Rachel Finds Her Father


Mom was worried, but she understood that I needed to meet my father. Even though he had never been a part of my life, I had always felt a longing for him and that had only intensified over the past couple of years. I would be turning 21 in a few months and it was time I had my dad in my life.

“Oh Rachel,” Mom sighed. “Your father is a very private man. He was always very good to me and I never stopped loving him, but please don’t get your hopes up.”

“I know Mom, you’ve told me this already,” I said as I placed my overnight bag into my car. “I don’t know why, but I need him. He’s my father after all.”

My dad had always craved solitude, but back in the day he was prepared to share his life with Mom so long as she agreed to go and live with him in some remote part of the country on land he inherited when he was younger. My parents were only in their first year at college when they met and Mom felt she was far too young to settle down and cut herself off from the rest of the world, while that was all Dad had ever wanted. It was difficult, but they reluctantly agreed to split up. Only after Dad dropped out of college and moved away did Mom discover he’d left her a little present – me.

It took Mom a few years to track Dad down, but when she did she’d discovered he was living in the desert where he ran a small garage. Mom still wasn’t prepared to go and live with him and he wasn’t prepared to move back to the city so they never got back together again, although I suspect they hooked up a few times. The important thing was that Dad started sending Mom money every month and a lot of that went towards supporting me all through high school. I had no idea about any of this until a few days ago when I asked Mom about him and she felt it was time to tell me the truth. I wasn’t angry with her, but I also wasn’t going to let her stop me from going to him.

“Just be careful Rachel. You’ll be out there on your own… I mean… Rachel honey, do you really need to dress like that?”

I was wearing a tight dark green t-shirt and my cut-off denim shorts. I’ve had these shorts for a few years now so I admit they were pretty snug and didn’t completely cover my ass anymore. But I like the way they looked sitting on top of my nice toned legs. And at least I was wearing a bra, which I sometimes don’t bother about since I’m only a small B-cup. I was also wearing a cute little pair of white tennis shoes and a headband for my long blonde hair, to keep out of my blue eyes while I drove. My stoner ex-boyfriend once said I looked like a petite and slutty version of Taylor Swift. He was an idiot, although I kind of liked being described like that (without the slutty bit!)

“Mom, it’s super hot, I’m not going to change.”

“Just… Rachel… Just be careful around your father okay?”

“Mom, what do you mean?”

“Your father can be a very persuasive man when he wants something. He can be very hard to resist. I should know.”

A shiver went down my spine, but I pretended not to understand. What I haven’t told Mom is that I’ve started having strange thoughts about my father. I’ve only got some photos of him from when he was at college, but he was a seriously hot guy back then – intense eyes, messy bedroom hair, a strong mouth, and tall. In this one photo he was wearing ridiculously tight jeans that revealed the outline of some impressive equipment that he used to use on my mother to bring me into the world. It’s not that I’m into incest or anything freaky like that, but I would love to see my father’s cock at least once and maybe even…

“I’ll be fine Mom,” I say snapping back into reality and licking my lips.

I climbed into my car and wound down the window to say goodbye. Mom had started tearing up and joked that she’d need me to fix her makeup. I laughed and told her I wasn’t at work right now and drove off. I have Dad to thank for sending money that enabled me to study at an elite beauty college right after school. At the moment I was mainly doing small jobs like bridal makeup, but once I graduate I hope to work in film and TV.

Before too long I was on the state highway, the first milestone in my long journey to get to where my Dad lives – or at least where Mom thinks he still lives. I didn’t want to freak her out, but I was a bit worried that her directions weren’t that clear and could be out-of-date. I took my mind off the fact I may soon be lost in the desert by thinking about some of the weddings I’d worked at recently, and how much I envied the relationship so many girls have with their fathers.

There is a real intimacy that often comes to the surface on wedding days. I guess older men realize right when they are about to walk their daughters down the aisle just how much they love their girls. And often because I’m just the makeup person, the brides and fathers forget I’m even there. I’ve seen dads and daughters kissing, touching each other and sometimes even more. Only recently I had to do a girl’s makeup almost from scratch because she’d given her father a blowjob and got his cum all over her face and breasts. That night after I got home I masturbated so hard thinking about gaziantep minyon escort her and her dad. In fact, just thinking about them now makes me want to rub my pussy through my denim shorts… No Rachel, focus on the road!

And I did focus on the road, only stopping once to fill up the car, get something to eat, and pee. The whole time I was out of the car going about my business I was aware of men staring at my tits and ass, and I became aware of just how little I was wearing. The wandering eyes got me super horny and I wondered how my father would react when I showed up.

The day was getting hotter and hotter, and after driving for another two hours I discovered that my GPS had cut out. After glancing at my phone I saw it wasn’t getting a signal anymore either. As my car struggled up a large hill a warning light began flashing on my display panel and steam started coming out from the car hood. At the top of the hill, my car stopped altogether and wouldn’t start again. Fuck.

I got out of my car and looked around. Nothing. I was in the middle of nowhere with a useless phone and GPS device. This was like some cheesy horror movie, but I was really starting to get worried. After half an hour of hoping another car would show up I started to get mad that my father chose to live so far away from civilization. Who the hell does he think he is? An hour later, I started to get scared and began to cry. The sun was setting, the car still hadn’t cooled down and I didn’t have much water left.

I then saw a light come on in the distance, at the bottom of the hill. There was a small building down there that I hadn’t noticed in the daylight. I laughed, jumped back in the car and took the parking break off and then let gravity do the rest. My car was already pointing down the hill so soon I was on the way to getting help from whomever it was in the building down there.

The car picked up enough speed going down the hill that I could steer it through the gates of the property where the light was coming from. I could now see it was a small house with a garage attached to the side. After the car rolled to a stop I got out and called out. The door opened and the silhouette of a tall man filled the doorway. Could this maybe be my father? If only I could see his face.

“Hello,” I called to him. “My car. It won’t start. Can you help me sir? Please?”

The man said nothing, went back inside the house and came out with a large flashlight. He walked towards me, turned the flashlight on and used it to look me up and down. Now I was really aware of how little I was wearing.

He stopped in front of me and said, “You’d better pop the hood darling.”

As his flashlight passed over the engine I could feel the heat radiating from it and noticed that stream was still coming out. I was also aware that this man, who could be my father, was only using one hand to shine the torch as his other hand was busy squeezed my ass. I tried to act like it was nothing when I should have acted like I was annoyed, but the truth was, it felt really good.

“S-s-so, can you help me with my car sir?”

“Sure. But not tonight. This thing needs to cool down.”

He switched the flashlight off and we stood there silently. His hand slipped further round my ass and started moving towards my pussy from behind. I gasped, came to my senses and stepped out of his reach.

“Listen sir, I don’t know what you expect, but I’m in trouble here and all I want –”

“What are you doing out here?” he asked as he started walking back to the house as if nothing had just happened.

“I’m looking for my father. He lives somewhere around here. I think. Perhaps you might know him?”

“Doubt it,” he said as he got to the doorway. He turned around and his silhouetted figure said, “You can stay the night here and I’ll help you with your car in the morning.”

I stood still, unsure what to say.

He spoke again, “I’m not going to fuck you sweetheart. We’ll figure something out. Come on in and have something to eat.”

And he went inside, leaving me out there in the dark. Figure something out? What did that mean? And did he seriously just say he wasn’t going to fuck me? As if that was even his choice to make! I was angry and confused. I was also hungry, thirsty and had no clue what else I was going to do. I got my bag from the car and walked to the house, let myself in the door and headed for the room with the light on.

“Sit down,” he said as I entered the kitchen. His back was turned to me as he stirred a pot on the stove. I took a chair at a small table in the corner of the room and helped myself to the water on the table. The place was tiny and sparse, but clean and neat. This guy was pretty basic, but he wasn’t a slob. In the light I could appreciate his tall, lean body and couldn’t help notice he had a nice looking butt. I was still a bit shaken about how casually he’d felt me up, but I was more interested right now in the delicious smells coming from the stove.

He ladled soup from the pot into two large bowls, and then brought them over nizip escort to the table, followed by thickly cut slices of bread and a bottle of beer for each of us. When he sat down opposite me I looked into his face and saw the face of the man in the photo my mother gave me, just 20 years older. This was my father, and time had been very good to him. He was gorgeous. His eyes were still intense and he was still in good shape. He’d also just had his hand on my ass a moment ago, his fingers attempting to creep into my pussy, so I really didn’t feel comfortable saying anything right at that moment! I just muttered my thanks and we ate and drank in silence.

When we were done my father showed me to his room and told me I could take his bed as he’d take the couch. I could barely talk due to a mix of exhaustion and being freaked out to have finally found my father, who had then attempted to finger me. As he left the room he turned to me and asked what my name was.


“Rachel. Nice. I’ve always liked that name.”

“What’s your name?”

“Mike. Night Rachel.”

He left the room and closed the door. Mike. That was my father’s name. It really was him. Apparently he didn’t know who I was, but my name seemed to register something with him. I decided I’d tell him who I was tomorrow, maybe once I knew my car would be okay in case I needed to make a quick getaway for some reason. I stripped down to my panties, turned off the light and fell into bed. My mind was reeling from knowing I’d finally found my father, but I was so tired that soon I had fallen fast asleep.

I had no idea how many hours had past when I became aware that Mike – my dad – had entered the room and was sliding into the bed behind me. He was naked and I felt his erection pressing into me, the precum from his cock creating a damp and sticky spot on my lower back. One of his arms snaked underneath me and clasped one of my breasts. His fingers and thumb immediately slid together to gently pinch my rock hard nipple. He kissed the back of my neck, I gasped and his whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry Rachel, like I said, I’m not going to fuck you. Not this time anyway.”

His other hand was pumping his cock as he gently thrust his hips so that with each thrust his cock rubbed up against my back. “Damn, Rachel. It’s been a while since I’ve had a sexy young girl in my bed. And you’re extra special.”

“Da… Mike… oh God… listen… you mustn’t… no…”

“Quiet sweetie. You’re sleeping in my bed and have been eating my food. You owe me something darling.”

Holy shit. What was happening? I should have been outraged. This was my father. But as far as he knew, I was some stranger he was taking advantage off. Feeling my breasts and jerking off onto me. Who the hell just does that? And yet, all I could think was how much I wished he would touch my pussy. God, no wonder Mom was once putty in his hands.

“Rachel honey, I reckon your little hand would fit nicely around my cock. Do that for me baby.”

I reached around, took his hand off his cock and replaced it with my own. God it felt good. So hard. So thick. He rewarded my actions by reaching over my hips with his now free hand and running it down between my legs. I parted my thighs and his fingers slid down over my slippery clit and labia. I moaned loudly while he grunted into the back of my head. I should have stopped him. I should have stopped myself. But it felt so good and using our hands wasn’t really like having sex. It’s not like it was that big a deal. But he was still my father…

“Oh Daddy,” I heard myself say as his fingers did their magic. I bucked my hips wildly into his hand as he triggered an orgasm that splashed his fingers with my juices. That seemed to have an effect on him as he then blasted several loads of hot cum onto my naked back.

“I needed that darling,” he said a few moments later. “See you in the morning.”

He climbed out of bed and left the room. I lay there stunned as the afterglow of my orgasm died down. My back was covered in my father’s cum. How did I let that happen? He was pretty forceful, but I could have stopped him if I wanted to. I think.

Holy shit. Did I call him Daddy?

The next morning I woke to the sounds of Mike in the kitchen. I thought about getting dressed and telling him straight away that he was my dad, but decided I should shower first as it didn’t seem right to make such an announcement with his dried cum all over my back. He’d left a towel on the edge of the bed, which I grabbed before dashing out across the hall into the bathroom, which he’d pointed out the night before. The shower felt so good and I quickly washed away all the dust and cum from the last 24 hours. I was enjoying the warm water so much that I hadn’t noticed he’d come into the bathroom.

“Nice,” he said running his eyes up my legs, over my almost completely waxed little pussy (I like having a small patch of hair), my flat tummy and my pert little breasts.

“Mike! What the fuck?”

“Calm down princess. Breakfast is ready. Grab a robe and come on out.”

After nurdağı escort he left the bathroom, chuckling like a pervert, I dried off and put on the robe he’d left out for me. It was clearly a robe for a woman and not very big at all. Something tells me my father has had a few other girls break down near here over the years who have also relied on his help. What a dirty bastard. If only he wasn’t so damn hot.

Jesus Rachel, he’s your father.

I left the bathroom and sat at the breakfast table where the most incredible selection of food was laid out – eggs, bacon, buttered bread, mushrooms, tomatoes, sausage, juice, coffee… you name it, it was there. I usually don’t eat much for breakfast but I was super hungry so ploughed right in.

My dad grinned his approval and sipped his coffee, telling me he’d been up for a few hours so had eaten already. He’d also taken a look at my car and apparently I had done some serious damage.

“Your head gasket is cracked. Probably due to condensation falling on it before it cooled down properly.”

I had no idea what he was talking about, but it sounded serious.

“Can you fix it?” I asked.

“If I can find the right part, sure. There’s a town about 20 miles away that has a parts shop I sometimes get supplies from so I can head over there today on my bike. If you’re in luck I’ll have it fixed later today or tomorrow.”

“Oh wow. Awesome. Can I come with you?”

“Not unless you walk. My bike’s pretty small. Nah, you wait here darling and you can stay another night if you need to.”

“Oh I see,” I replied trying to figure out what was happening here. “Mike, I don’t have any cash to pay you for all this. I don’t suppose you take cards?”

“Nope. That I don’t Rachel.”

“And I don’t suppose you can take me to somewhere where I can get cash out?”

“My bike’s too small darling. And no, I can’t go lending you my bike either. You understand, right?”


“So how am I going to pay you Mike?” I asked knowing the answer already.

He grinned, sat down next to me, opened my robe and placed both his hands on my breasts. I stood up, and walked angrily out of the kitchen into what looked like his lounge room.

“Mike, no! You said you wouldn’t fuck me!”

He followed after me, grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me onto a couch. I looked up at him in shock thinking to myself that now would be a really good time to tell him I was his god damn daughter so he could just stop whatever he was doing and fuck off. But then he unzipped his fly and pulled out his erect cock and it was magnificent. He stepped forward and let it rest on my pouting lips.

“Okay Rachel, no fucking. But you want to suck this. I know you do.”

In a trance I stared up at him, felt my mouth fall open and placed my hands on his hips. I mean after all, oral sex isn’t real sex, right? This is no big deal. Right?

He placed his hands on the back of my head and slowly pushed his cock into my mouth. Its hardness felt so good. I tried to get as much in as possible, pulling my head back and then pushing it forward again, my nose pressing into his pubic hair. A secret longing that I’ve had to have my father’s cock in my mouth was being very much satisfied and the taboo nature of that was electrifying. Soon I was rhythmically bobbing my head up and down over his cock with my tongue dancing over its tip. He was grunting his approval and moving his hips in time with my head, clearing enjoying what I was doing.

“Fuck Rachel, you’re a natural,” he said. “Reminds me of somebody else I once knew. Damn girl, I’m going to need to taste your sweet little cunt.”

He pulled his cock out of my mouth, grabbed me roughly under my arms and lifted me up. He ripped the dressing gown right off my body and turned us around so that he was now closest to the couch. He laid on the couch on his back, his cock standing arrogantly up in the air, and wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me onto him. I awkwardly fell on top of him the way he intended –with my pussy above his face, and my face above his cock. He lifted his hips up so his cock slid straight back into my mouth and he ran his tongue from my wet little hole up to my clit.

Oh God. I was having a sixty-nine with my father. And it felt amazing.

I sucked his cock up and down, while he flicked his tongue left and right across my clit. With his cock filling my mouth all I could do was make little whimpering sounds while he groaned into my pussy, the vibrations heightening the sensation. Otherwise, the only sounds we were making were the wet slurping sounds of a father licking his daughter’s pussy and his daughter sucking her father’s cock.

His hands grabbed my ass and he pulled my pussy down onto his mouth so he could push his tongue hard against my clit. I felt the deep sensation inside my belly of an oncoming orgasm, but didn’t want to cum before he did. I grabbed his cock with one hand and pumped it up and down underneath my mouth. I used another hand to massage my father’s hairy balls, trying to coax his incestuous cum out of them. It worked, but his expert pussy eating had worked on me too and I was at the point of no return. I ground my pussy into my father’s face as an orgasm ripped through my body and his cock burst load after load of cum into my mouth. It was too much and I couldn’t swallow it all, so I had to take my mouth off to gasp for air. His last remaining cum blasts hit my chin and lips.

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