I got the worst sun burn once, good thing I had some help to relieve it.

We spent the afternoon at the beach. I spent most of the day under the sun working on a tan and my friend Carrie under the shade nearby. We had just met at the movies a few weeks earlier, but both of us alone for the time being. I had just been dumped by my boyfriend and Carrie was going by herself. We ended up talking and the friendship clicked. As we drove home, Carrie sang along to the radio and my eyes kept focusing on her rather than on the road, nearly had a wreck more than once.

The both of us were having fun and enjoyed the company. It was nice to have someone to talk to, to do things with. Any way back to it…I drove back to my apartment. When we got in the cool apartment, suddenly the slight sunburn I had felt worse. Carrie hopped into the shower. I took my suit off from under my clothes and got dressed. Carrie came back out in a large button up shirt and undies. I was sitting on the couch trying to conceal the pained look on my face. “What’s wrong with you?” Carrie asked. I tried a smile, “just a sunburn, they get me every time”

Carrie went to the cabinet and brought back some aloe. I lifted my shirt. Carrie laughed. “You’re dying of a sunburn but you put your bra back on isn’t that making it worse? And besides, since when do you wear a bra anyway?” Not really having an answer I just shrugged. “Take off your shirt and bra, the air on your skin will help” I did as told and took off my shirt and bra. I then laid down on the couch, causing the burn on my stomach to awaken. Carrie kneeled beside the couch on the floor and started to rub in the aloe, her cold hands felt good on my burning skin. She let the aloe sink in and sat with her back against the couch.

She turned to look at me. “I really do appreciate you girl.” I said out of the side of my mouth. “Love you too, babe” said Carrie. She reached out and pushed a strand of my hair behind my ear. She then leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. I loved that we were so close, the fact that we could do anything together and be comfortable was great. Carrie said “all that fresh air knocked me out, would it be all right if I take bursa escort a nap?”

” I’ll take you home first if you want.” I told her. “Oh no, if it’s alright if I stay you rest I’ll sack right here, so I can keep an eye on you.”

“This couch isn’t comfy, and neither is the floor, if you or I are gonna sleep we can share the bed” Carrie got up and offered her hand to me. Man was I stiff from the sunburn. We headed into the bedroom and I wondered what she would do if she made a move. I wasn’t sure if I should risk it and my sunburn was really starting to catch fire. “Shay, would you be more comfortable if you took off those shorts?” Carrie asked. I turned a shade of red deeper than the sunburn. I mean, was she reading my mind? She knows I never wear undies, if I took off the shorts I’d be completely naked. “I was just thinking of doing just that, Carrie, but this damn burn is really keeping me from moving much.” She just smiled and started to unbutton my shorts. She was close enough I could feel her body heat reacting to my burn. She pulled on the waist to try and loosen them up. She bent down, which put her head right at waist level, she looked up apologetically and pulled them down real fast. She sat and stared at my bare pussy for a moment, I had just shaved it bald that morning because I knew we were going to the beach. Turning red, she suddenly stood up and helped me into bed. Burn or no burn I sure wanted her to attack me just then.

Instead she undid the buttons of her shirt, laying down beside me and soon fell asleep. I suddenly didn’t feel tired and couldn’t sleep. I really never could when she stayed over. Being in the bed with her made my mind wander, especially this time. It was the first time I had ever been naked with her in the bed, I usually put on a long shirt or something so that I didn’t make her feel uncomfortable. I wonder, did she asked me to take off my shorts just to see my reaction? She knew that I never wore panties, we had talked about it several times before, she always loved the fact that I could be so brave to do it even if I wore skirts. All this and many other things were running through my head and I was now to the point where bursa escort bayan I wanted her so bad that I couldn’t take it anymore. I looked over at her sleeping, she was sleeping, right? I nudged her lightly. “Carrie?”

“Yes?” she answered still half asleep. “Did you ever want to kiss another girl?”

“Shay . . . to be honest . . . I think I am bi…” she said softly, still coming out of sleep. “I have always been as attracted to girls the same way I was to guys.”

“Really?” I asked incredulously, I couldn’t believe that I didn’t know this already, nor could I believe my luck. “So, yes” she said, as she finally opened her eyes and looked at me. With out thinking, I leaned over and kissed her. At first our lips barely touched. They just seemed to linger mere millimeters away from each other. I could smell her warm breathe and I thought I had never smelled anything so delicious. Then Carrie opened her mouth. We spent breathless minutes tasting each other, it seemed like forever, I was sucking on Carrie’s tongue and then she mine, back and forth, getting ever so more intense.

Carrie broke away and sat up, removing her shirt. Her breasts were always something to look at, so firm and perfect. I started fondling Carries breasts as she gently kissed my neck. I turned her over on to her back and I started down Carrie’s neck to her chest. She then slid her hands down my back and over the curve of my ass. She slowly pushed them down, I could feel her finger tips brushing real close to my sensitive skin, where I had shaved earlier. I sucked on Carrie’s breasts, forgetting to be careful of my sunburn. I tugged at her lace panties with my teeth, playfully and then pulled them off with my hands, truly enjoying the feel of her skin as I did. Carrie shivered as I traced a path down her torso with my tongue and then traveled back up to her nipples. I licked and nibbled them while listening to Carrie lay there moaning with pleasure.

I gently traced my finger tips down her side settled them over her pubic bone. I curled Carrie’s bush around my fingers. Slowly I then opened her lips with my hand and felt her wetness. I quickly bursa merkez escort found her clit with my thumb and started manipulating it to drive her crazy. I just couldn’t believe how natural this felt between them, like they had been lovers for years. I had to feel inside her and placed a finger inside. Just as I did this, I felt Carrie’s finger slip between my own lips, searching for my clit.

She found it and when she rub her finger over it, I felt like an explosion hit me. I had never cum just from a single touch before and it was blowing my mind. I didn’t ever want her to stop and I told her so. She continued to finger me and I her, swirling my small fingers against her wet muscles. I then took my hand out and lowered my mouth to Carries pussy. Tasting her wetness was incredible! I flicked my tongue against Carries clit, nibbling and sucking on it, all the while tracing her ass hole with my thumb. I felt her body start to buck and knew she was almost there, so I inserted my thumb into her ass and another one into her soaking hole.

She grabbed the back of my head and pushed her pussy into my face had, nearly suffocating me. I latched on to her clit with my teeth and held it between them while flicking it as fast as I could, she started bucking so hard that we were being lifted off the bed. She started to moan a deep throaty moan and fell back onto the bed, still hold my face to her. I never stopped finger fucking her ass or biting down on her clit. I felt the waves of cum pouring from her like a fountain and refocused my attention there. I cleaned her up good, lapping up every drop of cum I could find.

After bringing her to orgasm, Carrie decided to flip me over and return the favor by tonguing me back. She darted her tongue inside me and drew it back out. She continued to do this getting faster and deeper. It was now my turn to buck my hips against her mouth. We got into a thrusting rhythm and I came again, harder than before, I think I nearly passed out from the continuous wave after wave that hit me. She finished me off by sucking me dry. I again wanted to return the favor to her, I hadn’t had enough of that beautiful pussy yet, but was really tired from the sun and all the activities we had just gone through. When I looked up at her, she was already asleep. Her head was still between my legs and I could feel her breath on my clit. I stroked her hair until I fell asleep myself

I woke a few hour later to her sucking my clit into her mouth…

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