Some guy


Some guy

I went on a walk the other night around 8:00 at night and this guy pulled up,

He asked me if I lived around here,

I said “Ya I do,”

he said he’s seen me walking around here before but never seen me talking to anyone.

I told him,

“I don’t know anyone who lives out here,”

He said

“You do now put my number in your phone and text me later tonight like around 12:00 or 1:00.”


He gave me his number and he drove off and out of the neighborhood.

I went home and was thinking to myself, that was kind of odd, laid down and dozed off, and for some reason I woke up and it was a little after 12:00, so I decided to text him,

I wrote,

Hey how you doing you gave me your number and said to text you?,

Ya small little guy in the neighborhood right?,

Yep, that’s me,

I noticed your panty line while you’re walking,

I thought oh boy, Is that a good thing or a bad thing?,

No it’s great!,

“what color are they?”

I tell him,

“The ones I have on now?”

“you have more than one pair,”

Ya but the ones I have on now are pink,

Send me a picture he says,

I tell him no I just met you,

OH come on, ok look I’ll send you a picture, ok,

and a minute or two later a picture comes through and it’s of his dick precum just oozing out, and another text comes through,

He says, See that’s how much I’m turned on right now,

Oh yeah? Sure it’s probably an old picture you already had on your phone,

He tells me no I just took that picture I’m driving around and I’m kind of close to your neighborhood I can come over and show you?.

So I texted him back and said OK, if you can find out where I live then come over I’ll be in the garage, not even 4 minutes later this car pulled up and sure enough it was him,

As he comes walking in the garage

I tell him, how did you know where I lived?

He said,

I seen you walk home about two weeks ago, and before I could say anything back he had his dick out,

He walked over to me and said see, I’m looking at it and he grabbed my hand and put it on his dick,

I could feel it throbbing in my hand along with the wetness from his precum,

I told him oh my gosh that’s freaking hot!

He looks down at me and says put it in your mouth,

I told him no! especially not out here.

Well where should we go?

I told him, well maybe we can go inside but…

But, what? He says,

I have some family inside.

Who? He asked.

Right now it’s just some family, but I in their rooms, and my room is kind of The middle room, so we will have to be really quiet.

He tells me, I can be quiet.

Ya you think so?

As I’m still slowly jacking his dick that’s in my hand.

He said, go look and see if we can make it to your room.

I’m still looking at his dick in my hand glistening with his precum.

He Sex hikayeleri tells me,

Hey, hello! Hurry up and go see, then you can play with my dick for as long as you want to, OK? Hello?.

Oh ya right Ok, stay here I’ll be right back.

I turn around and open the door to the house and walk in, don’t see anyone so I turn back toward him and wave my hand at him saying,

OK, come on, come on,

I shut the door behind him, and tell him to follow me, be quiet and fast, OK let’s go.

We snuck in my room, and once inside

I locked the door, turned around to see him taking his pants off, so I walked across over in front of him and got undressed as I was already wearing some cute outfit.

Then he asked me,

“what other outfits you have”

Without saying anything back to him, I went and opened up the closet door and grabbed my white laced bag and turned around and dumped everything that was in it next to him.

He grabbed 2 red ones and a hot pink,

He wishpered to me,

Put this one on, with theses white stockings.

While I was looking at this guy I just met,

I took off the orange and white polka dot negligee I was wearing,

And pulled on the red silk skirt lingerie, and slowly put on and pulled up the white stockings.

He asked me if we could watch some porn.

As I knilt down on my knees and elbows, with my little bottom in front of him,

As I told him,

I don’t watch that stuff, but I don’t mind, what do you want to watch?

Right when I grabbed the mouse,

I felt one of his hands running up and down my little bottom, and I pushed back against his hand, I heard him say,

You are so fucking sexy all dressed up.

I said, “Thanks” back to him still trying to be quiet.

I just picked some random femboy video and hit play,

I turned back around to face him and wrapped my fingers around the shaft of his dick, slowly I jacked it up and down with his plumped tip right next to my lips,

I opened my mouth and lowered it onto his dick, it must have been 8 – 9 inches long.

I continued to suck on him for 6 minutes at least, while he just laid back watching the femboy video,

I continued sucking on him for what seemed like forever, his dick was so wet and slippery, when the video stopped I layed on my back with my knees by my chest, he got up to his knees and started to rub the tip on my tight little hole, he tried three four times to slide in but to no avail, he told me to fuck him, end of that night.

Sorry you didn’t get to fuck this little femboy bottom,

I love sucking on your dick, feeling it throb and pulsate when you was releasing your cum in multiple jet streams pumping into my mouth was the hottest thing I’ve ever felt and tasted.

I swallowed half and spit the other half on your dick so I could taste it again while sliding it back into my mouth before rubbing your tip all around my face to make sure your cum Sikiş hikayeleri was on it.

Texted me back saying


Like a good loyal little femboy should and the rest I had on both my hands I licked and rubbed into my virgin bottom and pushed as much as I could up in my hole.

I can still taste your cum, ya we definitely need more time.

Oh my gosh I’m still wearing that hot outfit, still wanting to play some more.

I also loved laying there with my head turned to the side so you could try to fuck my mouth that was hot for sure, it’s going to feel so good when your able to do that to me and I don’t gag so I can use my throat muscles on the head of your dick untill you pump cum down in to it.

I love being a little secret toy play thing, need to find someone with a smaller dick so I feel what it’s like to be fucked because your sexy dick is just too big ?? shhhh I’m your secret little sissy femboy ?

Sun, September 28

I met that guy again, he texted me,

I was almost asleep when my phone buzzed, I looked at the text message and it says,

“I’m in your garage”

I was shocked, so I stood up and threw on some pants and a shirt and ran out of my room opened up the door to the garage and sure enough there he was.

I said to him,

“Your staying for a few?”

He says,


I tell him,

“OK we need to sneak in my room then”

I looked at him and said,

“You ready? Let’s go,”

Everyone was in their rooms so that was easy, lock the door behind us,

I went to my iMac there was already a movie playing,

I’ll just minimize it and let it play in the background open up a browser go to Xhamster find us a femboy video to watch as it starts to play,

I stood up and started taking off my clothes,

I was already wearing this cute little black and blue see through nightie with black thigh high stockings,

I got on my knees with my bottom facing him swaying back and forth, and within a second I feel his hand caressing my bottom, so I pushed back to let him know that I needed this,

I feel his hand move aside my pantie string and the wet sensation of his tongue licking my title little hole,

I reach back and grab his hot swollen member and pump it up and down, we did this for five, maybe six minutes until I felt precum leaking out of him, that’s when I had to have it in my mouth,

That was hot huh,

I felt the tip of your head inside, next time your fucking this little femboy,

I need to feel your dick sliding slowly into me until it starts to spasm so

We both feel it throb while you pump that cum into my bottom, the plug is going in to keep your cum in me and your cock is going back Into my mouth

I need to feel your head in my throat till I choke.

Next time we say to one another. And he left.

6 a.m. I get a text message from that guy, It says

“Think you could suck me in the garage”

I Erotik hikaye texted him “Yes”

while I’m thinking to myself

It’s been almost two months since I had the pleasure of eating his cum,

Being all dressed up with that dick sliding in and out of my mouth, feeling the tip hit the back of my throat like a good little femboy

I text him,

“Ya maybe fuck it would be hot wish I could be dressed up though”

He texts me

“I wish my cock would fit in you”

I say

“Hell yes me too, How much time we have?

Sneak in my room but you gotta go through the window? She up in the front room, I’ve taken 165 pictures so far, Would be awesome to get a video of me dressed up with the makeup on with your dick cumming in my mouth while I’m on my knees or sitting down in front of you huh”

He texts me

“I’m almost there I’ll be there in like four minutes”

Ok, “So what’s the plan?”

“Guess I’m gonna sneak in”

“Ok I’m going into my room then and open the window and Of course I’m down in the garage to but she might come out”

“Just a little so that I can get in easily”

“Too bad your family wouldn’t go to the bathroom I just sneak me in ok they are gone”


“Sweet “

“Your cum taste so fucking yummy ???”

“Does it lol”

“Yes I’m addicted to the taste of your cum like bad it’s been too freaking long I think your dick is just way big and my little hole and insides just couldn’t hold it because I’ve been fucking my hole like 3 minutes after you brought that smoke to me but oh my gosh we got you in there your dick felt like it needed to fuck my hole next time Fuck me until you cum because once you was in then fuck me but please do it slow,”

He was whispering telling me I’m a naughty little sissy while I’m down on my knees I spread my legs while backing up my bottom for his dick, thinking to myself this is how good little femboys learn to fuck for that sweet cum as he rubs up against my hole he spits on me, & my lust deepens to be his secret boy toy feeling him pushing the tip into me, I tried my best to push back letting him know how much I want to feel him inside me, but my hole is so tight so I turn around so my face is level with his dick so he can hump my mouth.

I moan softly, so my family don’t hear me & find out just 3 feet away in my room is a guy with his 9 inches teaching me to deep throat him like a good femboy, as I lay down with my head turned to one side he fucks my mouth for about 40 minutes, he then tells me I’m such a naughty little femboy as he pulled his dick out of my mouth, now with it over my face and my mouth still open, he begins to feed me his warm cum, so I started sucking on him again his dick still throbbing pumping spurts of his cum in my mouth & down my throat, letting him mark me as his new secret femboy, soon to be his fuck toy, his little cum eater, I pulled his dick out to finish rubbing the tip on my face with his cum while it throbs in my hand, I put his dick back in my mouth for another 30 seconds as he goes limp thinking to myself I loved being used like this, being a naughty little femboy is absolute ecstasy.

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