Stupid Bet


No one under eighteen.Just a story. Please be nice in your comments. It’s not real. There is some bi-sexuality here. Not your cup of Joe, just move along.


Watching a football game and my wife comes in and says, “You promised me we would do something I wanted to do this weekend. Here you are, planted in front of your big screen, watching your team lose again. Are you going to break your promise again?” Her long brown tresses framed her angry, but beautiful face. Hazel eyes, so gorgeous were shooting lazers into my own. She was fucking PISSED OFF.

“I’m sorry Sharon, you are right, I’m sorry. What are we doing today?” I had anguish over not watching the game, but she was right, I had made a promise. I keep my promises.

“We’re going to the Fine Art Museum. Then we are going with Brenda and Karen to have a nice dinner on South street. They know a place. So you have to dress nice.” Sharon was dressed in a very nice silk dress. She looked fantastic. Her nipples actually showed through her bra and the silk. She had those long legs in silk stockings I bought her for Valentine’s day. “We could stay home and I could ravish you!”

“Nope, you promised. I feel like I’ve been cooped up in this house for such a long time.”

“Do we always have to go out with the rug munchers? I know they are nice, but you have other friends.”

“For the tenth time, please don’t call them rug munchers or dykes, or anything mean. I keep telling you, they are bi-sexual. They just haven’t found the right guy or guys yet.”

“We’ve been out with them a hundred times, they never seem to like any of the guys. The only guys ass they pretend to like is mine, when they pinch it to annoy me!”

“Well Honey, it’s cause you have such a cute ass!” Sharon pinched my ass.

“I know I promised to do what you want this weekend. How do I get a weekend? Not even the whole thing, just the three hours for the football game?”

“Wanna bet on your beloved team?” She taunted me.

“You don’t know the first thing about football betting.”

“Straight bet. They win today, you watch football next Sunday when they play. I’ll go out with my rug munchies. If they lose, I get to do whatever the hell I want all weekend, no questions asked, no complaints! I don’t know about the point spread or anything, so I’m kinda at a disadvantage here, but its a straight up bet. What do you say?”

“What the hell? You’re on. No questions asked, no complaints. In the interest of fairness, my team is up by two touchdowns. I mean, there are games that have not started yet.”

“You are an honest man John. But I have faith. Your team always seems to choke. I’ll tell you what, if your team loses by less than seven points, I’ll give you a blow job for every point over their score. If the other team wins by seven or more, then I can do whatever I want all weekend long, starting Friday at five pm. And you have to eat me out tonight, after dinner.” Sharon was so fuckin confident.

“Shit, I’ll be happy to do that now, win or lose.”

“No, no, no. At the restaurant! Under the table.” Sharon had her wicked smile on.

“Ok, but my teams gonna win” I knew they were gonna win.

“You sure? How about if the lose by fourteen or more, you not only have to eat me out, but the rug munchers too! Hah!”

“Not at the restaurant though. I promise, if my team loses by fourteen or more points, I’ll eat all three of you out. But here in our nice comfy bed. Ok?”

“All right, I think it would have been fun at the restaurant.” Sharon pretended to sulk.


We went to the museum, I actually enjoyed it, I do like the arms and armament section. During the meal, Sharon and her friends kept checking on the score.

“John, I can’t believe you bet on a game like that. Are you really gonna eat me and Karen out?” Brenda asked me. She was a tall blond with big boobs. Very much into women. Bi-sexual my ass, she was pure lesbo. I did like her though. She said I was cute for a man. She had blue eyes and a fairly big rump.

“A bet is a bet. I just worry about how cold its going to be when she loses.” I said.

“The game is all tied up.” Karen said. Karen had rich red hair. I don’t know if it was from DNA or a bottle. I guess I would see if the carpet matched the drapes. She was quite a bit shorter, and dare I say it, dumpier than her girlfriend. She always wore shapeless sweats and never anything remotely form fitting. Her face however, was just the opposite, like an angel had traded faces and she was so, so beautiful. At least in her face.

“What happened? What! What?” I asked. Karen had a look of incredulousness on her face.

“The other team had a run back, then the play after the kick off, they intercepted for another touchdown. It’s all tied up with two minutes to go!” She was looking at her phone.

“Holy shit, they had a fumble!” Karen was yelling.

“Who recovered? Who got the damned ball!” I screamed.

“The other team!” She was almost dancing.

My wife sat there with a shit eating grin. Sharon loves to win. She especially loves to beat me! She gaziantep escort was in her glory.

“Touchdown!” Karen was jumping up and down.

“They’re kicking off. He’s not calling for a fair catch. He’s got the ball. He FUMBLED THE DAMN BALL!…The other team recovered on the ten yard line!”

I could not believe what I was hearing. Sharon put two fingers up and wiggled her tongue in between, the universal symbol for cunilingus! Fuck me.

“Are you really gonna do it? I am so rooting for the other team.” Brenda whispered in my ear, kissing my red face. She was smiling like a kid at Christmas!

“The quarter back hands off, wait, he is running a naked bootleg. He scores walking in. The other team won by fourteen points!” Karen looked at me with a very dirty look. She said, “Are you gonna do it?” She was openly smiling at me now.

My wife walked around me and put a lobster bib on me. She kissed my face and pinched my cheek.

“You will be needing this!” She was a bad winner.

“Ok, you won. I will eat at the Y tonight. All three of you.” I said. All three women were hooting and hollering.

“All three of us!?” Karen asked smiling.

All three turned toward me and flashed me their very wet panties, except Sharon didn’t have any. Where did they go? She had panties when we left the house. I could smell all three pussies. They were very excited, to put it mildly!

“Yup. A bet is a bet” I said. This just sucked. “I promised and I am not breaking my promise.”


I was stripped naked. My wife had insisted. She even gave me a Viagra. Where did she get those? I took the pill and downed it with the offered drink of single malt scotch.

I got up and kneeled in front of my wife. I started to undress her. “She is my wife, so she gets firsties.” I put my tongue in her cleft. She grabbed my head.

“No. You have to suck them off first. They are guests you know. So get to it.” I gave her pussy a kiss good bye, and went to work on the other two.

The two girls stood there looking like a pair of deer in the headlights. I got up. My dick was pointing straight out.

“Where are my manners? Would you girls like a drink? You know I used to be a bartender. I can mix up anything you like. A bit o’ liquid courage, perhaps?”

“May I have a tequila sunrise?” Asked Karen.

“May I have a pina colada? 151 if you have it, please.” Requested Brenda.

I looked at my wife. Sharon was rubbing her swollen clit.

“You know what I want.”

“My jism on your tongue is not a proper mixed drink. You also just told me to take care of them first.” I said.

“Ok, ok, how about a Cosmo? No, no. I want a choclatini.”

“Light or dark?”

“Oh dark dick meat definitely!”

“Dark chocolate or milk chocolate. Not penis color. Why did you marry me? Just to torment me? If you want to be single, you should be single” I spun on my heal and went to get the drinks. “It can be arranged, no problem.”

“Love you Honey!” She called after me. I heard their conversation after I left quite clearly.

“Why on earth do you fuck with him like that? That man is a fuckin saint to stay with you.” Said Karen.

“What do lesbians know about straight marriages? I’m just fuckin with him, and he knows it. He loves me. He would never leave me.” Sharon said with conviction.

“Sharon, you know I love you, but I gotta say, why are you such a bitch to him? You shouldn’t disrespect him like that. It wounds his male pride. Men can only take so much of that shit.” Brenda said.

“And then what? You think he will walk out? No, he’s mine. He swore to me, and he never, ever breaks a promise. Ever!”


I got back with the drinks a little while later. The two girls were lounging on the bed, my wife was in her nice wing back chair. Everyone was nude.

“Here you go, liquid courage!” I handed out the drinks. My dick was still hard and sticking straight out. Three sets of eyes followed every bounce of my dick.

Karen’s legs were down at the end of the bed. I went to lick her crotch, but she stopped me.

“No, no, no! I want kisses first. I don’t want you to just eat and run.” Karen whispered.

“I thought you talked to them? Karen, my wife told me very specifically, no kissing. She is my wife, so if you want hugs and kisses, you have to get her permission. I’m happy to give plenty of both, but I’m just following her direct specific instructions.” I pointed to my wife.

Karen and Brenda looked at my wife with inquisitive faces. They both had imploring looks, kinda like puppy dogs.

“Ok, ok. I just don’t want you guys falling in love.” My wife said.

“Too late. I love these lovely lesbians. I have for years!” I said.

“If I ever decide I’m bi-sexual, your husband would be the man for me. He is really wonderful.” Brenda said.

“With your permission of course!”

“I feel the same way!” Karen revealed. “Of course, I’m just a lesbian. So you don’t have to worry Sharon.”

“Are you guys letting me off the hook? I’m raring to go here. adıyaman escort I mean, if you don’t want me to go down on you, I’m certainly not gonna force you!”

“No, no, no there stud. Change of plan. You will do whatever these ladies want. If they want kisses, then give them kisses. While they ride your face, I’m gonna ride your meat. You ok with that Honey? A bet is a bet.”

“So we get to kiss him?” Karen asked.

“And he can hug us?” Asked Brenda.

“Yes, but I don’t want you girls stealing my man.”

“We aren’t going to do that Sharon. We are lesbians for crying out loud.” Brenda said.

“Yes, we are not meat eaters. We are vagitarians!” Karen joked.

I laid on the bed, and all three women started kissing and hugging me. At one point, all three were kissing my face and two hands were on my hard, hard cock

Brenda seemed fascinated by my dick. “Sharon, may I please try this for a second? I’ve never had a real cock in me. Is it just like a dildo?”

“Yeah Brenda, ride him. He’s finger fuckin me right now anyways. He’s very dexterous, he has two fingers in my asshole, two fingers in my cunt, and he’s tormenting my clit with his thumb. My husband is very good. Go slow, his dick is very wide.” Sharon warned.

“John is teasing my clit so good. Holy shit, I’m gonna cum! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhyeah! Oh fuck, your husband is a fantastic pussy licker. I’m sensitive, I gotta take a minute.” Karen dismounted my face. Sharon was quick to jump on and lower her rump to my waiting tongue. I continued my thumb action on her clitoris as I pushed my tongue into her anus.

Meanwhile, Brenda was lowering herself onto my cock. “Oooww! This is so much better than a dildo. I can feel him inside me, it’s so…alive! I feel his pulse, and his flexing, and he’s filling up my pussy like never before. No wonder you gave up pussy licking Sharon! Are all men this…delicious?”

“Oh no Brenda. He’s like the top one percent. Maybe even better than that. I bet he’s like one guy in a thousand.” Sharon started to quake and shiver, I knew she was just about to have a big cum. “Ohmygod, OH JOHN FUCK ME WITH YOUR FUCKIN TONGUE! OH YES! I’M, I’M…COMING COMING YEAH!” Sharon, rolled off my face. She had soaked me with her female ejaculate. She had cum very hard.

Brenda was just cresting as well, her face red as a beet! She cried out, “JOHN YOU FUCKER YOU ARE MAKING A LESBIAN CUM, OH, OHMYGOD YOU ARE SO FUCKIN GOOD YOU BIG DICK BASTARD. OOOOHHHH! YEAH! SHARON YOU ARE SO DAMN LUCKY! UUUUGH!” She started grunting as she came again. She squeezed my dick incredibly hard, and squirted all over my dick and stomach.

She pulled off me, and fell back down on the bed, her pussy obscenely wide open. No sooner was she off me, than Karen jumped on. Karen was such a surprise, she had a smoking hot body, small and slender, but she had a huge pair of tits. They must have been every inch of forty-four inches and at least an E or EE cup size. Combined with her ultra narrow waist, she looked almost like a super human woman. She also possessed a wonderful bubble butt. Her cunt was very tight, and she was trying to force my dick into it. Even though she was wet, she was not making much progress getting my dick in her snatch. It was too small for my dick.

“Karen, please stop, you are too small. You’re hurting me, and probably yourself too. You are just too tight! Please stop!” She really was way to small to accomodate my cock, she actually hurt me a bit. She pulled off me, she had only got the head and five inches inside. Karen was pouting.

“I know I can get that monster in me! I’m just out of practice. I haven’t had a dick in me since my brother’s!” Well that was way too much information! “He and my uncle are the only men I’ve ever had, and both were way, way smaller than you!” That was titillating, but still way TMI.

All of a sudden, Karen had an idea. It was like a light bulb lit over her head. She grabbed the lube and smeared some on her asshole and some on my still rock hard cock. She had a look on her face as a woman who was possessed.

“Wait a sec Karen, usually a woman’s asshole is even tighter than her cunt. Why are you getting prepped for anal sex?”

“Well this is embarrassing. I, uh, err, um, well…I enjoy using a big dildo in my behind while someone eats me out. I, uhh… really like it. John, would you fuck me in the ass please?” Karen got on all fours and put her head down, ass up. She reached around and spread her ass cheeks. She was so incredibly sexy, spreading her perfect bubble butt for me to take, to have, to fuck.

She looked back at me over her shoulder and said, “Come on John, fuck my tight little ass!”

I was right up to her sphincter with my lubed up meat stick, ready to plunder her rectum. I did not get to enjoy that feeling long, because Karen pushed herself back hard against me, pushing my hard cock into her anal cavity with a vengeance. She yelped a bit, shuddered and came. This woman liked a bit o’ pain!

Karen was very tight at her sphincter, but her rectum was not as tight akkent escort as her incredibly tight vagina. I managed to push two fingers into her cuny as I buttfucked her good and hard. I twisted and pinched her nipple with my free hand. She cooed at the painful nipple play. Karen definitely liked a bit of pain!

I announced I was going to cum, and next thing I knew, Karen was screaming like her pussy was on fire and her ass was catching! “Joooohhhnn! Ohmygod John what a fantastic orgasm, OH-OH-OH yes, YES John you ass fucker you, oh my god, you are so, so fuckin good! Great even. I just came three times, and so damn hard! Oh my goodness! You fucked the shit outta me! You wonderful bastard. Holy shit!”

“I’m coming!” Brenda grabbed my dick and pulled it out of Karen’s asshole, and aimed it at her open mouth.

“No, no! That cum is mine!” Yelled Sharon, as she took control of my cock and it spurted the rest of its big load in her mouth. Brenda got about half, and my wife got the other half. Both women smiling with my cum in their mouths.

Sharon sucked my dick clean, right from Karen’s asshole! She smiled the whole time. She swallowed in front of me. I was amazed at her super slutty behavior.

Brenda opened her mouth and showed me the sperm, and kissed and shared my jism with Karen. They both swallowed.

Sharon asked me, “Why don’t you fuck my ass like that?”

“Because you forbade me! You said you would cut off my dick if I fucked you in the asshole. Remember?”

Brenda had taken over cocksucking duties from Sharon. I was hard again. She spun around and looked me in the eye. “Fuck my ass!” She was already lubed and ready so I pushed into her rosebud. Brenda screamed, “Aaaaiiiieeee!”

“Should I stop?” I asked.

“No… That was a cum. I’m so fuckin happy! I’m gonna cum again in a minute. Fuck me like a cheap whore. Spank my ass and pull my hair. Ohhh my god! Uuuugghhhh” Brenda grunted as she shivered and came. She squirted all over.

I pushed Brenda’s head into my wife’s crotch and said, “Lick her my little slut. Make her cum hard.” She sucked as I continued to assfuck her hard. She put two fingers up Sharon’s ass, and she made crazy screaming sounds. “Ugggjhhgfuckermmyesmm!!” Sharon shuddered and came. Brenda came again, but not as hard as before… I switched the women around, so my wife was eating Brenda’s cunt, and I put some lube on my wife’s asshole. She said, “Wait, you are so big, you will rip my ass apart!”

“No, I won’t. You push back. You will push me into your butt. Do it now.” I said decisively.

She pushed back, and back, and back some more until I was balls deep in her. She loves taking it in her ass! She never let on. She was shuddering and coming every ten seconds or so. She screamed, “Johhhn you are my life! OHMYGOD I’m coming so damn hard. Oh shit OH OH Ohhgg yess, uggh,” she grunted throughout several more hard cums. I pulled out and there was Karen’s mouth waiting for jism. I filled her open mouth to the rim with my semen. The other two wanted to eat my cum too, so they all shared. I threw my wife over my knee and spanked her.

She said, “Why are you spanking me? What did I do?”

“I’m very tired of being disrespected by you. For the last three weeks to a month, you have shown me nothing but contempt. If this continues, there will be severe consequences. Very SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES! Do you understand me?” I kissed her red ass, and applied some aloe gel to it. I massaged her ass.

“I’m sorry John. I swear I won’t do it again!” She cried a little, I wiped away her tears.

“Good. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Both the lesbians, or maybe the bi-girls is a better term, were already asleep. I had my wife on my left, I spooned her, and two women behind me, spooning me. I went to sleep.


I awoke from a deep sleep to my wife riding Mr Happy. She was already coming, so she was sleep fucking me for a while. The other girls were gone, or maybe in the shower.

Sharon screamed, “Fuck me, fuck me, cum in my face, and fuck me good!” She had never, ever wanted me to cum in her face. This was way unusual!

She jumped off my still hard cock and threw on her clothes. She looked great, even without a shower. She kissed me bye, and she was out the door. It was quarter to seven, so she might be late.

The two bi-sexual women came out, and both kissed me and Karen started sucking my dick. “Cum in my mouth please! I need your cum.”

I shot spurt after spurt into her mouth. She shared with Brenda and they swallowed and both said thanks and bye bye. In a New York minute, they were gone. I went back to sleep.


There was a knocking on my door. I threw on my robe. I went stumbling to the front door. I opened the door and a blast of wind opened up my robe completely. Damn! I was completely naked under the robe, and I had just given a complete show to whoever was at my door! Shit! I squinted with the wind and bright sun. It was my sister in law, Becky. She was in daisy dukes and a stretched tee shirt over her huge juggs. She was every bit of five foot ten at least. She had heels on so she was almost level with my six foot two inch frame. She was a big woman, but she was absolutely stunning. She had a nice big fat ass that I enjoyed looking at. She had an unfortunate character flaw, in that she was always honest, even to a fault. I really liked her.

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