Starting a new job in a new town is always filled with anxiety but after being on this job for a week my whole life changed. Hiring me to do be the inside maintenance and handy man for a very exclusive set of condominiums on the golf club was quite a step up considering the hotel work I did previously. Not to mention that I had been told, in no uncertain terms, that this was my last chance in the corporation as my attitude toward authority had not endeared me to the powers that be. But the manager here had requested me personally and she explained that probation was not to be shrugged off, one complaint and I was out. Treading on eggshells as they say…

There was nothing unusual about the work order I got to fix a leak under a kitchen sink, until I knocked on the door.

The lady who answered the door was 7’ tall, well I was standing a step down on the stoop, but all I saw when she opened the door was the largest set of mammalian glands in my memory, looking me straight in the eye. They were loosely tied into a scarf-like top knotted between and covering very little of their mass. Slowly panning up, my eyes finally focused on the devilishly grinning face of a woman framed in a curly, shoulder length mass of red hair. I was speechless! What I really wanted to do was bury my face between her globes however all I could do was stand there with my mouth hanging open. She was really enjoying my discomfort as she moved her hands to her hips and gave one of those silent chuckles. As my eyes followed her hands past her bare midriff to the low riding pair of jean cutoffs that were cut so high and worn so tight that strands of red hair were visible at her crotch.

Since my uniform ( a nice summer polo shirt with the complex logo and my first name embroidered on the pocket, tucked into a pair of khaki side pocket shorts that I had turned up for comfort ) gave her a big clue as to who I was and why I was there.

She finally broke the spell by asking if I was there to fix the leak. Nodding my head with an inaudible “yes” she turned and told me to follow her to the kitchen. Not a problem! She really did stand near 6’ tall and towered over my 5 1/2 feet wearing clear plastic high heeled open toed sandals. Her condo kitchen was on the smallish side and she purposely bent from the waist to open the doors of the sink cabinet sticking her rear right into my crotch. She feigned an excuse but the expression on her face looking up at me showed the delight in my expanding discomfort. After pointing out the little pool of water she stood up and swung around mashing her chest into mine before backing up to let me inspect the problem. I set my tools down and started to crawl into the cabinet when she asked if I didn’t want to take off my nice new shirt so it would not get all wet and dirty. God was she playing me like a fiddle.

She told me her name was Amanda but everyone just called her Red. Full figured in the Jane Russell style would best describe her very well proportioned fortyish body. Long perfect legs like ivory columns filled my view as her hand reached out for the shirt I was about to lay on the floor. As I crawled under the sink, on my back, Red stood right beside me. She stood in front of the sink with her leg against me asking if I wanted her to turn on the water.

“OK”, I said.

Beads of water oozing around the flange nut easily indicated the leak, but my attention was glued to the view of her lower torso through the cabinet door. None of the other residents had put on an erotic display like the one I was viewing…and it was definitely getting my full attention.

Telling her that I found the problem, she turned off the water moving in such a way that caused her bare ankle to rub against my leg. Jolts of nervous electricity shot through my body causing me to instinctively jerk away from

her touch. I am sure that I heard her giggle.

To fix the leak, I had to roll over on my back again to reach up and tighten the trap nut, which brought our skin back into contact. The result of this touch and the way she kept moving was causing my entire body to become stimulated. Instantly obvious was the growing bulge in my shorts. To say I was mortified does not begin to describe my emotions. Crawling completely under the sink or rolling over on my stomach were not options, and the more we touched and the more I tried to make my growing erection go away the worse it became.

“Do you always have this kind of reaction to working on sinks?” she asked as she raised her foot and

lightly tapped my obvious bulge with the sole of her shoe.

This took me so completely by surprise that I pulled the curved pipe completely loose spilling the trapped water all over myself, a few drops of which landed on her foot. As I quickly extricated myself from under the cabinet my shorts rode up even higher causing my now full boner to push out the bottom of my jockeys. I am now laying on the floor, on my back, looking up at this woman who is towering over me trying to figure out wether to get mad, or scared, or what when she drops a Betturkey dish towel on me telling me to use it to dry off. Holding her foot over my chest she asks me to wipe the drop of water from her foot.

Carefully dabbing the droplets from a very shapely foot my anxiety level went off the scale. Sensing my discomfort and obvious attraction to her attention as I touched the towel to her foot it dropped to my chest. Slowly she let her foot drift down my stomach. Looking up at her, I could see her eyes follow her foot as it approached my shorts. Lifting her foot from my abdomen and bringing it down on my thigh, just at the tip of my now throbbing cock. Then she looked me straight in the eye and tapped the tip of my now exposed and aching erection.

“Do you always put on this kind of show?” she asked.

Immediately reaching to rearrange myself my hand was blocked by her foot.

“Don’t even think about covering up such a marvelous sight” she went on “I love it when a man shows his feelings in such a graphic manner”. “Now what I want you to do so that I do not have to call the management is to slip off those wet shorts and briefs so that I can put them in my dryer while you clean up this mess and fix my leak” her voice calm, yet very firm. Hesitating in complete shock, her heel dug into my thigh asking what I did not understand. “Are you going to strip so that I can really enjoy watching you fix this situation” her hand reaching for the phone on the wall “or do I call your boss?” Removing her foot from my leg and resting her butt on the edge of the counter she started to push a button on the phone as I quickly undid my belt and button pushing my shorts and briefs down rapidly. “That’s better” she announced, as my cock sprang up in salute.

Grabbing my clothes as they cleared my feet she left for the dryer without another word. I am left sitting on her kitchen floor wearing only sneakers and socks trying to figure out what I could possibly have done to get in this situation. Returning in less than a minute she was again standing over me, hands on hips, silently gloating at my discomfort. Again her foot came up as I watched in seeming slow motion the toe slide under and lifted the towel level with my face. When I grabbed the towel my body wanted to roll over to hide my aching hardness but again she stopped me telling me not to spoil her show.

“Are you married?” she asked, once again leaning back against the counter.

Answering her questions in rapid succession, no, not married; yes I have a small place here in the compound that comes with the job; no, I haven’t been here long enough to find a girl friend – which got all the mess cleaned up.

Fortunately, I had not broken the pipe, just pulled the joint apart; so it was just a matter of reassembly and tightening but my heart was racing so badly causing my hands to fumble with every piece. Red very lightly placed her foot on my errant pole asking with a chuckle if there was anything she could do to help. My body froze as her shoe slid up and down my shaft ever so lightly.

“Your not working” she chided, “does that mean you like my help?” “Maybe this will be better “ as she dug the heel of that plastic shoe into my chest so that her foot could slip out of the strap, leaving the shoe laying on my heaving stomach as her long bare toes went back to work on my cock.

My world was literally spinning as all the visual and physical-stimulating sensations whirled around in my head. That pressure indicating an impending eruption from my cock was making itself felt. Then she stopped. Slipping her foot back into her shoe she placed both feet on the floor and once again reached for the phone. My heart stopped and my breathing ceased as her fingers punched in a number. Nudging me with her foot and tilting her head toward the sink indicating I should get back to finish my job I heard her ask for my boss. God, how I wanted to jump up and grab that phone out of her hand. When she came on Red explained to her what a great job I was doing and was it all right if I did a couple of other small jobs for her while at her place.

“She says your mine as long as I need you” Her voice giggling as she hung up the phone, “and I like knowing you are all mine!” “Now finish fixing that pipe so I can play with you some more” she ordered.

Sitting on the edge of the counter her foot continued to tap my shaft bouncing it up and down while I tried as hard as I could to reassemble the trap… Finally tightening the last joint I started to slide out when her foot went to my chest again telling me to stay in there while she turned on the water again for a test. Never in my life have I felt so utterly out of control, so sexually excited, and so anxious about my next move as I was at that moment. Satisfied that the fix was a success she told me to stay where I was while she rewarded my work.

With that off came her shoes so those toes could envelop my pressure filled shaft and with several quick strokes she had me gushing cum all over Betturkey Giriş my stomach and chest. “Now you can come out” she ordered again, not moving from her perch on the counter. Don’t you want to kiss the feet that just brought you such pleasure?” she asked as my face was now directly under her soles. Not even believing my actions I put my lips on the bottom of her foot and starting kissing for all it was worth. When she was satisfied with the first, she brought the other to my mouth and I repeated the homage. Trust me when I say that I have never been, dreamed, thought, imagined, or fantasized about such behavior in my life. This was never part of my game plan. Being in control and directing my desires had always been part of the regimen. But now here I was kissing the feet of a woman at least ten years my senior, that I had not known an hour ago, acting in a fashion I had never experienced, and I think liking it, and hating liking it all at the same time. The fact that I was not only acceding to her wishes but doing it without argument or discussion was mind boggling.

Dropping another towel in my lap she stepped off the counter and walked out of the kitchen telling me to clean up, take off my shoes and socks and to bring her shoes into the living room. And I did, like I was in a trance. Completely mesmerized by this woman’s captivating actions my body followed her to a bar at the far end of the room where she slid onto a barstool, pointed to the floor telling me to put her shoes there and pour her a white wine from the bottle in the bar cooler. And I did. When I handed her the wine she told me to drink a glass of water. And I did. Trying to regain my composure as the liquid ran down my throat was short lived. Red beckoned me to a spot on the floor in front of the barstool.

“You’ll be more comfortable on your knees,” she said.

Sinking to my knees my eyes fixed on her lips as she started to tell me about her deceased husband who had been 15 years her senior and how she had learned to control him. Seeing how excited her body had gotten me brought back all of those feelings. Telling me how totally turned on she was by all this was not really necessary as the darkness of her denim shorts at her crotch gave away her excitement.

Placing a foot on each of my shoulders Red started to verbally think through how our situation was going to resolve itself. Totally startled by the next order “Stick out your tongue” “Oh my yes that will do nicely,” she said as her toe touched and ran its length. Placing her feet on the floor after a few strokes of my cock she told me to unfasten and remove her shorts. Standing directly over me as my hands fumbled at the button and zipper she laughed at my nervousness telling me I had just stumbled into a situation that I would come to love. With her legs spread the job of getting the shorts down her legs was purposefully difficult. Finally stepping over me giving my cock another good bounce the shorts slid down her legs as she stepped out of them and on me again.

Resting her firm derriere on the edge of the barstool, her legs straddled my head coming to rest on my shoulders. Bending forward her hand reached behind my head pulling me toward that moist, fragrant valley framed in an abundance of red hair. Here was a task that I knew how to handle, and I did.

Her climax came quickly and very quietly. Sensing her stomach muscles quivering while her breathing became deeper and faster until those marvelous thighs clamped my head in a vise-like grip. It was her elbows firmly resting on the bar that kept her from falling on me as her head rolled back while the muscles of her abdomen ceased their spasmodic contractions. Trying to look past those large heaving breasts I saw her head finally roll forward as her legs squeezed even tighter. The green of her eyes glowed as they began to refocus on mine.

“Did I hurt you?” she asked almost apologetically as her legs instantly relaxed their grip on my head.

Saying that I was fine, we held that position for what seemed like forever just staring at each other while our minds were busy trying to sort the feelings being shared into proper prospective.

After a few moments rest she started issuing orders at a fairly rapid rate. While undoing her top she tossed it to me telling me to put those in the laundry basket in the dressing room and bring her a robe from the bathroom door and also to wipe myself clean with a washcloth on the way.

Returning from this mission I stood and with the robe clinched in my hand held it out for her to take… With just a look of sternness from those intense eyes I was instantly aware that something was wrong. It took just a few seconds for me to realize that I was to help her on with the robe, which I did… As she was tying the belt her glance and head movement indicated that she wanted me in front of her again on my knees…

Now that my cock was no longer aching and standing at attention and my nudity was causing less embarrassment, I was almost ready to rebel. Sensing this, her foot went straight for my cock.

“Frank (my name from the shirt)” she said. “Was there some part of what just occurred that you did not enjoy?” And as I started to formulate a response she went on “You have never let a woman control you before have you?”

Her foot had now brought my flagging member back on the road to attention.

“And now you are wanting to regain control of this situation, Right?” her soft voice almost dripping with honey as she dropped her foot to the floor and stood right in front of me…

My mind was spinning, how could she know what I was thinking before the thought came to me? , not to mention that once she touched me the need for control was rapidly decreasing.

Putting her hands on my shoulders, with just a slight pressure I went down to my knees.

“You have a pager on your tool belt, right”? she asked. I dumbly nodded. “And I can page you at any time, right?” Again I nodded.

Tilting her head and with a look that did not really focus it was evident that she was formulating a plan… Resting back on the barstool she brought one foot up to my shoulder and crossed the other leg so her foot was brushing the side of my head. Her robe fell away to reveal legs that looked a mile long from my vantage point. Our silence was deafening. My head instinctively rolled toward her foot and pushed against the soft skin of her instep. Our eyes were looking at each other but she seemed to be looking through me. Finally she uncrossed the one leg bringing the foot across my face, pushing against my nose, then down hard on my chin, pushing a little harder forcing my head back. Reaching back my hands fell to the carpet keeping me from falling over.

“Now I really like that position” she said resting her feet on my chest.
“That’s it” pausing and thinking, she said “ when I page you, come here as fast as you can, let yourself in with your pass key; you do have a pass key?” she paused. I nodded. “Drop your clothes at the door and present yourself just as you are in this very spot.”

Once again she started playing with my cock which seemed unflagable during this discourse.

Now she asked “Frank, would you like to be my sex slave, my plaything, and be treated as you have been today until we can figure out our exact rolls?” “You will do everything I say, with no argument, and treat me as you would a queen.”

My mind was reeling. Nearing another orgasm and looking up at the face that could belong to a queen, but wanting to run for my life and get back in control, yet loving every touch, every feeling, and knowing that up to this point in my life I have never had these kinds of feelings . Exploding with an orgasm greater than the first, my cock answered her question. Silently, I think as a test, she raised her cum covered foot up toward my head. Reaching out with my hand I brought it to my mouth and licked and sucked and kissed all the cloudy liquid away from her skin…

These feet were going to rule my life. Lying beneath this gorgeous woman caused sensations within me that I never knew were possible. Beating so hard that its rhythmical throbbings were almost audible, my heart gave away my true feelings.

Still my inner self wanted to know how all this was happening, but my straining cock and satiated sex drive left no doubt that this was not a situation from which to turn away. Rapidly agreeing to all her terms, she reached down and pulled me to my feet and hugged me so tight that air was forced from my lungs. Grabbing my cock she pulled me to the bedroom, literally throwing me on the bed and mounting me in one smooth controlled motion. Urging me not to cum, she rode me like a horse at full gallop. Knowing that she was having orgasm upon orgasm I bucked and moved to her rhythm. When she slowed, usually only to catch her breath, my motions stopped. Slowly she would start moving up, down, back and forth, accelerating with each motion until her climax would cause a tenseness, ceasing in contractions that sometimes caused me concern about how much pressure my cock could endure before being squeezed in half.

Pulling down on her breasts as I thrust upwards with her hands holding mine firmly in place her final orgasm must have alerted the entire complex as to the nature and magnitude of our tryst. Shouting at me and beating upon my chest for me to come, I did, with a force I have never felt in my life. She collapsed in my arms. Our chests were heaving against themselves. Our mouths gaping for air closed on each other with complete abandon.

Once we returned to near normalcy she pulled off and away from me with the kind of expression that says ‘who are you and why are we here’ .. Setting me straight she explained that this was not to be expected as a normal part of our new pact. Blowing it off as a reaction to the moment and her long period of abstinence she ordered me to follow her to the shower. Having me kneel in the tub so that I could soap and scrub every inch of her fair freckled skin, she directed each of my movements until she was totally relaxed and glowing. Telling me to rinse off and towel her dry, she stepped out of the tub. Laying on my back against the cold tile floor drying the bottoms of those talented toes she told me that she had work to do and for me to dress, leave and await a page.

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