Sisters, or Not


[This story includes male-female sex, and female-male-female sex. The story could be put in group sex because of the triad. It could be in incest as the two main women in the story turn out to be sisters. I flipped a coin and it came up tails. If, at the end, you think it should have been in Group sex, then make believe it was.]


The two positions had been posted for three weeks. As HR Director, Jeff Green had been getting pressure from the two execs that wanted and needed the assistants to get the positions filled. Five applications were in the folder. None of the five applicants could do the job. Jeff couldn’t tell any of them they didn’t get the job until he actually filled the positions.

It was Friday. At one o’clock the mail was delivered to HR. At one-twenty Marsha brought two letters to him. He sat back in his chair and opened the first.

A letter and resume from Janice Hart applying for the job of personal assistant. Jeff sat up. The letter was good, in fact, very good. The resume was better. This woman was young but had a BA in English, a year experience as assistant to a corporate VP in Denver. He read the letter and resume again and made a call.

“MS Hart this is Jeff Green at Scorpio Enterprises. I received your application letter and would like to have you come in for an interview. Would you be available sometime in the next week?”

She made herself available for the interview on Tuesday at ten in the morning. Jeff hung up and sat back. Now he at least had one good candidate. He took a break, forgetting completely the other envelope on his desk. In the break room he bought a Diet Coke and carried it back to his office. He said “Good Morning” to three people on his trip.

Back in his office he told Marsha to put the interview on his calendar for Tuesday. Then he noticed the other envelope. It looked almost identical to the one he had already opened. He picked it up and smiled, thinking: ‘This could be the other candidate.”

A slice of his letter opener and he discovered that it was. A letter and resume from Kay Sloan. She had nearly the same experience and resume of Janice Hart. He placed a call to her and scheduled her appointment for Monday morning at ten. The call was short, pleasant and business. She sounded good over the phone. So had MS Hart.

Jeff had a good weekend. He felt he was making progress toward getting the two positions filled. The women were young but very qualified. Jeff went to dinner Saturday night with another HR director that he had met a few months before at a conference. He didn’t share with her about the two candidates. They had a night of dinner, two drinks, some dancing and then the rest of the night in her bed. It was exactly the level of relationship they wanted from each other. A forty-one year old man and a thirty-six year old woman who had both been married and divorced. Once shot and twice shy.

Sunday was filled with errands and cleaning his modest home. He listened to music from his stereo as he worked around his place, singing along when his iMusic played one he knew.

At seven his ex, Monica, arrived and they had dinner together. They were still friends, sort of. They had been married seven years and divorced three. He didn’t cheat. She didn’t cheat. She wanted children and she didn’t get pregnant. She got tested and told Jeff the docs said there was nothing wrong with her equipment. That meant it was him. A week later she was out and had filed for divorce.

She was still in the hunt. She dressed like she was in the hunt. Not safari clothes, she wore the little black dress, four inch heels and thigh high stockings. When she wasn’t in that she was in skin tight shorts and a jog bra. When she arrived for dinner she was in the jog bra outfit.

“No nibbles?” Jeff asked.

“No one I want to nibble back.”

“Too bad.”

They sat and ate. They talked about their lives, their jobs and some of the people they knew. When Jeff poured coffee after clearing the table Monica looked up at him and said, “Can I have some cream in my coffee, please?”

Before he could turn towards the refrigerator she put her hand on his cock. He froze and asked, “You sure you want it in your coffee?”

“No. I want it in my mouth and then in my pussy.”

“Here or in the bedroom?”

“Clean sheets?”

“Every Sunday morning.”

She stood. Jeff took her in his arms and kissed her. The passion and heat built quickly and as the kiss ended Jeff pulled her jog bra free. Her firm “C” cups bounced in front of him. They had been together for eleven years and a good percentage of that time had been with Jeff’s cock inside her. In bed, the couch, floor, beach, mountain trails and on a dare once in the bed of a pick-up going seventy down I-80. This Sunday night they were in his bed. He was freshly shaved and so was she. She swallowed his cock as it started to fill and kept at him with her mouth and tongue until he emptied a large load of blanks into her mouth. She swallowed all of his contribution.

Jeff slid down her body until he was gaziantep ucuz escort bayan face to pussy with her. He avoided her breasts. She said they were too sensitive for anyone to spend time playing with. She would let him hold them, but not to mess with the nipples. She said it hurt or tickled. After she had cum they were totally off limits.

He teased her pussy with his tongue. He teased her until she grabbed his head and forced his face into her pussy. He lapped up her juices and then changed positions so he could enter her.

They had always enjoyed coupling. From the first time in Monica’s apartment at college until she announced the divorce it had been fun and filled with the possibility of making a baby. Not once had they ever used a rubber. Jeff noticed that since she moved out and was on the hunt sex had changed. Her body hadn’t changed. Her attitude had. Sex was now purely for the release. Tension relief. Monica wasn’t really sharing anything with Jeff except his dick.

He was more and more aware of the shift until that night when she became frantic and said, “Just get me off! I just want to cum!” as he was inside her.

He stopped. He’d never heard her talk to him that way. He pulled out of her and walked to the kitchen. She yelled after him.

“Get back here! I’m not done! I want to cum!”

He walked back into the bedroom, the bedroom that used to be their bedroom and she held her legs wide for him. He stepped close and pulled a cucumber from behind his back and quickly shoved it inside her. Her eyes widened and saw what he had done. Before she could speak he said, “You want to cum? Use that! And after you cum take it with you. I’m done.”

She pulled the cuke out of her pussy and said, “What’s your problem?”

“You’ve been using my cock to masturbate with. No love, no care, no energy. I might as well be a cucumber! Now you have one. I love you. I’ve been letting you come back week after week because I love you. I discovered something. I love me more than I love you. I won’t let you treat me like you have been. Pull your clothes on and go home. Next Friday night take the cucumber to bed.”

Jeff turned and went into the bathroom and closed the door. He turned on the shower and went under the water. Five minutes later the smell of Monica was gone. A swish of mouthwash and her taste was gone too. He opened the door to his bedroom and saw the cucumber broken in two on the bed.

Jeff smiled and took the sheets off the bed and went to the washer. After the load started he went to the kitchen and sliced the cucumber into a salad. He took one bite and tossed all the rest in the trash. Even with good Italian dressing the salad didn’t taste good.

The rest of the weekend Jeff spent reorganizing his home. He realized that he had kept the house the way it was when she left in a feeble belief that she would be back. As he worked he thought about the many times she had said she loved him. Could it have been love if she could then treat him like a dildo?

By the time Jeff drove to work on Monday morning he was not the same bag of sadness and poor self-esteem he had been for the last few months. He set things up for the interview and still had almost an hour before it would start. He called Dr. Simons, the doctor Monica had used for her fertility testing for an appointment. Ten minutes later his phone rang. It was Dr. Simons.

“Mr Green, my nurse just told me you called to make an appointment. May I ask why?”

“When Monica saw you, you told her, her equipment worked fine and therefore the problem had to be with me. I want to double check that.”

“Whoa. There has been a mistake! She came in right after having sex with you. We tested the sperm sample from you and we tested her. She has a major internal problem and will probably never conceive. You, however, can make babies easily.”

“Doctor, do you happen to have done a DNA test on that sperm sample?”


“If I come in and give you a blood sample can you compare my DNA to the sample?”

“You think, perhaps, it wasn’t you we tested?”

“If you were me wouldn’t you want to know?”

He gave the address of a lab he used and said he would email the lab request to them. Jeff scheduled the short drive for after the interview.

Kay Sloan was one minute early. Marsha showed her into Jeff’s office. She hit the warning button on her desk as she stood up. It buzzed inside Jeff’s office. It gave him a chance to see her before she could know he was watching.

Kay was, according to the papers she had already provided, five foot seven, twenty-five years old and single. One look told Jeff she was slender, walked with confidence even in three inch heels, knew how to dress for business and was currently a red-head. He was back behind his desk when Marsha opened the door.

When she retreated she left the door open. Kay walked to Jeff and held out her hand.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Green.”

Her hand was sure and confident. Jeff had gaziantep ukraynalı escort bayan her sit and she did so with a minimum of feminine flourish. No peeks.

For half an hour Jeff was the professional and covered all the bases. He called the two men who needed assistants and both came and spent time interviewing Kay. At eleven-thirty they were done. Both men had given Jeff their signal that they wanted her hired. He took her to lunch in the executive lunchroom. She had a salad and iced tea.

During lunch Jeff noticed how attracted he was to her. He wondered if it was real or just a reaction to having stopped the relationship with Monica. He wasn’t sure of the answer.

After lunch he walked her out and said they would call her within two days. He asked if she lived in town. She said no. He smiled and said, “Perhaps looking for a place would be a good idea.” She smiled and got in her rental car.

Jeff walked to his car and drove to the lab. They took a small sample of his blood and thanked him. He asked how long it would take to get the results. They told him twenty-four hours for a preliminary report and two weeks for the final results.

Back in his office Jeff was told he had two calls while he was gone, both from Monica. He closed the door to his office and called her.

“Monica, Jeff.”

“I’ve been thinking about what you yelled at me.” She paused. He didn’t respond.

“I was being a bitch. Lots of things going on and my life isn’t fun anymore. I took it out on you. Can you forgive me?”

Jeff thought about what she said. None of it was an apology. Just a reason.

“What’s to forgive? You were honest. You wanted my cock to get you off. The problem is mine and I’ll solve it.” He was aware that he had not said he forgave her.

“Can I take you to dinner?”

“I’m busy. Sorry.”

“I didn’t say when. How about Friday night?”

“I’m sorry. I’m busy.”


“Listen carefully. I’m busy.”

He heard anger in her voice. “Doing what?”

“I’m busy not being with you.” He hung up. Two hours later the door to his office flew open and Monica charged in. She walked quickly to the edge of his desk, leaned over and said, “You think you can just blow me off like that? You’re busy not being with me! I deserve better than you!”

As she turned to leave Jeff watched until she was at the door. As she started through the door he said, “You lied to me. Now go.” He said it softly, with no anger.

She spun around and said, “What?”

“You heard me. Now go.”

Monica closed the door and sat in the chair across from Jeff.

“When did I lie to you? Tell me one time.”

“Just one? Easy. You came home from the doctor and said he told you that you could have babies but I couldn’t make them. I checked. He told you that you couldn’t ever have children.”

Monica’s face fell. She broke eye contact with Jeff and looked at the floor.

“Now go. We are done. You won’t ever spend another evening with me. Buy a vibrator.”

She got up and quietly left. She closed the door to Jeff’s office behind her, quietly. Two minutes later Marsha came in and said, “Is everything OK? I saw Monica crying as she left.”

“No, everything isn’t fine. Monica has been lying to me for some time and I ended what was left of our relationship Sunday night. She stopped by to hear it again.”

“I’m sorry. You deserve to be happy.”

“Yes, I do.”

Jeff spent the rest of the day reorganizing his life. He moved his desk in his office, bought three new shirts on-line, and called the other HR woman in his life.

“Carolyn, this is Jeff. I’ve had an epiphany. I’m not very happy with it but I want to be honest with you. I have discovered I want more from a relationship that what we have. I don’t want a dinner-drinks-dance and fuck relationship. I want a live-in, 24/7 lover who will stay for maybe the rest of our lives.” He took a breath.

“You finally broke it off with Monica, didn’t you?”


“Good for you! Jeff, I love you but I’m not ready for the 24/7 relationship that you are now ready for. I liked it just as it was. I knew you weren’t in love with me. You were still carrying the torch for Monica and saw me as a diversion until she came back. I’m sad to lose you as a bed partner but I’m happy for you, moving on with your life.”

“Still friends?”

“Yes! And colleagues in the HR nightmare we call our careers.”

“Thanks for understanding. One day soon we’ll do lunch, Ok?”

“Not too soon. I’m Ok with the change and it does hurt. I hate letting you go. It just won’t work for us to go to the next level.”

“Thanks.” The call ended and Jeff sat back in his chair. His thoughts went to his schedule and the next few weeks of his calendar. Opening Outlook on his computer he erased all the scheduled times he would have been spending with Monica or Carolyn. He noticed that his life had become a routine. He might just as well have been a robot. gaziantep üniversiteli escort bayan He had spent years being a dick for two women. He had lived in hope, based in believing lies and had used a woman not as a woman but as a release for sexual tension.

At 4:30 in the afternoon Jeff headed out of the office and Marsha asked, “Do you feel better?”

“I do. And, just in case anyone cares, I’m back on the market. No wife, no ex-wife and no girlfriend in my life.”

Marsha smiled and said, “I’ll put out the word. What would you like?”

“I want someone who wants a 24/7 full time committed relationship. I am a romantic. I want someone who is interested in living with me for the rest of our lives, is an intellectual match or better for me, is comfortable with PDA’s, loves to travel, camping, and folk music. I’m sure there’s more but that’s what I know right now.”


“Public displays of affection. Kissing, holding hands, walking arm in arm, SLTR’s and all that.”


“Sneaky Little Titty Rubs. Do I need to explain that?”

“No. I get it. Jack does that to me sometimes. I like it.”

“Good for both of you. Have a good evening.”

“You too. Don’t forget you have another interview at ten in the morning.”

“Right! I’ll be here.”

He went out the door as Marsha picked up the phone. It was the first of four calls she made. In each call she said the same message, “Jeff is no longer in mourning over Monica. He is looking for a wife and lover.” When the last call ended she closed the office and went home.

On his way home Jeff picked up some Chinese take out. At home he ate it in the living room while he watched a basketball game. He cleaned up the mess and finished watching the game. When it was over he called his brother. They talked about the game for a few minutes then his brother asked, “So, how’s your life?”

An hour later they ended the call and Jeff went to bed feeling good about himself.

The next morning Jeff walked into the office with flowers for Marsha’s desk. She put them in water and he started working on the interview that would start at ten. Five minutes to ten he saw a strikingly beautiful young woman walk into Marsha’s office. She watched her talk to Marsha and saw Marsha push the intercom button. She heard Marsha’s voice come from his desk.

“Mr. Green, your ten o’clock appointment is here.”

“Please send her in. Thank you, Marsha.”

A few seconds later Marsha opened the door and ushered Janice Hart into his office. His eyes took in the package. She was slightly Asian looking, 5’5″ without heels so with the heels she had on she was about 5’8″, a gray suit that hit her at the knees and the jacket showed a little white silk blouse at the collar. Her legs looked great and she moved with trained grace. Her dark eyes followed his every move. Her long dark hair flowed from her head down past the half-way point on her back.

When she took the offered seat she was all business. Jeff was professional while asking himself why he was so attracted to this woman. As he went over her resume with her he noticed that she and Kay Sloan were the same age. He asked if she knew a Kay Sloan. She didn’t. He called the two men who needed assistants and they interviewed Janice. As they left they gave him the signal to hire her.

“MS Hart, how soon would you be able to start if the position were offered to you?”

“Monday morning. If the compensation is agreeable.”

Jeff picked up the middle card from the three on his desk. One was the low ball offer for someone who might not be able to actually do the job without lots of training. The other card was the middle offer for someone who looked good but seemed to be missing something. The card in his hand had this information on it: Base salary: $66,000 per year Full medical, dental, vision coverage: beginning on 31st day of employment. 401k plan begins after 31st day of employment. First scheduled raise is after 180 days of employment and is dependent on performance report.

He handed the card to MS Hart and watched her face. It didn’t waver at all. She read it and then looked at Jeff.

“Is this a firm offer?”

“The paperwork is in Marsha’s hands and I can have her bring it in for you to read and sign. This is our offer.”

“Which of the two men will I be working for?”

“That has not been decided. Is that a problem?”

“Not really. At this point I couldn’t choose between them. They both seem acceptable.”

Jeff pushed the intercom and said to Marsha, “MS Hart has accepted our offer and would like the paperwork to begin. Can you bring the package to her, please.”

Only Marsha knew the code. If he had asked for the envelope it would have been the lower offer. If he had requested the forms Marsha would have brought the middle offer. All three were on her desk. She brought the package: the high offer. With Marsha present Jeff asked about her housing situation. She lived local and had her own car so she needed no immediate assistance with either.

Fifteen minutes later Janice was gone. Jeff called Kay Sloan and when he reached her he asked if she could come to the office.

“For a second interview? She asked.

“No. So I can offer you the position.”

Half an hour later she walked in. She was dressed in business attire. He gave her the same card he had given to Janice. Half an hour later she had signed and was to start work the next Monday.

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