Perspectives the Sequel Ch. 05


I could hardly believe that when we went back to the cottage and I saw the time that it was only eight o’ clock. At home with mum and dad in the holidays that was before my getting up time, but here in Norfolk with my amazing aunty, I was up and about and had had two fucks before breakfast.

Although, of course, to get rid of the traditional morning hard on I often had a wank before getting up, I’d never had sex before in the morning. I did, though, often imagine that I had sex, for as I lay in my bed, covered just with a sheet and sometimes not even that, jacking off, I could here mum in her room or the bathroom or downstairs. I would take risks, leave the door open, have my body uncovered, almost wanting her to see me.

I would imagine her walking in and catching me and staring at my hand wrapped my stunningly hard cock. I would look at her guiltily, but wouldn’t stop. I imagined her saying something like, ‘You shouldn’t really be doing that Matt,’ and me replying ‘I know, but I can’t help it?’ I hear in my mind her saying ‘And why is that baby?’ and me replying as we look at each other ‘You know why mum don’t you?” Time and time again, I then hear her saying ‘I know you can’t help it baby, and I know what you are thinking, would you like me to help you?’

Of course she no more says that than does it, but its fantastic wank material, even though it has been somewhat surpassed in the last year when at least as many of my wanks have been over you.

“You want a fried breakfast, just cereal or shall we go out?” You said, pulling me away from imaging mum laying beside me, undoing her dressing gown and lolloping her big tits out as she moves my hand away and grasps my dick.

“Er, I don’t really mind,” I reply “What would you like to do?”

“Tell you what, let’s get dressed, go into Aldburgh, have some breakfast and do a little shopping. Ok?”

“Yeah sure,” I replied not really giving a fuck what we did as I suddenly remembered mum would be here this afternoon and that would bring and end to my sex with you. Still I thought, what a jerk off scene I would have tonight; imagining the two of you in bed together.


We drove into town had breakfast in a nice café on the beach and then wandered round the old town peering in the antique, arts and crafts and clothes shops. It was actually good fun and in a weird way it made me feel young again, as if we were boy and girl friend. At one stage as we walked up an empty street we even held hands.

“I’m really enjoying gaziantep olgun escort this,” you said squeezing my hand, “Can we do it more often when we get home?”

“We’ll see,” I replied totally non committedly for I was dreading the future. Dreading it because I didn’t want to leave you, but I knew I could handle that. More because I knew that the more often we saw each other the more the chances of being caught out increased and that scared the shit out of me. At the same time, I knew that I was now obsessed with sex with a young man. It suddenly occurred to me, that if it wasn’t you then it would probably be another eighteen year old for I didn’t think I could now do without what youth supplies. But with another kid there wouldn’t be the added buzz of the forbidden, I realised.

My phone rang. I answered it.

“Fuck,” I said cutting the link.


“Janis is going to be early.”

“Bollocks, what time?”

“About three,”

“Oh shit and fuck.”

I smiled at how easily and crudely in a nice way we could swear like that.

“I’ll pass on the former, but we ought to do something about the latter.”


“Let’s forget the shit and instead let’s fuck, come on.”

You laughed. “Ok cool, let’s go.”


I really couldn’t believe just how horny and how adventurous you were.

Once in the car, still in the car park, you kissed me. As we drove out of the town you put your hand on my leg and once we were in the country, you slid your hand up so it was pressing against my bulge. I started to get hard.

“We didn’t come this way did we?” I asked.

“No this is the scenic route,” you replied

“How come, it looks all the same to me bloody flat.”

I was gobsmacked when using one hand you undid your blouse so I could see your tits in the tight, see through bra.

Smiling at me you said. “There that’s scenic and not too flat isn’t it?”

I laughed. It was fucking great being grown up I thought as I reached across and fondled them. You didn’t seem to care about oncoming cars, but then I doubt they could really see anything.

I had no idea where we were going and quite frankly I couldn’t give a fuck for I now had both of your tits out of your bra. Then you pulled off the road and we were hidden from view in a little wood. You stopped the car, but left the engine running.

“Put your left hand down the side of the seat,” you gaziantep oral yapan escort told me.

“What for?”

“Just do as you are told and find the button that pushes the seat back.”

I did.

“Now the one that reclines a bit.”

I did. “Hey where you going?” I asked as you got out.

“I’m too old to climb over the gear stick,” you replied walking round the car and opening your door.


I hadn’t planned any of this. I was purely going with my instincts, doing what the combination of my mind and body said I should. It was wonderful being miles away from home in the country where nobody knew me. I felt free and liberated, adventurous and ambitious, but most of all I felt super-randy and was thinking ‘Fuck it if anyone does see me.’

“What’s going on?” You asked

I looked into the car and smiling said.

“For what I have in mind Matt, I think you are overdressed, push your shorts down.”

I didn’t really need to look, but of course I did. You were hard. Your sturdy, quite long cock was laying stretched up your wonderfully flat stomach seeming to be waiting there for its next customer. I couldn’t help letting out a small gasp. “Pull your tee shirt right up.”

You pulled it over your head.

“No keep it on love, just in case,” I warned.

“Oh right yes I see what you mean,” you said putting it back on.

“No roll it up round your neck, baby, I want to squash my tits against your chest.”

“Oh fuck Cat,” you groaned doing exactly what I wanted.

I was looking right into your eyes as I reached up my skirt, found the elastic of my thong and in one quick movement pulled it down my legs and off. I went to throw it onto the driver’s seat, but you caught it. Looking right into my eyes, you brought your hand up to your face and rubbed my panties all over your cheeks and lips. You pressed them against your nose.

“You smell fantastic cat.”

Now it was me who was learning, I’d never had a man sniff my panties before.

I don’t know what made me say it you as I started to get into the car on your side facing you, with my back to the windscreen.

“Do you do that to mum’s pants Matt?”

“Yes,” you stammered, “Sometimes I do.”

“Like Janis’ is it Matt, the smell?”

“Yes, just like mum.”

With some, no actually with considerable, difficulty I straddled you. I had left my blouse undone so it was quick and easy gaziantep otele gelen escort to slip my tits out from my bra. I held them and pressed them against your face. You licked them, it was nice, but I was realising that I really was getting too old for sex in a car.


Another first. I was going to fuck in a car parked in a wood. Fucking brilliant.

You’d left the windows down a bit. ‘To stop us steaming up’ you’d said and the smell of the countryside was drifting in and mingling with your perfume and that musky aroma of sex. It was incredibly heady stuff particularly when you pressed your tits against my face, reached down, grabbed my cock, straightened it up, positioned me against your lips then slowly let yourself sink down on it. Was that some fucking amazing feeling or not.

“Fuck yes Cat, that’s incredible.”


I’m not sure there is any sexual action that compares to a cock going up you as you lower your cunt onto it. In part it is the sheer depth of the penetration and in part the way the man stimulates your lips, insides and clit all at the same time. Overall though a key differentiating feature is that the girl is on top and in control.

As I did that to you, I know I let out a deep groan.

“Yes baby, yes,” I sighed wiggling my tit closer to your mouth as I grabbed your head burying my hands in your hair, which was now much longer than the rather punky style you’d had when we first had sex.

I started to fuck you. Up and down, wiggle a bit, caress the clit on the hilt of your cock then more up and down and in and out. I was really getting into the rhythm of being on top and I liked it, but then I was the teacher wasn’t I?


We had some grocery shopping to do so we eventually got ‘home’ around one. The fuck in the car had been fantastic.

Although I have this yen at times to take over and dominate you, it was still fucking amazing to give into an older woman’s desires and have her fuck me. My mates would be so sodding envious, but of course I could never tell them, well apart from Robbo that is, but then we tell each other simply everything.

I felt rotten as we took the packages of food and the tees shirts you’d bought me as presents into the cottage. This was all going to end within the next few hours and I had no idea for you had given me no clue as to whether we would see each other again after I went home with mum.

“So she’s going to be here when?” I asked as you packed the groceries

You were reaching up into one of the cupboards your top riding up and flashing the skin of your waist and back.

“About three, she said.”

“Fuck just two hours.”

“Yes, I’m sorry, but remember we took Sara to the station this morning and you slept on the sofa last night, don’t forget that will you?”

“No I won’t, don’t worry. I don’t want mum knowing I have been fucking her sister.”

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