Showing It All Ch. 04


I woke slowly, keeping my eyes closed as my body adjusted to its position, curled around my naked, sleeping sister. Abi had her back to me and I lay spooned tightly against her. My cock had either grown hard as I slept, or had not gone down all night, and lay nestled between the cheeks of her ass. My left arm curled around her and cupped her full breasts.

I lifted my head and peered over Abi’s shoulder at her clock radio. I was almost 10 o’clock. We had played with each other’s bodies and fucked until after 1 a.m. Abi had still not allowed me to fuck her pussy, but she had been more than generous with her mouth and ass, which I guess made up for it.

I wondered if Abi was up to a morning session, and slid my hand down from her breast, over her belly and on to the smooth shaved skin above her pussy. When I pushed my fingers down between her thighs she mumbled and rolled towards me, her thighs parting and I felt the dampness between her legs and dipped into it.

She rolled again, now almost completely on her back and lifted her knees and opened her eyes.

“Morning,” I said, as I lowered myself down to pull her nipples into my mouth, feeling them stiffen and grow against my tongue.

“Mmm,” Abi murmured. “That’s nice.”

“More?” I asked, moving down to lick along the full undersides of her breasts and then kiss her stomach. I dipped my tongue into her belly button on the way past and swirled it inside.

“Yes please,” she said, and I felt her hands on my shoulders, pushing, encouraging me down to where she wanted me.

I ran my tongue down the dip between her belly and thigh, drifted inwards and licked along the outer fold of her labia on both sides, then slowly all along the slit of her pussy before extending my tongue and pushing between them to taste her tart, delicious juice.

I probed the smooth inner folds of her pussy and then directed my mouth to her clit. She had a small, hard clitoris, and I rolled it around between my lips and then started to suck on it, drawing it back into my mouth, soaking it with my saliva, and Abi moaned and lifted herself towards me.

She was still sleepy, still only half awake, and I could feel the urgency of her movements and knew she would cum quickly so I increased the sucking on her clit and pushed two fingers inside her pussy.

When the front doorbell rang she was pulsing her hips up against my mouth and was within seconds of achieving her goal.

I ignored the bell and held her clit in between my lips, lightly nipping its hardness with my teeth. Abi moaned loudly and began to twitch as the doorbell sounded again.

She bucked and I pulled her clit hard into my mouth, sucking it like she had sucked my cock, and slid my fingers in and out along her oily slickness and she cried out loudly and started to cum. I knew what to expect now and moved to take the jet of fluid that spurted from her into my mouth. She tasted clean and sweet, the warm liquid filling my mouth, and then I swallowed. She shot a smaller jet against my lips and it splashed down onto my chin and then she was curling into herself, squeezing her legs together around my ears as her climax washed through her.

The doorbell sounded again and as she began to relax Abi said, “Whoever that is, they’re fucking persistent.”

“I’ll go see who it is,” I said, rolling away.

Abi looked down at my hard erection. “I was going to take care of that. Guess you’re going to have to wait.”

“I’ll get rid of them,” I said. I looked around and realized I had no clothes in Abi’s room, and padded through and along the hall to my own bedroom, pulled on sweatpants and a tee shirt, not bothering with any underwear.

The doorbell sounded again, this time for longer; whoever was out there was determined to get our attention.

I could see a figure through the frosted side panel and unlatched the door to see Wendy standing there, her finger raised to press the bell again.

“Wendy,” I said, surprised.

“Tom, I wondered where you were.” She looked at me, my hair still tousled, dressed in just my old pull ons and she smiled. “Late night?”

“Something like that,” I said, wondering what she would think if I told her what had happened upstairs.

“I’m sorry I woke you. But I’ve got to get these papers Fed-exed today, or Mr. Graham’s not going to be able to pick up his Lexus Tuesday. You need to sign all the copies, not just the top one.”

“You’ve been into work today?” I said. I stood aside and let her in, not failing to notice the waft of scent she brought with her. My cock had slowly softened but I felt it twitch inside my sweatpants and made an effort to control myself. The thin material would not hide much if I started getting hard again. It occurred to me that if I could smell Wendy’s perfume, maybe she could smell me. I almost certainly smelled of sex. Only minutes earlier my sister had squirted onto my face.

“I always go in Sunday morning. It’s quiet, there’s no-one around, and I can catch up on all the paperwork for the end of gaziantep ofise gelen escort bayan the week. Your Dad let’s me take Wednesday off every couple of weeks, so it suits me fine.”

“But what about…” I couldn’t remember the name of her husband, so just finished lamely by adding,” …Your husband? Doesn’t he mind?”

Wendy laughed softly. “He’s been on the golf course since eight. I won’t see him ’til after ten tonight.” She stopped. I thought she had been about to go on, give me more information about the state of her marriage, but maybe she thought it wasn’t any of my business.

“Come in then,” I said. “We haven’t even had breakfast yet. You want something, Wendy?”

“I don’t want to intrude,” she said, walking along the hallway beside me. I indicated the kitchen off to the right and she went ahead.

I think I had only ever seen Wendy dressed for work: a mid-range business skirt, white blouse, dark blazer which she rarely wore. Today she wore tight blue jeans and a loose shirt that looked like it could have belonged to a man: blue cotton, the sleeves a little long so only her fingertips showed below the unbuttoned cuffs. Her hair, too, was less controlled, her curls more wayward. I couldn’t prevent myself from watching the way her ass moved inside the jeans as she walked ahead of me into the kitchen.

“Where’s Abi?” Wendy asked.

“Still in bed, I think. D’you need her too?”

Wendy smiled. “Only you. Your Dad’s given you power of attorney for signing the documents.”

“Take a seat,” I said. “If you don’t mind I’m going to make some eggs and toast, I’m starving. Are you sure you don’t want something?”

Wendy grinned. “Twist my arm, then. I missed breakfast to work on these papers. Eggs sound real good.”

I moved across to the cupboards and found bread, butter, a dozen eggs and various sauces. I cracked a half dozen eggs into a bowl and stirred them up, heated a pan and dropped a good wedge of butter in to melt, turning the heat down so it didn’t burn.

“You cook as well?” Wendy said, coming up alongside me. I could smell her scent again. She might dress down on Sunday, but the perfume remained. “You’ll make someone a great wife,” she said, and laughed.

I don’t know why, but I bumped her with my hip and said, “Always available.”

“Behave yourself,” Wendy said, but she was smiling, and as I smiled back I wondered what the hell I thought I was doing flirting with her when my sister lay naked upstairs, waiting for me to return so she could blow me. Except she wasn’t waiting upstairs.

“Wendy, Hi,” I heard. I glanced round to see Abi coming through in her short satin gown, pulled tight around her waist. The upper swell of her breasts just showed, and from the way they moved you could tell nothing held them. The hem of the robe dropped to half way down her thigh, and her smooth legs caused the robe to flap open each time she took a step.

“Late night for both of you when the folks are away,” Wendy said. Her smile had taken on a quizzical edge, and I noticed she glanced from Abi to me and back. A tiny frown formed on her brow and then I saw her mentally shake herself and dismiss the idea that had been forming there.

“I’ve no idea where the time went,” Abi said. “We went out to eat, grabbed a movie and then just talked. Next thing we knew it was, like, two a.m. or something. I guess we just can’t look after ourselves without Mom and Dad around.” She laughed and Wendy joined in.

“Tom’s doing a great job with the eggs though,” she said.

I cracked another three and added them to the bowl, whisked them around. I cut bread and put it in the toaster. The butter had now melted and I turned the heat down even more under the pan and poured the eggs in. I let them stand for a minute, then used a wooden spatula to stir the slippery egg around, rolling it together as it started to firm up. I liked my eggs on the soft side, and I knew Abi did too. Wendy, if she wanted some, would need to go along with our tastes.

I lowered the heat again, not wanting the eggs to firm up before the toast was done.

When the slices popped up Abi took them, applied butter and put one slice on each plate. I checked the eggs and then poured them out beside the toast, cut more slices and put them in the toaster in case anyone wanted more.

We all three sat at the kitchen table. I put Tabasco on mine, and Abi this dark spiced stuff she had found from England called Worcestershire Sauce. Wendy took her eggs neat, eating dainty bites, cutting small pieces from her toast and eating that separately.

We talked about nothing much while we ate, then Abi cleared the dishes and I poured more orange juice for myself, lifted the bottle to Wendy and she nodded and I topped her glass up.

“Go through to the study, Wendy, I’ll come sign those papers now once I’ve helped Abi clear up.”

Wendy took her juice and went through, and I suddenly felt Abi punch me in the back, gaziantep öğrenci escort bayan and I was aware I had been watching Wendy’s ass moving around like a giant peach inside those jeans.

“You gonna go through and fuck her now then, Tom?” Abi hissed in my ear.

I turned to her, expecting a dark scowl, but instead I was surprised to find she was laughing silently.

“Yeah, I could do,” I said, and she punched me again, this time on the chest.

I pulled her to me and slid a hand down inside her robe, rolled a breast in my palm and then slid it lower and traced her naked pussy. She was completely wet between her legs.

“Maybe you should go fuck her, Abs. Ever wanted to do it with another girl?”

She smiled at me. “It’s crossed my mind, once or twice.” She laughed at the expression on my face. “You never wondered what it would be like with another guy?”

I shook my head. “Not really, no.”


“No,” I said. “But you’ve thought about another girl?”

She nodded. “Curiosity,” she said.

“And besides, girls are much sexier than men.”

“That’s what you think,” she said, snuggling in closer against me and letting my fingers dip into her pussy. Then she pulled back and drew her robe closed. “You’d better wash that hand before you go signing papers. Wendy will smell me on you from a mile off.”

“I hope not,” I said, but went to the sink and rinsed my hands.

I started towards the study, but as I passed Abi she grabbed my arm and said, “Get her to stay, Tom.”

I looked down at her and her face was serious now, her eyes bright.


Abi bit her bottom lip and nodded.

“D’you think she would?” I said.

Abi shrugged, her breasts rocking. “Won’t know if we don’t try.”

Fuck. My cock had suddenly grown very hard. “You mean that?”

Abi nodded again. I looked down at her, my short beautiful sister, and could see she did really mean it.

“I don’t know how we could work that, Abs,” I said.

“Ask her to stay, see what she says. If she says yes, she’s interested. I’ll help you. I’d like to see what she looks like naked. Like to…” Abi shrugged, “Well, we’ll see.”

I turned away and went through to the study. Wendy was sitting on a chair, legs crossed, leaning over the desk. I went around and sat in Dad’s chair. Wendy passed me the papers, pointed to each place I needed to sign with a long finger tipped with short, neat nails painted bright red. It might have been my aroused state, but I felt she was leaning across more than was needed, sat closer than was normal.

I signed the last page and Wendy shuffled the papers together and slid them back into a folder. She sat back and twisted her body as though to ease a pain.

“You OK?” I asked.

She laughed. “It’s all this office work. Gets me in the base of my spine.”

“Are you going straight back now?” I asked, “Or d’you want to hang around for a bit?”

“I’m going to have to get these papers picked up,” she said, then looked at me, a look I hadn’t seen before. “But I could call and get them picked up here. I’ve got nothing to get home for, that’s for sure.”

“Are things OK with you and…” I still couldn’t remember his name.

“Donny,” she said. She shrugged. “They’ve been better – but not much.”

“I’m sorry,” I said.

She smiled. “Not your fault, Tom. Not even my fault, I don’t think. I don’t know what happened really.” She looked pensively out through the study windows onto our backyard. The pool shimmered electric blue, reflecting morning sunlight in patterns across the tall back wall that gave us complete privacy. Looking outside I idly wondered what it would feel like to fuck Abi in the pool. Maybe we could try that later, when Wendy had gone, then I smiled to myself and thought: maybe we could try that later with Wendy.

I stood up and said, “Let’s go through to the living room, you can kick back and ease that spine of yours.”

I led the way and Wendy followed. Abi was already there, sitting in one of the big leather chairs with her legs under her.

“Take a seat,” I said to Wendy, nodding to the sofa, then to Abi, “Wendy’s got a bad back. All that crouching over a computer, I expect.”

“Are you OK?” Abi said, her face concerned.

“I’m fine,” Wendy said, slipping down onto the sofa. “I just get an ache now and then.”

“Ask Tom to give you a massage. He’s really good at those.”

Wendy laughed. “He can cook and he gives massages? God, this man is a serious catch for some lucky girl.” She looked at Abi again when she said that, the same odd expression forming on her face, and I felt my stomach give a tiny flip. Wendy knew. Wendy knew about Abi and me. Or she suspected, and wasn’t sure whether to draw the obvious conclusion. She could smell the sex coming of us, I had no doubt.

“I mean it,” Abi said. “Tom – give Wendy one of your massages.”

“It’s OK, you don’t need to do that,” Wendy oğuzeli escort bayan said, but there was no great conviction in her voice.

“I’d like to,” I said, adding my own efforts to this seduction. “Lie down on your front and stretch out.”

“I don’t know. Are you sure?” Wendy said, but I could see her start to move, not quite ready yet to give in, but more than halfway there.

I went across and touched her shoulder, applying the slightest pressure. “Lie down,” I said. “It will be my pleasure.”

“If you’re sure,” Wendy said. She bent forward and pulled off her pumps, revealing red toenails, then turned and lay on her stomach on the couch. She was a couple of inches taller than Abi, but her legs shorter in comparison, and her upper body longer. The perfect globes of her ass pushed back against her jeans, and her top had ridden up a little to reveal a strip of pale white skin above her waistband.

I knelt beside the sofa and put my hands on her shoulders. I felt her tense for a moment, then when I started to work my fingers into her muscles she relaxed.

After a minute or two she said, “Wow, you really are good at this.”

Abi laughed from her chair. “Did you think I was making it up?”

Wendy turned her head and looked at Abi. “I did wonder…”

“He’s always been good that way,” Abi said.

“Does he do you like this?” Wendy said, looking straight at Abi.

“Oh yeah,” Abi said. “I love it.”

“Mm, it is relaxing,” Wendy said. She closed her eyes and her lips formed a tiny smile.

“Does your husband – Donny, isn’t it – does Donny ever give you a back rub?”

Wendy have a bitter little laugh. “Donny never gives me anything.”

I worked my way over her shoulders, digging hard into knots of muscle. I knew we were trying to seduce her, but it was also true that I was good at this, I had always been good with my fingers, and I had worked kinks out of Abi’s back many times before, and Mom’s too. Dad and I drew the line at me trying my skills out on him, but that was a guy thing too.

“I take it he’s not the man you thought you were marrying?” Abi said, slumped back in her chair, relaxed. I glanced at her and could see her robe had fallen aside to show the inner length of her thigh. I thought from Wendy’s lower position she might be able to see up onto Abi’s shaved pussy.

Wendy sighed, partly from my fingers, partly from the question. “To be honest, I’m not sure if he was ever the man I thought I was marrying. But I just wanted to get married, I guess, and Donny was there.”

“You could have had your pick, Wendy, surely,” Abi said.

“You think?”

“You do know how beautiful you are, don’t you?”

Wendy gave a short laugh. “Me? Oh yeah.”

“I mean it,” Abi said, sitting up, leaning forward. This time the front of her robe loosened and her full breasts almost swayed clear. “You are gorgeous, Wendy, completely gorgeous. Ask Tom, he thinks so too.”

Wendy turned her head, trying to look back at me. “I don’t think so,” she said.

“True,” I said.

Wendy sighed again, this time more from frustration. “I know I’ve got a big set of boobs, and my figure’s not bad. But my lips are too big. I’m not really pretty, am I?”

I laughed and dug my fingers in, feeling the rising walls of muscle either side of her spine.

“No, Wendy, you’re not pretty,” I said. “You’re fucking gorgeous.”

She laughed again, not believing either of us.

“It’s true,” Abi said. “Some girls are pretty, some girls are foxes. You, you’re different, you’ve got that… something. You’re not pretty,” and Abi made quote marks in the air, “But you are beautiful.”

“I guess no-one’s ever told me that, then,” Wendy said. She sounded sad, wistful, and I realized that despite the way she flirted she really was unsure of her own attraction. Maybe the games were a way of covering up her lack of confidence.

“You must know I look at you at work, Wendy,” I said, trying to make her feel better. “And I know you flirt with me.”

She laughed softly again. “Flirt, yeah, but that’s because you’re so easy, Tom. It’s like a game, one I can win easily.”

“Well, it might be simple to you, but it worked really well on me,” I said.

“It did?” Wendy said softly. “You never did anything though, did you.”

“You’re married,” I said.

“To a bastard,” she said, the bitterness coming through in her voice.

I started to work my way down Wendy’s back, searching for knots along her spine, working inwards and down, outwards and across, working around the thick strap of her bra cutting across her back. It would need to be a pretty substantial bra, I guessed, to support her huge tits.

“Don’t you ever…” Abi started, then hesitated. Wendy turned her head to look at my sister, waiting. “Have you ever thought about anyone else? Ever played around?”

Wendy shook her head. “Old fashioned, I guess. I used to think it was wrong. Then, later… well, I thought maybe I should, but by then it was too late. Most guys I come across knew I wasn’t like that.”

“You thought about it, though?” Abi said, still leaning forward. I could see in along her robe to her right breast.

I reached Wendy’s lower back and she squirmed a little lower and her top rode up a bit more and my next move down found bare skin. She twitched slightly when my fingers touched her and then she murmured, “Really nice, Tom. Yeah, I thought about it, Abi.”

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