Quarantine Sex Ed


As the quarantine extended month after month, and as the casualties mounted, my step-Mom told me that it couldn’t be put off any more, and that it was time for my homeschooling sex ed. As an 18-year old guy I was horny almost all of the time, but my step-Mom’s strict moral views (my birth mother had died when I was very young) meant that she previously had told me that it was a sin for me to touch myself, and I had pretty much obeyed her. I admit that’s partly because because the few times I’d tried to masturbate I didn’t know that you needed lotion or vaseline. It actually hurt a bit when I tried, which stopped me. But a lot of it was that I had absorbed my step-Mom’s Laura’s rules and views (although I always just called her “Mom”), and so I didn’t even try. My father somewhat shared her views, but not entirely. He had been traveling in Italy when the crisis hit, got sick, and had passed away in an Italian hospital.

All of this drove my Mom kinda crazy with grief and everything else. But we were safe in our house she told me, since we had maybe a couple of months of food and supplies stocked up in our basement, and we got supplies delivered to us as needed. And so we almost never left the house, and we were together with each other most of the time.

It started one night when my Mom knocked on my bedroom door to give me my usual tuck-in and good night kiss. I was already in my pajamas and in bed when she came in. I’d always thought my Mom was beautiful in a natural way. She has curly dark hair, just starting to go grey, medium height and medium build, with a shapely figure. Her face is pretty, and lightly freckled, and she rarely wears make-up. She’s now 40, and so she has a few wrinkles, but looks a few years younger than her age.

“Honey,” Mom said, as she came into my room and sat on the edge of my bed. Suddenly I noticed that she had a small plastic jar of vaseline in one of her hands, which she lightly put down on my side table. She continued, “I need to tell you something that your father said in the last conversation I had with him.”

“Okay,” I said, wondering what it might be in a worried way. I sat up in bed, adjusting my pillows.

“Your Dad said, God bless him, that he really felt that we had sheltered you way too much. And I admit that was more my doing than your Dad’s. But he always felt that once you got off to college you’d get the education you needed about….about sexual things. But now that college has been put off for at least a semester, it’s really time.”

“Time?” I said, not sure where this was going.

“Yes, your father and I agreed that when you turned 18 it was time to relax the rules, and begin your sex education at home. And so I’m going to give you some sex education lessons, starting tonight. First though, do you have any questions or concerns about your body, sex, or anything else?”

I couldn’t believe what Mom was saying. But actually there was something that had been worrying me for years. I thought something was wrong with my penis, because when it got hard it stood almost straight up. I somehow thought an erection was supposed to go out rather than up. I’d been home schooled, and Mom was so strict with parental controls on the internet, and other things to protect me from being exposed to much of anything when it came to sex, that I was really lost in the dark. I’d actually been wanting to ask her about this for a couple of years, but hadn’t yet gotten up the courage.

“Actually, there is something Mom. I think there’s something wrong with my penis. I think I might have a birth defect or something.”

Mom looked taken aback, and said, “I don’t think so, honey. I’m almost sure that’s not true. What do you mean?”

I blushed and said, “It’s not when I’m…um…soft that you can see it. It’s only when I…I….”

My Mom sensed that I couldn’t seems get the words out, and so she said: “Do you mean when your penis gets hard, honey?”

“Yes,” I said, looking down and feeling ashamed.

“I’m almost sure your penis is normal, Nick,” my Mom said, but my fear suddenly had gotten to her, and she looked worried.

And then she suddenly added, “But the only way to be sure is for me to look.”

“What?” I said, not believing what I was hearing.

My Mom went on, saying, “Normally you’d go to a doctor, but with them saying that only necessary cases should be brought in, and this infection endangering people’s lives….What it comes down to is that I should just look at your penis myself.”

“You want to look at my penis?” I said, feeling somewhat horrified, but in spite of myself also slightly turned on.

“Yes, sweetie. Don’t make a big deal out of it. Just get out of bed and stand up, and let me take a look at it and inspect it.”

My Mom got up so that I could get up too.

Clearly this was something that I couldn’t delay or talk her out of. And so I got out of bed and stood close to her in my pajamas, not sure what to do.

To my surprise, my Mom got down gaziantep yavuzeli escort on her knees in front of me, and said, “Let me get get a look at what the problem might be. I’m almost sure it’s nothing, but I’ll take a thorough look.”

And then, without asking permission, my Mom untied my pajamas and pulled them down to the floor to my ankles, leaving me just in my underwear.

I couldn’t believe my Mom was about to look at the most intimate and private part of my body. And so I put my hand over my crotch to try to stop her, especially because I sensed that my manhood was already starting to grow. Stalling for time, I said, “Mom, is it right for you to examine my penis?”

My Mom sighed, and said, “It wouldn’t be in normal times, honey. But your Dad is dead. A lot the world is quarantined. And no way am I going to send you to a doctor with all the risks there. You just need to let me examine your genitals. And we’re going to need to do that for your home Sex Ed anyway.”

And then, as I could feel my penis getting slowly larger, she started moving my hand aside. I resisted at first, but Mom said sharply, “obey your Mother,” and then increased her pressure and firmly moved my hand to my side.

Then she took ahold of and gently pulled out the elastic on the black Calvin Klein underwear that she always got for me. Oh my god, I thought, my Mom’s face is going to be right next to my bare privates in only a second or two. And then she lowered my underwear—and suddenly my already semi-erect cock popped out at her, touching her right cheek near her mouth.

Mom looked shocked that her son’s warm and circumcised penis was now touching her face. She moved back a couple of inches while staring at it, so that it was no longer touching her. But her son’s somewhat swollen cock was still very close to her.

She said, looking at my penis and smiling nervously, “Oh honey, I can see you’re already getting a little bit hard, sweetie, which I didn’t expect.”

And then she laughed nervously, adding, “But that’s normal, especially with an 18-year old when the subject of sex is brought up. I should have thought of that. But let me look at your penis more closely.”

I was speechless as, again without asking permission, she reached out her delicate and slightly cool fingers and held onto my penis with both of her hands. She first looked at one side of it, and then the other. But as she held my cock in her hands and I felt my Mom’s touch, and even felt her breathing on it, I sensed my blood pumping into it. I briefly prayed for it to stop, but soon my penis was visibly throbbing and growing in her hands.

My Mom seemed almost paralyzed as this was happening. She just said as she held onto my growing penis, “Oh my!” as it started pumping up with little jerks in her fingers into a full erection. When she first put her hands on my cock it was about four inches long, but soon it was five inches, then six, and then six and half (I’d measured it) and thick and fully erect, with a large head. She continued to hold onto my throbbing and pulsing member as it saluted her, widening her eyes and her mouth with wonder. And I couldn’t even seem to apologize as I looked on with embarrassment.

“Oh my,” Mom said again, as she still held onto my now rock-hard erection. She was staring at my almost purple-red cock head that was right in front of her face. Soon a tiny bit of clear pre-cum started leaking out of the top of my head, and my Mom was staring at that as it oozed.

“See,” I said nervously, “I think it might be abnormal because of how it stands up like that.”

I was truly worried—and also very embarrassed.

“Oh honey, your penis, your erection, is perfectly normal,” My Mom said, breathing a little bit heavily, and then finally taking her hands carefully off of my hard penis, and saying as she still stared at it as it throbbed in front of her, “I think for most young men it stands up like yours does. Your father’s certainly did, although his was smaller than yours and didn’t stand up as high. Your erection is actually a bit bigger than the average man’s, but completely normal.”

“But what about that clear stuff at the top. Is that normal too?”

“Oh yes, honey. Almost all teenagers and men in their 20s have that. It’s just a natural sign that you are sexually excited.”

Then she blushed, and added, “It’s called pre-cum, because it’s what happens before you have an orgasm, or, um, cum.”

At that moment a little of my clear pre-cum looked like it was about to drip off of my cock head, and my Mom staring at this suddenly said, “Let me just get a tissue for that.”

She got a Kleenex from the box by the side of the bed and delicately dabbed it on the top of my erection.

“This gets into another reason why we need to have these lessons, because at night you often have….well, honey, as you know you, you have a lot of wet dreams.”

I blushed. I knew what gaziantep yeni escort she meant, but all I said was, “Wet dreams?”

“Yes, Nick. You know, when you have a sexual dream, a fantasy dream, like maybe of your erect penis being inside of a woman’s vagina. Well, at that moment you’ll have an orgasm—and your sperm will come out of the head of your penis, right here.”

And with this she gently touched the still-moist little whole on the head of my still throbbing erection, and then went on, saying, “Often, honey, your sheets are stained with your sperm from your wet dreams. It’s not your fault, but one of us has to wash your sheets almost every day. And then I also buy new sheets every month or two, because the stains sometimes don’t come out. I asked your father about this, and he said he only had wet dreams a few times a year because he, well, he masturbated almost every night right before he went to bed. And this meant that almost all his sperm went into his Kleenex, and then into his trashcan, instead of onto his sheets.”

“Dad masturbated?” I said, amazed.

Mom sighed, and said, “Yes dear. He was always against me being so strict with you about that, and in our last conversation he made me promise to teach you all about it, and teach you that it was okay—and so, well, here we are, with your Mommy touching and looking at your penis.”

She gave a little nervous laugh, and then went on, saying, “But a promise is a promise. And so now let me show you why I brought the jar of Vaseline into the room.”

I watched as Mom stood up and picked up the little jar of Vaseline, opened it, and put some of it on her finger.

As Mom looked at me watching her doing this, she said, “Your father gave me very specific directions, even though he was delirious at the time. Anyway, I’m going to show you how to masturbate.”

“But you always told me that touching myself there was a sin!” I said stubbornly, repeating her teachings.

“I know I did,” Mom said with a sigh, “And your father thought you’d say that. But at least this first time I’m going to show you, and so you won’t be you touching yourself. I’m going to be doing it.”

“You?” I said, knowing this was wrong on some level. But I was really naive and confused.

“Yes, sweetie,” Mom smiled comfortingly, and added, “I’ve already touched your penis just now. This will just be me touching it a bit more, that’s all. Here, let me show you.”

Mom knelt down on her knees in front of my erection again, and started dabbing the small blob of vaseline on her finger all over my member, gently smearing it on.

“See all you do,” she said, matter-of-factly, “is put the right amount of Vaseline or lotion on your hard on whenever you need it—not too little and not too much for just the right amount of friction—and then you massage your penis. You can do this at night right before you go to sleep, in the morning, or even in the middle of the day.”

“Any time?” I asked, not quite believing what she was saying.

“Well, any time that you have privacy, or if it’s just you and me. And, of course, you can’t let this get in the way of your chores or your homework. But your father thought this might make you less distracted actually. Okay, enough talk. Let’s see if this feels good.”

With that said, she took hold of her son’s hard on with her right hand . She grasped my shaft gently but firmly, and then started slowly rubbing it up and down.

“Oh!” I gasped, amazed at how good it felt to have my Mom massaging me.

Mom smiled and said, “Does that feel good, honey?”

“Yes, Mom, that feels good,” I said, and I started to breathe a little more heavily. And then I asked, truthfully not knowing the answers, “What’s going to happen? Am I supposed to think about something?”

Mom was a little flushed, and even I could tell she seemed to be getting a bit excited herself as she was holding and massaging my almost rock-hard manhood. But she tried to keep it casual, and said, “Oh, I’m just going to keep rubbing you, first slowly, and then eventually getting faster. And yes, straight men usually think about women when they do this. They might think about the breasts of a woman they are attracted to, or they might think about being inside of a woman’s vagina. Or they might even think about putting their erection inside of a woman’s mouth.”

“What?” I said, stopping her.

I literally put my hand on her hand and stopped her, and then I said, “That doesn’t really happen, does it? I don’t think that a woman would ever have a man’s penis in her mouth. Why would they do that?”

My Mom stopped rubbing me, and flushed even deeper with embarrassment—as well as seemingly shame at her own past “moral” teachings.

“Oh, your father was right!” My Mom said in an almost despairing voice, seemingly like she was going to cry, “I’ve damaged you in the way I’ve brought you up. But yes, honey, many women will ‘service gaziantep zayıf escort a man,’ by putting his erection into their mouth, and then…kissing it, licking it, and nursing on it. I did that for your Daddy sometimes.”

I was astonished, and said, “You did?” and then added, “But why?”

“Well, honey, he liked it. And I liked it,” My Mom said, and then she let go of my penis. She was clearly getting uncomfortable, and sad.

But she forced herself to go on, saying while looking down, “Actually, I liked it very much. And I miss it. I liked it so much that sometimes I’d beg your father to let me do that. I’d beg him to put his erection into my mouth, honey, because it felt good for him—and for me. His erection showed me how much he desired me, and I could feel that on my tongue, and in my mouth. Sexuality is very complicated. And I know that for someone like you who is new to it, especially with your upbringing—which is all my fault—that this would seem strange.”

At this point I was so confused and so innocent, believe it or not, that my erection was wilting. I’d been so sheltered that at that moment all of this was a somewhat disturbing to me. And there was something else that was bothering me too.

I asked, “Mom, why is it that I’m completely naked in front of you, but you have all of your clothes on in front of me? That doesn’t seem fair,” I said, as my erection continued to wilt.

She’d agreed that it wasn’t fair, and tearfully admitted that she’d messed up some of my upbringing. I was wondering if she was doing that again now. But I also confess I wanted to see what she looked like naked. And I really didn’t think it was fair. Here she was looking at and touching her son’s penis, while she was completely clothed. Why?

She continued crying a little, and said, “Oh honey, this situation is so messed up, but you’re probably right.”

She looked with distress at my wilted cock, and still crying a little and wiping her eyes added, “I’m just so confused with all of this craziness in the world, and now your erection has gone away too. But your father said ‘don’t give up,’ and I won’t. And you’re right honey, fair is fair.”

By this point my penis hanging down between my legs.

My Mom stood up, and then wiped her eyes again. And then to my surprise she started unbuttoning her white blouse, soon revealing a lacy white bra beneath.

She smiled at me, and while she kept unbuttoning said, “And, after all, I was going to give you a lesson in female anatomy anyway. I was maybe going to do it with pictures, but I had also thought of another way….”

She removed her blouse, and then dropped it to the floor. I stared at the cleavage of her medium-sized breasts swelling out of her bra.

She smiled more warmly as she saw me staring with wonder and longing at the tops of her swelling breasts, and then she said, “As you say, it’s only fair. But really, I’m only doing this because of this crisis, and because of what your father made me promise. But you must promise never to tell a soul about these lessons. Do you promise?”

“I promise, Mom,” I said, wondering what would happen next.

“I know you’ll keep this secret, Nick. You’re a good boy. Okay, I’m going to show you my breasts now, to show you what a woman’s breasts look like.”

And with that she unhooked her bra from the front, and dropped it to the floor, revealing larger breasts than I imagined she had somehow, although still somewhat perky, with almost pencil eraser-like nipples.

“Well, what do you think?” She said, seeming almost shy—and yet at the same time looking confident, because I think she knew she had good-looking breasts.

She slowly massaged her breasts from underneath with her hands, and then cupped them and held them up a little.

As I stared at my Mom holding her medium-generous breasts, I felt my penis starting to get warm again.

“These pinkish-brown area around my nipples,” Mom said, tracing with both of her index finger around her nipples, “are called areolas.” I could see her nipples get a little harder as she was doing that.

She smiled as she looked down at my cock, which was clearly getting a little longer and less droopy, and then she said, “Well, I hope you like what a woman looks like without her undies. I’ll teach you more specific terms in a bit, but for now you can just call it your Mommy’s pussy.”

She smiled a little mischievously, and said, “and just like a nice kitty cat my pussy is furry.”

All I could do was stare at her white undies, which I now could now see had the triangular outline of her dark hair beneath.

She swiveled her hips slightly, and then slowly, and even seductively, started pulling down her undies, gradually revealing her dark triangle. I was mesmerized—and surprised at how big her pussy was when it was all the way revealed.

She then tried to step out of her undies, but it caught on her left foot, and so she gracefully lifted up her leg up almost like a ballerina to take it off, which spread her crotch so that her at first partially hidden lips in her hairy pussy opened for me for a couple of seconds—and I realized that I was seeing my Mother’s vagina.

“Well, what do you think?” She said a little shyly, as she again gracefully put down her leg, and then tossed her undies to the floor. She had taken ballet long ago.

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