Stuck in Winter Cabin with My Mom

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I pulled my jeep into the empty spot in my mom’s driveway. There was a thick layer of ice and I nudged my passenger side wheels to ride a little on the crunchy embankment on the side to get enough traction to prevent me from sliding all the way into the house. It came from years of experience watching my mom deftly pull that exact same maneuver every winter. I couldn’t imagine driving the little Honda that she owned in such weather, but the fresh tire tracks indicated that she had ventured out in this weather by herself.

As I walked in, I saw her standing in the middle of the kitchen, with her hands on her waist as she studied a sheet of paper. Next to her was an open hiking backpack with some clothes stuffed in it. I caught a peek of thermal layers sticking out of her luggage.

“Going hiking?” I joked. It was a frigid New England day with temperatures well below freezing.

“Yes,” she replied without looking up. I looked over her shoulder at what she was looking at. “Essential packing for winter camping,” I read out aloud. “You can’t be serious. They’re talking about a nor’easter tonight. You’ll die out there!” I said.

My mom was not the kind of person to be persuaded about anything. She was usually the most practical person in the world. The sensible woman who had put a son and daughter to college single-handedly. I think that she willed herself to not have any other choice other than success. Determination is one way to think about it. She was more stubborn than a mule, haha. The occasional impractical wish that entered her mind also got channeled through the same brute force determination.

Today, she was clearly executing on an idea to go camping and mother nature was not going to prevent her from executing on that idea.

I sighed and asked: “Where are you planning to go?” She looked up at me and smiled. “Remember Deer mountain?” I nodded. This past summer, when most of the northeast US was under strict lockdown from Covid, we had hopped into her car on a whim one afternoon and driven up to Vermont. The air was crystal clear and we had driven up a narrow one lane road into the Green mountains. The pristine surroundings and the absence of scowling people in masks was exactly what we needed. We had spent the day hiking through evergreen woods, built a little fire to eat dinner and smores, sat back with a couple of beers until the stars came out. It was such a healing experience for both of us.

That was in July. Not February. “Have you looked outside? You’ll never make it up that dirt road in your car.” She gave me a look of scorn and disgust. “I’m a born and bred New Englander. You kids these days have gotten so soft these days. Snow was just a fact of life for us growing up. This is nothing,” she said.

“Yep. Did you also walk 10 miles uphill both ways to school each morning?” I asked sarcastically. She just rolled her eyes and contined to pack, pulling out a parka from the winter closet that looked comically large for her. At least she was well prepared. My mom knew enough to respect winter and prepare for the worst, but was too stubborn to change her plans.

“Well, at least let me join you. My car stands a better chance of making it up there than yours, and I’ll be too worried sick to do anything else this weekend.”

“I love it. A mother son adventure,” she said, her eyes twinkling. Go get your stuff together. I want to get a good winter hike in before the snow sets in this afternoon.

I pulled out my winter gear, my tent, my sleeping bag, and extra puffy LL Bean Parka, and saw that my mom had already packed a stove, and enough canned provisions to feed a small army.

“I knew I would never starve to death if I stayed close to you!” I laughed as we loaded everything up in my Jeep.

The sun was crisp and the sky was a deep winter blue – the kind that is hard to find outside of February in New England. We took deep breaths and relaxed the further we headed up into the mountains. There is a certain stark beauty that you get to experience while hiking in the middle of winter. We didn’t see even a single car as we drove up to the trail head.

We decided to hitch our tents early to avoid getting stormed on, and then headed up the trail. We got to an outlook that gave us a spectacular view of the Green mountains. “You’re literally the best son in the world.” my mom said as she put her arms around my frame. She was a petite 5’5″ and kaliteli gaziantep escort I towered over her at 6’4″. I got my late dad’s genes when it came to height and size. She was barely able to put her arms all the way around me. Her chest pushed into my arms as she strugged to reach. She wasn’t particularly well endowed. Barely an A cup breast, and she had the tough sinewy, athletic build of a hard working, fit woman. I could feel a little squish and a poke from her stubby nipple on my chest, but it was a comforting feeling of “mom”. This was the woman who had toiled as a single parent to raise me. It didn’t feel sexual at all.

We trekked along the ridge a little further before taking a fork to loop back to our tents. In the summer, we had headed further up the ridge from peak to peak, but we needed to be more cognizant of the weather today. By the time we made it back to our tents, the winds were howling and giant snow flakes were flying horizontally into our face. I looked at my mom with an raised eyebrow. “I don’t think we’ll be protected enough in those tents,” I said. My mom initially tried to pooh-pooh me, but she was clearly nervous at the ferocity with which this storm was rolling in. We knew enough about winter storms in New England to know how they sometimes bomb out and get way worse than the forecasts.

I had jumped in the Jeep to turn on the radio to see if any forecasts had changed and as I looked out, I saw that my mom had already taken down both tents. I heard the door to the trunk open as she tossed the jumble of canvas and nylon hastily in. “The view is great, but not worth dying for!” she joked, as she jumped into the passenger side of my Jeep. She was too petite to just jump in like I do and had to use the little platform on the side to get in with two steps.

We reversed out of the trail head and started driving back down the dirt road. There was already a good 3-4 inches of wet, heavy snow on the ground. “I hope we get back down to the main road soon,” I said, peering out in front of the car with a worried look on my face. “Much more of this stuff and we will get stuck on the road.”

It was slow going and the visibility was practically zero. The way the Green mountains were lined up, when the storm hits from the right direction, some spots could quickly start measuring the snow in multiple feet. We were stuck in one of those bands. Soon, the tires started plowing into the snow ahead instead of crushing down on the snow and I had to slow to a crawl. 5 miles an hour. 3 miles an hour. Soon, I found myself reversing the car back and rocking the car back and forth just to make it move.

“Don’t move. I have one bar on my phone at this spot.” said my mom, raising her hand as if ordering me and the car to halt. “Let me call the park ranger for help,” she said. She had to try a couple of times before she got through to a person, and she said “Oh…Hmmm…Are you sure…Darn…” and continued having a conversation that clearly wasn’t going well. When she got off the phone, she said that we must have taken a wrong turn in the snow, because the road we’re been on for the last mile or so is not maintained for winter at all. So, there was no way to get anybody to us till the storm passed. We had to find some shelter for at least the next 48 hours. He had told her that there was a tiny cabin that the rangers used that was just a few hundred feet ahead that had a working stove, a bed, and plenty of firewood that we should use to ride out the storm.

We tried to carry as much of essential stuff we could from the Jeep and trudged through the thick snow and howling winds. It took us a while to find it, but it was such a relief to close the door and get out of the storm. For a little while, we just stood in the middle of the cottage to survey the surroundings. As my eyes adjusted, I found a gas lantern that I could turn on to give us some light. It was the sparsest of cabins – maybe 10 feet by 10 feet. There was a small bed in one corner, a wood stove, and not much else. I got the wood stove going and soon the cabin warmed up to a nice toasty temperature. We finally peeled off our parkas and sat down on the bed.

“This is way better than a tent in the storm,” said my mom. “I feel bad having to sleep in their bed with all my dirty clothes from the hike. I wish I could clean up and change, somehow.”

She gaziantep kaliteli escort looked around the cabin. “We have a good fire going here. I’m going to get some snow in a pot and make a little bit of hot water and then use a towel to get myself cleaned up a bit.”

Soon, there was a pot on top of the wood stove with steam rising from it. I turned to look away to give her some privacy as I heard her clothes fall to the floor. She used just a little bit of water to wet her body and then squirted a tiny bit of bath wash onto a little towel and cleaned her body. She was surprisingly efficient, given the confined quarters. Soon, she had dried herself and put on a pair of flannel PJs. She smelled surprisingly good for cleaning up in such confined quarters, without any plumbing.

“Let me get some water going for you,” she said.

“I don’t know, mom. I’m not sure if I can do that in such a tight space with you right next to me.”

“In case you don’t remember, I used to wipe that little bum of yours,” she laughed as she put a pot full of packed snow on top of the wood stove.

As the water heated up, I sighed and then peeled off the multiple layers of clothes I had on. The inner thermal layer was already soaked with sweat from the hike and it felt good to take them off. It was also weird to know that my mom was literally one foot away sitting on the bed as I was scrubbing myself. I felt my dick throb a little as it got semi-hard. It was strange getting such a reaction thinking about my own mom, but I figured that my dick didn’t quite care about anything other than the fact that there was a woman one foot away from me.

I soaked the towel in the hot water and scrubbed away.

I saw from the corner of my eye that my mom was sitting on the bed with her chin tucked into her knees, with a cup of hot tea in her hand.

Wait! She was sitting on the bed with a cup of tea…facing in my direction. What the Fuck? I thought to myself, panicking. I turned and looked straight into her eyes and my heart stopped.

Her eyes were twinkling. “You’ve grown up quite a bit, young man!” she laughed, emphasizing the word bit to make it sound dirty. “Jeez, mom. What are you doing? Give me some privacy,” I said trying in vain to turn my back to her to hide my stiff cock.

“Oh, come on. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before. Remember that I used to give you your baths at one point,” she laughed. “It’s totally not the same thing,” I hissed back as I tried to hurry things up. I had just started to soap myself up, but I decided that I would just rinse off the towel and clean up as fast as I could. This situation couldn’t end fast enough.

“Don’t do that, sweetie,” said my mom, stopping my hand from dunking the towel in the pot. “Here, you need to relax. It’s just a bath. Let mommy help you with your back,” she said. She still sometimes referred to herself as Mommy instead of Mom when I was sick and needed to be taken care of. My shoulders relaxed as she took the towel from me.

My mom gently scrubbed my back. It felt good to feel the hot water and suds from the soap clean away the sweat from my back. She gently cleaned my lower back and then my butt. As she squatted down and scrubbed the back of my upper thighs, my heart pounded a little as I realized that she could probably see my balls if she looked inbetween my legs.

My mom did not make any comments if she did notice. My dick had also fired up to a rock hard erection and swayed back and forth as my mom scrubbed the back of my legs.

My mom reached up and gently pushed on my hip to make me turn around. I remember her making that exact motion when she gave me a bath when I was younger to motion me to turn around. This time, I was a full grown man with a raging hard on. I quietly did as I was told, waiting for the moment when she would look up and see the throbbing shaft above her head.

My mom never looked up. She dipped the towel back into the clean water to wet it, added a little bit of body wash and scrubbed the front of my legs. As she reached up towards my crotch, she paused.

She first looked up at my balls, and then my throbbing shaft as it twitched up and down, and then she made eye contact. It was electric. My heart literally stopped and I froze. I didn’t know what I could say or do.

“Well, that reaction did not happen gaziantep kaliteli escort bayan the last time I gave you a bath,” she said and she laughed. Her eyes were twinkling. I was so sure that she would get offended when she saw my erection. Instead, she was being playful.

“Do you have hots for your own mommy? You naughty boy.” she said as she wagged her finger at me. “Mom…I…No that is not…I mean…Oh God! I’m so sorry!” I blurted. She put her finger on her mouth and shushed me.

“It’s OK. Sweetie. It’s totally normal. It’s just a physical reaction. It doesn’t bother me at all,” she said.

With that, she dipped the towel into the pot of warm water and then enveloped my balls with it. The most intense warm feeling enveloped my balls and I could feel my mom’s soft, little hand gently cupping my balls, as she cleaned them. I breathed heavily to control my breathing and keep myself from getting too excited. My dick was rock hard.

She dipped the towel back into the water, and then wrapped my shaft with it.

“Oh God, mom…” I grunted, now visibly huffing. The only thing worse in this situation would be if I somehow came on my mom’s soft hands. Or worse, on her petite little face. I used all of my will power to retain my composure. My mom cleaned my shaft and then put the towel away and then held my balls in one hand and held my shaft with her other hand.

My dick was normal sized, but her petite hands were tiny in comparison. I couldn’t decide if that was the most unusual thing about this situation or the fact that my mom was holding my cock in her hands.

I don’t think my mom viewed this current situation sexually. I think she was just viewing it as holding her son in her hands, and it just happened to be his genitals in the midst of a raging hard on.

I had subconsciously started to rock my hips back and forth ever so gently and the effect that had was that my shaft was rubbing back and forth in the palm of her hand.

For an older woman, the palm of her hand was so incredibly soft. She instinctively closed her hand to create a soft envelope around my dick. She matched the rhythm of my hips and tightened her grip a little. She was clearly more experienced than I was and knew how to make me feel good without even trying.

She looked up at me as if to see what I was thinking. Her eyes still had a twinkle in them, but there was also a questioning look, as if she were trying to figure out what is going on in my head.

Without any words exchanged, I communicated the hunger of my desire to her. I turned my hip a little to angle my dick towards her face a little more. Her eyes lowered down from my face and down to my dick as she saw it throbbing in front of her.

With every thrust of my hip, I extended just a little further so that the tip of my engorged dick brushed against her lips.

Without saying anything, she opened her mouth. With the next thrust, my dick went into her mouth. I could feel her tongue as it swirled gently around my head. She looked up at me as she reconnected eye contact, and then sucked.

I grunted as the base of my dick contracted. Her other hand gently massaged my balls as they retracted up towards my dick in tension. She lovingly stroked them as hot semen bubbled up and coursed up and through my dick. She took me deeply in anticipation of what was about to happen. Spurt after spurt of hot, sticky cum flowed from my dick into her soft, little mouth. She never broke eye contact with me.

I shuddered and clenched my butt as she continue to jack me slowly with her other hand.

I held her head in my hands, stroking her wet hair as I fully drained myself into her mouth.

She finally took my softening dick out of her mouth and swallowed.

“That was a little unexpected,” she said smiling at me.

“Oh mom, that felt so amazing,” I gasped.

She stood up, still holding my flaccid cock in her hand, handing me the towel. “Now finish cleaning up before you catch a cold,” she admonished. She was still my mom, after all.

I laughed nervously.

She gave my dick one final squeeze as she lifted her hand up. There was a little gob of cum in the little nook between her thumb and her index finger. She shook her head in mock disapproval. “What a messy kid,” she said and then brought her hand up to her mouth to suck it up.

She then wiped her hand and went back to the bed. She tucked her legs up, put her chin on it, and then picked up her tea as if nothing had happened.

I felt extremely self conscious now as I was still butt naked, holding a towel in my hand. I hurriedly finished rinsing off the soap from my body and dried myself. I threw on a pair of clean shorts and T shirt and got into bed next to my mom. She handed me a cup of tea and said “Here, this will warm you up.”

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