Party Girl


She was sprawled naked on the bed, wantonly displaying her body. Her full breasts had slipped slightly to each side of her chest, lacking the support of her bra.

It had been a long journey to this point, and as a mature woman, actually a really mature woman, she would have doubted that she would ever be in this situation, and particularly with someone she barely knew.

The darkness of the shaved head was a stark contrast to the paleness of her mature thighs as it moved around skilfully, seeking out her most sensitive places, intent on pleasuring her.

Her pussy was freshly shaved, not that it was visible, Aaron’s head was covering it as he applied his full lips to the whole area around her cunt.

Even the last few straggling hairs had been carefully plucked from her garden with tweezers, an act of love by her hubby of many decades, who regularly tended to her.

Aaron was a master of cunnilingus. His mouth, his tongue, her clit, the saliva, her juices, all combined to make this a highly erotic experience. The long journey was coming to its conclusion.

How did she get here? She had only had a few lovers in her whole life, and the last one was over thirty years ago. Well over, probably nearer forty.

She remembered the excitement of being a newly wed, all that sex! Those nights, those mornings, all that energetic fucking, but since then always with the same man and no regrets, no regrets at all.

As for oral sex, that had come much later. At first it surprised her. Why would a man want to do that? Remember there was no porn then, no internet.

Once she got over the surprise, she had revelled in the new sensations it could bring. There were things a man could do with his tongue that he couldn’t possibly do with his cock.

The memories flooded back as her first orgasm washed over her. Normally one orgasm was sufficient, especially now a days, but tonight was going to be special, very special.

She had flirted with other men at parties, even snogged a few which, at her age she found exciting, but tonight was the first time she had let any other man go down on her.

Aaron was that man, tall, very tall. Handsome, for sure. And dark, very dark, well that was no surprise as his family came from the Congo.

They both enjoyed the atmosphere of these slightly avant-garde parties. The free flowing alcohol, the sensuous music and the furtive snogging of someone else in a dimly lit corner. Allowing another man to feel her ample breasts. It brought back memories of all those years ago, BM or before marriage.

Many things had attracted her to Aaron, his looks, his slight french accent, his imposing stature. He had been a riveting conversationalist with a range of interests, but he seemed more interested in her.

Why would such a man find her interesting? She didn’t care. He was young, probably only in his forties, stunning looking, and was interested in her, her interests, and indeed her body, a body that had seen life and now had over six decades of history, or is that experience?

She was flattered. He kissed her softly on the lips. He smelled delicious. She tried not to show surprise as the jolt of electricity ran through her from lips to toes. Just such a soft kiss, but full of so much promise.

As the evening wore on, they became more adventurous, they snogged. One of those luscious, languorous, snogs she remembered from her youth, she was melting. This was reliving her teenage years.

One of his hands slid down her back and gently stroked her bum, while the palm of the other slid lightly across her breast, sensing its fullness through the light fabric of her dress. She’d been to parties like this before, when men had fondled her gently. She knew she wasn’t supposed to enjoy it, but it was just such fun.

Convention dictated that she remove the offending hand, but escort gaziantep bayanlar it was just too exciting, so she always let it continue. I mean, after all, it’s only a breast, she reasoned.

The snogging and the fondling continued. Somehow, one of her hands slipped between them and found the front of his trousers. He was swelling. She was flattered. She became damp with the knowledge that such a much younger man found her sexually exciting.

She hadn’t been in quite this situation in years. Her libido was rocketing, the knowledge of being desired physically was acting as an aphrodisiac.

He became more adventurous. His warm hand slid inside her bra. It toyed with a nipple. The nipple sprang to erection.

Oh, this was beyond delicious. If only she could drag her husband home for one of those rumbustious shags of their youth, but alas that was no longer an option.

She stroked the front of his trousers, revelling in his hardness. As they caressed each other, she felt herself become wetter. God she missed erections. Hubby was still attentive, still went down on her, but alas: no erection: so no actual fucking!

He manoeuvred her gently into a corner, still standing, and allowed his hand to slip down over her thigh. It was warm and firm.

She shivered. This was new. A snog, yes. A breast fumble, yes. Even a hand inside her bra toying with a nipple was known territory, but this? This was new.

The hand made its way up her leg. This was unusual. This was not what was expected. Normally a snog and a breast fumble were as far as it went. That was innocent enough, and yet naughty enough to be exciting, but this was new and very, very exciting. She willed him to keep going so she kissed him more enthusiastically.

His hand reached the bare flesh at the top of her stockings. She caught her breath. Fuck! This cannot be happening! She loved having her breasts fondled, but this was slightly scary, scary but very, very exciting. Oh please don’t stop, she thought silently.

His hand moved inexorably higher over the bare flesh until it contacted the elasticated leg of her cotton panties, the cotton panties that were covering her awakening sex, her last line of defence.

Her pulse started to race. Was she going to permit this invasion? Thoughts conflicted in her head. On one hand she wanted it to continue, it was so like being a teenager again.

On the other, she and hubby had occasionally snogged others at parties, even groped and been groped, but all innocently enough. This was a much more intimate experience.

The hand did not stop there. Expertly it manoeuvred under the leg of her panties, onto her hairless mons as he explored her total nakedness.

Oh my god, she thought.

No one other than hubby had touched her there for years. There was nothing between the now damp slit of her cunt, and his hand, except the small area of bare flesh of her shaved pubis.

Oh fuck, this was beyond sexy. Then a gently probing finger found its way into her moistness.


His tongue forced its way deeper into her mouth as the tip of his moist finger circled her clit.

The anticipation. The build up. It had all been too much. Mouth still glued to his she gasped, shuddered, and came.

Fuck, that was good. Can I really have had an orgasm that easily? Her whole body was tingling.

“Shall we go upstairs?” He asked simply. “I think we both want the same thing.”

She wanted to, she so wanted to. If he could make her cum with one finger what could he do if they were both naked, sprawled on a bed, intent on pleasuring one another?

He held out his hand, the hand that had so recently explored the most intimate part of her. Was that probing finger still glistening with her juices?

Should she? She wanted eskort bayan gaziantep to, she so wanted to.

Dare she? If she dared there would only be one possible outcome.

Her hand moved of its own accord into his. He led her into the hall. The stairs loomed in front of her like a mountain. The young couple snogging on the lower step looked at her. Was that disbelief?

Were they wondering why she was heading upstairs with such a much younger man? Could they tell she was on her way to fuck and be fucked? To have sex with the first man, other than her husband, in years? Or did they not even care? Maybe they thought she was heading for the loo? But why go with a man?

They shuffled over obligingly to let them pass. She was now past caring. All thoughts of caution were melting from her mind. She couldn’t even admit it to herself but, deep down, she knew she was definitely going to fuck Aaron.

That glorious act of procreation, the human mating ritual. The sexual pleasure, the lust, of two people copulating. The cock in the cunt, the writhing together that produced the orgasm that ensured the continuation of the species.

Fortunately, at her age, procreation was not a risk. The child bearing years were long gone, but not the instinct to mate. That never leaves.

He pushed the door open and gently led her in. Closing the door with his foot he took her in his arms and kissed her tenderly.

It was her turn to take the initiative. They both knew why they were here. The time for pretence, shyness and seduction was over. The seduction had worked and now she felt able to let go. No more prissy missy. No more coy girl. She was a mature woman, ready to give her body to this unknown but totally charming man.

She undid the buttons of his shirt one at a time, slowly revealing his completely hairless ebony chest.

He mirrored her actions and the top of her dress gaped open. He expertly unhooked her bra and gently took a breast in each hand. Lowering his head to the two large dark areolae, he sucked them both bringing her nipples to prominent erection.

He seems so at ease, so comfortable, so expert, she thought. Does he not realise that this is my first adventure?

The anticipation was too much, so she made quick work of his trousers, leaving him standing in only his boxers, sporting a rather prominent bulge.

He deftly slid the arms of her dress over her shoulders, let it fall to the floor delighting in the sight of her clad only in white cotton panties. Those panties his fingers had so recently probed, those panties displaying the little dark line of dampness, the obvious evidence of her excitement.

He knelt on the floor in front of her, gently inserted his hands into the sides of her last remaining garment, and lowered them provocatively, pausing just before they revealed her sex.

She knew there was no going back now. Did she even think about going back? No: most definitely not.

She shuddered as he slowly exposed her completely bare cunt. It felt strange, slightly liberating, to stand naked before him as he pressed his face up close, inhaling her unique aroma while caressing a buttock with each hand.

Her legs parted involuntarily, her hands resting gently on his shaved head. His tongue slipped into her offered sex, and he licked slowly from bottom to top, pausing on her clit.

Sparks flew from her nipples to her sex and back as her knees started to give way.

He guided her gently to the bed, shedding his boxers on the way, and lay her on her back with her buttocks on the edge.

Was he about to penetrate, drive that impressive erection deep into her sex? She certainly hoped so, being forcefully taken by a man standing at the end of the bed holding her legs wide apart, as he fucked her, had long been gaziantep bayan eskort one of her fantasies.

As she was anticipating her first erect cock in ages, his arms deftly swept her legs up, her knees resting in the crook of his elbows, and moved his face slowly to her fanny.

Totally exposed with her femininity spread wide, Aaron continued with his tongue, licking the full length of her now tingling cunt. He took her whole mons in his mouth, sucked her clit powerfully into his mouth then teased it with the tip of his tongue, before returning to the full length licking.

It didn’t take long. The expertness of his tongue, the softness of his licking followed by the powerful suction on her clit caused her sensations to build rapidly.

She couldn’t resist the temptation to pinch her own nipples, she knew how this heightened the experience and triggered her orgasm. Signals flew from her nipples to her clit. Her bum came off the bed as she forced her sex into Aaron’s eager face, she shuddered and came for the second time.

Somehow, as she recovered, they had slid up the bed. Aaron was now kneeling between her parted thighs, naked, skin glistening in the semi darkness, and his powerful erection already moist with pre cum, was heading towards her cunt.

“OK?” He said simply as he rested the tip of his cock on her still tingling clit.

“Yes! Yes. Oh fuck yes! Oh fuck, that feels amazing.”

Aaron kissed her tenderly on the lips as he slipped the head of his cock between the wet lips of her sex.

“Yes Aaron, yes……please……

“Please fuck me…….

“I need your cock……..

“I want to feel full again.”

She felt totally liberated, pleading with him to fuck her, this dark stranger kneeling between her wantonly splayed thighs.

Aaron lowered himself into her, slowly, gently, millimetre by millimetre. As he was about half way in she let out a gasp.

“Oh fuck that’s so good.” She felt her muscles contract around his stiffness.

Aaron took most of his weight on his elbows, as he continued the slow penetration. The penetration that would change everything. The penetration that would change her for ever.

She watched in fascination at the contrast of her white flesh swallowing the whole of his ebony length. He started to fuck, slowly, rhythmically.

Each stroke seemed impossibly long, the tip of his cock only just staying within her outer lips, before stroking the full length of her sex until meeting the resistance of her cervix.

Long, slow, luxurious strokes that were causing her feelings to rise again rapidly, the unaccustomed sensation of being penetrated by a fully erect cock, and the totally novel experience of it reaching her cervix, was taking her rapidly to the brink.

After a short while, and without warning, she went rigid. Her legs trembled uncontrollably. Her hands each grabbed a handful of bedding and she shook her head violently from side to side.

Aaron was not impervious to the signs of her orgasm so stroked gently in and out as she recovered.

“Kiss me.” She demanded.

“Caress my breasts, while you fuck me.”

Aaron increased his pace.

“I’m close.” Is all he said.

She reached down between them and gently touched his balls. She sensed his cock swell deep inside her, felt his contractions start as she fondled him, then the unmistakable sensation as the ripples of ecstasy flowed along his cock delivering his cum forcefully into her eager cunt.

“Oh my god! Again.

“Pinch me……..harder.”

Another orgasm took hold as she ran her hands down Aaron’s back, smoothly caressing his buttocks before grabbing them and forcing him even deeper into her. She wrapped her thighs round his back and let out a long sigh of satisfaction.

They lay silently for a while then Aaron withdrew his slowly softening cock. The thick strings of his white cum, mixed with the fluids of her ecstasy, still clinging to his circumcised tip bore witness to their mutual pleasure. He made for the en suite bathroom.

Maybe there is more?

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