Packing and Stuffing


This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


Its spring and Jesse is finishing up with his freshman year. Seth and I are going up to get him and haul his stuff home. Jesse and another guy rented an 8-foot storage place and got some 2×4’s and built a platform half way up and floored it with plywood so they could both store their heavier stuff without over stacking. Small refrigerators and chairs and desk and stuff like that. Jesse left his car at home last trip and went back with the same friend. We left after Seth got home from work and it’s a four hour trip and by the time we got there and loaded it was 9:30 and getting dark.

I didn’t think there would be much left to take back but by the time we got loaded the van was packed fairly tight almost to the roof. We’ve been here and back before and Seth and I didn’t mind the hours it took. Seth loves to drive the van, it’s so smooth. Jesse and I never get to drive it. We’re all night people and in fairly good shape so no problems there. There are two seats in front and we left one seat installed in the back for Jesse or me, whichever.

About the last minute someone came in Jesse’s empty room and said, “Ok, you can have it.”

Jesse said, “Great! Thank you very much. We’ll be right over for it.”

He and Seth took off saying they’d meet me at the van and to leave the room door open for maintenance. They came down carrying a stereo set, four pieces of equipment and a small set of speakers. No matter what we did there was no place to get them in the van no matter where we tried to put them. Jesse was crestfallen. He seemed like he really wanted that set.

We were all three standing there trying to figure it out. Seth said, “We can tie something on top and make room or we can put them in your storage place or we can belt them into the front seat and you two can ride in back. With a four hour trip that won’t be very comfortable.”

Jesse said, “Marvin has the storage key and it might rain.”

There wasn’t even any room under the seat Jesse and I would be in. That van was seriously packed.

Jesse said, “Hold on. I’ll be back in a few minutes. There might be somebody that can take them and bring them back in the fall.”

I caught Seth’s eye and he caught mine. He said, “I don’t know what else to do. We could get some plastic sheets and straps and put something on the top but the wind always gets it loose and it gets wet anyway.”

I waited a moment or two and said, “Its ok. It’s a workable solution. We’ll make do. You like the radio up so enjoy yourself. It won’t be so loud for us with all his stuff blocking the sound. Seth, please don’t ask us how we’re doing. It’ll make us think about it and we’ll just concentrate on it. Also, sitting on his lap or him sitting on mine for four hours is going to get a little personal.”

“Well,” he said. “I suppose it will. I could give him a talk but I guess it’s best to leave that to you.”

About that time Jesse came back. Everybody was gone that could help. We strapped the stereo in and got in and started out. I sat on Jesse’s lap crossways with my feet in a little space between boxes. The seat arm rose up so we left it up. My buns were pressing down between his thighs which he was trying to hold together but they slowly opened up. I had a pillow up against a side window so my head was comfortable. I reached down and pulled his knee towards the window so his thighs opened up more and smiled at him. It was a lot more comfortable that way and he spread his legs out wider.

I had on a loose set of cotton shorts. I should have worn pants but didn’t. Jesse had knit shorts on. One of his hands was behind the tall pillow I was leaning against and the other was hanging down off beside my legs. It couldn’t be comfortable so I pulled it up and put his hand on my thigh, about the middle. Bare skin on bare skin and his hand froze in place.

I said very quietly in his ear, “We might as well snuggle when we need to and be as comfortable as we can. We can switch sitting on each other and change positions so we don’t get sore somewhere. We’re going to be close so we might as well get used to touching each other all over the place. Try not to be shy. I won’t break.”

“Mom,” he said. “I wasn’t expecting this to happen. Any time you’re not comfortable say so. I’m worried about what dad things about this.”

I said. “We talked about it before you got back. He’s fine with it. He can’t hear us over the music and he can’t see us no matter which way he turns the rear view mirror and he can’t see us looking between the seats so whatever position we wind up in will be just between us. Could you unbutton the top two buttons on my blouse? It’s kind of tight.”

My blouse was a polyester/rayon embroidered split V-neck, balloon sleeves, slipover with buttons down to my naval. It wasn’t tight at all. I had on a white bra so he would get a peek when lights flashed around inside gaziantep kızıl escort from cars or street lights. He unbuttoned with one hand, fiddling around a little. I figured the sooner he got familiar with me the more relaxed he would be about it. It would give him something to think about, and me too. Makes the time go faster.

I pecked him on the cheek and said, “Thanks, that feels better already. So, were you surprised when you found the big box of condoms I slipped in your luggage last fall?”

“That was from you,” he said. “I thought that was from dad.”

“Oh, men don’t do things like that,” I said. “It’s not manly. Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you for a report or how many you used. Not my business. Although privately I hope you used every one and bought more, but don’t tell me, I don’t want to know. I used to put your dad’s condoms in the freezer. He hated that but never said anything about it. I think he had another box around the house.”

Jesse was getting settled. He was looking at me smiling like crazy at that story and shaking his head. We got on the interstate and Seth changed stations to his favorite. We were talking but settling down since it was dark and talking less and less. I switched and sat on Jesse’s lap with my back to him. With the slow swaying and light bouncing if he was going to get excited it would probably be soon. There was plenty of room in front of our seat and my knees and legs didn’t rub up against anything. Jesse had his hands beside us on the seat. I got both and brought them around me and held them right in my lap.

We talked and enjoyed ourselves and I could turn and look right in his eyes. I took to using one hand to gesture with leaving one hand with his two in my lap and when I put my hand back I would grasp his on top which sort of pushed him down in my lap a little before I turned it over. After a little bit he used one of his hands to gesture with and did the same as I did and my lap became a common place or goal. I could feel him in the back of my buns but not solid. I knew eventually he would get excited and everything I was doing was to help us with that.

It was actually less than fifteen minutes since I switched sitting positions that I felt Jesse getting more noticeable. It was slow but he was moving up my butt crack which made it worse of course. The small bouncing of the van probably made it feel like I was stroking him with my butt crack.

I let him get nice and hard and swiveled my head around slowly and said, “I know you know that’s absolutely normal so don’t worry about it. I like being appreciated. Would you mind if I borrowed one of your fingers?”

He shook his head ‘no’ so I turned one of his hands in my lap over and got a finger and moved it slowly down in my crotch. My legs were on his and open so there was plenty of room. I found my clit with one of my fingers and put his right on and started rubbing my clit with it. I did that for a long time.

I swiveled around again and said, “I really like that, don’t stop please.”

I let go of his hand and he kept going. My son was doing my clit. He was very good. He didn’t start going fast or hard, just having a little fun while his dick was getting done by my butt crack. When I sat down on his lap this way I started lower and slid back so my shorts would pull down a few inches and be looser. I let him go on for a few minutes then reached down and got his hand and put it on my thigh and slid it in my shorts. The legs of my shorts pulled way up and over so it was almost like I was nude.

He got right on where he was before and found his favorite position and continued on. Not too fast. I slid a hand back and put it between my butt crack and his dick with my palm against his dick so when we bounced a little it seemed like I was jacking him.

I turned back and said, “Is this ok for now? I thought we might as well make the trip more interesting to pass the time.”

He shook his head ‘yes’ and said, “Yes.”

About that time Seth started slowing down and I was sitting a little higher so I rose up a little and saw it was our normal exit for a rest stop. I quick switched back to sitting between Jesse’s legs sideways to give him time to unwind. I cheek pecked him again and we smiled at each other. We all had coffee and bagels with cream cheese.

When Jesse went to the bathroom I said, “Seth, as you know I am a dangerously sexy woman. If you smell sex totally forget it. If you say something it’ll embarrass Jesse to death. It may be either one of us. Or both.”

Seth looked at me and wiggled his nose and said, “Ok.”

Our next stop was only a little over an hour away then a little less than one and a half hours to home. I sat in the seat and Jessie started out like I did. I spread my legs wide and he settled his buns right between my thighs. With our antics he wasn’t too shy about being close anymore but he didn’t take any liberties. I teased him by squeezing my thighs together against gaziantep köle escort his buns and the back of his thighs. I also tilted up each time I squeezed. That was fun. I was giving him some serious mom moves and he could imagine what I did to Seth.

I had a hand on his thigh and around his waist in back of the pillow. Just for fun I tilted up and got some kisses in the bag. Then a few more. Then a few more longer. We got used to doing that on a regular basis and I let my fingers play around on the inside of his thigh checking on how tight his knit shorts were at the legs. I felt some room with my fingers so I kept roaming around and every now and then I bumped into him. I didn’t just go in whole hog but got us comfortable. He got to do me so now I get to do him.

I put my hand on his chest a few times and let my elbow drop slightly so I could judge how far he was up. I was a little shocked. Jessie our son was outfitted in fine style. That box of condoms was probably gone long ago. We certainly seemed to have a sex capable family. I always left my bra a little loose on trips so my boobs would sway with the van. I thought I would see if he likes to play with boobs.

I said, “Could you unbutton a few more buttons on my blouse.”

He looked in my eyes smiling and got a hand on and filtered down until he found a button not undone and started. He didn’t do the last one but he was well below the bottom of my boobs. I leaned forward a little and reached up and pulled my bra easily up above my boobs and leaned back and gave him a smile back. I lay my head back and closed my eyes. I felt his hand slip inside my blouse and touch my breast right on the bottom edge and stay there then move up and over.

He hit my nipple and pulled right back from it but he was soon back and from there it was wonderful. He had the one nearest him with his tongue and lips and the other rolling between his fingers. Jesse knew breasts. I gave it a few moments until it was a given and slowly slipped my fingers up in his knit shorts and found him. Hard as a piece of marble. The head was full of helium it was so high up. It was very smooth and no foreskin, which I knew about. Seth’s idea. I played with Jesse’s dick for a long time. Long after he got his fill and got my bra and blouse back together.

Oral shot through my head but it wasn’t all that comfortable with us sitting on each other. Time seemed to be going faster than I thought it would. Seth started slowing down for the exit and our second stop on the way home. Jesse and I got straightened up and lagged a little but finally got out. It was a little dark where we parked so Jesse wasn’t all that noticeable and he was going down and was ok by the time we got inside. We split some wonderful hard crispy fries we never get to eat and some celery and cheese dip. We were animated and happy and I watched Seth carefully and he seemed normal with me and Jesse.

I don’t think he suspected anything. I told him Jesse was going to have to give me a very good expert massage tomorrow to get me back in shape. Absolute must. He did a ‘she gotcha’ at Jesse and Jesse smiled and nodded back. A little less than an hour and a half to home. We got back on the interstate and I was in the seat and Jesse was on my lap facing forward. I waited a few minutes and rubbed his thighs and his stomach and chest up under his top and when it felt right I hooked the edge of his knit shorts and slid them down to his thighs. He lifted up when I did as a reflex I think.

I don’t think he was expecting that. I started working him up and down but not too fast. I absolute loved playing with his balls. It’s like the other half of the beginning of life. I do that with Seth. Before Jesse got in the van I got out a sealed condom from the small storage bin in back of the pillow against the window. I opened it and started putting it on Jesse. I left plenty of room in the top. I gave him a big hug around his waist with my head on his back and lay back and pulled him back into me and started on his dick.

He was going to have an orgasm if I had to strip and get on top. It was a two handed dick. Sometimes I had a hand under his balls but mostly I two handed it up and down. I fingered the top occasionally and got his pre-cum and spread it down. Much smoother that way. I hoped he wasn’t a screamer. Most men aren’t but he’d have to worry about that. After the boobs I knew he wasn’t a virgin. Jesse had been hot to trot for at least two and a half hours so he was almost there when I started.

His bottom got to shifting around and his hips started pumping up a little and he got both hands on the edge of my thighs and I went a little faster and he did a quiet animal fight sound and had a really great orgasm. I knew exactly what to do and stayed with him and wound down when he did until he was spent. He lay back and breathed. I waited a minute or two and rolled the condom up some and did the squeeze a few times to get it all and grabbed it down low and pulled gaziantep kumral escort it up and off and tied it. I had a plastic bag to put it in and did and I don’t think he noticed.

We switched around when we could and I was sitting crossways like when we started and we talked and kissed a few times and rested. Less than an hour from home Jesse slipped his hand up my shorts and got a finger in my vagina and lubed my clit all over, twice, maybe three times. Then he got on my clit and went slow for a moment or two then got serious and he played pure havoc with the pearl. I grabbed onto the back of the seat and his knee and held on. He got faster and faster and it started coming on like a dam bursting.

I grabbed my mouth and held it shut and went crazy. I was bouncing up and down between his thighs and couldn’t stop and he wouldn’t stop. I think mine was a lot more physical and severe than his was. I don’t know why. It wasn’t normal but it was fantastically good. I was sweating and breathing into my hands to keep quiet. Seth didn’t say anything so maybe he didn’t know. We had a fragrance thing in the van so he shouldn’t notice any scents until we got out. He would start unloading so maybe we were safe there but I did say not to say anything so he probably wouldn’t.

Jesse and I got straightened up and we got home and parked the van and only unloaded what we had to. Jesse and I would unload most of it in the morning. We were all tired so we all took a shower and went to sleep. Seth was going to go in late in the morning so we all could sleep late and we did. I was up about ten and the guys were up soon after that. I made breakfast and Seth left and Jesse and I tackled the van. He carried the heavy stuff and I got the smaller lighter boxes. We finished and moved the van to its normal parking spot and got the last two boxes and took them up to his bedroom.

He stacked his and I stacked mine. His bed was still unmade. I didn’t leave right away and we finally looked at each other. I took my top off and that’s all it took. He was necked and in bed before me but only by a few seconds. I pushed his ass and turned him on over and jumped on top. His dick was up and hard. I tilted and lifted my leg and grabbed him around the middle and got him in and started down. Jesse had his eyes closed and lips pressed tight. Four drops at a second each and I had him in full and bouncing on his balls.

I had my knees out just right. I could drop all the way down but still had lots of muscle left to get my ass back in the air. I jammed myself down on him time after time until he couldn’t wait and started pumping up. I let us get synced and slowly switched to a fucking tilt so we could go longer. I got my swivel going and it got much sexier and sensual and sensitive. After a while it got more loving and we started on each other’s bodies, stroking and kissing and pushing and pulling. Jesse knew how.

I said, “I absolute love fucking you. You fit perfectly like Seth does.”

Jesse didn’t say anything but he was looking in my eyes. His hands were playing with my buns and ass. His dick never stopped bottoming out deep up in me. That last little thrust at the end lit up my brain every time. He had a hand on each bun with his fingers on both hands playing up and down in my butt crack and the temptation to push my ass was too great not too. I dangled a nipple at him every now and then and he got in a lot of sucking and light biting with his lips.

I felt a little tremble in my stomach and said, “If I orgasm don’t stop. Go right through it but don’t touch my clit.”

He said, “I know. You’ll scream if I do.”

I couldn’t wait. All of a sudden I dropped my head on his chest and pumped my hips up and down as fast as I could and it let go. I stayed with it as long as I could then slowed down and pumped more slowly for a little while then got back up to speed and in our sync. Jesse was smiling like he just saw a baby born. He handled me perfectly through my orgasm.

“I used about half the box,” he said. “A lot of the girls are on the pill. I figured you could probably tell.”

“I was highly suspicious considering your sexual prowess,” I said. “I’m trying to be more upscale in spite of our current circumstances instead of saying you’re quite a fucker and have a big dick with quite a motor behind it.”

Jesse laughed at that and I started lightly squeezing his dick with my vagina and increased the pressure a little at a time. We slowly got quiet and fucked in a more concentrated way. It was as good as when we started. Jesse could go a long time and we were both still putting out a lot of lube. I slowly got in some good tongue kisses and let them get longer and longer with more tongue play.

About the right time I started to get off him and said, “Get in back. It’ll be much better.”

Jesse got right up. I put my head on the pillow and he moved right in. One push and he was going. It was much better for him now that he could move his body into me and play with my buns against him. He didn’t hold back. He finally got the range set and was only lightly slapping me with his balls before he was pulling out to go again. I squeezed my vagina as much as I could going and coming and he pulled the sides of my hips into him and got out a small roar and it was mostly just like what I do. I couldn’t feel his semen coming but I knew it was there, again and again.

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