Taking On A Step Daughter Ch. 02


She stood in the room wet and naked from the shower when the door open and in walked her step father. Grabbing the towel she quickly wrapped it around her, then she noticed his face and let the towel drop to the floor. He stood there looking at her naked body, getting turned on with every second that passed. She sat down on the bed and slowly laid back and her hand caressed her body as he watched. He walks up to the bed, and then sat down, and watched her fingers dance around her pussy. He watched as her finger slid inside and back out again. Then she brought it up to his mouth, and he open and sucked her finger into his mouth.

She slid off the bed and move to stand in front of him, pulling his head and pressing it against her tummy. His hands slowly slid up her legs, ass, squeezing, and pulling her ass closer to him. He licked and kissed her tummy, before using his tongue and fucking her belly button.

“God!!!, I cannot help it Honey. I have to have you right now, please Honey!!, let me make love to you,” he said in a ragged voice.

“Come then daddy before mom gets home, I want you to, so much I ache from wanting you.” she said softly, as his hands kneaded her ass, pulling her tighter against him. She caressed his head, as she whispered escort gaziantep softly to him.

He pulled her onto the bed with him, his hands moving over her quickly, moving his knees between her thighs, pushing them open wide. Grabbing his cock he rubs it back and forth along her clit, getting it good, and wet, then slowly pushes his cock in. His cock was hard, thicker than a his hand so he had to take his time getting it inside her. Half way in he pauses, leans down and kisses her long and slow. His hands squeezing each tit, pinching the nipples a little bit. Then he buried his face between her titties.

She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his back, pulling him in even deeper. If her mom decided to come home early, she would make sure he did not leave her hanging. Sliding his hand under her ass, he lifted her up to met each thrust, then he would rotate his hips, attacking her pussy from all directions. He heard her grunting, and groaning and knew she was close to cumming all over his cock. Seconds later he felt her stiffen and the hot liquid wash over his hard cock sending him over the edge, and he grunted, and slammed his cock hard into her, spilling his cum inside her pussy. Just then they both heard gaziantep escort forumları the front door slammed.

“Sorry Honey, Damn if she doesn’t always mange to make it home at the wrong times, I was not finish with you yet.” he told her, pulling his cock out and running from her room to his.

She pulled on her dress quickly and sat in front of her mirror pretending to take off her make up when her mom stop in her room to say hi.

Later that night he cornered her in the Hallway pressed her against the wall, hands squeezing her titties, and he pressed his throbbing cock against her ass. His mouth licked and kissed her ear.

God baby, Would love to fuck you like this, cannot wait till she goes back to work.” he whispered harshly in her ear.

Around three am she slip out of bed, knowing that her mom took a sleeping pill, cause she watched as she took it. She opens their bed room door, and slip inside careful. Walking around the bed to his side she kneeled down and slip her hand under the covers. Warm skin touched her finger tips, slowly moving down she found his semi hard cock. Slowly she stroke his cock, he was soon moaning, and pushing into her hand with his escort gaziantep bayan cock. Slipping her head under the covers she licked the head of his cock, then she felt him pushing it deeper in her mouth.

He slowly awoke to a pleasure of his cock in a wet hot place. Thinking it was his wife he turned to see her back to him, lifting the covers, he saw his step daughter sucking his cock. She climbs on top of him and kissed him.

“What are you doing baby, your mommy going to catch you.” he whispered.

“No she wont she took two sleeping pills before she went to bed, I know cause I saw her taking them. Fuck me, Fuck my ass right now, right here,” she whispered to him.

He pushed her down next to him, turning her back to him. Whispered if she was sure then he took his hard cock and pushed it against her ass hole, slowly pushing till he was buried up her ass hole. Grabbing her around the waist, pulling her under him, he pulled out almost all the way only to slam back into her, making the whole bed shake. He did not care if his wife woke up or not, his cock was tightly encased in his favorite ass right now, and nothing was going to stop him from cumming inside her. The bed was shaking really good now, and he was really close to unloading his cum. Reaching under her he found her clitous and rubbed it hard and fast.

“Oh God yes, oh yes, I am cummingggggg!!!” she cried out.

With his mouth close to her ear, he grunted, and pounded her ass hole hard.


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