Swapping with my roommate


My roommate, chuck, and me were at the bar drinking. We’ve been friends ever since high school! We’ve always been each others wing men. We’ve never had trouble pulling some ass. But we’ve both have had girlfriends for about 3 years now! We never cheat so it’s pretty hard going from getting a different girl every weekend to fucking the same girl everyday. Chucks girlfriend and mine could pass for sisters. My girlfriend is 21 but his is only 17. I’m 23 and chucks 22. Both our girlfriends have dark brown hair prefect tan bodies both have 34b breast. His girl has the biggest ass and he’s always talking about how tight her little pussy is. Even tho my girls pussy is nice and tight I’ve always thought of fucking his girl. His girlfriends name is Tiffany and my girlfriends name is brittany! Tiffany was about 5’1 and brittany was 5’5.

But anyways back to me and chuck being at the bar! We were about hammered and we got to talking about how it would be nice to have some new pussy! Well both our girlfriends were at the bar with us and they were also both smashed. Tiffany had a fake I’d so she always got drunk with us! Well we got to talking about how we should swap girls but we didn’t know if they would go for it! So we decided to get them on the dance floor to see how frisky they would get! So I grabbed Tiffany and he grabbed Brittany and we headed to the dance floor. Tiffany didn’t waste no time throwing her fat ass on my dick. She could really dance. She was rubbing her ass up and down my pants when I started getting hard. She looked back at me and smiled and started grinding even harder. I looked over at chuck and gave him a thumbs up. He smiled at me and gave one back as I saw Brittany giving him a lap dance on a chair in the middle of the dance floor. I was so Horney thinking about getting to fuck this young pussy! I ran to the bar paid the check and got a cab home! Both girls seemed a little Horney them selves on the way home.

Well we all got home and I poured everyone a drink Sex hikayeleri and went to chucks room. We were all on chucks bed both our girls kissing all over us. I decided now was the best time to ask when Brittany looked at me and said ” so we were wondering if you guy would like to swap us tonight! Chuck and I looked at each other and jus smiled! Sure we both replied! “on one condition Brittany said, y’all both have to wear condoms and we have to fuck in front of each other! Well the condom thing sucked but we both agreed as the girls traded sides. They both climbed on top of us and both took off their dresses! Neither of them had any panties or bra. Surprisingly, seeing Brittany fully nude showing off her perfect tan body as she rubbed her titties all over chucks face, really turned me on! But tiffany wasn’t waisting no time! She had already unzipped my pants. Pulling out my cock her eyes got huge! Hmm it’s so big she said as wrapped her soft wet lips around my ten inch dick! She kept trying to go deep on my dick but couldn’t quite get it half way in! “hmm I want you to come in my mouth baby” Tiffany said. “um a naughty girl over here” Brittany said as she deep throated chucks dick. His dick was about 7inches it looked like so she had no problem going deep on him after being use to me! Chuck must be cumming because I could hear him moaning and Brittany was shoving his cock as deep as she could. I was jus ready to fuck! A blow job wasn’t going to get me off! Brittany was strapping chucks condom on now so I told Tiffany to go ahead and grab a condom! So she did wrapped my dick, she started grinding her tight little wet pussy up and down my shaft. I knew it was going to be a tight fit so I flipped her over on her back and started slowly pushing in! She gasped for air and started moaning right away as brittany was riding chuck slowly but deep. By the loom of chucks face he was enjoying it. I only had about half my cock in Tiffany and she was ready grabbed my ass pulling me to Sikiş hikayeleri her basically begging for more cock in her little wet pussy. Her pussy was so tight and I could feel it tearing. She was in the mix of pain and pleasure. I finally got my full dick in and she went wild! She rolled me over and starting fucking me so hard! I looked over as Brittany was humming a sweet little moan as she was laying beside of me and chuck had her legs in the air fucking her as fast as he could. Brittany leaned over and shoved her throat down my mouth. Tiffany still riding and enjoying my cock saw this and leaned down and pulled her face away! ” no no this is my dick tonight she said as she started tongue kissing Brittany! Wow thats hot chuck said! I got even harder and tiffany must of felt it because she started riding me even harder. She was moaning so loud over and over! Then she took one long stroke and dropped as hard as she could ramming my full cock in her little shaved pussy! Right when she landed the condom busted. The feeling was amazing because she was cumming when this happened and I could feel led juices run down my dick! She knew this happened because she leaned down whispering how she wanted me to fill her little wet cunt with my cum. This arroused me even more! I turned her around and stuck it in doggy style. Soon as I shoved my dick in her pussy she let out a LOUD moan of pleasure and grabbed the head board where chuck was sitting up against and Brittany was riding him reverse cowgirl! I was fucking Tiffany harder and harder squeezing her handful size tits with both hands! I didn’t even have to move! She was pushing off the head board pushing her pink wet pussy down my cock! I started smacking her ass and she starting moaning oh yes oh yes over and over! Brittany was still riding chuck rubbing her on tits and her pussy to get some extra arousal. I could tell she was missing the extra couple of inches she usually gets from me! This making me feel like I was the fucking man Erotik hikaye I could feel nut building up in my dick. Tiffany feeling the vain in my dick swell she leaded back reach her arm around my neck. Whispering to me to cum in her! She was arching her back pushing my dick further into her deeper and deeper! I couldn’t hold it no longer I started cumming filling her little pussy with my nut! Ahhh she gasped as she fell on the bed! Brittany and chuck finished also! Brittany and tiffany started kissing! I gave chuck a high five as we both laid back drained and tired.

Well I’m were going in here I said as I grabbed Brittany up! She jumped on me and I carried her into my room! We sat there talking for about 30minutes about how fun that was! Brittany said she wanted to fuck me now fuck she never came! I started laughing poor baby I said come here I said as I started licking her pussy! Then I heard a knock at the door! It was Tiffany! Chucks asleep, you mind if I play she said. Brittany smiled, pulled her on the bed and started licking her cum filled little pussy! I became so hard! Tiffany told Brittany to lay down so she could sit on her face and suck my dick! I couldn’t believe this! It was amazing! I was so horney again I couldn’t wait no longer I got up and shoved my cock in tiffanys wet pussy! Brittany started sucking on my balls as I was fucking her! Brittany must of been getting Horney or jealous because she made me stop, shoved me on the bed and started riding my cock! ” Ahh yeah baby, theirs my big cock” Brittany moaned! Tiffany smiled as she sat on my face and started kiss Brittany! She must of been build up from fucking chuck all night because she started cumming right away! Tiffany also cumming on my face loving my tongue in her tight pussy! She tasted so good creaming in my mouth! Knowing they were both cumming at the same time I started cumming Brittany jumped off and put my cock in her mouth! I gave her the biggest mouth full! Tiffany leaned down and started kissing her so they could cum swap! Yumm they both said! They laughed and Tiffany got up and went back to chuck, and me and Brittany went back to sleep!

I’d have to say this was the best night of my life!

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