Take Care of Me Ch. 06


When we got to my bedroom, she automatically went to the side of the bed which had previously been occupied by my wife — and her mother – Laura. “What do you want to do, Daddy?” she asked coyly.

“Well, you said you would do anything to please me, didn’t you?” I responded. Without waiting for a reply, I continued “I know that you are — you were — a virgin, so you don’t have much sexual experience. But I’m sure you have seen some movies and talked to girlfriends and have some ideas about things that couples do together, so . . . tell me some of the wildest thing you can imagine us doing together.”

“Uhh,” she responded with some hesitation, “I guess either oral or anal sex. I get the oral sex thing, because I did that to a guy once, but I really don’t get the idea of anal sex. I mean . . . it’s supposed to feel good when you stick your dick in my butt?”

“When we were in the shower and you were rubbing your pussy, I put my finger in your bum hole and you started having an orgasm. It may not make sense, but it doesn’t have to make sense. All that matters is whether it feels good and the only way to know is to try it. I can tell you that your mother and I did that sometimes and both of us really liked it.”

“Is that what you want to do, Daddy?” Elizabeth asked.

“Yes, but only if it doesn’t scare you,” I answered.

“I guess I’m a little bit scared that it might hurt but we could try it. I know you wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.”

“Okay, to do that, it helps if you are already aroused before I try to stick it in you. Honey, do you have a vibrator or some kind of sex toy in your bedroom?” I asked. I knew the answer because I had gaziantep escort bayan looked around her bedroom when she was gone and I had spotted her little pink vibrator at the bottom of her panty drawer. I hadn’t been shocked by that discovery and, at least now, I understood why all of my AA batteries kept disappearing.

“Do you want me to get it now?” she asked.

“Oh yes, it’ll make this even more fun for both of us,” I explained.

Elizabeth went to her bedroom and was back within a few moments. “Here it is, Daddy. Do you want to watch me use it?”

“Oh, no, honey, I’m gonna use it on you,” I responded. “Get in the middle of the bed and get up on your knees but put your face down on the mattress so your butt is kinda sticking up in the air.”

She handed me the vibrator and then quickly complied. “Like this, Daddy?”

“Spread your legs apart a little, sweetie.” As I stood behind her, I could clearly see her petite little shaved pussy. Her outer lips weren’t fat and prominent but were very simple folds of skin. No inner lips protruded and her clit remained tucked away.

Directly above that cute little pussy, her little pink rosebud was spread open just enough for me to see past her puckered ring. Of course, it was as clean as the board of health. Not only was Elizabeth very fastidious about her personal hygiene but we had also just taken a shower. It was also obvious that she shaved her ass as well as her pussy because there was not one short hair to be found. The sight of her asshole made my dick as hard as steel, knowing that I would soon be pushing my rod into her little virgin ass.

I got in escort bayan gaziantep bed directly behind her. I turned on the vibrator and set it on a medium speed. I reached between her legs and touched the tip of the vibrator to the area where I knew her clit was hiding.

“Daddy, that feels real good when you do it,” she said in a breathy tone.

“I wanna make you feel great, baby,” I said. “You just tell me if I do anything that doesn’t make you feel good, okay?”

“Okay, Daddy.”

She started moaning very softly and her torso began to gently rock back and forth. I placed my left hand on her lower back and traced my fingertips down her spine and into the valley between her butt cheeks. As I reached her anus, I drew my fingertips around but not over her little home and started tracing small circles around the target of my desire.

“That feels good, Daddy!” she declared.

As I traced circles around her bum hole, I narrowed the circle until my fingertip was on her anus. I applied gentle pressure and felt her ass relaxing to allow penetration.

“Do you wanna put your finger inside me, Daddy?” she asked.

“No, honey, I’m gonna put this vibrator inside you, but first I need to get something.” I pulled the vibrator away from her clit and reached into my bedside table to retrieve a bottle of lubricant. I applied a generous amount to the end of the vibrator and placed the tip against her back door.

I left the vibrator against her anus while I reached under her with my left hand and found her swollen clit. I began massaging her little love button while I also pushed gaziantep escort blogu on the vibrator. It started to slowly slide inside her ass and I stopped when about two inches of vibrator had entered her.

“Daddy, I’ve never felt anything like that before,” she exclaimed.

“Does it feel good?” I asked.

“Oh yeah . . . of fuck yeah!” she answered. Her moaning began to get louder and I started rubbing her clit a little more vigorously.

“Now you reach down between your legs and start rubbing your clit,” I directed her.

As soon as she had her fingers on her clit, I moved my left hand to her left tit and started kneading her nipple between my thumb and index finger. She immediately got louder and her breathing became somewhat ragged.

“Daddy, I’m so close. I’m gonna cum, Daddy, oh . . . I’m gonna cum!”

When I heard those words, I began sliding the vibrator back and forth in her ass, gradually penetrating more and more until four or five inches were inside her. I cupped her boob with my hand and gently squeezed her nipple.

That was the final straw for her. “Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” she exclaimed as her torso heaved up and down. I felt her ass pushing against the vibrator in muscular pulses and her nipple was as hard as a pebble.

“Stop, daddy, stop!” she begged and I immediately complied.

“Did I hurt you?” I asked.

“No,” she uttered between her shallow breaths, “just . . . sensitive.”

I left my hand on her boob and the vibrator in her ass but kept both still while I waited for her to come down from her orgasm. When I saw her body start to slump, I pulled my hand away from her cute little titty and allowed her ass to push against the vibrator until it was expelled.

“Holy fuck, Daddy! I’ve never cum that hard in my entire life.”

“So I guess that means you liked it?” I asked rhetorically. “Do you think you might be interested in having the real thing back there?”

“Yeah, but not now,” she answered. “Still too sensitive.”

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