The Abandoned Son Ch. 05


“Oh Joshua!” Martha cooed softly in the early morning hours. She had awakened rather horny, and Damien was all the more willing to see to her needs. “You like that pussy don’t you, baby?” she asked keeping her voice down. She had no wish to awaken her daughters while she fucked her son. This was her night, a night she might add had been one blissful event after another aside from the woman from the museum. The rest of the day turned out so spectacular even that event couldn’t sour her mood. “Your mother is always going to take care of you like I should have when I was younger,” Martha said lovingly as she looked down at Damien.

“Does that include the two o’clock fucking?” Damien asked his hands resting on her hips as his mother rocked on his cock.

“Oh yes! I can’t allow this wonderful cock of yours to go to waste when my sweet cunt is all the more willing to entertain it,” Martha said through ragged breathes as she softly kissed him. “Plus I didn’t hear any complaints when I eased this cock into my pussy that you’re currently stretching,” she said moving her hips faster to bring her son over the edge.

“Well…” Damien began to say only to bite his lip against the sensation of his mother’s cunt.

“Oh, are you about to cum, baby?” Martha asked teasingly. “That’s okay my sweet boy, cum inside of me, Joshua. That is where your delicious cum will always belong,” she said squeezing her folds, all so she could feel her son’s spunk filling her eager womb.

“Joshua? Would you mind if we each went separately to get our dress’ and rings?” Martha asked as she rest against him. Her cheek nuzzling his shoulder as her mind became enthralled by how her body hummed after their love making.

“Sure,” Damien said yawning.

“Good,” Martha said looking up at him. Inching towards his lips, her breasts brushed along his chest as she kissed him softly. “Now you go back to sleep we have a big day ahead of us,” she said looking into her son’s eyes as she reached over to switch off the light.

“Damien?! How does this dress make me look?” Lynn asked doing a slow twirl as she stood on the raised platform.

“Beautiful,” Damien said his eyes ran down his half-sister’s body.

“Really?!” Lynn said blushing hard as she looked down at him. “If say this was our honeymoon what…” Yelping as Damien plucked her off of the platform. Giggling as he held her aloft, her hands rested on his shoulders as she stared down into his eyes. Her body trembled it brushed against his as Damien sat her down. Her heart raced, her nerves were on edge as his right hand brushed along her left cheek weaving through the strands of her hair inching her lips closer to his. Her eyes fluttered, a soft moan filled her mouth as their lips touched. Pressing her body against her brother’s as she sank into their kiss. Neither heard the seamstress entering the room, clearing her throat causing the two of them to jump.

“I didn’t mean to intrude,” the middle age woman said with a thick Italian accent. “But if you wish for this dress to be ready in such a short time, I’m going to have to ask the two of you to save that for later.”

“When she’s gone, I’m going to take you around the world in the changing room,” Lynn whispered lustfully into his ear.

“So young lady it’s a big day for you,” the woman mumbled around the pins in her mouth.

“Mmmhmm,” Lynn nodded as she ran her hands down her chest. Loving how the dress lifted up her small breasts. Winking at Damien in the mirror seeing how his eyes lingered on her cleavage.

“Are you ready to be a wife to that handsome man?” she asked in a low whisper.

“Oh yes,” Lynn nodded vehemently, “Damien, is everything I could ever hope for,” she said dreamily.

“I was like you all bright eyed when I was proposed to,” the woman chuckled, “I do hope he won’t turn out like the ass I was married to. A pretty young lady shouldn’t have a problem keeping that man home and not bed hopping like…well that’s neither here or there,” she said pinning the hem of her dress.

“My Damien is a good man,” Lynn said looking directly at him in the mirror, “I trust him to tell me if there was another woman that he fell for,” she said knowing that wouldn’t ever be the case. Not when she, her sister, and mother would be forever sharing his bed and heart.

“Well, I do hope the two of you have a happy life with one another,” the seamstress said pinning the hem of the dress a few aches above Lynn’s ankle.

“Oh, I plan on making sure my Damien has everything he will ever need at the house,” Lynn said with all serenity she could muster.

“Spoken like a wife-to-be,” the seamstress chuckled, “there that should do it,” she said adding the last pin. “Now, I should have the dress ready by Thursday, will that alright with you?”

“That will be fine,” Damien said unzipping his sister’s gown.

“Then I shall leave the two of you be,” the seamstress said with a coy smile.

“Now, that she is gone,” Lynn send standing before her brother in a pearl white lace bra and panties. Placing her hands on her hips, smirking at her brother knowing how her lips hungered gaziantep escort for his. “Damien, your sister needs to feel your kiss,” Lynn said running her hands up his chest. Enjoying the feel of his hard muscles underneath her touch. Standing on her toes, her lips inching ever closer to his. Her nerves were on fire as she felt his hands brushing along her shoulder blades, her eyes flaring as Damien slyly unhooked her bra. She tried to hide how her body trembled as Damien gently brushed the straps off of her shoulders. Her tongue rolled inside of his mouth tasting the man she had fallen in love with. Her mind flashed back to the first time she had met her half-brother. To the time where she had given her virginity to him. To the other day where he made love to her on the lap of a statue of some long-forgotten goddess. Each time that she was in his arms it only reinforced the fact that she had made the right decision.

None of the boys she had dated before their flight from her former home ever made her feel so wanted, so desired, so irresistibly drawn to them like she was with Damien. She knew he was hiding something from them. Like how he could afford the villa they were staying at or afford that mansion of his. However, whatever it was she prayed it wasn’t too dangerous. She didn’t know what she’d do if something were to happen to Damien. Although she did know one thing there would never be another man like Damien. She doubted anyone could ever truly replace him.

Lynn moaned into her brother’s mouth as the pads of his fingers skimmed along her swollen lips as he reached in-between her ass cheeks. Softly biting down on Damien’s lower lip as her labia parted as he ran his middle finger along her moist slit.

“Damien, I doubt we have much time. So fuck me hard and fast,” Lynn said in a wanton purr. Yelping in surprise as he grabbed hold of her ass cheeks lifting her off the floor. Feeling the fabric of her panties sliding off to the side as she wrapped her legs around her brother. Hearing the sound of his zipper lowering as Damien held her aloft. Sucking in a breath as he ran the head of his cock through her lips before she sank down on that hard pole of his. Her eyes fluttered as that steel rod filled her to the brim. Feeling her slickness coating that hot, hard phallus of his as Damien lifted and lowered her in quick plunges.

“Yes, fuck me brother,” Lynn whispered hungrily, “fuck yes! God, I love this cock of yours, Damien,” she hissed low. Her lips captured his to keep her moans from alerting those that worked in that bridal shop. Although she doubted, they couldn’t smell the sex that was filling the air of their store. She was just glad she had someone like Damien to love, to cherish, to hold throughout their long years they would have together she hoped and prayed. “Now come on soldier and fill your sister’s womb with that hot spunk of yours,” Lynn commanded hearing her juices dripping down onto the floor.

“We’re home!” Lynn called out joyously as they entered the villa.

“Damien!” Amber shouted in joy as she rushed into his arms as the front door closed behind him. “I’ve missed you!” she said rubbing her cheek against his chest as she hugged him tightly. “Please tell me it’s my turn now?!” Amber asked looking up at him. Her eyes studying that handsome face of his. Knowing how splendid it looked planted in-between her thighs. Also how well her hot pussy juice looked when it was dripping off of his chin when he came up for air.

“Sure,” Damien said looking down at his watch.

“Damien, before you leave again there’s something that I wish to talk to you about,” Martha said wiping her hands dry after washing the dishes they used after their meal.

“Okay,” Damien said eyeing his mother.

“Amber, if you would,” Martha said touching her daughter’s shoulder lightly, “I shall try not to take too much time with him,” she said shooting Amber a coy smile.

“Okay,” Amber pouted as she pulled away, “just don’t take all day,” she huffed crossing her arms. “I want to see Italy with my man, alone,” Amber said emphasizing the last word eyeing her sister and mother.

“Amber, don’t be mad, there is enough of Damien to go around,” Lynn said eyeing her half-brother lustfully. Feeling her nipples harden as her pussy throbbed as his cum dripped onto her panties.

“Yes, your brother is fit enough to keep up with our growing appetite,” Martha said salaciously. While she no longer feared the unwanted pregnancy due to having her tubes tied after her twins were born. Yet the idea of carrying her own son’s child had crossed her mind a few times since she had taken her son as her lover. She was a little envious and jealous of her daughters that they would get to experience the thrill of carrying their love child in their wombs. Nonetheless she was excited to become a grandmother. She just hoped that nothing would ever happen to them.

“True,” Amber sighed her hand lavishing on Damien’s taut chest.

“Come with me Damien,” Martha cooed reaching for her son’s left hand. Leading Damien across the villa away from the prying ears of her daughters. gaziantep escort sitesi Damien huffed as Martha pushed him against the wall. Her tongue darting into his mouth as her hands traveled up his chest. Hooking her left leg around his right as Martha sank into the bliss of that passionate kiss. “God, Damien,” Martha said breathlessly, “why do you have to be so irresistible to me?” she asked only wanting to strip off her clothes and allow her son to pound her into oblivion.

“I have no clue,” Damien said wondering why they all wanted him.

“I’m not complaining though,” Martha said pressing her breasts into his chest. Hoping that he noticed that she wore no bra. Praying that her son would want to cradle those lonely orbs in his strong hands to see how her body reacted to his touch. “When our vacation is over, I do wonder how we are going to act around other people. I-myself-doubt I’d be able to keep my hands to myself when you’re around. Especially if you ever come back to my office. I can’t have Shannon – the office slut – thinking she can ever have you,” Martha said nibbling on his chin. “I know what that glow that surrounds my daughter means, Damien. Did you enjoy fucking her teenage pussy? Did her brother make her moan as you ram this hard cock into her tight little cunt?” she asked rubbing Damien’s groin. “I know I woke you up a few hours ago, and that you allowed me to sate my own hunger of this wonder lust thing you call a cock,” Martha said giving that soft phallus a soft squeeze. “Yet I long to feel you filling me up once…”

“Mom! It’s been five minutes how much longer are you going to take?!” Amber shouted from the entrance way of the villa eager to spend time alone with her brother.

“I guess I must wait,” Martha sighed into Damien’s chest as she pressed her forehead against it. However, that didn’t stop her from exploring the man in her arms. “Do hurry back my sweet boy, I too want my own private time with you out there in this beautiful country,” Martha cooed sweetly before kissing her son.

“There you are!” Amber huffed crossing her arms. “I thought I might have to come rescue you from mother,” she said sticking her tongue out at her mother.

“Amber, you best stick that tongue back inside that mouth or I will put it to use,” Martha said devilishly.

“Oh?! Did you enjoy your daughter eating you out?” Amber asked over her shoulder as she looped her arm around Damien’s.

“Mmmhmm,” Martha said nodding. A smirk graced her lips at Amber’s reddening cheeks.

“Come Damien,” Amber said lovingly her hand traced down his muscular arm. “I know Mom wants her own time with you as do we all. Yet I’m going to enjoy whatever time I get with my future husband,” she whispered standing on the tips of her toes placing a kiss on his cheek.

“Oh my!” Amber said in awe as she stared down at the rows of engagement rings that lined the black velvet cloth in the display case. With her own dress taken care of before visiting one of the many jewelry shops that populated that Italian town. Her eyes darting wildly uncertain on which style, which setting, which stones to choose from. Chewing on her lip as her heart raced not knowing what to do.

“What about this one?” Damien asked pointing down at the four-carat blood red ruby with a ring of one-carat diamonds surrounding it with a row of half-carat diamonds lining the palatium band.

“But aren’t you supposed to buy me a diamond engagement ring?” Amber asked with uncertainty.

“Not necessarily dear,” said the high-pitched salesman as he walked towards them, “An engagement ring can be anything it’s the diamond houses that wants you to believe such things.”

“Plus,” Damien said looking over at Amber, “rubies are far rarer than diamonds are.”

“No they aren’t,” Amber said argumentatively.

“It takes moving mountains to make a sapphire, and rubies are the rarest of the sapphires whereas it only takes pressure to make a diamond,” Damien said with a slight smile.

“Your fiancé is correct sapphires are indeed rarer than diamonds,” the salesman beamed at the both of them.

“Plus I would think you’d what to show up the other two,” Damien whispered into her ear hinting at the two-carat diamond ring he had bought Lynn an hour ago.

“True,” Amber said wiggling her nose at her brother, “just make sure they don’t get bigger rings then mine is. Your wife should have the biggest ring of them all,” she said feeling her cheeks heat seeing the mischievous light in her brother’s eyes.

“Of course, I can’t have the three of you fighting over who has the best rings now can I?” Damien asked giving Amber’s hand a gentle squeeze.

“No we can’t,” Amber said snuggling up to her brother.

“Would the lady like to try it on?” the salesman asked.

“Yes please,” Amber nodded. Watching as the man removed the ring from the case, her skin prickled as the cold metal slid along her finger. Pouting when the ring sat too loose on her left ring finger.

“Don’t worry dear,” the man said patting Amber’s hand, “it’s no trouble for us to resize gaziantep escort tanıtımları the ring,” he said smiling at her.


“Oh yes, all we have to is find out your size young miss. Just give me a minute to find our sizing rings,” the man said squatting down behind to the counter. “Ah. Here we are,” the man said coming up from behind the counter with a ring full of plastic sizing rings. “Lets just slide this off,” he said taking the ring off of her finger. “A number five excellent then we won’t have to make a new ring. It be a simple matter for our jeweler to resize this for you,” the man said smiling warmly at Amber.

“Damien? Will you buy it for me?” Amber asked looking up at her brother.

“Of course,” Damien said placing his hand on the small of her back.

“Excellent choice sir,” the man said with a nod, “may I ask, when would you like for this ring to be ready by?” he asked writing down notes for their instore jeweler.

“By Thursday,” Damien said matter-of-fact.

“Such a rush we will need to add on an extra two hundred euros,” he said looking up from the paper, “I do hope that will be all right with you?”

“Yes, it will,” Damien said with a nod.

“Now will this be cash or…” Before the man could finish his sentience, Damien’s credit card appeared in-between his fingers. “If the two of you give me just a moment.”

“Damien, one of the days you’ll going to have to tell me just where you are getting all of this money,” Amber sighed happily as she snuggled up to her brother.

Damien knew he could never truly tell them what he did. To do so would put them in far too much danger. The company he worked for wouldn’t hesitate to end their lives if they ever knew the truth. It was fine for him, he knew the risks. Yet he couldn’t and wouldn’t drag his family into the shady world in which he lived. Even now he was sure they had eyes on the long-forgotten members of his family that had come to occupy his home. It was the reason he was never going to explain what he did for a living to them. It was safer that way.

“If you would sign here sir?” the salesman said laying the receipt and the ball point pen onto the glass display case. “Oh, I almost forgot,” he said looking at Amber, “is there anything you wish to inscribe onto the wedding bands?”

“Yes!” Amber said gleefully before snatching the pen from Damien. Placing her body in the way so that Damien wouldn’t be able to see what she wrote until their rings were made. She wanted that to be a surprise for their wedding.

“Well, now that I have both of your ring sizes, I’ll give you a call once they are ready for your big day,” the man said smiling at them as he shook each of their hands.

Amber gazed out onto the shore line, her hair fluttering around her, resting her chin in her hand as she enjoyed the quiet drive along the Italian shoreline. With their visit with the man which she suspected got his license over the web. She didn’t care as long as she was legally married to Damien. Plus she had a feeling Damien wanted to keep their marriage as low key as they could. So she didn’t complain when he agreed to pay the man’s outrageous price. Then again, she did have a feeling with the man being so unknown whatever was on her brother’s mind that no one would ever be able to trace the man back to them.

“Damien?” Amber said looking over at him watching how the Mediterranean sun played along his body.

“Hmm?” Damien mumbled turning down the radio.

“Whatever it is that you’re worried about, promise me that you’ll come back to me(us),” Amber said reaching over taking hold of his hand. “I don’t know what you think may come to pass, and I know you aren’t telling us everything about you. I know you probably have reasons to keep that a secret. Just please don’t do anything that takes you from me,” she said her thumb rubbing circles on the back of his hand. “I wish you could tell me I am going to be your wife here in a few days, but I know you have your reasons. I know you’re doing what you think is best to keep us safe, and I’m happy that you are. You don’t know how happy I am that you are thinking of us in such a way. I know your life has never been easy, never been joyful, never knew what a family is supposed to be like. I just want you to know I’m going to do everything I can to make sure from now on you know what a family is meant to be,” Amber said leaning over placing a kiss on Damien’s cheek. “Now my handsome soldier take your sister to that beach and fuck me,” she whispered wantonly into his ear as she pointed at the hidden cove.

Amber’s hair whipped wildly as she giggled being chased by Damien around that empty beach. Sand flew through the air as she taunted her brother with her eighteen-year-old body. Doubling over in laughter as the wind sent her shirt right into Damien’s face. Playfully beating her fist against his back as Damien plucked her off the sand placing her on his shoulder. Her eyes went wide as Damien’s hands spread her ass cheeks exposing her chocolate starfish, and her youthful mound to the ancient heavenly gods. Her cheeks heated as he played her ass like the bongos. Yet underneath that embarrassment a smile formed on her shapely lips knowing he was only teasing her. Biting her lip as his fingers playfully danced along her labia. A soft moan escaped her lips as those hungry pink labia parted. Her nails scrapped along his back as his middle finger sunk into her glorious peach.

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