Rhonda, Mary-Ann, and John (new neighbor 2)

Bobbi Starr

-Two Months Later-

John Dawes stood on the Park’s front porch in the waning light of day, trying to summon the courage to knock.

For weeks he had avoided them. After Mary-Ann and Rhonda had told him to go and find a girlfriend, so he could be in a relationship instead of fucking around with his neighbors, melancholy, and then outright depession had come over him like a fog. He knew he had caught feelings after having sex with them and attempting to help them conceive, so he had tried to ignore his neighbors so that these feelings would go away. Twice during these past eight weeks or so, they had knocked at his door, and twice he had ignored them, just hoping that they would go away. He knew in his depression that he very well may have complicated their own relationship by getting involved, and thought he was doing them all a favor by being unreachable.

But the sadness had grown.

By becoming better-than-friends with the Parks, he had gotten a taste of the home life, an established household, witnessed a healthy relationship, became intimate with two uniquely beautiful women, and left a piece of himself inside each of them. There wasn’t nothing to all of that, and now he had decided to tear down his wall that he had erected between him and them, and see if they would lower their own. He didn’t know what he wanted, all he knew was that life had become dark for him, and it had all started when he cut the Parks from his life. So, he swallowed his pride, returned to their house…

And knocked.

After waiting longer than he thought was usual, even considering the hour, he was about to either knock again or run home as fast as he could, when the curtain in the window brushed aside and then fell back into place, a hand and face briefly seen. Then, the front door opened.

Mary-Ann stood in the doorway for a second, dressed simply in a t-shirt and sweatpants, blonde hair tied back and with minimal make-up looking as though she doubted her senses. Then she ran into his arms before he could say a word, her arms wrapping around his midsection.

This was not what he expected, by any stretch. But it was what he needed. As he embraced the shorter woman warmly in return, the leading edge of his dark internal clouds began to lighten and recede.


Rhonda came through the doorway too, equally casual in her appearance, a livid frown on her face, but seeing her wife locked onto him, she twisted her face until the frown lessened, then stepped forward and hugged the both of them.

John got one arm free and put it around Rhonda, their faces close, their eyes locked for a second before they laid their heads against each other.

“Let’s go inside,” said Rhonda, tapping each of them on the shoulders before disengaging from them and stepping aside to hold the door. Mary-Ann quickly turned to head inside, but John caught the sight of a tear running down her cheek.

This is not how he expected the reunion to go.

After Rhonda shut the door, she rounded on John; her frown was back, and her fists clenched.

“How do you get off just abandoning us like that?” she yelled.

This is how John thought it was going to go.

“Rhonda, please,” Mary-Ann pleaded from the couch, where she was drying her tears. Rhonda waved her hand at her wife in dismissal, but she brought her volume down to normal levels despite the sharp edge never leaving her voice.

“Impregnate my wife and then ghost us, I should have expected that from a young guy, not to be friendly with his neighbors who never treated him any way but well. Explain yourself.”

John had looked up after Rhonda lowered her voice, his mouth opening in realization before he looked over at Mary-Ann.

“You’re pregnant?” he asked.

The shapely Mary-Ann smiled a smile that cut right through the tears she had just dried, and nodded.

His depression was suddenly cleaved in two. He was a father! A smile crossed his face and he wanted to leap for joy, and burst into song.

Even Rhonda couldn’t keep the smile from overwhelming her frown, and she followed John to the couch where they both sat to either side of Mary-Ann.

“I never doubted it would work,” Mary-Ann said, her eyes shining, “ever since we met and got close, I knew I would be having your kid. Such a virile young man, there was no way it wasn’t going to work.”

“Except in my case,” Rhonda said, her wry smile reappearing. At John’s inquisitive glance, she explained that she hadn’t gotten pregnant from the half a load John had left in her the last time they had been all here in the house.

“That’s okay though, one pregnancy in the house at a time is going to be plenty,” Rhonda said, squeezing her wife’s leg.

John nodded, understanding, and happy as a clam. Rhonda’s face darkened a little as she leaned forward.

“How about you explain yourself?”

So John explained how depressed he had been after leaving them at their behest after having slept with them and shared their life for a couple of weeks straight. Before that he had had no proper experience with a woman, much less two, and what a relationship could mean. Him meeting them and getting close to them shone a light on what he had always been missing.

“That’s why I got depressed when I left. I thought that ignoring you would make my heartache go away, but it just made it worse. But now, it’s like I’m back where I belong. I missed you. It’s almost like…”

He caught himself before he went any further. His mind had been exploring again now that his depression had gone. He thought he loved them both, but he didn’t really know what love is, so he was reluctant to say anything about it.

“Like what?” Mary-Ann asked, her eyes fixed on John’s.

John wasn’t about to admit his supposed ‘love’, so he said something equally as truthful.

“It’s like I never left.”

He turned to Rhonda, “I know that feeling bad about things was no excuse for just ignoring you both. I’m sorry.”

She was watching him, and she accepted his words with a nod.

“I know how it feels, being overwhelmed by something,” she said, “I forgive you.”

“It’s just that all this was such a wild first time for me. I’ve been in uncharted territory ever since I met you both and I’ve been kind of doing what sounds right at the moment.”

“We understand,” Mary-Ann said graciously, pulling him into another hug, “whatever happened, we are both glad to have you back in our lives, whatever that may look like.”

As they pulled apart, John’s thoughts were pulled back to scale, where he considered the future again.

“Although I don’t really know what we do now,” he said uncertainly.

“I have an idea.”

Mary-Ann and John both looked at Rhonda as she spoke. She turned from her thoughtful pose to look at John.

“Could you excuse us for a moment John? I want to talk to Mary-Ann for a moment.”

John nodded, uncertain his own self, and let himself out their backdoor into the garden. He marveled at the work Mary-Ann had done with her planters and plots, flowers and vegetables growing profusely. He had always loved being amongst a lot of plants, and the Park’s backyard always scratched that itch for him. Another thing he had missed.

“Okay John, you can come back now,” Rhonda held the door for him as he returned.

“So what’s the big idea?” he asked, seeing bright faces on both women as he came inside.

“Will you go out with us?” Mary-Ann asked him.

“Uh, where are you going?” John asked cluelessly.

Both girls laughed at that, although he didn’t know why it was funny at first.

“We want you to date us, John!” Mary-Ann said.

John had never thought it a possibility, so it had never entered his mind.

“I would date… both of you at the same time?”

“That’s the idea,” Rhonda said, “if you’re onboard.”

John looked between the different manifestations of hope on the two different women’s faces. Mary-Ann was practically bouncing on her feet in anticipation, her smile barely contained, while Rhonda’s only betrayal of excitement was her eyebrows sitting higher on her face than they usually do.

John had never considered dating two people at the same time before, but this was a special case. Two lovely women were inviting him into their life. Since he had never been in a relationship before, he decided to run with it, since he knew them so well already. The rest he would figure out along the way.

“Yeah I’ll date you!” he said.

Mary-Ann squealed with happiness and ran into his arms, lifting her face so she could see him.

“Oh I’m so happy, this is going to be perfect!” she said as he wrapped his arms around her. Rhonda stepped up with a vestige of seriousness on her face.

“No more hiding, John. If you’ve got a concern, share it with us. Communication is key. Same goes for us, okay Mary-Ann?”

Each member of the trio nodded sagely to each other, promising to pull together.

“Good,” Rhonda said, stepping back and hooking her thumbs into her pants, unfastening the button and zipper before shimmying her slim hips Sex hikayeleri out of them, “I say we start where we left off.”

Both John and Mary-Ann felt their jaws drop as Rhonda stepped out of her pool of pants, grasping the hem of her shirt. Mary-Ann looked back up at John and giggled, feeling something stir in his pants.

“We were in the middle of getting busy when you knocked,” Mary-Ann said with a coy smile, “I’m okay with picking things back up from where they were if you both are.”

There was no hesitation: it all of a sudden became a race to see who could catch up to Rhonda’s nudity. John won, but only because Mary-Ann tripped and fell on the couch in her haste, laughing at her clumsiness. Rhonda, after freeing her breasts, pulled John over to the couch and bade him sit as Mary-Ann finally freed herself from her pants.

John was at full attention as he sat down and laid back, watching Rhonda suck on her fingers and rub them between her pussy lips, adding to the damp that was already there. She glanced over at her wife as Mary-Ann finally got completely naked.

“Isn’t that a nice cock, Mary-Ann?” Rhonda said as her fingers made little circles on her pussy, her legs parted so her fingers could access herself. John used his thumb to prop up his member as the ladies admired him.

“Yeah it is,” Mary-Ann said, her own hands wandering over her body, “not too big, and definitely not too small!”

“Definitely not,” Rhonda breathed, her breath hitching as she played with herself, her eyes hooded with memory.

“You should come sit on it, Rhon,” John suggested, “last time it didn’t end properly.”

A split-second was all Rhonda needed to consider, then she paced forward and climbed atop his hips, using her pussy to trap his cock against his lower belly. John ran his hands up her toned thighs as she slid him against her entrance.

“Ooo, I get a show!” Mary-Ann turned sideways on the couch, so that she could watch without craning her neck.

Rhonda leaned forward with a hand on John’s cheek, and kissed him, passionately on the lips as she ground her lady-parts against his hard rod. John kissed her back, wrapping his arms around her torso as they embraced. After some intense tongue action, Rhonda tore away from him with a gasp and a moan, her eyes clouded over with pleasure.

Reaching between them, She grasped his now-slick member, lifted her hips so that he angled into her, and pressed his glans against her labia, which stretched apart to allow his entrance.

“Just don’t cum in my vag, okay?” she asked John, sliding his cock-head slightly into and out of her pussy.

John agreed, wondering slightly at her change of mind from last time. She teased him a couple more times, then used her hips to push him in, her satiny vaginal flesh stretching to accommodate his girth.

She sighed as she settled into his lap, her whole pussy sheathing his shaft, and sat up straight, her hands leaving his shoulders as she arched her back in a stretch. Rhonda grinned as she looked down at John, who was struck by the movement of her body on him.

“Hey,” she said, using her hips to rock back and forth on him, changing the angle at which his dick was stuck in her, “meant to say good work with this thing last time,” she squeezed him with her vag, “you got my wife pregnant no problem.”

She leaned forward again, so her face was close to his and nibbled on his ear, “You’re pretty potent, big boy,” she said breathily.

John groaned at her praise, before replying.

“There’s more where that came from, Mrs. Park,” he said meaningfully, glancing down at where their crotches conjoined.

He heard a groan next to him; looking over he saw Mary-Ann with a flooded pussy, three fingers deep and her face intent as she watched them.

Rhonda hummed at the sight of her wife working herself toward orgasm.

“You like what you see baby?” Rhonda asked her, arching her back again and groping her own tits as she bit her lip. Mary-Ann nodded, her fingers now massaging the flesh around her clit, her hips rolling in need. Rhonda stared at her wife for a moment as she posed for her, then she turned back to John.

“I’ll be right back,” she said, then lifted herself off of him, his slick dick slapping against his stomach as she crawled over between Mary-Ann’s thighs, replacing her hand with her mouth. On her knees away from him, John saw her slick pussy lips sitting between her upper thighs and considered getting up behind her and fucking her from behind. Before his considerations were through, however, Mary-Ann began making a crescendoing groaning noise, which culminated in a surprisingly soft squeak. He watched her feet flex and toes curl as Rhonda ate her out.

Less than 30 seconds had passed since Rhonda had dismounted him. John watched as a single bead of pussy juice leaked from between Rhonda’s labia and ran down her leg.

With a final smack of lips on lips, Rhonda left Mary-Ann’s crotch and wiped some of her juice from her face. Mary-Ann lay prone, eyes fluttering and chest heaving in the wake of her powerful orgasm. John glanced between the two.

“Someday you ought to teach me how to do that,” he said to Rhonda as she eyed his cock, some of Mary-Ann’s lube still streaking her face.

“I’d be glad to,” she said, her eyes still pinned to his shiny dick. He pushed his thumb at the base again, making it stand straight up.

“Hop on,” he said, making his dick flop back and forth invitingly. Rhonda obliged, but turned away from him this time, awkwardly lining herself up with his cock and sinking onto it until she sat in his lap with a short scoffing breath. She leaned forward on her knees and squatted up and down on him, a few inches of his shaft appearing and reappearing each time. John loved watching her tight butt cheeks ripple each time her flesh impacted his own, and it wasn’t long before his balls began to churn.

“Ugh, Rhon your pussy is making me cum!” he gritted out.

At first, it looked as though she was going to ride the cum out of him, but after a second, she stiffened, and stood up off of his cock, turning around just in time to see his semen leap out of him, his first packet flying a meter into the air as he groaned.

“Whoa!” Rhonda exclaimed, watching the pearly wads fly through the air and land back on John’s stomach and chest. John expended himself and laid there panting, pleasure swirling through his brain.

“God that was so hot,” Mary-Ann breathed. John looked at her to see her fingers in her pussy again, staring at the mess on his torso. He reached over and grasped her leg, squeezing her as he caught his breath.

Rhonda glancing between the two with a self-satisfied smile on her face, admiring her handiwork.

“You should clean up the mess he made, Mary-Ann,” Rhonda said, gesturing to John’s splattered stomach.

“Okay!” Mary-Ann said cutely, rolling around so she sat on the edge of the couch, and leaned over John to lick up his cum. Her tongue was soft but firm against his skin, and she soon had the lot of it cleaned off of him, smacking her lips as she swallowed his seed.

“There’s still some on his dick,” Rhonda said, her fingers in her bush as she watched her wife do her bidding.

“Mmm,” Mary-Ann said, lifting his half-hard dick with one hand and sucked it into her mouth. John hummed as her tongue swirled around him, scouring every square millimeter of his silky skin.

“You taste good on him, Rhon,” Mary-Ann murmured, glancing at her wife, who had a finger in her vag as she watched.

“Oooh,” John said, feeling his dick harden in her mouth, “I don’t think I’m quite done yet.”

“Neither am I,” Rhonda said, slight moist sounds coming from her crotch.

John’s cleaned and re-erected cock popped from Mary-Ann’s mouth, and she got to her feet, offering her hand to John.

“Come to our bed, John,” she said with an inviting smile, her eyes glittering happily.

“Don’t mind if I do!” he said, taking hand and allowing himself to be led into their bedroom. Mary-Ann immediately sprawled on the bed, Rhonda crawling onto one side of her so that she could plant kisses on her lips from over top.

Rhonda’s ass, slightly skinnier than Mary-Ann’s, was open to him and easily accessible, so John took that as an invite to come round and stick his dick in her. Before he did though, he grabbed her supple ass with both hands, his dick pressing against her pussy.

Rhonda pulled away from her wife with a sucking noise and turned as she sat up, putting a hand on John’s chest with just enough pressure to put a foot of distance between him and her.

“Whoa there, big boy,” she said as his hands fell from her ass, “Mary-Ann might like it from behind, but I don’t, okay?”

John blinked, he hadn’t anticipated that, “Okay, sorry, I won’t.”

Rhonda was already nodding, “It’s alright, it’s just- well, so far it’s been straightforward: I’m the top-“

“And I’m the bottom!” Mary-Ann said cheerfully, gyrating her hips with a fingernail between her teeth.

“And she’s the bottom,” Rhonda agreed, shifting Sikiş hikayeleri her weight to kneel on the bed next to her wife and smiling fondly down at her before returning her regard to John.

“It had woked for us so far. We’re going to have to figure out where you fit in.” Rhonda mused.

John shrugged, “Well, we already made a little progress: no fucking you from behind!”

Rhonda smiled at him before leaning toward and putting her hand on his arm, her eyes adamant, but earnest and eager, “We’ll talk about all this in the morning, okay?”

John nodded in agreement, then did a double-take, “In the morning?”

Mary-Ann sat up next to her wife and nodded, “Yeah, sleep with us tonight! I’ll make you breakfast in the morning and we can talk about everything!”

The two women seemed to be on the same wavelength, so John agreed whole-heartedly.

“Yay!” Mary-Ann cheered before getting on all fours and crawling toward John like a predatory cat. During the conversation, John had lost part of his boner, and Mary-Ann slipped it into her mouth again and began sucking.

“Ahh…,” John sighed as Mary-Ann’s silky tongue embraced the head of his cock in her mouth. He laced his fingers behind his head and enjoyed the blowjob, looking down at Mary-Ann’s full heart-shaped ass sticking up in the air as she attended to him.

Rhonda had come over and stood beside him, and softly ran her hand up his bare chest, her breasts pressing against his rib cage, her eyes staring at him intensely. John brought his arms down, wrapping one around Rhonda’s shoulders as she leaned in to kiss him, and his other hand grasped her head behind her ear.

For a moment, John lost the passage of time. One woman was sucking on his cock and playing with his balls, the other was making sweet firm love to his mouth. It was like he was in heaven, but the sensation got stronger and stronger as it went on, and finally he broke away from Rhonda’s lips, both of them gasping for breath. Her eyes were sightless, as involved Rhonda was in their kiss, and she blinked slowly as she came back.

“I’ve got to fuck someone,” he said, the words coming from the core of his being.

His dick left Mary-Ann’s mouth with a loud pop and she got off her knees in a hurry, pushing her legs to either side of him and presenting her pussy to him.

“Me!” she said, wiping her spit from her lips with a grin.

It took no more encouragement than that for John to penetrate the woman below him, watching his glans be swallowed up by her labia, and sliding in as far as he could as they both groaned in concert. He leaned forward and put his hands on the bed to support him, looking into Mary-Ann’s pleading eyes as he worked himself slowly in and out of her pussy.

“So, how careful do I have to be?” he asked, her silky pussy clasping him tightly as he moved inside it.

“What, because I’m pregnant?” Mary-Ann asked, “This early on, no more than usual,” she replied, slowly blinking as she slowly set one heel after another up on the small of John’s back and lacing her fingers together behind his neck.

So he began to increase the speed and strength of his thrusts, experimenting with rhythm and depth until he found a combination of all factors that had her whimpering beneath him, her pleasure-hungry eyes peering at him from beneath furrowed brows. For a couple minutes he kept it up, pistoning inside her, sweat beading on his forehead as he watched Mary-Ann’s reactions: she finally gasped, her eyes wide, and shoved a hand between their bodies and rubbed her clit. Her orgasm burst within her, making her legs shake and a shuddering moan escape her throat.

John’s muscles were burning and his lungs heaving, so he slowed down to catch his breath, his objective achieved. The spell slowly passed, and Mary-Ann slowly returned to wakefulness.

“Wow, that was a big one,” she said, her breasts heaving as she breathed deep.

“Yesss that was hot as FUCK,” Rhonda breathed from next to them.

They both looked over and saw her frigging herself like there was no tomorrow, twin rivulets of pussy juice running down her legs.

“You should sit on my face…” Mary-Ann said to her wife, reaching toward her with one hand.

“Here,” John said, extracting his piston from her sopping cylinder, and backing up off the bed until he stood where he had been before mounting Mary-Ann, and pulled her to the edge of the bed.

Rhonda quickly knee walked over top of Mary-Ann’s face, facing John, and put her pussy in her mouth: slurping sounds were immediately heard. John sank his dick into Mary-Ann again, but didn’t make it more than a few strokes before-

“Ahh, AH, UNGGHHH,” Rhonda vocalized, her own climax quickly culminating under her wife’s care. Her body grew rigid and vibrated slightly, her chin lowered to her chest as the pleasure coursed through her. John leaned forward and lifted her head up, and saw the most vulnerable expression on Rhonda’s face, expressing love, lust, and release as she stared at him.

He kissed her and she whimpered into his mouth as she returned it. John kept one hand on Mary-Ann’s hip as he slow-fucked her, and brought the other hand to Rhonda’s breast and kneaded it while they kissed.

“Have I ever told you,” he murmured between kisses, “that I love your tits?”

“No, you haven’t” Rhonda said, breathing into his mouth.

More kisses, then, “Can I suck on them after I cum in your wife?”

She nodded breathlessly, “Yes, you can!”

From below, muffled, they heard, “I get his cum? Cool!”

Both Rhonda and John laughed at that. John used the stroking that worked for him, stimulating his organs to produce his seed. His face must have betrayed his impending climax, because Rhonda spoke at that moment, her own face slightly distracted because of her wife’s tongue in her pussy.

“Cum for me, John,” Rhonda said firmly as she leaned toward him, her face and chest flushed, “cum for us!”

John pushed all the way into Mary-Ann and came, grinding his crotch against hers in a primal attempt to get further into her. His eyes dropped away from Rhonda’s and closed as he orgasmed hard, shooting shot after shot of semen inside Mary-Ann.

“Ahhh… Oh! Ugh!” Mary-Ann grunted underneath Rhonda at each spasm as John laid bursts of his cum inside her pussy, which pooled outside her pregnant cervix.

Rhonda reached out and pulled John to her chest as his groans turned to deep breaths, his lips finding one of her nipples.

“Good boy,” Rhonda breathed, little zings zapping through her body as he suckled her breast. Her arms wrapped around him comfortingly as they rode out the post-orgasmic waves.

Mary-Ann wiggled her hips underneath John as he slowly pulled out of her, and Rhonda dismounted her wife’s face, which was streaked with fluids.

“Mmm, I missed that feeling,” Mary-Ann said, a glob of John’s semen leaking out of her. With a groan of effort she got up and cupped her hand to her crotch, waddling into the bathroom to avoid making a mess.

They cleaned themselves up in the bathroom and returned to the bedroom to get ready to go to sleep. John was awkward at first, he had never slept in bed with a woman before, much less two, and the wives noticed his apprehension.

“Hey don’t worry John, it’ll be cozy!” Mary-Ann said, turning back the covers and getting under them. She wore a nightie that was more negligee than sleepwear, making his dick twitch, even though he was well-spent.

“Yeah, you’ll have both of us to cuddle,” Rhonda offered, and ushered him into the middle of the bed. She wore only panties and a t-shirt to bed, which was just as hot to John as Mary-Ann’s negligee.

“You want me between you?” he asked, slowly sliding into the bed.

“We’ll give it a shot, see how it works,” Rhonda said, sliding in after him.

“Here,” Mary-Ann said, leaning close and planting a soft kiss on his lips, “have a good night, John!”

Rhonda kissed him too, and then leaned over him to kiss her wife, then turned out the lights. In the darkness, they both came close to him under the covers, entwining their limbs with his, experimenting, giggling like teenagers.

John felt quite welcome and comfortable, playing under the covers like a kid again, and drifted off to sleep with a smile.

“Well last time you seemed like you did.”

“I changed my mind.”

“Just like that? I hope it wasn’t because of me!”

“Well, yes it was! If we are both pregnant at the same time it’ll be that much more of a burden on us all, him included.”

“So you changed your mind about the whole thing just because we might be pregnant at the same time?”

An exasperated sigh came after that. John came slowly back to consciousness in the midst of these whispered voices, his eyes opening and closing several times before being able to focus.

“Who’s pregnant at the same time?” he asked sleepily as he rolled onto his back and propped himself up on his elbows. Rhonda and Mary-Ann stood at the foot of the bed, with serious expressions on their faces as they turned to look at him.

“Well,” Erotik hikaye Mary-Ann said pointedly, “I think I’ll go put some coffee on,” and quickly strode out of the room.

Rhonda opened her mouth as though to protest, but clamped it shut and sighed.

“What’s wrong?” John asked her.

Rhonda looked back at him, her expression neutral, then climbed back up the bed and sat near him with her legs crossed, her white t-shirt riding up to expose her white cotton panties covering her pussy.

“If we’re going to be dating, there are going to be some rules in the bedroom.”

John nodded, “Yeah, I’m not going to take you from behind, like you said last night.”

“There’s more,” Rhonda said, her eyes darting around, “no missionary, and none of that porno stuff that makes the woman submit. I’ve been the top in this house since we bought it, and just because I’m letting you penetrate me doesn’t mean you’re the ‘man of the house’.”

Her tone had become sharp, and John looked at her with alarm. Her expression immediately softened and she reached out to lay her hand on his arm.

“I’m sorry, John, I didn’t mean to snap at you. These are just things that are bugging me and I’m not about to be taken in directions that I don’t care to go, you know what I mean?”

John believed that she was bothered by the subject matter. He could only imagine what it was like to go from a completely lesbian lifestyle to allowing a man into the bedroom, and potentially into their life for good. He laid his hand over hers and smiled reassuringly.

“I get it Rhon, and I’ll abide by your boundaries. You have my word.”

She smiled with relief at his understanding, “Thank you.”

“I should lay down one boundary of my own though, something I’m not going to do.”

Her brow rose questioningly.

“You don’t get to put anything up my ass. It’s not my thing. Okay?”

Rhonda smiled again and nodded, “Okay you got it.”

John held out his hand for her to shake, and she took it, “It’s a deal.”

“There’s one last thing.”

John looked at her, patiently waiting for her to express herself as she fidgeted.

“I don’t want you to get me pregnant. It’s just going to be too much with a new boyfriend and a baby on the way, I want to be able to provide for us instead of being hobbled by my own body. Plus, I’m not sure about the whole baby-making thing as something for me.”

John nodded, her rushing words were sensible. Rhonda kept looking at him as though he would want to disagree with her. Finally she spoke again.

“No thoughts on the matter?”

He blinked, then spoke, “Well, given your feelings, it’s a good thing my first load didn’t work!”

She laughed out loud at that, her smile lighting up the room. John found that he loved it when serious Rhonda grinned and laughed.

“Yeah, I was unsure about it then, too. But my first time with a man had me a little distracted.”

“I could tell,” John said, “We’ll get it all sorted out. Isn’t that what dating is for?”

She nodded, “Yeah. I’m so glad you’re so understanding.”

John opened his arms in a hug invitation, and Rhonda closed the distance with a smile. They hugged, the promise of teamwork and affection being wordlessly shared.

What began innocently enough slowly morphed into something more. John had been attempting to hide his morning wood during all this, but when Rhonda bumped his rock-hard penis during their hug, the secret was out.

“Do you have a boner?” she asked him, her chin on his shoulder.

“Yes. Morning wood.” he replied.

“What?” Rhonda withdrew from the hug and looked at him closely.

“Guys get erections in the morning, we call it morning wood. You didn’t know that?”

Rhonda shook her head with an amused expression, “No I didn’t. It’s something that just happens?”

“Yup. Can’t do a thing about it. Well…”

John’s speech trailed off and he grasped his junk through the blanket over him, his face suggestive. Rhonda scoffed and rolled her eyes with humor.

“Didn’t we just talk about not getting me pregnant?”

“You don’t have to sit on it,” John said, moving back against the headboard, his dick poking through the front of his shorts, “You could blow me.”

Her eyes darted around nervously as she caught the concept and turned it around in her mind, before her eyes settled back at John, resolute.

“You know, I want to try that. I’ve never had a dick in my mouth,” she said, crawling over to where she could examine him close range while he got his shorts off, exposing his entire package for her perusal.

“You know, I don’t think I realized that your balls were this big,” Rhonda said with a slight fascination as she gently caressed his testicles.

“Plenty enough cum to go around,” John said with a smirk.

Rhonda peered up at him from beneath her eyebrows, her mouth smirking right back at him. She grasped his shaft, eyeing it up from base to tip, admiring its pulsing veins and silky skin.

Delicately she opened her mouth and placed his cock-head on her tongue and closed her lips around it, her tongue wetly feeling his contours. He sighed in pleasure at her actions as she drew him from between her lips, which stretched around his cock-head until it came free with a kissing sound.

“Mmm, nice,” she said, and sucked him into her mouth again, her teeth scraping against him on his way in.

“Uh, no teeth, please.” John said firmly.

Rhonda looked up at him with a sorrowful expression, her eyes locking with his as she sucked on his tool, keeping her jaws open as wide as she could. He was struck by her earnest demeanor as he watched her move her head on his reproductive organ.

“Coffee’s ready!” Mary-Ann said, poking her head into the bedroom. Her expression immediately flashed to one of surprise, then over to one of jealousy, then finally landing in coy playfulness as she saw what was transpiring.

Rhonda came off of John with a wet pop as his dick left her mouth, and looked around scandalized at her wif, her own spit streaking her ower face.

“Did you two even talk?” Mary-Ann asked, strolling into the room while letting her robe fall open, exposing the negligee she had worn to bed.

“Yes we did,” Rhonda said, before turning to her wife, “hey, is ‘morning wood’ a thing?”

Mary-Ann laughed and nodded, “Yes it is, what you thought he was trying to fool you?”

Rhonda gave John another sheepish look as he grinned, “I may have suspected it.”

“Well let’s make this quick, coffee is getting cold,” Mary-Ann said, throwing aside her robe and undoing key points of her nightwear to expose her sizable boobs. She knee-walked across the bed to sit beside John, pushing her boobs in his face.

“Oh, you’re too good to me,” John said, reaching up with one hand to palm one of her breasts, as he looked up into her smiling face.

The trio sank into their actions. Mary-Ann alternated between letting John play with her breasts and French-kissing him with passion, while Rhonda gave his dick her full attention, exploring it and his balls, licking up the sides and seeing how much she could mouth before she gagged. John succumbed to the influx of stimulation and floated on the now inescapable road to pleasure.

Finally he was pushed over the edge, and moaned into Mary-Ann’s right boob in the middle of suckling. She held him to her with both arms as he began to pant in orgasmic fervor. Rhonda realized that he was actually swelling in her mouth, and knew he was close to bursting, so she renewed sucking on him. His balls drew up against the base of his dick, to her surprise.

“Oh, uh, I’m, I’m-!” John said before groaning into Mary-Ann’s bosom.

In the millisecond before he groaned, hot fluid streaked out of him and into Rhonda’s mouth, drawn straight back and down her throat by her sucking actions. She was forced to swallow, with a stricken expression on her face, only to have her mouth filled by a second shot, which she dutifully swallowed. She had her hand on the shaft, jerking it while holding the head in her mouth, and could feel it flex strongly in her hand and against her tongue as he expended himself.

The most fervent sigh that Rhonda had ever heard left John’s mouth as he relaxed after his orgasm blew over. She gently released his still-pulsing member from her lips, allowing it to fall from her grasp as she swallowed the rest of his seed.

“I had forgotten, he tastes so good!” Rhonda gushed, feeling in the corners of her mouth for more that she had missed. Mary-Ann laughed and looked down at John, collapsed against the headboard.

“I think you found Rhonda a new hobby!” she said, caressing his tousled hair.

He nodded, still panting, “I’m good with it.”

Rhonda got up deftly and worked her jaw, still savoring his taste as she came over to sit beside him and her wife. As she sat down, she looked at his crotch.

“Uhm, why are you still hard?”

John looked up at her and smiled coyly before sliding a hand up her shirt, “I don’t know, why am I still hard?”

Mary-Ann giggled as Rhonda closed her eyes while John’s big hand closed over her breast, biting her lip as he pinched her nipple.

The coffee slowly cooled in the kitchen, untouched for another hour.

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