Road Trip


I am incredibly nervous writing this down. I never thought that I would have the courage to tell my story. By telling it, it becomes more than just a secret. It becomes what it has become. So real, so vivid, and so … perfect.

It began several months ago when my son and I were taking a road trip to the southwest. It was just Jimmy and me, getting away for a couple weeks during the summer. I needed time away from home and work and just … everything. And I wanted to be away with my son. In these last few years, he’s become my best friend.

Jimmy and I were driving through the Hill Country of Texas. I love it there. The weather was hot and more than a little humid. My A/C couldn’t keep up with the weather, but I knew it couldn’t. I was dressed in jeans and a man’s button shirt, one of my ex’s old ones. I didn’t wear a bra, which was no big deal, as I’m not endowed. I had the buttons opened a bit so as to catch what coolness I could. Jimmy was seated next to me, alternately reading and watching the scenery.

As I drove, I lit a cigarette (I know, I know). I drove down the road, absently smoking. I noticed Jimmy watching me, little furtive glances. I know that he seems to like watching me smoke. I guess it’s his kink. No problem, as long as he doesn’t take up the habit. He seemed to like it when I exhaled through my nose. It was cute making him a bit uncomfortable! Ah, well, no biggie. I smiled and drove.

In a while, I noticed that he was staring at me. My chest, really, though it’s really not that much to see. I asked him if he was okay. He seemed to start, shifted, and looked away. In a bit, though, he was watching me again. I notice, then, that my shirt had loosened another button’s-worth and, when I moved to smoke, my breast showed a bit. Ahhhh, I get it.

“Like the view, sweetie?”

“Huh, wha’? Yeah, it’s pretty out here.”

I snickered softly. Yeah, the trees and hills. Yeah, right.

I lit another cigarette and, after a bit, he was back sneaking looks at me, smoking, and trying to catch another glimpse of my tit. I smiled to myself. I don’t know why, playfulness, I guess, but, under the pretense of adjusting my seatbelt, I “accidentally” moved my shirt with my fingers, exposing my nipple. I heard Jimmy gasp. “Caught ya, didn’t I!”

I smiled at Jimmy and tousled his hair with my free hand. “That’s okay, sweetie. I understand. You’re grown up and curious. I should, but I don’t mind.” I moved my shirt openly now and let him get a good look.


“Yes, baby?”

“Can I … touch it?”

That paused me. I didn’t know what to say. He’s my son, a young man. I’m his mother. Geez! But, I was … touched. Warmed at his interest. And … my nipples hardened at the thought. And … geez, my pussy twinged. What the hell was I thinking. And, then, I will never know why, I said, “Yes”.

Jimmy stared at me, then at my breast, and then, tentatively, reached out and put his fingers underneath my shirt. When he touched the inside of my breast, a jolt went through me. I shuddered. He pulled back, worried. “No, baby, it’s okay. Go ahead.”

He reached in again, touched my breast, then moved his fingertips to my nipple. It was hard as a rock. When he touched it, I shuddered again. Oh, God, that felt good. I reached up and placed my hand over his, so that his hand had a firm hold on my boob. It felt so good, so warm. He massaged my tit, feeling it fully, its softness and its firmness, and I moaned. My pussy was so wet. I looked at Jimmy’s crotch and it was erect. And with his free hand, he was touching it. I don’t think he ever realized that he was doing it.

I don’t know why, but I reached over with my hand, moved his aside, and started running my nails over his demin-covered dick. He shuddered and looked at me. He was panting. I, then, massaged my fingers over his cock. It was rock-hard. He was panting harder. Then, I gripped his cock. Jimmy, my son, my boy, shuddered, jerked, and I knew he came.

“Oh, my God, oh,my God, …”, he said. “I’m so sorry, Mom. I’m so sorry.”

“Shhh, shhhh, it’s okay, baby. It’s okay. Nothing İstanbul Escort is wrong. I’m not mad. I love you. It’s okay.”

In a bit, he calmed down and was quiet until we stopped at the motel for the night.

After dinner, we settled in for the evening. As luck would have it, the room only had one queen-sized bed. We would have to share. We had done it before on trips, but, after this afternoon’s activities, well, we would see how it went.

I went outside by the pool to smoke. I had a lot to think about, after this afternoon. I sat there in the moonlight, contemplating the smoke as it drifted out in front of me, watching the swirls and patterns, feeling part of those swirls. I sighed, crushed out the butt, then went to the room.

When I entered the room, I heard Jimmy in the bathroom. From the sounds he was making, I knew he was jacking off. I wasn’t surprised, after what we had done today. But it wasn’t just him playing with himself, he was murmuring, then getting audible, clear, calling to me. “Mom. Yes, Mom. Like that. Oh, Mom. Yes. In your mouth, Mom. Yes, just like that. Suck it, Mom, suck my cock, suc,,, aaaaaaahhhhhh.”

He’d cum, fantasizing about me giving him a blowjob. Sucking his cock. Taking his cum in my mouth. Oh, God, I was hot.

I don’t know what was coming over me. This morning, we were your everyday single mom and son. Now, … now, I don’t know what we were. This had never occurred to me, never once. Now, I was drawn to it. Strangely, it all seemed so natural. Not a hint of guilt. Not a hint of apprehension. I wanted my son like he wanted me. Loving. All-consuming. Skin to skin. Lips. Hands. Cock. Pussy. Everything.

I slipped back out of the room, went down to the lobby to get a soda, smoke another cigarette, giving Jimmy the time to collect himself and clean up. When I went back after 15 minutes, he was on the bed, watching TV. I smiled at him, gave him a maternal kiss, and settled down to watch with him.

As we lay there, Jimmy said, “Mom?”

“Yes, sweetie?”

“I love you”

“I love you, too.”

“No, Mom. I … I really love you. What we did today in the car, … I can’t explain. I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time how much I love you, how much I always want to be with you. I know that you know that I love looking at you. Lately, well, it became … more to me. I looked at you, your face, your eyes, your … well, your body. Your smile. How your face lights up when you smile at me. I realized that I loved you. More than a son. I was falling in love with you. I AM in love with you.”

Wow, was this my Jimmy? Was this the shy kid that was sneaking glances at me in the car? I know that he’s a deep thinker, a feeling, caring person. So much more so than the other kids his age. I knew that our relationship was deeper due to the divorce. He tried to be a partner, a rock to me when I was down, a companion when good things happened, so that I had someone to share the happiness with.

Now, … Now, he was different.

“Mom? Are you okay? Are you mad at me? I said too much, didn’t I. I knew I should have just shut my …”

“No. ” I gathered my thoughts. “No, baby. I am not mad at you. Not in any way, shape, or form. There is nothing that we can’t say to each other, nothing that we can’t share with each other. I’m just … gob-smacked. Not in any bad way. It’s all come out of the blue and I have to take it all in. “

After another minute, I said, “Jimmy, I don’t know what happened today in the car or why. No, I’m not ashamed or mad at what we did. It was … so natural. I wanted to make you happy. I wanted to make you happy because you make me happy. And proud. You’ve grown up beautifully and you make me proud at how we seem to be able to work as a team at home. You make me smile and you make me feel safe and warm and … “

I sighed, then smiled. “I love you, Jimmy. In some way, deep inside … ” Oh, God, am I really going to say this? Oh, god, oh, god, oh, god. I am breathing quick and anxious and panicked and I’m crying and … “I love you, Jimmy. So much. ” And then, I kissed Anadolu Yakası Escort him. I kissed him totally and with abandon. I could taste my tears and kissed my son and I was happy. I was so fucking happy and my world burst open with joy. I was in love with my son. Totally, absolutely in love.

After a while, I broke the kiss. Jimmy’s eyes were shut, like on a trance. I lay down on the bed and pulled him over me, down on top of me, and I pulled his head to me and I kissed him again. I parted his lips with my tongue and he jumped and shuddered. “It’s alright, baby, it’s okay.” And I kissed him again. This time, he moved his tongue to mine and we kissed long and deep and with a passion I hadn’t felt in years, maybe never.

I pushed him up, just slightly, just enough to open my shirt. I pushed his head towards my bitty breasts. Jimmy mouth touched my nipple and I felt a jolt. I almost came. He took my nipple in his mouth and ran his tongue around and around and sucked firmly and I moaned a low growl. “So good, Jimmy. So fucking good.”

I felt his cock, fully erect, pushing through his jeans, against my jeans, against my pussy. My pussy was alive. So wet. I rubbed my mons against his cock. He sucked harder and his breathing was becoming ragged and I rubbed his cock faster and harder and started humping and then, … he came. He panted and jerked and moaned and came over and over.

“Quick, Jimmy, get up. Take off your clothes. Do it quick. “

He stripped and I stripped and pushed him down on the bed and reached for his cock. I pumped him and he was hard again. His sticky cum was all over his cock and my hands and I went down on him. I put my son’s hot, messy cock into my mouth and I sucked on him like he had sucked on my tits.

“Mom. Mom. …”

He tasted so good. I ran my tongue all around his cock, licking every sperm off of him as my mouth wrapped around his cock like a cocoon.

“Mom. Mom. …”

I pumped his cock with my fingers as I sucked on his cock with my mouth. I moved my head up and down, up and down. And I sucked as hard as I could. And then, and then, … he yelped and came. Two, three, four jets of his beautiful cum into my mouth. And I swallowed as fast as I could. Some of his cum leaked out the corners of my mouth, but I did the best that I could. I Iooked up at my son and he was in heaven. Head back, mouth open, eyes closed. And I cried, tears of such joy.

I love you, Jimmy. I love you, my son. Mommy loves you.

It was then that I pushed him off of me and onto his back. I moved my pussy over his cock and lightly rubbed my lips over it, tickling it with my bush. I have a thick bush, wiry. The hair tickled his cock, tempting it into another erection. As he hardened, I pushed down so that his cock parted my lips and the slickness met his messy dick. I rubbed back and forth, back and forth, … and then, without realizing it, his cock slipped into my pussy. Oh GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My eyes sprung open wide, my mouth open and sucking in air as I felt his incredible hardness, the feel of his cock skin touching the inside of my cunt. I thought my nipples would burn off, they were so alive. I didn’t even look at Jimmy. My head was back and transfixed with the power of the sensations.

“Mom, …”

I came, right then and there. I hadn’t uttered a sound, but my body went stiff, and shuddered and shoke and then I cried out a pitched wail. I sucked in air and shook and came again and again and again and I cried and I gasped and I … went to Heaven. I gasped and then looked down at my son, my Jimmy, my beautiful, beautiful lover. His eyes were saucers and his mouth was open and he looked so shocked.

Then I moved my cunt over his cock and fucked him. Really, really fucked him. Up and down, in and out, around and around, and as I fucked him, he began to fuck me back. Harder, and faster, and we became animals, grunting, and moaning, and moving and rutting and ..,. I screamed. I came again, so, SO HARD! And Jimmy cried and he came, pouring his beautiful seed into my pussy. And se shook together and shuddered Kartal Escort and cried tears of ecstasy. And then I lowered myself to lay on top of him. And we lay there, cock in my cunt, skin to skin, cheek to cheek, panting, calming, kissing, nuzzling, and, finally, sleeping.

I sat there in the dark, smoking a cigarette. Jimmy was beside me, asleep, spent, so content. He lay there, arm over my stomach, head against my breast. With my free hand, I gently stroked his hair. It felt like a scene in a noir movie. My son, my lover now, asleep in the dark, the moonlight filtering though the shades.

As I inhaled, I wonder what I felt now, how I should feel . I felt … at peace. My pussy felt warm and happy. I was full of my son’s cum and it wasn’t worried or ashamed at all. If my pussy didn’t mind, why should I? I finished my cigarette, closed my eyes, and fell back into a dreamless sleep.

In the morning, I woke up to Jimmy playing with my nipples, staring at them in undisguised fascination. They responded to his gentle touch. I smiled at the warm feeling that it gave me. I kissed the top of Jimmy’s head, nuzzled my face into his hair, and ran my hand down his back, gently tracing my nails down his spine. I ran a finger at the top of his beautiful, firm butt. He looked up, smiled, and took my nipple into his mouth., running his tongue over and around it. He was becoming quite good at this, satisfying his mom in a way that neither of us ever expected. Mmmmmmm, it felt so good. So good.

I kissed his head again and said, “I love you.” He looked up at me and said, ” I love you, too, Mom. I love you more that you’ll ever know.” I looked at him, gently urged him up, then I kissed him on the lips. Gently at first, then more and more and firmer and harder and our tongues met and entwined and I reached down to his cock and I rubbed it and massaged it and it was sooooo hard, so fucking hard.

“Fuck me, Jimmy. Fuck me, baby. Put your cock in me and fuck me. I need your cock so badly. ”

I opened up my pussy lips and guided him in. He slipped in so smoothly. I felt it, the warmth, the hardness, the tingling all the way through to my tits. We continued to kiss, no longer gentle, very, very primal. When he was all the way in, he started pumping. I swear I felt every cell in his cock with every cell in my pussy. It was so intense, so fucking hot.

“Fuck me, baby. Fuck mommy. Fuck me now.” Tears were seeping from my eyes and my boy, my son, my lover, pounded his cock into me with all of the passion and strength in his body. “Fuck me, baby. Fuck me. I love you, Jimmy, I love you so much, oooohhhhhhh, yessssssss.” And then I came, no sounds coming out of me, but my face was scrunched and my mouth was open, and no sound came out of me, Then, I screamed, restrained, then openly, screamed! I gripped my son, digging my nails into his back, and I screamed, and cried, and panted, and fucked, and fucked, and came so hard. So absolutely fucking hard. And Jimmy fucked me, and pounded me, and I came again. And I cried out, and then my son came, too, pounding me, pumping his beautiful cum into me. And I cried, tears coming freely, and I cried, and I kissed him, and I said, “I love you, baby, I love you so much. Oohhh, God, I love you, Jimmy. Mommy loves you so much.”

After a while, all was calm again. Jimmy’s cock softened and slipped out of me. I could feel his cum leaking out of my pussy, sliding down toward my butt. Drip. Drip. And I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Around Noon, I awoke, Jimmy next to me. He must have felt me move. He opened his eyes and looked at me with a smile of total love. My heart burst with love in return. I had never in my life felt this intimate, this passionate, this all-consuming a love as I did for my son, my lover, my soul. Jimmy kissed me and said, “Good Morning, beautiful! ” I said, “Good Morning, my love.” And we kissed. Jimmy snuggled his head into my neck, nuzzling it gently, kissing it lightly.

“I love you, Mom. Always and for all time, I love you. “

I kissed his lips. “I love you, too. So, so much. I’ve never felt so much love and perfection. I am yours forever. I’ll always be you mom, but I am yours forever, if you want me, in every way.”

“I love you, … Sharon.”

My heart burst. I cried tears of joy. He was mine. I was his. Mother and son. Sharon and Jimmy. Lovers. Soulmates. Forever. Amen.

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