The Clan Ch. 13

Brother Sister

Chapter 13 – Bret

Even though all the guys had agreed with Jeremy that their mothers were abnormally devoted to them, there was one who had a secret. Bret knew his mother was the town slut; everyone had told him as much for as long as he could remember. Yet, that night as Jeremy ‘enlightened’ The Clan, Bret could have died. He saw how the other guys responded to Jeremy’s evidence, and it was obvious to him that he was the odd man out. He saw how the other guys agreed with Jeremy and knew their mothers had never had dates, boyfriends or sex at all. Bret also knew he couldn’t say that of his mother. Even at uni the other guys teased him about his mother, saying their fathers or brothers had all fucked Tracy — Bret’s mother.

Bret stood with the other guys waiting for his mother to pick him up, giving the thumbs up signal to each other, but knowing deep down his mother wasn’t like the others. Oh yeah, he was an only child, and Tracy loved to hug him and tussle his hair, rub his shoulders and all the other things Jeremy had told them to look out for. But only his mother had a huge reputation as the town slut. He did take comfort in the fact that none of the other guys lived anywhere near he and his mother, so they didn’t know her reputation.

Bret had never approached his mother on the subject of her sexual behaviour, frightened of what she might tell him. However, he had decided that tomorrow morning he would confront her about it. He watched as Tracy pulled into the car park, and like the other mothers greeted her son with her normal affection.

Bret was just pissed that she spread her affection around to virtually every man in town. He asked himself as he climbed into their car why she couldn’t confine herself to say him and him alone? One of the questions he would ask her tomorrow.

The ride home was in silence, as Bret refused to be drawn into conversation with his mother, and after trying to engage him for nearly 30 minutes Tracy gave up. He must be in one of his moods, she told herself. Once home, Bret went straight to bed and waited for the morning.

His 7.00 alarm went off as usual. He lay there going over in his mind once more what he would say, his mother’s possible responses, how he would answer her. Yet, he had an idea of where he wanted the whole thing to go. He would demand she stop her slut ways, because he would care for her and she would never have to go out and seek sexual satisfaction outside their home.

He pondered these things knowing his mother was always a late riser, usually because she had been out the night before, although not this time. When they arrived home last night, Tracy had gone to bed at the same time as her son.

Bret steeled himself, hopped out of bed, dressed in his favourite track pants and T-shirt, and then checked himself in the mirror. Satisfied that this was the best and right thing to do as he looked at his reflection, he marched out of his room, down the hall to the next bedroom and entered without knocking. Sure enough, Tracy was sound asleep.

As Bret looked at his sleeping mother, his resolve began to waver. No, it was for the best, he told himself once more. He kicked her bed. Nothing. He kicked harder three times, and Tracy began to stir herself. He kicked the bed again, and this time his mother responded.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Tracy asked trying to understand what was going on. Was there some kind of problem?

“Get up you lazy bitch,” Bret instructed her in a tone his mother had never heard from her son before, and she was instantly angry.

“How dare you speak like that to me, you ungrateful young man,” Tracy spat back escort bayan at her son angrily.

“Shut the fuck up,” Bret said loudly as his emotions began to take over and he sat on the bed and held his mother down.

“Now you’re going to listen to me, and if you interrupt I’ll… smack your bottom as you did to me as a child. Now shut up and listen.”

Tracy wanted to hear this, because she wanted to know why her son was silent last night and why he was doing what he was doing now. Both were out of character for her Bret, he was such a nice young man, everyone thought so. So Tracy stopped struggling and lay placidly under her son. She also acknowledged how nice it felt to feel his hands restraining her and his body pushing against hers.

“Now, I know what you’ve been up to all these years and there’s no point trying to deny it,” he began very seriously, and Tracy could see the emotion in her son’s face and hear it in his voice.

“And I’m sick of it, and I’m not going to put up with this any more. Do you hear me?” he asked his stunned mother.

“What are you talking about,” a bewildered Tracy asked.

“I told you to shut up and listen,” Bret reminded his mother.

“Then don’t ask me questions,” Tracy shot back, but still pliant to her son’s hands and body.

Bret knew she was right, and the wind was knocked out his sails — but only temporarily.

“I’m not going to put up with you spreading yourself all over town like some cheap slut.”

Tracy looked shaken, ‘yes’, he thought, ‘I know what you’ve been up to’.

“I love you mum and it breaks my heart when I hear what the men of this town say about you.”

There were tears in her son’s eyes and Tracy was about to respond.

“No just listen I said.” So she remained silent and waited to hear the rest.

“Now, you will do exactly as I tell you.”

Bret waited for a sign from his mother acknowledging her agreement, but there was none so he pressed on.

“For years I’ve heard how you’re such an easy lay, and that most of the men around her have fucked you. Well today it stops, do you hear me? Nod or shake your head,” he instructed her.

Tracy nodded.

“From now on if you want to fuck someone, you’ll fuck me. I love you mum and I’ll treat you with love and respect, not like those pigs out there. I hear how they treat you, like some piece of meat, with no thought for you. Well I’ve wanted you for years now, but I’ve always wanted to treat you lovingly. So that’s it, ok. From now on, I’m going to fuck you as much as you need, and I don’t want you going after those men again.”

Bret waited for her reaction.

Tracy was floored, but recovered enough to ask,

“Who told you I was the town slut?”

“Heaps of guys,” Bret began and rattled off about twenty names before his mother interrupted him.

“Hang on, I’ve not only never been with those men, but I haven’t had sex since your father took off fifteen years ago,” Tracy said forcefully in her defence.

“Mum, there’s no use pretending, I know everything. You need sex, so I’m going to be your lover… it’s the only way. Besides, who else loves you like I do? You know there’s no other girl in my life, that’s why I’ve never had a girlfriend, because I’ve only ever fantasized about you. I’ve only ever wanted you. Do you know how much it tears me up inside every time one of those men tells me of their time with you?”

Tracy just stared into her son’s eyes as he unburdened himself amid tears and expressions of pain, and she made no answer.

“That’s why I was getting into so many fights for so many escort bayanlar years, because the other guys would come around with their father’s story of how each had fucked you the night before. I even use to have a go at those men, but they either laughed at me or beat me up. But I’ll get those fuckin pigs back one day, I promise mum,” he told his mother with such conviction she began to cry.

“It’s ok mum, it’s just you and me now. I can’t tell you how much I want to look after you, and I’ll treat you right. Breakfast in bed, foot rubs and I’ll try to keep up with your sexual needs too. I’m not real experienced, but I know what to do, and I’ll do whatever sexual thing you like. You know, different positions, if you like your pussy licked, or if you want to suck my dick. It’s ok, I’ll be the best lover for you I can be,” he smiled at her, but his mother’s tears continued to flow.

“Have you finished?” Tracy asked quietly, trying to control her tears and emotions.

“Yeah,” Bret answered his mother in a small voice.

Now that he got it all out, he felt spent and a little worried as to his mother’s response. He released her wrists and sat up, freeing her body.

Tracy reached for her son, grabbing him she pulled him into her body with a crushing hug.

“Oh Bret I love you, I love you so much, but there’s something I have to tell you.”

Tracy continued to hold her son to her body, but eased up a little on the pressure.

“Bret, I’ve never been with any of those men, I swear it,” she told him and then held him out so she could look into his eyes.

“I swear it. I’ve never had sex with any of those men. They have been making up stories about me for years, because I never, ever go out with men, so they make these fucking stories up about me.”

Bret could see in her eyes his mother wasn’t lying. He felt his stomach turn to ice. But before he could apologise his mother smiled and said,

“Oh no sweat heart, that was loveliest thing anyone ever said to me,” and Tracy hugged her son to her body again.

“I didn’t know you were standing up for me like that. You should have come to me when you first heard those filthy stories, and I would have told you they were lies.”

Now Bret had gathered himself and asked,

“Then why do you let them say such things about you, and why do you go out so much at night, and why do you come home drunk so many times?”

He just blurted out all his accusations.

“I can’t stop them saying what they say, I’ve tried, but it’s just me against all of them. Their wives know it’s all bullshit, but they don’t care about my feelings. And I go out so often to be with the other single mums, usually at Jenny’s place, and yes we drink a bit and sometimes more then a bit,” she giggled.

Now Bret felt like an absolute bastard.

“Oh mum, I’m so sorry. I should have spoken to you. I should have trusted you. I feel like such a prick.”

Bret tried to release himself from his mother’s arms, but she held him.

“No Bret, I’m so proud of you for what you tried to do for my reputation, and for the courage you showed this morning. Now there’s only one thing I really want to know,” his mother whispered to him.

Bret suddenly realized what she wanted to know; his proposal of sex. He was dead now.

“Bret did you mean what you said about wanting to be my lover, and fulfilling all my sexual needs?”

Tracy asked in a whisper that sent a sexual thrill through his body. He would come clean.

“Yeah mum, I meant every word of it.”

He waited for the sky to fall in.

“Oh Bret, sweat bayan escort heart, I’ve waited a long time for you to tell me that.”

‘What?’ He thought.

“Does that mean you want it too,” he asked hesitatingly.

“Oh yeah, I want you son. I want you as my lover, but can you be that for me?” she whispered so sexily in his ear that his cock rose to full attention.

“I’ll always be here for you mum,” he said softly.

‘Now let’s see just how much she wants this’, he thought as he was aware for the first time of her soft body against his.

He reached under the covers and placed his hand on her thigh and Tracy spread her legs for her son, willingly. Not a word was spoken as Tracy pulled back the bed covers to reveal her nighty clad body, while Bret pulled off his clothes. He then helped his mother to pull her nighty off her body and over her head. Both were panting now and looking for each others’ touch and join as lovers.

But first they looked at each other’s body, and Bret marvelled at his mother. Her breasts sagged a little, but he liked that very much. Her pussy was a little hairy, and he found he liked that too. He could see her wetness between her pouting lips, which were now swollen with desire for him.

Tracy looked at her son’s slim, but firm body and especially his rock hard cock, all six inches of it and her pussy became wetter in her desire for him to be in her. She opened her pussy lips, as neither where concerned with any foreplay as both were too turned on already. Bret brought his cock to his mother’s now gapping pussy and pushed it into her. Tracy let out a loud gasp and then groaned.

“Oh fuck me Bret, fuck your mummy’s pussy. You filthy boy, fuck me, fuck me hard,” Tracy screamed at her son, and Bret obliged.

He hammered into his mother as soon as his cock reached her full depth and mother and son watched with lustful glee as his cock fucked her pussy, plunging in and out. Their fucking made slurping, squishing noises as her pussy juices flowed.

“That’s it Bret fuck your mummy, oh fuck me, fuck me,” Tracy wailed at her son and Bret picked up the pace even more.

Now there was the slapping of Bret’s thighs on his mother’s mingled with the slurping sounds of her pussy. Tracy was coming to her climax as was Bret, and he hoped he could hold out long enough to cum with his mother. Sudden Tracy felt herself reach her orgasm.

“You fuckin mother fucker, you mother fucker, you’ve made me cum you beautiful young man. Oh fuck yeah,” Tracy moaned as her body went rigid and her words made Bret pump cum into the end of her love tunnel.

He kept thrusting into his mother as she continued to climax and he realized she was having multiple orgasms, so he kept it up.

Tracy was just screaming now, no words, just screaming as her son thrust his still rock hard cock into her. Bret pounded into his mother, finding that although he had just cum, his cock was still rock hard. He enjoyed the sensation of thrusting into his mother’s wet pussy, and her cum was squirting out of her each time he thrust into her. Tracy’s eyes were now closed as her son made her cum time and again, revelling in once again being serviced by a man — her own son, and she loved it.

Finally she couldn’t take any more and placed her hand on his thigh. Bret instinctively knew his mother had had enough and he with drew his cock. As he did Tracy grabbed it and sucked long and deep, drawing out the last of his cum. For Bret, it felt like she was sucking the very life out of him. He stared in wonder as his mother worked his cock, sucking it in and out of her mouth, just as it looked going in and out of her pussy.

Once Tracy had convinced herself her son was dry, she released his now deflating cock. Mother and son looked at each other, knowing that their relationship was now changed for ever. They smiled and their hearts soared because this is what they both wanted, and in his mind Bret thanked his friend Jeremy.

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