Post-Lift Shower Bate


Tony and I were finishing up our last set of chest flies. We had been lifting for about an hour, and both of us were feeling inflated and swollen with blood.

“I fucking love getting a pump,” he said, standing from the machine and flexing his pecs. They squished together tightly, pushing higher in his tank top. The mounds of flesh were covered in his blond chest hair.

“Fucking same, bro.” I said, feeling the pump in my own hairy chest as I took a seat at the machine.

I watched him stretch his arms out, eyeing his shaggy bro pits underneath. They were each busting full of brown armpit hair, glistening from sweat.

“God, I love feeling big. Does something to this guy too.” Tony grabbed his cock and balls in his gym shorts, filling his hand with it. He had never addressed his dick so casually like that, but I liked seeing him grab himself. A dude being a dude. It was a manly and unashamed gesture. I had a cock too, flaccid and slumping in my shorts, between my legs. I could tell Tony’s testosterone was raging. We both glanced around at the other lifters when he released himself, making sure no one had seen him grab it. No one had. We smirked at each other.

Afterwards, as we walked to the locker room, I turned to ask him, “Does your shit feel bigger or something when you lift?”

“My cock? I guess you could say that.” He looked at me from the corner of his eye. “Lifting bones me, dude. I pop wood like crazy when I get a pump.”

“I didn’t notice,” was my response.

“That waistband tuck, my guy.” He elbowed my side as we walked into the locker room.

I saw a couple guys as we passed through. A few bare asses and hairy guy cocks were exposed to our eyes, but there weren’t as many as usual. The locker room was uncommonly empty for a Sunday morning. Tony and I opened our lockers, each pulling our bags out and rummaging through.

“You showering?” I asked him, taking off my sweaty shirt. My chest felt pumped and massive, nipples stiff with blood.

He pulled his tank top off, flashing his forest pits at me as he draped a towel over his shoulder. “My girl will kill me if I come home smelling this rank.” Tony dropped his shorts and underwear. It was the men’s locker room. Men got naked in here. His dangling cock and testicles were in full view for everyone, especially from me standing in front of him.

If your cock was out, every guy looked, so obviously I assessed his. It seemed thicker, as if softening from a boner. His schlong was four and a half inches and circumcised, his pubes brown and bushy, exploding over the shaft. Tony’s ball bag held two big testicles, the left lower than the right.

He saw me looking and chuckled, not intimidated by my eyes, knowing that every guy looked at exposed cock in here. “You coming?” He shoved his bag into the locker, snapping it closed, waiting for me to get naked with him and drop my shorts.

I pushed them down, stepping out when my clothes landed on the floor. I felt sarışın porno Tony’s eyes on my prick. Like his, my pubes exploded over my shaft, also brown. My cock was more flaccid than his, and four inches soft. I had a set of man testicles hanging below my shaft, the right one lower.

We headed for the showers, keeping the towels over our shoulders. The two of us strutted through the locker rock buck naked, flaunting our maleness to the men getting dressed. One guy was fully clothed and gathering his stuff to leave. Another two were naked beside their lockers. They all looked at our dongs, mentally comparing our dicks to theirs.

After hanging our towels on hooks, we walked into the showers, a communal style set-up. The shower heads bordered around a white-tiled room, open and free so that every guy could see each other lathering their dicks, asses, and pits. There were no curtains or partitions. Post-lift showers were a group affair.

One guy was in the corner rinsing off the suds on his body. He turned, seeing us come in and I looked at his uncut, flaccid dude cock between his legs. He had a trimmed black bush over the massive six-inch shaft, with a set of sizeable nuts on him. He saw me eyeing his johnson. He lifted his chin at me in greeting, and smirked. I returned the gesture, then saw his eyes lower to take a glance at the pisser between my thighs too.

Tony turned a knob at one of the showers and the metal head above clapped on. The water jetted onto the tile, and he stepped into it. I used the one beside him and stepped into the warm water.

The liquid cascaded down Tony’s pumped, hairy chest, onto his stomach, and down into his mass of brown dick hair that soaked and flattened. The water slicked the length of his penis and fell like a waterfall from the head of his cock. He saw me looking again when he grabbed the soap. He looked at mine as well.

Tony lathered his arms. He showed off his pits again, soaking the hair in foam, then lathered his cock. He stuffed the bar behind his scrotum, lathering his stinky gooch. He pulled it out and tossed me the soap to lather up. He used the suds on his hands to stroke his shaft clean. His dick flopped, slapping his balls, as he worked the length of it with soap.

We cleaned our naked guy bodies, every few seconds catching each other glancing out of the corner of our eyes at one another. It was a typical occurrence to get eyes in the communal showers, and I kind of liked that my boy was looking at my shit. I felt my shaft fill with some blood as I finished soaping it up. Hopefully, I wouldn’t get a massive erection. Would be a little awkward.

As I turned to rinse off, the other guy who had been showering with us was leaving. I caught his eye walking by. He tilted his chin at me again, in a farewell, and I returned it. His eyes dropped to my cock again, and I felt his gaze on my shaft. He raising his eyebrows when he looked back at me. My heart skipped sex hikayeleri a beat. He was checking it out. I acted casual, running my hands over my head, letting my eyes drop to his large, swaying prick too. He smirked at me when I caught his eyes again. Then he left. My penis tingled with arousal.

For a few minutes, Tony and I soaked in the water beside each other, every so often casually glancing at each other’s cocks between our legs, but otherwise not saying much while we showered. As I tilted my head back under the water, I heard Tony’s voice beside me.

“Yo.” I turned and looked at him, moving out from under the rain of water over me to hear him better. “You trying to beat off?”

“Right now?”

He smirked, “It’d be a rush, dude. We could unload quick before anyone comes in again.”

“Bro, what if someone does?”

“A guy sees our boners, so what. Worst case scenario is that we get kicked out. But we won’t.”

I checked the entrance of the showers. One guy was leaving the locker room fully clothed.

I turned back to Tony. His hand was already sliding the length of his penis. He was getting a boner. He reached up and played with his left nipple. “Lifting gets me fucking going, bro. You don’t have to join, but I’m busting a quick nut.”

I couldn’t let him beat his cock by himself, so I grabbed my prick too and started bating mine with him in the showers.

“Atta bro. We have to sperm quick though,” he said.

I picked up speed, “Yeah, no shit.”

Tony’s cock was already stiff, curving upwards. After a minute of stroking, mine was nearly boned full too. Our dongs curved upwards together. Tony checked the locker room again, making sure the coast was clear. “Any conditioner around?” We both looked and I saw a bottle a few spots over, and hobbled over to grab it, my erect dick swaying and pointing up.

I grabbed it as Tony let go of his erect penis, holding his hand out. Both of our pricks were six inches, mine maybe a quarter inch longer than his, but both curving up at 45 degrees. Our piss slits were pointing up towards each other. I squeezed a glob of conditioner into his open palm, looking like a wad of cum. He grabbed his cock again, lubing the length of his shaft with it. He cranked his cock, “Oh, fuck yeah. That’s it.” He stood on his toes, pushing his cock further into his fist.

I squeezed conditioner into my bating hand too and put the bottle down, feeling my dick head slick into my hand when I grabbed my erection again, lubed and sliding easy.

The two of us slammed our cocks facing each other. Tony kept an eye on the locker room behind me. We watched each other masturbating our erect guy cocks, slamming our testicles, willing them to release our sperm.

“Bro, flex for me.” I flexed my left arm at him, my bicep engorging. The wet pit hair beneath my arm stuck out from my armpit. Tony bated faster. “Fuck yeah, bro.”

“Let me see yours.” Tony şişman porno flexed his left arm too, the muscle mounting high, veins exploding on his forearm. His wet armpit of hair showing off. I stroked faster from the base of my shaft up to the swollen cock head at the end. My balls tightened.

“Fucking crank it, dude. Bate your bro penis.”

The conditioner made noise as we frantically stroked facing each other. Tony stood on his toes again, going at his dick. The head of his cock was swollen and ready to bust jizz.

“We gotta nut dude,” he nodded towards the locker room and I looked over my shoulder. Someone had come in and disappeared behind the lockers just as I looked. As I turned back to him, Tony said, “You close?”

I felt my testicles tighten in my scrotum. “Thirty seconds.” I beat my cock faster.

Tony increased speed too and the sound of us masturbating our cocks got even louder. “I’m gonna bust in a second.” He pushed up on his toes again and I watched him edge closer to sperming his guy cum. “Flex for me again.”

I raised my arm again and showed off my massive, bodybuilder bicep.

“Fuck, here I go.” Tony eased onto his feet and didn’t slow his cranking. White sperm jetted out of his prick towards me. I watched as it shot from the slit in the head of his cock. His hand was big around the girth of his penis. He moaned, the sound bouncing off the tile showers as he came. He didn’t seem to give a shit if guys outside heard him.

“I’m gonna nut too,” seeing my bro explode his jizz put me over the edge. I lifted onto my toes, keeping my legs flexed. I ejaculated my sperm.

My load of white cum ejected from my dong. A glob landed on Tony’s thigh, and I kept jerking my dick, shooting wads of my fertile sperm at him. “Atta boy,” he said. I moaned, my voice just as loud as his had been when he got off. I lowered onto my feet as my load finished releasing, taking my hand off my orgasmed, swollen cock.

Tony’s dick was half deflated, going into his refractory period. His pubes were soaked and grabbing the shaft. My cock dribbled cum from the slit, still pointing straight up. I stepped into the water to rinse off, looking at him.

“Nothing like a post-lift bate in the showers,” he winked, putting his head under the water too.

I laughed, realizing how risky that was to do.

A minute later, someone came in, walking to a shower across the room. Though Tony’s was soft by now, my cock wasn’t fully flaccid yet. It was at half-mast, sticking out with the head curving downwards. He looked over at us and his eyes caught my semi-erection. If I wasn’t entering my refractory period too, I would have felt it pump harder again. He didn’t seem that phased, and knew I was sporting a semi. I watched him eyeing my deflating penis as he grabbed his own cock, smirking. I smirked back, but turned to rinse off, letting him know that I wouldn’t be able to ejaculate again any time soon anyways.

Tony and I finished our showers and returned to our lockers to get dressed. We dried off, rubbing our flaccid penises with the towels.

As he opened his locker, Tony turned and said, “Until next time.” He winked again.

The corner of my mouth turned up at him, anticipating the next lift we’d do together.

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