Sister Needs a Massage


I had just accepted a promotion at work. The downside was I would have to move. My company wanted me to move as soon as possible and my sister offered me a quick, easy and very financially effective solution to my living problem.

I am 35 and my sister Jane is 39. We have always got on, even when young. Jane divorced 5 years previous and had kept the house she had shared with her husband. I know this had stretched her financially but the marriage had ended on bad terms and I think she wanted the house as a sort of moral victory. The good thing for me was it is less than 30 minutes from the new office where I would be working.

Jane helped me move and settle in. It was a very seamless move. One evening we discussed the arrangement and Jane made it clear she was happy with me staying long term. She told me that it helped her financially and that she was enjoying the company. I had been thinking that if things were not so good I would be forced to sell my old place and buy something closer to work. After our talk I decided to stay and save for something nice and save my old place as an investment.

I have honestly never looked at my sister in any sexual context. I can now say she is attractive with good boobs and a well padded round ass that fills a pair of jeans well. I had never thought of any type of lustful thoughts though.

We both enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and skiing. During last winter I was rather busy so we never got to ski. During the summer however we did talk and say we would make an effort to make the fairly short drive out to the hills and do some biking.

It was late July this year when we decided on an all day long ride. We prepared well and set off early. The ride was a little more challenging than we expected. It had what seemed like more uphill sections than downhill. We had also probably over estimated our own fitness. Despite this we finished late on and made our way home. We both said on the journey home that we would probably be very stiff for a few days. We were very right.

Jane didn’t appear till late on Sunday morning. She is normally up fairly early. I commented on this and she said she was awake but too stiff and sore to get up. We spent the day doing very little.

On Monday morning I was still a little stiff but managed to get up and out for work. I had a text from Jane at lunchtime saying she hadn’t made it to work as she was still suffering. She wrote that she was trying to find a massage but all were either not answering or busy. She then asked if I would be willing to give her a massage later if something didn’t turn up. I answered “yup” thinking she would find someone. She thanked me and said she would do the same for me if and when she is more mobile.

I arrived home early evening and Jane was gaziantep zenci escort bayan still moving around very slowly. She had ordered a delivery take out. She then asked if I would give her that massage straight after. She said she didn’t want to take another sick day for something that was self caused.

After eating Jane told me she was going to soak in her tub for 20 mins then asked if I would massage her after. I said I was good and asked her to shout when ready. I went and quickly showered and put on some running shorts and a t shirt.

I heard Jane walking around after her soak then I heard her call. I walked in to her bedroom and she was lying face down with a towel over her ass. She wasn’t wearing anything on top but as she was face down, all was modest.

She had oil ready on the bedside table. I started on her neck and upper back and spent around 20 minutes gradually increasing the pressure. She said it was very good. I moved to her lower back and she mentioned this was an area that was real sore. I took my time and again increased the pressure.

I had been massaging for around 45 mins and really didn’t mind helping her. I was planning on moving back to her upper back and neck when she said her legs were the really an issue and would I mind?

I moved down to do the back of her left leg first. I started just above the knee and was careful not to go too high. I assumed she was wearing panties but as I moved to the top of her leg I suspected she was either not wearing them or was wearing a thong. I only massaged up to and in line with the towel. She then asked me to go a little higher so I ran my hands just under the towel. She winced and said that was where she was really stiff.

I decided to fold the towel a little higher and I started working her upper hamstring area. She then reached back and moved the towel another 3 or 4 inches higher and put her hand to the top of her hamstring where it meets her ass and said it was “right here” that hurts most.

It was now that I knew she had no panties as I had full view of her ass. Her legs were also slightly apart so I could get to the inners but that meant I could also see her pussy.

I had seen her topless accidentally a few times but never down below.

I was very shocked that I was starting to get hard very quickly. I tried to position myself higher up the bed so I wasn’t looking at her pussy but as I massaged her upper leg I also pulled her cheeks apart enough to also see her bum hole. I found myself holding her cheeks apart for longer so I could look at this and I also realized I was hard as hell. My cock was throbbing.

I massaged the other side exactly the same as the left leg. Jane let out the odd groan but gaziantep escort bayan followed up by saying it was good. On several occasions I had to adjust my cock in my shorts and I did once slip my hand in to adjust myself and give it a few rubs. As I was finishing off I started getting concerned as to how I was going to exit the room without getting seen with a raging erection.

Jane then asked me to do her lower back again. She asked me to straddle her to put some pressure on to her. I said I will but I will have to remove my shorts as I didn’t want them covered in oil. She said that’s good and she wouldn’t look. She then laughed.

I knelt up and removed my shorts. I did feel I was crossing a line as well as a little ashamed of myself. I then looked down at my hard cock and her bare ass and thought to myself I would finish the massage and jerk off in my own room.

I straddled her legs and the towel bunched up, hindering me massaging her lower back. I removed the towel and waited for Jane to say something but she never. I put lots of my weight on her lower back and using the heels of my hands slowly massaged deep in her lower back muscles. I looked down and my balls were in the crack of her ass and my cock in the air but aligned with her ass. As I slid my hands up her back my weight came forward and my cock slid between her ass cheeks. I got good friction. I probably would of cum there and then but I was waiting for Jane to say something and get angry or embarrassed. This just stopped me cumming.

Nothing happened however and I kept massaging. I was putting firm pressure on her lower back and sliding higher up her back. This meant my cock was in real terms fucking the crack of her ass. I kept going for a while then started shorter, faster and lighter strokes higher on her shoulders. I was rocking my hips at the same speed.

I then totally lost control. I leaned on her massaging her upper back and neck but grinding my cock in to her ass. I then knelt up and held my cock to cum. I didn’t need to jerk as I just exploded huge loads of cum on her ass, lower back and between her legs. My orgasm seemed to get stronger as I pumped loads on to her puckered ass hole. As it eased I leaned forward and massaged her shoulders. I then started to panic thinking what the hell have I just done?

That eased when Jane said I make a great masseur. I was kneeling up now and my cock was still upright. It was no longer throbbing but still erect. There was also the issue of several big blobs of cum on her lower back and ass as well as the several loads that dribbled down between her legs.

She then asked me to towel her off. I noticed some bath towels on her chair close to the bed. I turned my back a scuttled to the chair in case she looked round. I wrapped a towel around my waist real tight and opened the other to draped it over her. Before I draped her I used the towel originally covering her ass to cover her lower back and ass where I had cum. I used this to mop up the cum. I then turned the towel and pretended to use it to take off the excess oil. I draped the big towel over her and sat up ready to leave.

Jane then jumped up naked and walked to her bathroom. I couldn’t help but notice her thick rectangle of a bush. I guess I must of blushed and she laughed and said “have you not seen a naked chick before”? When I said not you she laughed and just said “ohhhhh”.

I walked out to go to my room. When I got there I realized I was still hard. This never happens to me. I took off the towel and started rubbing my cock. My hand was oily and it felt nice. I knew it wouldn’t take long to cum again. I then heard Jane shouting me. I went to her door and she shouted asking me to come and wash the oil from her back.

I stood at her en-suite door and she shouted for me to come in. She said I have my back to you and you have already seen my bum.

I went in and she had her back to me. She asked me to use the rough sponge to wash her back. She said she needed all the oil off as it blocks her pores. She turned to give me the sponge and I got a full view of her left boob. I noticed my cock throbbing again. She handed me the soapy sponge and bent over resting her head on her arms against the shower. She suggested I take off my towel and stand behind her and give her a good long rub. She had turned off the water but the shower was warm from the steam.

I took off my towel and stood behind her. I slowly sponged her back with my left hand while I masturbated with my right. I am not too coordinated so I know the sponging coincided with my jerks.

I soon felt my build up to orgasm. By now I was sponging her lower back and top of her ass. I then reached over her for the shower gel and squirted a big load in to my left hand.

I had lost control of myself. I then continued to jerk with my right hand while I used my left to wash between her ass cheeks and her legs. I even reached all the way between and washed her bush. I stood jerking my cock between her ass cheeks and cum a second time. It was just as powerful as the first and maybe even lasted longer. I watched my cum run down her inner leg.

I quickly picked up the sponge and cleaned her off. She started the water and I stepped out and turned my back on her to dry before I left.

I spent the next hour in my room. I was dreading going to the living room and thinking what the hell did I just do. I felt I could of got away with the massage, but when I lost control and ‘washed’ between her legs and her bush I felt that was far too far.

I eventually walked to the living room to face the consequences. Jane also looked a little embarrassed. We made awkward small talk and time dragged till it was time for bed. She then got up first and said good night and then asked if I wanted my massage the following night or at the weekend.

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