the rack, the woman knelt down and wrapped a strap around the girls ankles, then knees, then thighs.

“Hands at your sides.”

Standing to attention she felt the woman put cuffs around her forearms and run another strap around her wait. Pulling it tight her arms were pinned to her sides. Another strap was tied around her chest just under her breasts and pulled tight, leaving her unable to move. Then a big red ball gag was forced into her mouth. With her firm hands she took the girl by her back and chest and pushed her backwards.

“Lay down.”

Unsteadily Brooklyn tried to lean backwards but the only thing stopping her from falling was this woman’s rough touch.

Guiding her down into the box the woman laid her down gently. Turning back to the wall she picked up a few more items to finish her work. Holding the other things under one arm she slipped something under the thigh strap and pressed it against Brooklyn’s sex. Taking the other items out from under her arm she slipped ear buds into her victims ear and used medical tape to secure them in place. Lifting her head she pulled a hood over Brooklyn’s head and her world went dark. She felt the hood being tightened and really started to panic. She could sort of make out noises of the woman moving around and doing things before sound flooded her senses. It took her panicked mind a moment Sikiş hikayeleri to process what she was hearing. It sounded like sound effects from a horror movie. Girls screaming, a baby crying, animals howling in pain. Over it all she could make out some words, it was a girl who against the background sounded airy and happy.

“I am property, my only worth is the pleasure I bring”

“I am a toy to be played with by my owner”

“I am just meat, an animal to be consumed”

“Pleasing Sir is my only goal”

Over and over again.

While her senses were being attacked by the sound she hadn’t felt the woman attaching the straps to the side of the box holding her in place.

Kneeling next to her the woman ran through her mental checklist, making sure everything was ready. Satisfied at her work she reached down to the girls crotch and flipped the switch to the magic wand. The low throbbing sent spasms through the girl and she tried to sit up but found she could only move her head. She gave the girls breast a hard squeeze, not for her pleasure of the touch but to see the girls head thrash with the pain. With a hand to her masked face she pushed her head down and secured it in place with a final strap.

Putting the lid down on top of the box she picked up a hammer and nails from a tool box and set about sealing up the package. Brooklyn could hear the nails being driven in and imagined this was the end that she’d be buried alive like this to suffocate.

Walking out of the room the woman made her way back down the hallway and through a set of doors that led outside. Sitting down on a chair she pulled out a packet of cigarettes, lit one, and took a deep drag. Letting the smoke out with a sigh she let her mind wander as she looked out on the kitchen garden. She thought back to when she had looked like the girl she had just boxed up and when her mother had sold her to pay for drugs. Remembering her life with her first owner, her mum’s dealer and how much she had hated it. Then when she had been taken gagged and blindfolded in the trunk of a car and sold to Harold on some back road in the middle of the night. About how much she had been shocked by the way he lived but also how much nicer her life had been. She was always clean and fed, she had rules to follow and knew what was expected of her. She missed the days when Sir had used her body and called her toy. Her body wasn’t useful to him in that way now but she could still please and serve him in her own way, and he still spoiled her. She had her own toy back at home, to help her in the kitchen and keep her warm at night. She wished her toy Erotik hikaye was here now she needed release after packaging that stupid little cunt. But it would have to wait.

Just then a white van came around the side of the house and three men got out.

“You’ve got a crate for shipping?”

Standing up, dropping her cigarette into an old tin, “This way”, and led them into the house and to the box. Stood with the older of the three men, she signed his paperwork and stickers were placed over the box to show it wasn’t opened in transit.

Inside Brooklyn was completely unaware of what was happening outside of her little hell. Unable to move and with the noise blasting in her ears she was just sobbing trying to control her breathing so she wouldn’t run out of air. Suddenly she felt the box shift and rock. screaming against her gag she was sure this was it. That she would feel them drop her in a hole and that she would die there in that box. In her panic she passed out.

The box was carried through the house and loaded into the van and with a wave the men left.

Brooklyn was awakened by a shudder running through her body. She had cum from the throbbing vibrator strapped against her. Pulling at her bonds she tried to thrash in her startled panic, until she remembered what was happening to her. The sounds of horror playing through the headphones felt like it was inside her head. Her whole body was aching, not just from the night before but also from straining against the straps under that orgasm. She was exhausted, alone and scared. She had no choice but to latty there with those horrible sounds and her mantra, playing over and over as her body was assaulted by the motor between her legs.

Even though she was trapped inside that dark hell cut off from the outside she could tell she was being driven somewhere. She could feel the bumps in the road, the turns, the accelerations. At least they hadn’t buried her, yet. Or maybe that would have been better. For all this to be over. If he did keep her, what else was he going to do to her? He had already threatened to pull out her teeth, cut her hands off, and use her as toilet paper. Were they just threats or were they things he had already done to other girls. In the end it didn’t really matter as she was his property, to do with as he wanted. She was left breathless as he felt another orgasm building in her poor aching crotch. Building but never reaching that point, she was too tired to cum. It was just pain there now. Her thoughts started to fade replaced with those horrible sounds and her mantra.

“I am property, my only worth is the pleasure I bring”

“I am a toy to be played with by my owner”

“I am just meat, an animal to be consumed”

“Pleasing Sir is my only goal”

Over and over again., as she slipped into a half sleep.

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