Playing near the Pool

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Playing near the pool

Today was supposed to be hot and muggy here in Nevada. Prediction of 85 degrees, and my God I needed a swim later.

The problem is, I had to fire my last pool boy for consistent absenteeism. It fucked up my schedule. I am a retired high school teacher, in my mid 60’s, and I love the feel of the sun on my skin as I’m laying by the pool, bikini on, Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil, and great music.

I needed a pool boy today though.

I called my friend, Leanna, and asked if I could use her pool worker temporarily.

She texted me back and said he was available.. His rates were reasonable, but more importantly, he was hot! Really sexy! I’d seen him doing her pool a few times last summer, and I was smitten!

His name is Enrique, he’s bilingual in Spanish and English, and 6ft,3in of tall muscle.

Did I say, tan? Mmm fuck, he’s sexy, and I believe late 20’s, early 30’s.

He arrived on time. In fact, 10 minutes early. Punctual, I am already impressed!

I showed Enrique where the pool supplies are kept, in the shed out back.

He was dressed in blue swim shorts, a white tank top, Flip flops, and sunglasses. He smelled amazing!

I watched him from my kitchen window at first, making a pitcher of vodka lemonade, lots of ice. It was getting hot, and it wasn’t quit Noon.

I pulled on my bikini cover up robe, and walked outside to Enrique.

“Would you like a cold glass of lemonade? It’s slightly spiked,”

I said in a giggle.

“Yes ma’am”, he replied.

“Oh please, call me Heather.”

“Okay, please, Heather, I would love some lemonade. It’s fucking escort gaziantep bayan ilanları warm today.”

Mmmm I got excited hearing him cuss, a slight accent to his English.

I watched him drink. I had to chance to closely observe his tan body..

Mostly, his long, tan, beautiful legs! They were amazing. Muscles from calves to thighs.

They were shiny, but not oily.

“Yes it is, it’s supposed to get a bit warmer. A nice dip in the cool pool is what I need!” I said..

I slowly and as nonchalant as possible, took off my swimsuit cover up. My red bikini was visible to the eyes, and I wanted to flaunt.

I saw his eyes on me, too. They were dark brown, matching his hair and sexy legs!

He took a big gulp of his drink, set it down on the side table, and took a step closer towards me. I admit, my knees shook..I got parched and needed to catch my breath. He was fucking sexxy..

” If you’d like, Heather, I can put your tanning oil on your back. I know it’s one place I can’t reach on my own.”

” Um, yes.. That would be nice, Enrique. Thank you,” I said almost giggling like a school girl.

He put his oiled hands on my bare back, and I shivered in delight. It had been ages since other people’s hands were on me. Let alone a sexy, young, Latino, with an amazing body!

His hands were on my shoulders, and crept down to my mid back.

I felt him untie my top, and I got a bit nervous.

” It’s ok, Heather.. I’m just wanting you to not get tan lines. Plus, I’ve obviously seen breasts of all shapes and sizes eskort gaziantep bayan in my line of work. You can feel comfortable taking off your bikini top.” His voice was quiet, almost a deep whisper..

I relaxed and positioned my body to show consent.. He untied the red clasp, and I let it fall to the ground.

His hands continued massaging oil on my back, then I feel his fingers upon my nipples. I gasp..

I let him continue. He’s squeezing each one, pushing my breasts together, the scent of the oil mixed with his already sensual erotic odor makes me get wet, so fucking wet!

I needed something, someone..

I turned around to face him, and he was smiling and his cock was so hard inside those blue shorts.

He took hands and grabbed my face, pulling me towards him. Something primal took over. I needed this, I didn’t care he was a stranger either.

Or that he was 30 years my junior..

His cock told me what it needed..

He kissed my lips, and I rubbed his cock over his shorts. It was so long, and wide.. My mouth began to water.

My breathing shallow as we kissed, his hands moved back to my tits.

He knew how to stimulate them, how to excite them!

He sat me down on the folding lawn chair, and I was at perfect view of his cock.. But, also, his tan legs..

I reached my hands out, to caress his calves.. Slowly moving them to his knees.. To his thighs..

I reached my hands up through his leg holes, and my hands found his balls and shaft.

I pulled it out, and took him in my mouth.. His head so large, I had escort gaziantep bayan to open wide!

“Ohhh Heather, yes” he moaned..

I took him deep. All the way to the back of my throat, until I slightly had to gag..I moved my tongue all around while he’s inside my wet mouth hole, tasting his precum on his tip.

I grabbed those sexy young legs, and began stroking them, in the same place my mouth was stroking his cock.. Same rhythm..I felt him get rigid.. His legs tense, his cock rock hard!

“I’m going to cum, Heather”..

And I tasted all of him at that moment.. His cock pulsating in my mouth, shooting ropes of cum down my throat!!

I honestly thought he was going to say some “thank you” remark, and go on his way.

Instead, he instructed me to lay on my stomach, he wanted to massage my legs, calves, back.. he said.

He was easy to submiss to. I only wanted at that moment to do as he pleased.

As I layed on my stomach, his hands ventured all over my backside. He was firm, and gentle. My pussy was throbbing, only females can understand.

I felt his fingers wander inside my bikini bottom.

They tickled my ass cheeks, and his hands so warm. I opened my legs a bit, to assist in spreading my cheeks for him. His thumb grazed my crease, but slithered slowly deeper in quickly.

The oil encouraged his thumb to enter my asshole, while his other hand was massaging my cheeks.

I moaned..mmmm

I got into a doggie style position, and he knew I wanted more!

His fingers played inside my pussy, thumb still in my ass.

He was hitting all my right spots!

“Yes Enrique!! Yes yes yes!! Make me cum!!”

He went deeper into my holes, faster, harder!!

I collapsed as my clit and cunt came hard!!

After a minute of recuperation, he handed me an ice water from my cooler.

“Please drink this”..I did as I was told.

After, he completed his pool cleaning, told me this was, “on the house”, and drove home.

That was the best swim I’d had in a while…

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