Red Lake


“You missed the turn stupid,” Jill said to her baby brother as they sped down the tiny road in the mountains.

“Hey, this is the reason I didn’t want to drive up here with you,” he snapped back. He had just finished his sophomore year at State and was hoping for some relaxation.

“Sorry, if my husband could have gotten off early I could have come up with him.”

“So, he is coming up tomorrow with Janie and her boyfriend what’s his name.”

“Mark,” Jill said looking for the road s they drove back. “There it is.”

James turned sharply which tossed his twenty-five year old sister hard against the door next to her. “Hey.”

“Shut up,” he growled. For the remainder of the trip they remained quiet so they wouldn’t fight as usual.

“Wow look at that,” Jill said as hey drove down the dirt road to the small cabin. “The lake is on fire.”

“It’s the sun,” James said ready to get out of the car and get away from her. He braked in front of the cabin tossing her into the dashboard.

“You asshole,” she said as he moved out of the car and grabbed his bag from the backseat. She pushed back and looked at the lake again. The red glow was still there but the sun was long gone. “What is that?”

James tossed his bag on the large bed in the large bedroom. Since he was first he figured he got it. A few seconds later he saw his sister grab it from the bed and toss it out into the large room.


“This is my room. I’m the oldest.”

James shook his head and moved out without fighting. Thirty minutes later she walked out wearing her one piece bathing suit. “I’m going for a dip before it gets too dark.”

“Whatever,” he said without looking at her. He was tired from the long drive and drifted off to sleep.

Jill moved slowly into the water that still had a red glow. She looked up at the sky and saw the full moon and smiled. “It must be you old man in the moon.”

It was an hour later when she walked back into the cabin. Her body was alive and tingly as she noticed that her brother had gone to his bedroom and had shut the door. She wanted to get along with him but they had always fought from an early age. After closing her door she pulled off the swim suit and saw how hard her nipples were.

James was drifting in and out of sleep as he thought about his girlfriend at college. She was spending the summer with her parents in Europe so he figured his sex life was taking a long break. He heard the sounds of the wild forest outside and fell back asleep. He didn’t know how long he was out when he heard a squeaking sound. It went away so he closed his eyes. He thought he was dreaming when he felt something brush over his boxers. The dream became better because his soft cock was pulled out and then he felt hot wet lips circle it.

“Ummm Amy,” he moaned as he thought about his girlfriend. His shaft was rock hard as the dream mouth worked magic. It was so much better than Amy’s regular attempt at oral sex. His head rolled side to side until the lips moved away. He felt nothing until a few seconds later when he dreamed that she was climbing on top of him and pushing her hot wet pussy down onto his seven inch hard-on.

James realized that it wasn’t a dream when he heard her moaning and the bed slapping against the wall. His eyes peeked out and he saw the figure straddling his hips.

“Oh shit,” he groaned. It was the best feeling pussy he had ever fucked. He reached up to cup her nice round titties and then pulled her face down into the moonlight coming through the window. “JILL!”

“Please…..fuck me,” his sister moaned with closed eyes as she rapidly rose and fell on his hard cock. “I got to have it.”

James knew that he should stop this madness but his cock wouldn’t let him. He caressed her tits again and played with her hard tips.

Jill squeezed him from inside as she lifted and fell. Her body was hot and steaming and her need for him was something she had never felt before.

“OH GOD I’M CUMING!” She cried.

James too let loose his dammed up spunk deep inside of her hot oven. “AHHH!”

She rolled off of him and without looking at him and walked back to her bedroom.

“What the fuck just happened.”


Jill had a headache when she awoke the next morning. She rolled over and discovered that she was lying naked on the bed.

“Oh my.” She looked at the bedroom door half open and looked out to see James sitting at the kitchen table eating a bagel.

“You asshole,” she whispered as she pulled on her robe and stormed out.

James had a mouthful of bagel when his sister smacked him hard against his head. He quickly brought up his hand to block the next slap. “What the fuck?”


“STOP IT!” he said as he grabbed both of her wrists. “ARE YOU CRAZY?” He looked down as her robe opened and he saw her neatly trimmed pussy.

Jill looked down too. “I can’t believe that you came into my bedroom and undressed me.”

“I didn’t,” he snapped back. “You’re the one gaziantep ofise gelen escort who came into my bedroom last night and fucked me.”

“You’re going to jail,” she gasped as she jerked her hands away and felt the cum seeping from her sex. She ran back into her bedroom and closed the door.

He knocked. “Jill let me in.”

“So you can fuck your sister again?” She cried.

“Jill I swear it was you who came to my bed.”

Jill closed her eyes and started to remember. “OH GOD I DID.”

James heard her and opened the door. He moved next to her on the bed and put his arm around her. “Are you OK?”

“NO,” she cried. “I remember going into your bedroom and…”

“Calm down,” he whispered. “Remember when you used to sleepwalk when you were little?”

“I did..didn’t I? She fell back on the bed and covered her eyes with her forearm. “You can’t tell anyone.”

“Don’t worry,” he said turning to her and seeing the robe open and her right breast out in the open. “Who am I going to tell?”

Jill looked over at him and then at her bare breast. “I gave you a blowjob too didn’t I?”

He smiled and nodded. “It was good.”

“I’ve only been with Gary,” she said turning towards him not caring that the robe fell to the side exposing her moist pussy. “You are a lot bigger than him and I’m still a little sore.”

For the first time in a long time James smiled at his sister. Their eyes locked and then both moved their heads closer and closer until their lips touched and their eyes closed.

Jill realized that the heat that she had felt last night was still there but not as strong. As their tongues meshed she reached down and pressed into his cotton shorts.

“Ah fuck,” James moaned when she reached underneath and freed his hard shaft. He looked into her eyes and saw something different. They had a red glow.

“I’ve never been this hot before,” she said before leaning down and once again sucked in his swollen crown.

He pulled her robe from her shoulders and her head up from his cock. “Let me.”

Jill closed her eyes and felt his lips on her nipple. She reached for his cock but he moved back. “PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME.”

James worked on her breasts and then kissed down over her navel and then into her dripping pussy. He knew that it was covered with his cum but didn’t care as he suckled and licked her raised clitoris.


James laughed and pushed her back again but this time crawled between her opened legs and pushed his prick deeply into her depths. “Is this what you want?”


He knew that she was not sleepwalking now as she begged for more. He sucked on her earlobe as he pounded and pounded her opened moist lips.

“OH JAMES!” She cried when her body once again was ready to explode. Her mind was wide awake now when she climaxed.




Jill again fell asleep from the energy she had used. Again she woke up naked but this time remembered everything. She smiled and reached down and felt cum dripping from her satisfied gash.

James was making his bed when he felt her arms go around him. He felt her soft breasts and knew that she was naked. “Uh…you better get dressed. They will be here soon.”

“Don’t we have time to do it again?” She whispered. She pushed again into his covered crotch.

“No,” he answered while turning. “What is up with you?”

“Umm…I’m horny,” she giggled. They heard a car coming down the mountain and then a horn.

“SHIT….HURRY AND GET DRESSED,” he pushed her out of his bedroom and into hers. He closed the door and sat on the sofa with his legs crossed hoping his cock would go down.


Gary tried to keep his eyes on the road but sometimes he peeked next to him at his young sister-in-law’s perky titties and short denim skirt. He was glad that her boyfriend Mark couldn’t make it because he had her attention all the way.

“What is there to do at the cabin?” she asked for the twentieth time. “I’m going to be so bored.”

Janie popped her gum and leaned back listening to her IPOD. She knew that her brother-in-law was checking out her body and decide a while ago to tease him.

“I’m hot,” she said as she pushed her feet up onto the dash board and watched as her skirt tumbled down her tanned thighs. She closed her eyes but not before she saw that the crotch of her red thong was now visible.

Gary saw her eyes closed and leaned forward for a closer look. He saw the tiny blonde pubic hairs escaping from under the tiny red triangle and then felt the SUV leave the room.

“SHIT!” He looked up in time to pull it back on the road.

“You better keep your eyes on the road,” she giggled as she put her legs down and pushed down her skirt.

“You little tease,” he thought as she turned away from him and leaned forward.

“Oh Shit,” gaziantep öğrenci escort he whispered when her shirt came up and her thong straps again appeared. He stepped on the gas to get to the cabin before he killed both of them.

“THERE IT IS!” Janie yelled when she saw the cabin. They sped down the hill and she reached over to honk the horn. “WE’RE HERE!”

They stopped and hopped out. Gary grabbed their bags as Janie ran into the cabin. “JAMES!” She saw her older brother and jumped into his arms.

James laughed and hugged her to him. He had not seen her for a while since she was away at her girlfriend’s condo when he returned from college. “Hi cute little sis.” He kissed her cheek and felt the strap of her thong as he held her to him.

“I’m eighteen now,” she said as she pushed back. “I’m legal.”

He laughed. “You’ll always be a baby to me.”

“You’re only two years older than me,” she giggled. “Where is Jill?”

“ the bedroom I think,” he said looking disinterested. Gary came through the opened door.

“How long did you pack for?” He asked Janie putting down the heavy bag.

“I like to have fresh clothes,” she said picking up the bag with two hands. “Where is my bedroom?”

“Sorry but you don’t have one,” James laughed. “The youngest always sleeps on the sofa.”

“OK,” she grinned as she jumped on the sofa. She bounced up and as she landed her skirt popped up showing her red panties again.

James quickly looked away. “HEY JILL! YOUR HUSBAND IS HERE!” He heard the door open and looked up hoping she would not walk out naked.

Jill stepped out in jeans and a long sleeve tee shirt. “Hi honey.” She moved to him and lightly pecked his cheek.

“I’m not getting married,” Janie said.

“Why not?” James asked.

“If married people kiss like that I’m not interested.”

Gary laughed. “We kiss differently in private. Right dear?”

“What? Sure honey whatever you say.” She looked at James and winked.

Janie jumped up. “I want to go swimming.” She looked at them and jerked up her tee shirt over her matching red satin bra.

“Jesus Janie,” James said as he reached over and stopped the shirt at her head. “What are you doing?”

“We’re all family right?” she giggled. She had teased poor Gary so much he again was speechless.

“Yes but you need to use my bedroom to get dressed.”

“OK,” she giggled. “But somebody will have to go swimming with me.”

“I will,” Gary said quickly as he watched the teenager go into the bedroom. He picked up his bag and moved into the bedroom that Jill came out of. When the door close Jill moved up to James.

“Good then we can be alone again,” her finger darted down to his shorts and then under them until they found his soft penis.

He quickly jerked her hand out. “Are you nuts?” He whispered.

“Yes, I’m crazy,” she giggled. She reached again but this time he jumped back.


Janie pushed off her skirt and thong at the same time and fluffed up her flattened blonde pubic mound. She rubbed over her little clitty and smiled. She had given her inexperienced boyfriend her cherry on her eighteenth birthday but it was not as good as she had expected. When he backed out coming to the lake she was disappointed because she wanted to fuck again and again until they got it right. She pulled the tiny bikini bottom on and then switched the red bra with a tiny bikini bra. Since she was going to swim with Gary she figured she might as well have more fun teasing him.

Gary quickly undressed and put on his baggiest swim trunks. He was still slightly hard from Janie’s teasing and didn’t want his wife to know. “Are you two going in?” He asked when he walked back into the big room.

“No, we are staying here,” Jill quickly answered.

“Tell Janie I’ll be in the water.” He moved out as Janie walked into the room.

“Jesus Janie,” James gasped when he saw her nearly naked body. “Why don’t you go naked?”

“Can I?” she giggled as she turned to show her brother and sister her bare butt with a white strap parting the cheeks. “Where is Gary?”

“In the lake waiting for you?” Jill said as she almost pushed her sister out the door.


Gary stood by the water and noticed the red glow. He looked to see where it started from and then saw the white boat out in the middle of the lake. A man was reaching over the side with a large beaker. “I wonder what that is all about.” He said out loud.

“What?” Janie asked as she walked up to her handsome muscular brother-in-law.

“That man on the boat was taking a sample of the water.”

“They must have to do it periodically. Well let’s go in. We are not going to drink it,” Janie giggled. She pulled his hand until they splashed down in the three feet deep surf.

Janie had tied the top loosely so when she surfaced she felt the cups drop down from her tiny titties. She giggled when Gary’s face emerged oğuzeli escort and his eyes saw her little treasures.

“Come on let’s swim up shore.” She pulled her cups back up and turned to dive into the deeper water. Seconds later Gary swam after her looking at the cute little butt.


Jill turned from the window. “They are gone,” she grinned.

“What are you doing?” he asked as she dropped to her knees in front of him.

“You know,” she giggled as she pulled down his shorts and boxers at the same time.

James peeked at his kid sister swimming away from Gary. “Kept him busy sis,” he laughed. He looked down as Jill took all of this length and then slowly withdrew it before taking it all again. He looked into her eyes seeing the red glow again. Back and forth her mouth moved as they looked at each other. Just before he was ready to cum he saw the red start to fade. When it was gone she looked at him and at the dick pushing into her throat. “OH GOD!”

James was as shocked as she looked. “What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? I…shouldn’t be doing…….THIS!”

Jill jumped up and looked around. “Is Gary here?”

“He’s swimming with Janie.” James said quickly pushing his hard-on back under his shorts. “Are you OK?”

“What did we just do?”

She was freaking him out now. “You don’t remember.”

“No……I mean I remember having it…it in my mouth. Oh God James.” She turned and ran into the bedroom.

“What the fuck is going on?” He asked out loud. He moved out of the cabin and decided to take a walk up the side of the lake.


“Janie, where are you?” Gary asked as he swam about a large log sticking out into the lake. The water became shallow so he stood up and looked around.

“HERE!” She giggled before jumping onto his back and wrapping her thin legs around his waist.

Gary laughed and reached back to pull her off. He grabbed onto her little butt and squeezed.

“Are you being bad again?” She giggled. Her body was now tingling in excitement.

“You’re a little teaser. Aren’t you?” He laughed. He grabbed onto her right leg and twisted it and her around until she was facing him with her legs around his back. He heard her laughing and glanced up into her face. He saw the redness in her eyes just before her opened mouth searched and found his. Gary was shocked as she pushed her thin tiny tongue all around his lips and into his teeth. His hands again cupped her butt cheeks as he lowered them down against his hard-on. She pulled her lips away.

“I’m not teasing. I want you to fuck me,” she moaned. With her left hand around his neck to hold on to she reached her right hand down under his trunks until she cupped the thick crown of his bare cock. “Geez….it’s fucking big.”

Gary’s brain said to push her away but his hard cock took over. He walked with her squeezing his knob to the shore and gently dropped her down on the sandy beach. As she dropped down her fingers pulled down his trunks until his hard six inch cock pointed outward.

“Is this what you want?” He laughed figuring she would stop it at any moment.

She laughed. “Yes…..I want it here.” She let go of his trunks and jerked down her bikini bottoms. “RIGHT HERE!” She kicked aside the tiny triangle and rubbed down into her small but very damp pink slit.

“Janie…..we can’t,” he managed to say as she pulled down hard on his cock. He stumbled forward and caught himself until he was suspended above her body. Again she pulled down until the tip of his cock pressed into her blonde hairy pussy. “Janie…..OH GOD!”

Janie had to have it. Her body was on fire and needed him to fuck her. Her pussy lifted until it entered her and then she felt his weight dropping until he was fully inside. It hurt some but she didn’t care. “FUCK ME DAMMIT!”


James walked slowly trying to figure out what the hell was happening with Jill. The sun was going down and he looked out over the lake seeing the red glow again. When he was very young he remembered the lake used to be named Crater Lake but he didn’t know when and why they had changed it. He stopped and started to turn around and walk back to the cabin when he heard his younger sister laughing. He headed towards the sounds and then heard Gary “Janie……..OH GOD!”

“Shit, she must be drowning,” James thought as he ran down the narrow path. He was about to burst out onto the small beach when he heard her cry, “FUCK ME DAMMIT!”

“Oh my GOD!” James said softly when he peeked through the bushes and saw their naked bodies twisted together. It was very apparent that Gary was fucking Janie and she was begging for it. He thought about breaking it up but realized that he had done the same thing to Gary’s wife and his sister.


“GIVE IT TO ME!” Janie demanded. Her pussy was wrapped tightly around his thick shaft. “YES……YES…….YES!”

Gary had never fucked Jill this hard before and held onto her ass and he pushed and pulled this salami in and out.

“I’M……GOING TO……CUM!” Janie screamed.

“DO IT” Gary laughed. After all the teasing this little Minx did to him on the drive up he figured this was payback for his suffering.

“AHHH!” She yelled feeling his hot spunk exploded deep inside of her tight hole.

Gary looked into her passion filled crimson eyes and saw the redness dim as she quietly collapsed. “Are you OK?”

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