Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 22


Sarah’s News

Sally Czarwitz was looking through the list of phone numbers for her “stable” of guys from high school. Before graduation she had anticipated having sex with every one of the 50 or so guys before heading off to Stanford. But then she had gotten back together with ,her best friend from middle school. Rather than having sex with her “stable” of guys the two of them together had been sexually active with an entirely different group. But Sarah had started dancing at a nude club north of the city and Sally had reverted to calling some of her high school partners.

Before she had finished looking at the list and deciding who to call next, Sarah called, “I have bad news.”

Sally’s euphoria vanished as she braced herself, “What?”

“My parents’ say we can’t go to the swingers parties anymore.”

Sally’s good feelings returned. This was worse for Sarah than for her. Sarah’s parents were swingers and Sarah had wanted to participate for some time. Her parents had let the two of them them come along once. Sally had great sex with three guys. One was Sarah’s father and another was one of her high school teachers. She was sure she could get with either of them again with little persuasion. The third was the best of the three. It was a bit of a disappointment that she wouldn’t be seeing him again but then he might not be at any party she might have attended anyway. “Oh, that’s too bad. Why?”

“Apparently some old biddies complained about us being there and taking the good guys. Their club committee passed rules saying only people over 21 with long lasting relationships can come.”

As she listened to her friend’s complaints, Sally resumed her perusal of her list. She wasn’t going to let the loss of this one source of sexual activity ruin the rest of her summer. Though sympathetic, she also knew that Sarah, with her stripping, was getting plenty of sexual stimulation in the VIP rooms at the strip cub and being paid for it.

Sally raised the point, “Don’t you get all the cock you need at the Pleasure Palace?”

Sarah answered, “Sally, those guys just want me to pleasure them. They don’t do anything for me, they could care less. You know how the guys at the swingers party are. Most of them want to please the women. Sometimes I think that’s the main reason they are there.”

Sally considered her hook-ups at the party, “Yeah, you’re right about that.” She started rubbing her clit as she thought about that one guy. “So, you don’t get any pleasure at the Pleasure Palace?”

“Well, I get what I can but it’s up to me. There are a few guys that seem nice and want to give me a good time but they are few and far between. It’s ‘wham, bam, thank you mam’ usually without even the ‘thank you’ except for the tips. And those booths don’t really give the space to do much. And then there’s the fact that a lotta sex stuff there is illegal, so you have to be careful. Not to mention that many of those guys are probably full of STD’s.”

“I’m sorry that the swingers’ parties are off limits. Is there anything I can do?” She was thinking of maybe going by and commiserating.

“Not unless you can ship over some good, woman pleasing cock. I could use a good, but loving fuck, maybe two, or five.”

Sally had her book of a supply of exactly that open in front of her, “I can supply that.”

“Oh, sure, how?”

“Remember I fucked almost every geek and nerd in school.”

“Yeah, so?”

“Hey, I taught them how to please a girl, well, ME, at least. They were all good learners, I guarantee they are all great, caring fucks.”

“But that was in school.”

“You don’t teach guys how to be a good fuck in one lesson and once you have him trained, you don’t let him go. I have all their numbers and most of them are available on call. They didn’t get much action other than mine.” She felt a tingling in her vagina considering that most of them would give anything for sex. And sex with a great looking ex-cheerleader like Sarah, well …

“You mean …?”

“Yes I do! I have a bunch of good fucks available at almost a moments notice.”

“You never told me.”

“Well, when we got back together we were having so much fun with other guys that I put my stable of studs aside.”

“You can get me one?”

“I’ll get you two, no, three. Hell! I’ll line them up to fill the rest of your day. What’ya think? One every 45 minutes?”

“You’re kidding!”

“Nope! One every 45 minutes until you’re satisfied. You can expect a knock on your door in less than half an hour. They’ll keep coming until you call to close the spigot.”


Neal Carmody was looking through the list of community college courses. He had been a good student throughout school but was a procrastinator. He had procrastinated on applying to any college or scholarships and now the community college was his only choice. He didn’t have long before the sign-up for courses in the fall would be closed. And if he didn’t go to school his parents’ would explode. gaziantep escort They were even threatening to throw him out on the street and force him to live on his part time, fast food worker’s wage or get a full time job. He didn’t even know what major to select.

His phone rang and he was surprised to see it was from Sally. His cock jumped. He hadn’t seen her since graduation and assumed she had forgotten about him. He was also surprised that she was phoning. Usually she just sent text messages.

“Hello Sally.” He resisted saying, “wanna fuck,” which was the only reason he expected she would call. He hadn’t had sex since his last time with her.

“Hey Neal, wanna fuck?”

She had to ask? “Sure!”

“Not me, Sarah Malone.”

“Sarah Malone?”

“You remember her from high school.”

He didn’t. Couldn’t place the name at all. “No, sorry.”

“You interested?”

He was disappointed it wasn’t Sally but didn’t want to turn down the opportunity. “I guess.”

Sally sensed his reluctance, “You have a yearbook?”


“Look her up, and check out pages 257, 258, and 305. I’ll hold.”

Neal found his yearbook buried under a pile of books he had spent the summer reading. “I needed to get these back to the library,” he thought, “I bet a lot of them are overdue.”

He looked up Sarah and saw an extremely attractive blond. That got a rise in his penis. He checked the other pages. 257 and 258 were the group pictures of the cheerleader squads and there was Sarah, cute and voluptuous with a great figure. 305 was a group of photos from a cheerleader day at the beach. They showed Sarah in a bikini that displayed everything but her most intimate parts and suggested heavily that those were substantial and soft.

Back on the phone, he was skeptical. “Yeah, very nice. What’s the gimmick? You’re punking me.”

“No gimmick, she needs a good fuck and I told her I find someone who really knows how to please a woman.”

“Yeah like you know the most attractive cheerleader from school.”

“She and I were best friends in middle school and we got back together.”

Neal was still a bit skeptical but all he had to lose was a bit of his minimal dignity when this turned out to be a prank. “OK, what do I do?”

Sally gave him Sarah’s address. “Don’t let me down or embarrass me. Show her a really good time. Make her want you to come back. Get there as soon as you can, she’s waiting.”

“This is her home?”


“Parent’s are out?”

“Don’t know. You might get lucky if her mom is in. She might join you.” In a playful mood she added, “But watch out if her dad is there.”

She stopped to let the silence have it’s effect. “If he’s there he’ll bend your ear about how best fuck his daughter, so watch out.” She laughed.

Now he was sure this was going to end in humiliation. “Right, if this is a prank, I’ll find a way to get back at you.” Any prank of Sally’s at least would end in a sex session with her.

“Not a prank.” Sally considered that “getting back at” her would mean a fuck.

Neal hung up and quickly put on jeans and a shirt.

Sarah’s Home

Marlene Malone was in her red leotards using the dining room table and chairs for stretching exercises. With every month it seemed harder to keep in shape. And now that she was back to stripping she felt she needed to be even more fit looking. She knew it wasn’t a competition and she knew the customers preferred the younger women but with her daughter at the same club she didn’t want her own income to fall significantly behind. She also wanted the mother-daughter pairing to be a significant draw to get guys into the back VIP rooms with the two of them. She thought she was doing pretty well. Her income was easily 80% of her extremely beautiful daughter’s and the guys seemed to want as much “extra attention” from her as from her daughter when they went back together.

The doorbell rang and she opened the door to see a taller than average, lanky guy with close set, deep brown eyes, a sharp, thin nose and long, slicked back, black hair. “Is Sarah here?” he asked.

“She’s in her room upstairs.” Marlene said, letting him in.

“Thank you ma’am.” The young man said as he eyed her body approvingly.

Marlene stretched slightly for effect and basked in his glances. She spread her legs slightly, knowing the leotards made a nice cameltoe. “Turn left, first door on the right,” she said sweetly as he reached the stairs.

“What’s your name?” she added, letting one of her straps fall to expose a nipple while his back was turned.

He stopped on the stair as he turned to answer her, “Neal Carmody, ma’am,” he said by instinct as he saw the partially exposed breast. He couldn’t say any more, swallowed nervously, and quickly proceeded up the stairs.

“My God, Sally was right about the mom,” he thought as he reached the first door on the right to see Sarah, better looking than any year book picture, completely naked, her back on a pillow propped against the bed headboard. Her legs were bent and separated just enough to allow a full view of the slit formed by her fleshy major labia. He now knew for sure that this wasn’t a prank and his penis tried to snap to attention, hindered by his briefs.

“Come on in, Neal, isn’t it?” the vision said.

Neal walked in, “Yes, Neal, what would you like?”

“Sally said you’re the expert. I’m at your disposal,” She spread her legs wider and rubbed her breasts.

Neal’s mouth was getting dry. “Sally didn’t really tell me why I’m here.” Sally’s words, “she needs a fuck” rattled around in his brain.

“She thought you could help.”


“Yeah, help me get over my disappointment.”

“She didn’t tell me that.” Neal sat down on the bed next to the disappointed, but achingly beautiful, naked young woman. “What about?” If Sally had taught him anything it was to be interested in the girl as part of the foreplay.

“My parents told me I can’t go to their swingers’ parties any more.”

Now that was a new one to Neal. Swingers’ parties and this beauty’s parents went to them, and she wanted to go too? Already had gone if the words “any more” had their usual meaning. In any case, it didn’t seem like much of a problem. He wasn’t sure how to reply. “I’m sure a beautiful girl like you has no problem getting guys.”

“But it was a swingers’ party.”

Neal went with an old standby, “tell me about it.”


Sarah was in the mood to talk and as Neal stroked her soft, golden hair she told him how she was aware that something different was going on when her mother first started going out with her future step-father. “After going out for a night I’d hear them talking about cocks and pussies and how they felt one going into another.”

Neal had removed his shirt and was gently massaging her ample breasts as she related how she came to a realization that “cocks” were penises and “pussies” were vaginas. “My mom had told me things about the differences between boys and girls when I was very young.”

As Neal removed his shoes and slacks she related her first actual sexual experience at 12 with a slightly older cousin. “I realized what it meant for cocks to go inside pussies.”

Neal had left his underwear on so his cock was trapped inside his briefs making a bulge as it tried to straighten out. Sarah absent mindedly stroked it as she talked about the further realization that her parents were having sex with other people on those nights out.

Neal positioned himself behind and spooned her, his cock firmly wedged in her butt crack. One hand massaged her beasts. The other wrapped around her slim waist and rubbed the flat belly, making its way to her crotch. Sarah talked about how she was really enjoying her young sex life and was jealous of her parents. “On those nights when they were gone all I could think of was being with them and the variety of cocks I could have inside me. Men’s cocks, not boys’.”

Neal reached her crotch but gently spread her legs and massaged the inside of her thighs. Sarah continued. “When I was 18, I knew I was old enough to go to the parties so I looked for the opportunity.”

Neal increased the incidental touches of her vulva and finally began massaging the soft pillows of her labia. Sally moaned in pleasure. “I really enjoyed that evening with all the cocks and all the men desiring me. And they were great fucks. “When are you going to take these off?” she turned towards him and grasped his briefs.”

Neal protested with a grin, “all in good time.”

Let’s Fuck

“Let’s see what you’ve got.” Sarah grabbed at the waistband.

“Not yet,” Neal said lightheartedly, pushing her hand away.

“I wanna see,” she grabbed again.

“Nope,” He pushed her hand away.

She sneaked her other hand around and tried from the rear.

“Nope, got ya! ” Neal said as he pushed that hand away.

A fast and playful match ensued with Neal countering her moves. She was giggling and laughing as the match devolved from hands only to a wrestling match. Neal would be on top with her hands pinned and she would (partly with Neal’s help) pull out of the hold and twist around to get at the prize. He would grab her body and pull her over (this time with a little of her help) and throw her underneath him. All this was done with lots of laughing and giggling and feeling of body parts.

At one point Sarah had managed to get on top with her head right at Neal’s crotch and straddling his chest. She reached for his briefs and he grabbed at the most convenient part of her body. Two of his fingers fingers penetrated her moist cavity. “Ohh! nice” she exclaimed. Instead of going for the prize inside his briefs, she thrust back and his fingers sunk all the way to her cervix. He grabbed and, leveraging her most intimate parts, pulled her away from her goal.

Downstairs, Marlene listened to the laughter and general play from upstairs thinking she’d never heard Sarah laugh so much since she was 10. She rubbed at her clit as she thought about what might be going on upstairs. Her self pleasuring was interrupted by a huge thud on the ceiling.

Neal had Sarah under him, one arm pinned by his knee. He held the other as it struggled to get to his briefs. He had two fingers of his free hand embedded in her cunt, stroking her G spot and cervix, the thumb rubbing her clit. She was thoroughly enjoying the internal massage but took advantage of his distraction to attempt to roll him on his back. In the spirit of play he allowed her to do this. Keeping a firm, but gentle grasp on her vulva, he rolled. As he did so, he realized there was no bed under him on that side. He grabbed her body and the two of them tumbled to the floor.

“OW!” Sarah exclaimed.

“Are you hurt?” Neal scrambled to his feet.

“NO!” Sarah laughed as she grabbed the waistband and pulled his briefs to the floor. Out popped 7 and a half inches of rock hard, inch and a quarter in diameter cock with two large egg sized balls rotating in their fleshy sack six inches below.

“Oh! a present!” Sarah laughed as she got to her knees, grabbed the balls in her hand and sucked the entire staff into her mouth.

“Are you OK?” Sarah’s mother yelled from below.

Sarah pulled away and yelled back, “We’re fine mom! Never better!” The cock went right back into her mouth.

After popping his penis in and out a couple of times, she stood up, “Time to get down to business,” she pushed him onto the bed and he lifted his legs onto the bed. She straddled his chest and pinned his arms under her knees.

“So you think this bad boy is going to get inside me today?” she asked playfully, reaching back to grab his penis.

“Yes, I do,” he answered confidently.

“And why would you think that?” she asked.

“Well you stopped sucking my cock and said something about ‘getting down to business,'”

“Maybe I just meant this,” she said as she kissed him firmly and her tongue went into his mouth.

He responded with his tongue and when she finally pulled away with a huge smile on her face he said, “and there’s the fact that your cunt is dripping so much it’s getting my chest wet.” And, in fact, she had been moving her crotch over his chest, letting his chest hair stimulate her while a very damp pussy left a trail of wetness everywhere it touched.

“Very observant,” she told him, leaning in for another kiss, after which she took a condom she had placed there for just this purpose off her dresser.

She quickly tore open the package and expertly reached back to roll it over his hard cock. Doing this behind her back where she couldn’t see and left-right hand coordination could get difficult might have been a difficult task if she hadn’t unrolled many, many condoms over almost as many cocks from almost every angle.

That completed, she leaned over and gave him the biggest kiss yet, her tongue exploring every crevice of his mouth. Meanwhile she slid her crotch down to his cock and deftly guided it into her vaginal entrance. A quick thrust down embedded seven and a half inches of cock inside her.

Doing this released Neal’s hands and left the two of them in full body contact. Neal wrapped his arms around her and hugged tightly as the kiss continued. He was amazed at how his right arm fitted entirely around her slim waist. If their bodies weren’t so tightly together he knew he could have reached all the way around to touch her navel. With his left hand he grabbed her large, firm but very soft butt and pulled her so that his penis penetrated even deeper.

As he pushed, she felt his pubes push against her clit and helped by shoving her crotch into the hard rod. More than the normal visible length of his cock was forced out of his crotch and into her anxious cavity. She rose and began moving her body up and down, smiling as she felt his cock slide in and out. He matched the rhythm, thrusting up each time she came down. She began laughing an giggling with the occasional squeal of a high pitched laugh.

Neal watched her breasts bouncing up and down just slightly behind the movement of the rest of her body. He raised his hands and allowed them to rest just under the movement so they gently slapped his palm on each stroke. She let out a squeal of joy as he deftly caught her nipples between his thumb and index finger, holding them as the remainder of each breast pulled up, then down. “Love it!” she screamed.


Downstairs, Sarah’s mom was lying back on the couch listening to the joyful laughs, shouts and screams. “God, I need a cock,” she thought as she rubbed at her crotch. A wet spot was spreading over her leotards.

Back upstairs, Sarah was tiring. “Your turn,” she said and shifted to turn over. Neal went along with the shift and quickly found himself above her, his legs between hers and his cock still inside.

He began driving slowly but firmly into her. She smiled broadly at him as he held himself over her on extended arms. He smiled back admiring her beauty and considering his good fortune.

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