Peeking at Stepsister


So, i have had the hots for my stepsister, ever since she had moved in with her mother. I was a only child (15)and so was she(16). She was every boys dream, a very pretty face, perfect size and shaped tits, perfect legs, and a perfect body. I could wank over her, with her clothes on!

Anyway, to the part your all waiting for…

It was a friday night and my dad and her mum was going for a romantic weekend so they won’t be back for 4 days. They left at about 5, so i asked her if she wanted to watch a movie, she replied with “yes” and said i could choose it, so i went and got one and specifically choose a horror ( hoping i would get her to snuggle up to me). We started watching the movie at about 7, and it finished at about 9, she jumped a few times and grabbed my arm a bit. Afterwards she went straight to bed as she said she was tired, so i thought i might as well.

Are bedrooms are directly opposite eachother, at about 9.30 i come out my bedroom to go downstairs and get a drink, i noticed her door was slightly open, so i peeked in. She was still awake and was on her laptop, i looked at what she was doing and could see it was a porn site, she was watching a girl masturbate, i looked at her and could see her rubbing her pussy. My dick shot Göztepe Escort up in seconds. This is like a dream come true!!

She started getting more into it and started getting undressed, i had finally got to see her body! and most of all, them perfect tits! Then she started making noices, and couldn’t help but start wanking! She then looked towards the door, so i ran back into my room, and pretended to sleep. In the end a fell asleep, but was woke up about an hour later, by her. She said she heard a noice downstairs and wanted me to check, i went down and there was nothing, so i went back upstairs.

I found her in the bathroom running a bath, i said to her, “i thought you was going sleep, she replied with “yeah, but i can’t get to sleep and want a relaxing bath”…i know it was because she had her pussy juice all other her body. She was in the bath for about 30 mins and then came out the bathroom with a towell wrapped around her, i had to see her naked close up, so ‘accidently’ bumped into her, and her towell fell. I told her i was sorry, and bent down to pick it up. And there it was, her pussy, right in front of my face, it was fully shaved and smooth, and tight, i was perfect! I froze and just stared at it…i din’t know what to do. Göztepe Escort Bayan i eventally picked it up and gave it to her and went bed.

15 minuted later i was awaken, with her in my room, naked! She jump on my bed and pinned me down, she started kissing me, and slowly started to make her way downwards. She reached my dick and put her gorgeous lips around it, and gave me one of the sexiest blowjobs ever! After 2 minutes and just had to release my load, i warned her, but she continued on sucking. I blew it, and it was all in her mouth, she came up, and stuck her tounge out, and showed me my cum on it, and then she swallowed it.

We fell asleep together and woke up at about 10 in the morning, she went for a shower, and i joined her. started messing around and then she looked me in the eyes, and said, fuck me! My eyes lit up, i replied, “ok, let me just get a condom”, she grabbed my arm and said “no”, “fuck me up the ass”, i was so happy, she bent over and ii could see her tight teen ass, i slowly shoved my cock in, it was amazing. She started making the groans and after 4 mins i blew my load in her ass!!

The next day she came home with 2 female friends and went to her room, after about an hour of them being here, she called Escort Göztepe me up, saying she needs help, i walked in her room to find the 3 of them naked with there legs spread, her friends started licking each other out, and she started fingering her self. i walked over to her and started kissing her, she told me to get undressed, and fuck her, with no condom, but this time in her pussy. So i did and then her friends came over to us, she started eating one of her friends pussy, and the other friend came and started fingering my step sisters ass as i was fucking the pussy. she started to orgasm, and told me too pull out, as soon as i pulled out, she started rubbing her clit, seconds later she started to squirt, the powerful squirt went about 3 meters in front. It was fucking amazing!

After that week end we fucked every weekend!
And on my 16th birthday, we went cinema, to get away from everyone, and to be alone! The screen room was pretty emtpy, so we went at the top seats, half was through the movie, she un zipped my jeans and started jacking me off! i pulled of her skirt and thong and started rubbing her pussy, i could feel the warm pussy juice start to leak, so i told her too sit on me, she started to bounce on me, and i could feel my dick throbbing! as it was public, it only took about a minute to cum, and i cummed all in her pussy, she pulled off and i could see my cum running out of her!, She wiped it with her finger and licked it off. MMM

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