Sister’s Teasing Drives Me Crazy


My hot little 18 year old sister has been making me crazy for the past year or so. Amy is athletic, gorgeous with the hottest body around. She loves to show off her sexy little ass and C sized cups with the tightest sexiest workout clothes. She usually wears bright colored spandex tank tops and tiny little black or yellow shorts that show off her tight ass and camel toe when she gets home from school. Her camel toe is so small and looks so tight, it’s so hard not to look. It always gives me a semi or more. She seems oblivious to my beaming stares at her crotch.

I’m her only sibling and we’ve always been close but lately she has grown into the hottest girl I’ve ever seen. I’m only a year older but my 19 year old cock is always oozing pre come when she’s around me. She is always touchy feely with me and it’s becoming a problem not letting her feel my hard on when she hugs me or hangs out with me.

She is kind of a slob and leaves clothes all over her room and rarely makes her bed. Recently I’ve been checking out her workout clothes when she takes a shower and her panties smell so good. I sometimes take her just worn spandex shorts and rub them on my cock and inhale the scent of her moist panties. I swear it only takes a minute or less to blow my load, which I carefully squirt into a tissue. Then I return her unmentionables exactly the way I found them and bail back to my room way before she’s done in the shower.

I recently broke up with my girlfriend Jenna because she was self absorbed and began giving me a hard time about never having any money to spoil her with. What the hell does she expect, I’m a freshman in college and working part time to help with tuition and car expenses. Not much cash left over for fancy dinners and hotels. When she gave it up which wasn’t nearly as much as I needed it, I started thinking of Amy.

So now a free man I was horny as ever and lusting my sisters body. I began to hang out with my sister more and we did our homework together in the afternoon. My parents both worked long hours and were around in the mornings but always home after 6:00 PM. This gave us time to ourselves and it seemed like she was teasing me more since I broke up with Jenna.

I usually got home about 15 minutes before Amy, so I started turning the heat up a little so she was comfortable wearing her skin tight workout clothes. I started wearing workout clothes around her to get he attention in a new way. I had to wear loose shorts to hide the aching bulge she was always causing me but I put on tight stretchy shirts that showed off my pecs. I tried my best to tease her back a little.

Then a few days later she showed up late from school and was crying and very upset. I was now her caring big brother and wanted to help her feel better and find out what had happened.

“Amy what happened, are you OK”?

“No not at all”

“What happened”?

“Tony broke up with me”

“What, are you kidding. He’s an idiot, what’s his problem?”

“He said he wants a girlfriend who puts out, not a tease”

“Wow” was all could say.

I was surprised at her quick reply which meant she was most likely still a virgin. That would explain the tightest little camel toe I’ve ever seen. Then she came up to me and gave me a long hug and cried into my shoulder. She was wearing a pink dress which was hot and sexy and smooth to the touch. She must of felt my semi hard cock aching for her again but she just held me close for about a minute. I put my arms around her and felt the top of her ass and she held on tighter. This was a good sign and I was loving every second. She broke away and looked me in the eye and began to cry more.

“Don’t worry Amy, this guy is a jerk you can do much better. You should never feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to do, especially sex wise.”

She kissed my cheek and hugged me again for another 30 seconds. She had to feel my cock at least by the second hug. It didn’t seem to bother her or if she even noticed.

“Jim I can’t believe he’d do this to me, the timing was never right and I don’t

want my first time to be in his car.”

“In his car, what a dirt bag. You deserve so much more. The right guy for you should be patient and classy. It’s better to let it build up till you can’t wait another second then you’ll know your ready.”

Now I was sure she was a virgin and it made me even hornier. This might take a long time to get into her panties but I was willing to try no matter how long it takes. Why not she lives in the next room and is driving me insane with lust.

“You guys weren’t going out that long were you?”

“About 4 months but he seems to just want to get laid and didn’t really care about me, just my body.”

“How could you tell?”

“He was always making comments on my ass and tits.”

“If you don’t feel the magic move on with a smile.”

She stopped hugging me and stepped back and seemed a little better but she looked like she was blushing.

“Amy you know what you need.”


“A gaziantep yavuzeli escort bayan nice long run, What do you think?”

“OK sure, it can’t hurt.”

“Trust me it will do wonders to clear your head and help you refocus.”

“Give me a 15 minutes to get ready.”

“Sure take you time sis.”

With that she headed upstairs to change and freshen up. I couldn’t wait to see what she was going to be wearing, my cock was throbbing and I was horny as ever. Maybe she did feel my cock, she seemed to hold on tight. Then I got a idea, when she comes down to go for our run I will tell her to give me a minute to use the bathroom. Then I can sneak into her room and see if her panties were wet or not. My heart was racing and my hands were shaking a little with excitement. This was to see if I should slow things down or speed things up.

She came down with a big smile and my mouth almost dropped at what she was wearing. She had on a bright pink tiny tank top with no bra underneath and the tiniest little white shorts I’ve ever seen on her. Her boobs were bouncing a little as she came downstairs and I noticed at a glance her insane camel toe.

“Jim I think this is just what I need, a long run with my big brother.”

Here it goes.

“Hey Amy why don’t you stretch out for a minute, I need to use the boys room for a second.”

“OK, hurry up”

I bolted upstairs and flipped on the bathroom fan and closed the door from outside, pretending to be going the bathroom. I quietly slipped into her room and saw the dress she was just wearing at the top of her laundry basket. I lifted up the dress there they were next to her matching bra. I grabbed them and looked in the crotch area, they were soaking wet. I licked the fresh sweet nectar of my gorgeous sister pussy from her panties. I was blown away that they were that wet, I’ve checked her panties before but they were never soaked. I was shaking and breathing very hard and my cock was twitching like crazy. I put the panties under her dress and got out of her room

real quick. I opened the bathroom door and went in quietly and flushed the toilet and came out.

When I got downstairs she was bending over and stretching out, her ass looked unbelievable in her tiny white shorts. I could see the outline of a pink thong underneath her sexy shorts. As I was checking out her ass I could still taste her pussy wetness on my tongue.

“Hey bro you ready?”

I wanted to see her stretch out for a minute, so I bought some time and this is where the real teasing began.

“Can you give me just two minutes sis, I want to stretch too.”


I began to stretch my legs and arms next to her in the living room. It was spacious and the carpeting was soft.

I was watching her out of the corner of my eye stretching her hot body. Then she laid down on the floor facing me and did a long scissor stretch. She lifted one leg at a time to her face blocking her eyes from me. The view of her sweet camel toe was by far hotter than anything I’ve ever seen in my life. She was only five feet away and I was trying to taste the last of her lingering pussy taste in my mouth. If she only knew.

I was about to ask her if she was ready because I was too horny to stay in the house much longer. Then she asked in a very sexy girly voice.

“Bro can you hold my ankles, I want to do 25 sit ups and then go?”

“OK sure.”

She had no idea what she was she doing to me, or did she know. At this point I didn’t care anymore or try to hide my bulge. She was making me hot and I wanted her to know.

I sat in front of her on my knees and held here ankles. She smiled and laid back spread her legs a little more and took a few deep breathes. She was giving me an awesome view of her camel toe and I decided to let her catch me staring at it. She seemed oblivious to my eyes and did her sit ups like a champ. The whole time I was looking at her shorts and watching her boobs. I let my hard on stick out of my shorts like a tent as her face came up and down to my crotch. She didn’t even look at it as far as I could see. I had to do more to let her know I was hot for her.

“That was great, thanks bro.”

She said with a big smile only looking me in the face. Her nipples were hard and her tits looked perfect. What a body and I knew her pussy was sweet tasting even after a long day at school. I glanced at her boobs on purpose and she laughed at me. Then she looked at her hard nipples and I swear she looked right at my cock finally. A sexy smile came across her blushing face and she turned around hiked up her tiny shorts giving me a nice view of her ass again.

She walked to the front door and I was right behind her in a flash. When she got to the front door, she bent down and backed up a little bit. It was too late, my hard cock covered shorts his her in the ass crack and I had to grab her ass so I didn’t slip and fall. She was trying to tie her laces on her shoes and gaziantep yeni escort bayan got rear ended by me, she had to feel my cock again.

“Sorry Amy, are you OK?”

“Uh, yeah I’m fine. I almost tripped on my shoe lace, you OK. You look nervous?”

“I’m sorry about bumping into you”

“It’s my fault, don’t be.”

She looked at my cock still throbbing, I swear it jumped when she did. She took a deep breath and looked me strangely in the eyes.

“So that is what bumped into my butt, OMG it’s huge!”

I wasn’t being coy anymore but I wanted to take it slow to make sure she was hot for me too.

“I’m sorry sis, you look so gorgeous today. It will pass.”

I casually replied like it was natural and no big deal. Although at this time all I wanted was to do everything sexual I could imagine with her.

“OK, if you say so.”

“Alright lets go babe.”

She smiled and we took off on a run together for the first time. She was trying to be cocky and ran ahead of me, I didn’t care because I could look at her ass all day and not blink one time.

We talked about our X’s and what went wrong in our relationships. We talked about the perfect mates for us and what we liked in a future lover. We gave each other encouragement and advice . She was very easy to talk to in this way. We never talked this intimately before and it was getting more and more sexual. She asked me what type of porn I like to watch and what get’s me excited. I admitted to watching porn sometimes but would rather make a porn than watch one.

“You made a porn bro, OMG really?”

“No never I swear but the thought gets me hot.”

“What else gets you hot?”

“No gay porn but girls working out and lesbian stuff.”

“OMG your a naughty boy.”

“Oh come on, its normal these days. Jenna never took good care of my manhood and I had to relieve myself sometimes. If I go to long my balls hurt and I cant think straight.”

“Is it that bad for guys?”

“Yes it’s torture sometimes when my cock is hard and I see a sexy girl and I haven’t come in days.”

“Oh you poor thing, looks like you haven’t come for days. I noticed your hard on but tried not to. Its weird that some brothers and sisters hook up.”

” I know sis, but there are way scenarios than that.”

“I know, like Daddy daughter stuff or Mom and Son screwing.”

“Did Dad ever hit on you?”

“OMG gross, no never.”

“I didn’t think so, just had to ask. We normally don’t talk this way.”

“Well we can if you want, I like to know what makes guys tick.”

I was feeling great and we had been running for about three miles and were heading back. Then just a few houses before we got home, Amy stepped in a hole and fell down on the grass next to the sidewalk. She cried out in pain and was lying on her back with her legs apart. Her shorts and panties had slid to the side exposing exactly half of her pussy. I could see it was clean shaven and sexy as I could ever imagined. I stopped to help her up but she was holding her ankle rocking back and forth in pain. I don’t think she realized half her pussy was in plain view for pleasure.

“Sis are you OK?”

“Its not that bad, I hope.”

“Let me help you.”

I reached out to her and helped her get to her feet. She was hopping on her good foot and obviously in pain.

“Hold on sis, sit down for a second.”

She sat down still not knowing her pussy was on display and sat back. I took her shoe off and massaged her ankle, it was swollen but looked like ice would do the trick. Then she looked down and saw her exposed pussy and covered it with her hands. I pretended not to notice because of her pain right then.

“Let me get you home quick and get some ice on this.”


I picked her up and started to carry her home, she kept one arm around me and the other hand was covering her pussy. She didn’t try to slide her shorts or panties back as I carried her home. A few times her hand slipped off her pussy for my viewing pleasure and she took her time putting it back to hide her sex as I carried her up the steps. We got inside and I laid her down on the sofa she held her ankle with half her pussy still in full view. I grabbed an ice pack from the freezer and applied it to her ankle.

“This should help, let me get you some pain killers.”

“No Jim wait, just hold the ice pack for me.”

I did as I was asked, she saw my cock jumping around in my shorts and giggled.

“Does that thing ever stop?”

Being bold I said with a sly smile.

“Not with you around looking so hot!”

She smiled and spread her legs and started to cover her pussy but she froze for a second and started to rub her pussy.

“You look so gorgeous sis, you are my fantasy girl.”


“Yes, I’ve been crushing on you for over a year now.”

“I started to tease you because it was fun to see you act all weird and stuff but now I feel gaziantep zayıf escort bayan different.”

She continued to rub her pussy more and started to breath harder.

“Jim, can you take me to my room, I want to play with you.”

I was shocked in the best way and picked her up and took her to her room and laid her down.

“I want to play around but I’m scared to have intercourse, is that OK with you big bro?”

“As long as you don’t mind seeing me squirt my load somewhere.?”

“That would be awesome, I’ve never seen that or wanted to see that till now.”

I laid down next to her and we began a slow sexual make out session. I took my time to tease her back, rubbing all around her hard nipples and around her pussy but never touching anything yet. I even pulled her panties and shorts back in place. I’m such a good big brother. She couldn’t take anymore and put my hands on her tits and nipples then went for my cock. It felt huge to her and she seemed to loose control of herself even more.

“Take Me now.”

Was all she could say and she pulled her pink tank top off and squeezed her boobs together.

“Please take my shorts off, I’m so ready. I don’t want to tease you anymore.”

I slowly pulled her shorts down first leaving her panties on. The I slid my finger across her snatch and liked the juices off my hand. Man she was very wet and trembling almost in a trance. This was my time to tease and I was going to take my time to make sure to get her off in a big way. If I didn’t she might go back to her boyfriend and I wanted to this forever.

I then slowly pulled her panties down revealing 100% of the most beautiful sexy pussy I’ve ever seen. The whole time she was pumping my cock but I made her stop. I wanted to last and I had to pee. This got me thinking, I can bang her for a long time without coming to soon.

“Sis, your pussy is so perfect, I love you and want you forever.”

She moaned with delight as I went down on her. Teasing her with little with licks at first till she almost screaming and begging for me

“Jim, please make love to me. I cant wait anymore, I’m so ready.”

“I will sis, I just don’t want this to be a one time thing.”

“Neither do I, so please give me that monster cock of yours. I’m so wet, I can take it all.

I lined up my cock with her tight snatch and pretended to try to put it in but I wanted to tease her one more time. I slid my cock up and down her tiny wet slit. She began to come hard and I had to put a pillow over her face, so the next town wouldn’t call the cops. Then I lined up my throbbing cock with her sweet pussy and slowly and gently entered her for the first time. I put an inch in about every 15 seconds and pulled back out with the head still inside. After a few minutes she was panting and squeezing her boobs. I began to put more into it and finally broke her cherry and I felt it.

“Are you OK babe, I felt your hymen snap?”

“I’ve been wanting you to do that for the longest time.”

“Me too sis. Your my fantasy girl from now on.”

Now she was fully ready, I began to go all the way in and out with my 8 inch boner. We were kissing and I was helping her squeeze her sexy boobs. I began to pick up the pace, I could tell her second orgasm was approaching. Her pussy was so tight, I couldn’t go that fast but I did my best. She began to buck me back and was breathing very hard. Soon she came and her juices were flowing like crazy. I pulled out for a minute to calm her down and rubbed my cock up and down her slit again.

“Your still hard Jim, pound me and give me your load.”

I was more than ready so I flipped her over and lined up my cock with her upside down pussy. She spread her legs for me and began to rub her clit.

“I want to do you this way, its so hot sis.”

“Go for it but make sure you come in my mouth, I want to suck you clean.”

“Oh god sis, your so hot and amazing. I fucking love you!”

I slid my cock up and down her ass crack a few times and then slid it in. She went nuts

She was pushing back and going wild. After about 10 minutes I couldn’t take anymore and I warned her.

“I close sis, are you ready for my load?”

Then she started to come again for the third time this was amazing. The I lost it and felt the rush of the most powerful orgasm of my life. I pulled out just in time, she turned around and grabbed my cock. The first jet of sperm caught her on the cheek, then she got my monster into her mouth and sucked up and down with amazing lust. I must of cum for like 30 seconds or more. I must of shot six jets of cum down her throat, my cock wouldn’t stop. Then I got weak knees and fell on her in our sweaty mess and juices. We slid around kissing for a while and I played with her ass a little.

“You like that you naughty boy, you just fucked your sweet innocent little sister.”

She smiled and laughed and hugged me tight. I looked at the clock, it was 4:30 and we still had a little time to have fun. We showered together and washed each other and had a great time. It didn’t seem weird at all, it was everything and more.

When Mom and Dad arrived from work we did a great job of acting like two good siblings. She dressed herself in baggy shorts and I was finally able to wear some pants without a hard on for a while. We had dinner and kept our cool.

Her ankle was fine by now, it just needed a little love.

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